May 29th, 2012 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “architecture”

  1. Architecture is quite a tricky word to spell, eh? I have to re-type it about ten times. I’m sure that wasted about 30 seconds of my writing time here. Ah, well. I never much cared for architecture. Seems like a very boring job, if you ask me.

    By Victoria on 05.29.2012

  2. The next building to design was for a primary school. I had to do external and internal designs. The process is long and needs a steady hand. But honestly, I love my job. The sketches, the planning and then the final designs. Some are good, some could use a lot of care.

    By Marie URL on 05.29.2012

  3. I dont like architecture. Who says how somethings gotta be. How does he take the right for it.
    On the other hand it makes a lot of sense to study things like dynamics and other processes important for bridges to stay up.
    But I never liked architects …

    By proton on 05.29.2012

  4. buildings. design. art. building can be some of the most beautiful pieces of work, but can also be some of the ugliest collection of bricks.

    By matthew URL on 05.29.2012

  5. Architecture captures human dreams and emotions in a physical building. The beauty and science captured in architecture cannot be rivaled by any other medium. Simply put, architecture is unique.

    By Ryan on 05.29.2012

  6. The architecture was stunning, overwhelmingly so. The flying buttresses loomed over the travelers as they entered into the gates, the metal doors slowly creaking closed behind them. The carved reliefs drew their attention higher as they walked down the main avenue of the city.

    By Isilo Aranel on 05.29.2012

  7. This strange feeling of an overwhelmed anxiety attack lifted the day I looked up at my building. The architecture was there; I could see it plainly. It was coming together quite nicely, although it was falling apart the day before. I smiled into the sun and allowed the green splotches to play over my blinking eyelids. Everything would be okay. I just needed that realization every now and then.

    By Marissa URL on 05.29.2012

  8. building. creativity. fancy. beautiful. different. wood. metal. windows. beams.

    By rae on 05.29.2012

  9. I lost watching shows about buildings. I love to watch the ball take down giant, old and ugly building. There’s an architecture that builds beautiful buildings. I am going to be better then him someday. That’s why I do nothing but build model buildings with my garbage.

    By Luke URL on 05.29.2012

  10. my ex boyfriend’s big brother is going to be an architecture… he is so romantic and caring for his girlfriend and the whole time i wished his little brother, my ex, would care about me the same. i don’t know why i ever was okay with being with him but we live and learn and whatever. one day i’ll find someone who truly cares about me.

    By dom on 05.29.2012

  11. The architecture swirled around me, a vortex of brick, mortar, and stone. As I ambled through the city, taking in the sites I had only before dreamed of in my wildest fantasies, my heart lifted with joy. At last I was in New York City. At last I was hurrying along the streets, a cup of coffee in one hand, my briefcase in my other, on my way to the job I thought would never be mine.

    By Jordi on 05.29.2012

  12. Buildings are constructed every day. Their architecture containing elaborate designs, but some are just simple. These buildings hold great potential, and the future of the building and what will become of it is decided at a later time.

    By Morgan on 05.29.2012

  13. The days get shorter, the nights get colder, but the grandeur of the architecture here in France distracts me from the weather. A country full of immense history and I decide to stare at the buildings. You don’t see places like this in the states, let alone Arizona.

    By Desiree J URL on 05.29.2012

  14. build, nice creative things for a new home

    By Natalia on 05.29.2012

  15. chitty chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang bang oh you pretty chitty bang bang

    By Jordan URL on 05.29.2012

  16. Architecture. That’s like buildings right? What if I’m the opposite? What if I’m the one who destroys the things people hold up the highest? What if in the same blow of creation I destroy?

    By Mickey on 05.29.2012

  17. Architecture sets the stage for the understanding of culture. History is defined, in part, by the convergence of architecture with civilization – the struggles and triumphs of everyday life, compounded with styles of the day.

    By Elizabeth on 05.29.2012

  18. Big buildings that people make and those people have to go to school for a long time… they are pretty buildings that are curvy and it is the art of making these buildings that is architecture.

    By Cassy Compton on 05.29.2012

  19. fabulous. there are cities in Europe that have the most magnificent buildings in the world. there is something romantic about these places that draw your soul to them. perhaps it’s the mystery or the history, but it’s what modern architecture lacks and what makes a place feel like home.

    By Emily on 05.29.2012

  20. I feel like the inside of my skull has been ravaged by some worm creature. It has burrowed into my infrastructure, torn apart the wood platforms, so now I can’t reach it. And the pains a bitch too, go figure. I really shouldn’t watch so much tv that my brain would begin to throb like this.

