January 20th, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “applied”

  1. I couldn’t move. He placed the thin sheet on my skin. It was cool and sent goosebumps rushing up my arm. “Don’t worry.” he said “This won’t hurt a bit, I’m just going to take a sample and then be off.”

    By Maddy URL on 01.20.2013

  2. I couldn’t move. He placed the thin sheet on my skin. It was cool and sent goosebumps rushing up my arm. “Don’t worry.” he said “This won’t hurt a bit, I’m just going to take a sample and then be off.”

    By Maddy URL on 01.20.2013

  3. Applied is often applied to applied science which is that interface between research science and its application in the world of commerce, usually.

    By JimB URL on 01.20.2013

  4. to a future favor, favorite for life. it’s how we work and how it’s run. forever and a day, this life applied to a love and lip. sun goes down and it goes away like the fading color on his skin. blood drips.

    By Lj URL on 01.20.2013

  5. I have been applied in so many things in life but when it comes down to it, I know nothing and nothing know’s me. When it’s time to actually apply myself in any thing in the world, that will be the day that I will find out who I really am and who I want to become in the future. Just one thing that I want enough to put everything in.

    By claudia Mathieu on 01.20.2013

  6. I tried. I ran, I gave it my all. I put my heart and resume out on the table for them to examine. They looked me over with a critical eye, holding my future and my hopes in their slow measuring process. How many others were being judged alongside me? Were they better than me? Who am I to think I’m better than anyone? Then again, who are they to say anyone is best? Why am I doing this? Why am I still here? Cause they’re still deliberating. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold my breath.

    By Soft URL on 01.20.2013

  7. I had applied for the job at least 3 times. They all knew I’d be the perfect candidate, yet they ignored my very existence.
    “you’ll find a new job” they said.
    But they new nothing of how badly I wanted this. I would do anything for it.

    By Kim M URL on 01.20.2013

  8. It was just one lousy signature. One stinking, bloody signature, and my life would be as good as damned.
    I looked at him, his mouth dripping with hot saliva, curled around his pointed fangs. His bloodshot yellow eyes were looking right at my neck, I knew. I felt the tingle on the side of my neck where I knew the artery was.
    In this one split second, my life was going to be lost, one way or another. I felt my hand slide across the paper, feeling the burning stigma form on the skin of my heart.
    With this, the deal was done, and all hope for freedom was blown away, with the ashes.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 01.20.2013

  9. applied

    thats a weird word, like who came up with doubling letters up? its not like they get lonely
    and putting lied in a word can never be good
    speaking of, how did people even come up with words? did they just gargle out whatever sounds they could make to find the least atrocious possibility of combined sounds and facial expressions? who decided what words mean?

    and who came up with the word moist?

    or pennetration?
    ew goodbye

    By lex URL on 01.20.2013

  10. i get most that i apply for, sometimes i get a no. nos are dissapointing but thats life, isnt it? i cant spell, i want to apply myself this year, honestly. fully.

    By DesiraeCole on 01.20.2013

  11. She applied to a numerous amount of colleges. The crazy ones her mom forced her to–like Yale and Harvard. She also applied to the art schools she longed for. She wanted to be a photographer, but of course her parents wouldn’t let her. She merely applied to apply.

    By Lauren on 01.20.2013

  12. i want to apply myself more this year. applying in an honest way, something i havent done for a few years. to honestly give it ALL I’VE GOT. going to the gym.

    By DesiraeCole on 01.20.2013

  13. In college, I want to major in the applied sciences! Probably engineering. The pure sciences don’t appeal to me that much, and I guess they may also be a dying field, but I do hope I end up loving what I do!
    And on another note, I should probably apply myself more.

    By Jason URL on 01.20.2013

  14. He never really applied himself. From the time an assignment was slapped in front of his face to the time it went into the boss’ hands, he was never one to show any drive.

    By anthony URL on 01.20.2013

  15. i apply myself to my surfing and my music, i don’t apply to things online because of the junk email, i get enough of that shit all ready, i don’t need it, no one needs it, i enjoy the humorous junk emails though, for example: check to see if you’ve been subject to online fraud… please enter you credit card details below! hahahaha never ever click on them though, that’s a bad idea. I’m good at bad ideas, that’s basically what my life revolves around. they make life way more fun! i like fun and i think fun likes me…

    By Rich Bruce on 01.20.2013

  16. The rules had never applied in this town. Depression was not an option. No guidelines for wrath. No leeway for a tantrum or a chance to cry. Here, it wasn’t necessary. Because everyone smiled. Everyone laughed. And everyone ticked like an old grandfather clock with a blank, scratched face.

    I came to the nondescript burg and knelt by the sign. I wiped the tears from my dusty chin.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.20.2013

  17. i’ve hardly ever applied myself to anything. for some reason, nothing has ever seemed worth it. when i was 15, a classmate of mine died in a freak skateboarding accident. i thought, if only he could have known beforehand that he was going to die so young, he wouldn’t have had to waste so much time doing his homework. i didn’t get it then.

    By laurel on 01.20.2013

  18. We were kids. We applied glitter to our faces, blue and silver like a galaxy. Like God’s face, full of everything. We drew yellow felt-tip stars on our arms and flapped about the snowy night. We took wonder and suspended it.

    By F on 01.20.2013

  19. i applied on a job, form, in a relationship, really applied that to your mind? it was applied as illegal, as missing, as forgotten in our list, i applied on a three week curse.

