January 20th, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “applied”

  1. i wonder why this is the first word that you are posting here and i am questioning if this is random or just made up

    By razvan URL on 01.20.2013

  2. Maybe if I had applied myself to the relationship more I wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. I wouldn’t be sitting on my bed alone, in an empty apartment, looking through old photo alb

    By Sydney URL on 01.20.2013

  3. It took everything he had not to cry out in pain. There she was – Snow White – lying in her glass coffin, her dark hair framing her pale face. “It’s too late,” said one of the dwarves. Grumpy. “She’s gone.”
    “Please,” he said. “Let me say goodbye.”
    The dwarves all looked at each other, and after a moment, moved away from her coffin. Charming gently lifted up the glass cover and looked at her once more before kissing her goodbye. But something happened. He felt it in the air. He looked around the forest, but stopped when he heard a gasp.
    “You found me,” said Snow.
    She was alive.

    By jelly URL on 01.20.2013

  4. applying for documents is a complicated process. Right now I am applying for a working visa in China, but I don’t know how long it would take. especially because spring festival is comming soon.

    By lala on 01.20.2013

  5. That was never the kind of pressure I thought would be applied to me. The way he expected to be what I could not, the way he thought I would do whatever he wanted me to; that’s not me, that’s not what I asked for…
    That’s not what I wanted. It’s never what I wanted.

    By Shiny URL on 01.20.2013

  6. God, it’s all over the ground. The snow is evil crimson. Everywhere. My God his clothes are drenched. There’s so much blood. I can’t stop the flow. Oh my God. I’m not taking the Lord’s name in vain- it’s just that, everything I’m saying is a prayer. I can’t stop begging God for help. I’m applying pressure like I’m supposed to- like you’re supposed to when you try to save what tiny fragments of life are left in the man you love. So much pressure. Am I killing him? Is he even breathing? There is so much blood. God, don’t let him go. Don’t take him yet.

    By Crave A. Cadence URL on 01.20.2013

  7. I applied with two words in mind:
    Something new.
    I could go away, stretch out my fingers like feathers
    And fall,
    Bury my toes into a red, foreign earth
    I could taste a new
    And a new way to say

    By Ali URL on 01.20.2013

  8. She looked up at the sky, letting the cool rain wash down her face. It dripped down her hair and soaked her clothes, but she didn’t care. She loved it.

    By jelly URL on 01.20.2013

  9. i have applied myself to be a better person. you know, to stop judging others and all that shit that people always criticize about. i mean, i didn’t just apply on a piece of paper and handed it to God. It’s more of a commitment to myself, i have applied to try my best. so yeah, good luck to me.

    By theresahoang URL on 01.20.2013

  10. He tried to apply himself. He applied himself. Only poorly. Everyone noticed. Everyone had something to say. Fucking bitches, man. Applying yourself is harder than you think. What the fuck do you know about applying? Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Wow this is cliche.

    By Lil Jon on 01.20.2013

  11. I applied for the job without ever thinking I would have a chance.

    It was the same with probably a thousand other jobs. The market was so bad, even getting an interview was a near impossibility.

    I just needed one break. One lousy little break. But did I get one?

    By chipschap URL on 01.20.2013

  12. I would have done so much better in school if I had only applied myself. What does that mean. Maybe I was applying myself or maybe what I was learning was not that interesting and I just didn’t want to apply myself?

    By af URL on 01.20.2013

  13. I applied the medicine to the patient. i know I’m not supposed get involved. I’m a doctor. And a damn good one, at that. I should distance myself. But for some reason, I just can’t. I can’t forget the way I promised this one young man how everything would be okay.
    And I will do everything in my power to keep that promise. Some things just aren’t fair.

    By Max Campbell on 01.20.2013

  14. Apply pressure to the wound to relieve the bleeding. That’s all that ran through my mind. I told him he would be okay. I’m a doctor. i should be able to distance myself. But for some reason, i just can’t this time. I can’t forget about how i promised him everything would be okay. Some thing just aren’t fair.

    By Kromamatic URL on 01.20.2013

  15. Apply pressure to the wound to relieve the bleeding. That’s all that ran through my mind. I told him he would be okay. I’m a doctor. i should be able to distance myself. But for some reason, i just can’t this time. I can’t forget about how I promised him everything would be okay. Some things just aren’t fair. I can do this…

    By Kromamatic URL on 01.20.2013

  16. I wonder what would have happened if I’d applied to be a forest ranger in 1974…

    By valyerpal on 01.20.2013

  17. i once applied for a job then realized it wasnt a job i was after .. i was appling for so many things to make myself feel wanted, maybe even needed when all i was really after was a need to smile then i realized something . nothing i could ever apply for could ever make me as happy as i did.

    By Tiffany Love on 01.20.2013

  18. `What am I doing? How will I survive in this desert? Will I get into the school that I applied for? How will I get back to her? Back to her touch, her smell, her voice? Will I ever be able to say goodbye? Or will they find my bones in 50 years and wonder who I was?` The man`s vision became blurry, his breath shallow, he could feel his hands like paper, it was like falling into nothingness…..

    By Hagumpi URL on 01.20.2013

  19. To get in to grad school one must first apply. But I haven’t applied yet. I sit and I think about it, let the letter of intent stew, refuse to check my e-mail because I am afraid. Afraid of not getting in, but more afraid of getting in and failing.

    By Molly on 01.20.2013

  20. Applied science. A silly class that I had in middle school. But little did I know, that that teacher, Mrs Susan, would end up inspiring me to be who I am today. That silly smile, curly orange hair, is more relatable that I ever thought it was going to be.