    By Mary URL on 05.29.2012

  21. I don’t have much to say. Architecture is a beautiful thing. Skyscrapers and towers. People have an imagine in their mind of a magnificent building and then it’s built. It’s amazing, really.

    By Amanda on 05.29.2012

  22. My ideas are like a building, reaching towards the sky. The windows look out towards reality, yet dreams are stored inside. So finely detailed and perfected they are. My dreams are never ending, a million stories high. So then, why don’t they come true?

    By Cerulean URL on 05.29.2012

  23. architecture is often something that incites boredom in me initially and i think it a fony artform but when you are walking around a city like London you can’t help but be moved by the surroundings you find yourself in. the very fact that someone not dissimilar to you was integral in crafting the massive forms you now feel dwarf by is a fairly numinous experience

    By adam on 05.29.2012

  24. Ahem! Here as you walk past the begging bums. Long legged twenty somethings aside 50 year old rick flair looking attornies you can witness some of Chicago’s finest archetecture. This right here is actually still standing after the great chicago fire. Yes fires can be great.

    By ajloopy URL on 05.29.2012

  25. I don’t know what to say about this. I’m just a teenager in a huge world. These buildings are enormous and I’m just here in the sea of them.

    By Amanda on 05.29.2012

  26. When he visited his cousin at Princeton, he realized how much architecture had been missing from his college experience. “I live in Hogwarts,” Jenny joked as she gave him a tour along shady lanes. Probably that was why MIT felt so stifling, mostly buildings that didn’t look like anything, architects trying to make things that looked new and modern, but in actuality just forcing people to go down six floors then up six floors, to go between towers that didn’t connect. He decided that he’d choose someplace beautiful for grad school.

    By Holden URL on 05.29.2012

  27. architecture. buildings. created by human hand. functionality, fashionable, fun? achitecture. architecture.

    By Josefine URL on 05.29.2012

  28. Building buildings is a strange occupation. It seems like they should be there before their construction but I think you will find they are not… The number of floors on a building is crucial and yet the important part is the interior. In this respect architecture falls short of its mission.

    By Hugo on 05.29.2012

  29. the art of designing buildings and stuff. antonio gaudi was one. its like hispanic architecture. wow very interesting….

    By adele URL on 05.29.2012

  30. As she plotted out the architecture in blue and white prints, Rosanna was beginning to feel the onset of preliminary exhaustion in her muscles. She leaned back from her desk, shoulder blades squealing in protest as they rubbed against the cushion of her swivel chair.

    The mayor wanted the plans for the new city hall by tomorrow. Rosanna was beginning to wonder if she could ever get it done.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.29.2012

  31. The architecture of one word is not adventitious to my writing.the sight doesn’t work on my computer at all,forcing me to use my phone :-(

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.29.2012

  32. haaa. now here’s something my father always wanted me to do when i grew up. well, i’m all grown up now and sorry to say that i still have no interest whatsoever in the subject. but the concept itself, interesting to say the least. it is what we admire when we see old buildings from ancient times. amazing and beautiful.

    By leez on 05.29.2012

  33. In the arcade of architecture, he plays for the archetypes of anachronism.

    By Marianne URL on 05.29.2012

  34. buildings, very high, old and new, culture, myans, greece, spain, chicago, world trade tower, the sears tower, doorways, and….that’s about it. Yeah.

    By Joe D on 05.29.2012

  35. the way the steel builds upon itself the way the wires wrap around each other without really trying the way the lights flicker and dim slightly anytime someone walks into the room the way the walls seem to smile if walls knew how to this is the way you make yourself so inescapable your colors vibrant and happy your things cluttered but understandable you are complex with architecture i could analyze for days

    By C. Ritchie URL on 05.29.2012

  36. I love wandering the streets at night looking at all the different buildings. At the windows. Wondering whats peeked out at the rest of the city from the inside. Watching shodows emerge from passing cars, changing the very nature of the architecture.

    By Mac Friday URL on 05.29.2012

  37. It is the beauty of a building. It is art. Labor. It is a home. A sanctuary. It is above all things, a place to call your own. To imagine. To dream. To construct. To express and love.

    By Tenny Ann on 05.29.2012

  38. it’s a project about something. A building. It’s a school you finish to do projects on something that someone will build. um…. this is getting weird. what else?

    By irsa on 05.29.2012

  39. I imagine that most architects wouldn’t be able to build a decent tree house.

    By Mr. Friday URL on 05.29.2012

  40. The column of you spine
    Will hold you up for millenia, but
    The walls of your heart are weak and without support,
    They will fall at the first blow
    And all that will be left are ruins.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 05.29.2012