    By .spela on 01.20.2013

  20. applications come in many forms, windows into many lives. like, i hop into any pool of probabilities i want, at any moment, for any random reason i can imagine. when i apply myself sometimes i get frustrated and sad, but i’m always happy i did it. i’m happy you did it, you inspired me to write and rewrite, allowing all of us to see the sounds growing from my soul, sounds that get translated quite neatly into tons of little symbols called letters which glom into other symbols called words. that’s language in practical application.

    By Alex Light URL on 01.20.2013

  21. The lotion was applied in the most curious maner and because of that I feared I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. This ride has me scared for my life and my only option is to hold on or be dropped in the dust, left to my tears.

    By Zac Harris URL on 01.20.2013

  22. If i applied myself i could have been this of that, if i applied myself.
    if i applied myself i could have done this and made that
    and kicked ass in the other department,
    if only i had applied myself,
    like a decal to my life.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 01.20.2013

  23. i once applied too much pressure to a lever and instead of lifting the object it broke and I hurt my hand badly, needling stitches

    By fran on 01.20.2013

  24. As she lay on the table face down, he applied the transfer onto her shoulder. Then as she grit her teeth he began the long tedious process of creating her tattoo.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.20.2013

  25. everyone said that if he only applied himself,
    He could be anything.
    it frankly he didn’t want to somhe just became himself,
    Nothing more, nothing less.

    By Robin on 01.20.2013

  26. i applied to a million school districts and was accepted at all of them! and now all i have to do is choose which school i’d like to teach at! i am very excited and can’t wait to narrrow it down and choose one!! yay!

    By savannah on 01.20.2013

  27. I believe I have certainly applied myself to thy fine establishment I wrot on my piece of paper. I thought. And then went back, scribbled it out and grabbed a new cleaner sheet of paper.

    By kkessler16 URL on 01.20.2013

  28. I applied my brakes before entering the parking lot where I found an old lady walking very slowly to her car.

    By budbdsbvbjvhsd on 01.20.2013

  29. applied the sticker to the box with glue and tape is plastic
    girl scouts
    badges chicken s
    applied the hair gel to her hair
    One time, the girl applied the brakes before she hit the cheese on the ground
    applied is a verb in the past tense with uses including brakes hair and chickens
    application is the noun form of applied.

    By Haley on 01.20.2013

  30. Applied theory. What is that? Science or psychology? Some kind of physics? Mind matter? I forget many things lately – my mind has turned to mulch since leaving school…

    By Elizabeth URL on 01.20.2013

  31. My skills were rarely applied to anything worthwhile. I always did something like go on the internet and other equally unproductive things. I never applied myself at all, but thanks to great friends like Erica that’s changing. I’m doing things that are both fun and productive, and I love it so much.

    By Jenny Johnson on 01.20.2013

  32. I applied myself I really did. Yet, I hear the same thing over and over again. Why don’t you have a better this or a better that. Or you know so and so has this and so and so has that. Well, frankly I don’t give a damn. I’m figuring things out and I’m doing it the only way I know.

    By Patrick URL on 01.20.2013

  33. Applied and stuff. Oh so applied and applying is great to apply whenever applying seems applicable. So applied to applying that one’s very ability to apply is so applicable. Applying to apply for application while applying to applicate(?)

    By Jenny Johnson on 01.20.2013

  34. i applied for a job. it makes me think of college and how much money its going to cost to get in. the stress its going to cause. how my grades aren’t going to be good enough. where am i going to go. The decision.s and leaving home.

    By adrianna on 01.20.2013

  35. He applied himself to her insides and made love to her that night. Like foundation covering old blemishes, he covered her. Made sure to reach every part of her body in making her accept all of him.

    By Alexis URL on 01.20.2013

  36. I’m glad you applied. I really am. I’m glad you got in. You really deserve it. But what about your other application? The one that would bring you back to me? I know it was a silly wish…

    By April URL on 01.20.2013

  37. properly applied, determination can be one’s road to success.
    improperly applied, determination can crush one’s spirits in a single blow.

    properly applied, mascara brings out the potency of a woman’s eye
    improperly applied, mascara burns the retina and seeps into your brain when you cry.

    By Barebriar URL on 01.20.2013

  38. i applied to a job in new york, all i wanted to be was a designer, but i got the job to work on a factory, y didnt like it so i decided to go back to los angeles because i had to start again and i need to go back to my roots that way i could remember where my dreams started. so i went back and now, 20 years after that i m the best designer in my town and i get to spend time with my family.

    By gabriela on 01.20.2013

  39. I walked into the building with all my contact info, headshots; everything. This would be my last chance. If I didn’t get this, I would be going back home and I could never get back out again.

    By Ingveldur on 01.20.2013

  40. It took everything he had not to cry out in pain. There she was – Snow White – sitting in her glass coffin, her dark hair framing her pale face. “It’s too late,” said one of the dwarves. Grumpy. “She’s gone.”
    “Please,” he said. “Let me say goodbye.”
    The dwarves all looked at each other, and after a moment, moved away from her coffin. Charming gently lifted up the glass cover and looked at her once more before kissing her goodbye. But something happened. He felt it. He looked around the forest, but stopped when he heard a gasp.
    “You found me,” said Snow.
    She was alive.

    By jelly URL on 01.20.2013