    By Payge on 01.20.2013

  21. She applied pressure to the gas petal. They more she sobbed the faster the vehicle advanced. She crashed directly into a tree. Killing herself and her child of whom was in the backseat. Because, she was all high and crap.

    By Brittany URL on 01.20.2013

  22. I took Math
    7, 14; ten times
    I never loved it
    but it loved me
    and kept me hungry, teasing
    much like the people who drift beside me
    (maybe I did love it
    but I’ve forgotten that now).

    By Saudade URL on 01.20.2013

  23. I needed to apply what I had learned only days ago to this situation. I wasn’t sure if I could. It was stressful, too stressful. After all, my mother’s life depended on it.

    “You have sixty seconds,” he said.

    By Brendan Swogger URL on 01.20.2013

  24. I applied for the job and it applied for me. I loved the applied, it tasted so good. I wanted more but it takes all I can do to apply for it. Today I love the word applied and it was a great success. Be applied, be applied! Love it, do it! Why not!

    By Jessica Roush on 01.20.2013

  25. and they applied what they thought

    By cora kramer URL on 01.20.2013

  26. No more applied, I want more, more, more. Take me to the river. Get on with it, go to it. Be my friend, live life and love it more. Great lies I tell you, when you don’t write what you are really thinking in the short time you have. For God’s sake, give it all you got.

    By Jessica Roush on 01.20.2013

  27. I applied my mask and let the constructed oxygen enter my lungs. I fell heavy into the water, my tank pulling me lower than I anticipated. Sinking quickly downward, I remembered I left the oven on.

    By StatiKink URL on 01.20.2013

  28. APPLIED: they say that cultural studies is Applied Theory, and isn’t Theory just applied thought?

    I want a certificate in Applied Mathematics, as if a certificate can say anything about my ability to take tools in one arena and modify them and destroy them and rebuild them in a new one. As if it says anything about whether I can think across or beyond boundaries, instead of with instructions.

    By Angela Z URL on 01.20.2013

  29. i applied my knowledge of stuff to do other stuff. cuz im smart. Applied for a job. app-lied, apple-eyed.

    By fairy on 01.20.2013

  30. Applied science is our future enterprise. Slight derivation. Hybrid-breeds, mixed as I am either in race or species, if possible, shouldn’t be done to search for the best of both but rather, a unique existence. You may lose purity in two origins sure, but just like sounds separated by a capable pair of headphones, together they can form something together, whether that is better or worse, it is unique and therefore, another venture that if it should happen, shouldn’t fall under persecution.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 01.20.2013

  31. I applied to University and got in, I simply don’t know what i’ve been doing for four years. Bored, I don’t feel challenged, unhappy. Need my boyfriend here with me. My mom is grinding my nerves and i’m broke and need a job.

    By Amelia on 01.20.2013

  32. Again with the applied! Kill it already! We are tired of applied. We are appalled or however you spell that silly word. Silk is the way to go with your word today. It’s soft and flowing and full of wind when it’s blowing. Silky today.

    By jessroush URL on 01.20.2013

  33. I applied for a job and all I got was this crappy rejection. Seriously I tried hard. Okay maybe I didn’t try that hard. But I was the best choice. Only they will never know that now will they? They won’t know and I get to go on being awesome, at my other job. Emphasis on the horrible-ness of the word “other.” I hate it the other job.

    By Taylor on 01.20.2013

  34. I applied myself. I worked as much as I could, but it will never ben enough to satisfy your craving.

    By Candy URL on 01.20.2013

  35. The doctor applied pressure to the point of injury. The child whimpered in pain. “Does that hurt?” the doctor said. “Yes.” said the child. The doctor then took the boy to his mother and told her what the problem was.

    By Brooke on 01.20.2013

  36. The fact she applied herself to this task was mind boggling. It was extremely difficult to bury the dead of your group after an attack, but who else was going to do it? Everyone else was either hiding somewhere or too broken up to clean up after the zombies. As she dug graves she thought about the disease. What is it? How did it come to be? She paused to wipe the sweat off her forehead. It was getting close to the middle of the day and it was getting hot.not a good time to be physical excersion. She looked around at her soundings. Jack was sitting on a tree trunk by the river, carving a stick. Sally was watching him, her eyes never leaving him. Cate felt sorry for her. She wished she could have the guts to talk to him without stuttering and going red.

    By Georgia on 01.20.2013

  37. Applied, invested, involved. I took a leap and applied for a program that was a complete change in career and now couldn’t be happier. Great things happen when you take a leap and apply yourself in the direction that truly makes you happy. Somehow everything just starts falling into place.

    By Vanessa URL on 01.20.2013

  38. I applied my fingers to the keys. He would never know, could never know; hell, SHOULD never know. It was too unspeakable, what I had done. It wasn’t even my fault…
    I continued to strike each key on the piano, my fingertips brushing the white plastic, forcing out each note crystal clear.

    By Hayley on 01.20.2013

  39. Nicholas had applied for the job three weeks ago, and he could not force himself to realize the truth. No one would hire him with his record. It would be a harsh long road. One he couldn’t afford to go down, not with two kids and a wife. He couldn’t do that to them.

    By Nick on 01.20.2013

  40. Today I applied myself to nothing. I did not do a thing to contribute to mine as the life of others. I am nearby a station of indecision. Space is everywhere around me, never near.

    By Jamie on 01.20.2013