June 25th, 2011 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “antlers”

  1. they grow on deer and my dad has them hanging in his house. i like them, sometimes they are fuzy and sometimes they come on rabbits…i think its nice to draw them on any sort of animal as extra character, also you can draw walrus tusks on anything and it looks nice as well. odd how that woks

    By harmony URL on 06.25.2011

  2. Reindeer and deer. Forests, mountains, fields, grass. Gentle creatures, but fierce. Graceful. Beautiful.

    By Kaylyn on 06.25.2011

  3. I don’t know what antlers mean. Are they the things that keep the ants alive? The things that make ants move? The antennae? Or do u say antennas? I don’t really know what antlers is, it sounds like little critters going up the stairs, wanting to dig for something unseen, or unheard, or unknown. We should all learn more vocabulary; it’s really sad how the U.S is in a 3rd grade level or reading!

    By Jordys URL on 06.25.2011

  4. cyclope, le retour de nos rimes
    puis-je vous assurer mes consamations ?
    la mine de f… hereux de tant d’amitié :
    Je vous l’aime mess, air de nos «lushb-thyers

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.25.2011

  5. antlers hanging on the wall
    a decoration
    any meaning?
    everything has a meaning
    the animal
    gave the antlers
    when we hunted it
    used every scrap
    now hanging there
    until something else is done with them
    a knife hilt
    a myriad of things
    use and reuse
    give everything back
    in the end
    to the earth that gave to us.

    By korrina URL on 06.25.2011

  6. One day i seen a baby deer outside my house. I didnt know what to think of it except that it was probably all by itself. So i managed to bring it into my barn. I fed it and kept it warm. I i knew some thing was missing. A name. I pondered this thought a while as i sat back and drank some hot chocolate, since it was still very cold outside. Then it came to me. Id name him cocoa. Silly name and ironic since i was drinking hot chocolate. But it would have to do for now. Over time i never seen a mother so i took care of him like he was my child. And sooner or later he grew big and strong. And he had grown a big set of antlers. I knew sooner or later i would have to let him go back where he came from.

    By Kristen on 06.25.2011

  7. i have never seen anything so repulsive as home decorative items made from antlers…. ugly. back in the old days when they were used to make tools and such, not so bad…. when the frontiersmen used the entire animal… these days though it’s more of a trophy thing… i’ve seen people take antlers from a carcass on the side of a road because of the size of the rack…. yuck

    By sherri URL on 06.25.2011

  8. the antlers of the elk, deer, moose, reindeer, and others are such a majestic site and they are trophy matters for hunters, but look much much better left on the animals when they are alive than those that are killed and mounted on a wall as decor

    By she53lly URL on 06.25.2011

  9. Sometimes, moose antlers make me feel goofy. Nevertheless, they always make me smile.

    By Marianne URL on 06.25.2011

  10. I love antler, they are sharp and pointy and they hurt if they poke you.

    By Daniela on 06.25.2011

  11. Reindeers have antlers. Mostly they are male deers and often hunters will display the heads of bucks with antlers on their walls. I think this is cruel and sick and a way to for man to show dominance over nature. Somehow really uncool.

    By Fatimah URL on 06.25.2011

  12. The deer stood in the middle of the road, its antlers caught in the branches of a tree. An oncoming car was speeding towards it, not stopping. The deer thrashed and in the last second managed to set free. The car swerved.

    By Ada on 06.25.2011

  13. i saw some antlers in the woods, from behind a bush and i knew that somewhere clsoe there was a elk waiting for me to move, to go away or to come closer and it would bolt into the dark.

    By jim on 06.25.2011

  14. Deer have antlers.
    Deer are so majestic.
    So is a moose, actually, which is kind of weird, but they have antlers.
    And reindeer….. Oh, reindeer.
    I think anything that has antlers is beautiful.
    And those people who kill them just to remove their antlers and frame them on their walls?
    Douche bags.

    By Hollie URL on 06.25.2011

  15. Atlanten, die Anten, ich habe nie verstanden, warum das Lied so gesungen wird: “Die A-anten, die A-anten, das war’n die Musika-anten …” Ich verstand nur, warum ich sauer war. _Ich_ wollte bei dieser Vogelhochzeit die Braut sein. Keine dumme Ante mit einer albernen Plastiktriola. Es war die letzte Vogelhochzeit im Kindergarten. Danach war ich zu groß für solche Kindereien. Und die Bräute waren immer nur die anderen gewesen.

    By Eli URL on 06.25.2011

  16. Thade looked at the melted pile of skin, tilting his head at the pile of bones among the goo. He frowned slightly and pet the small bird on his hand as if to apologize for it’s friends death. “Well, we shouldn’t let him go to waste” He grabbed the two antlers left behind and smiled. “Might come in handy.”

    By heather URL on 06.25.2011

  17. The large, branched bones that are projected off a deer’s head. Also found on moose. And reindeer… reminds me of Christmas. And Santa Clause… Too bad he isn’t real.

    By redjay on 06.25.2011

  18. Reminded now of an incident earlier today, when a beautiful young man voiced his suspicion that ice cream was made from deer antlers.

    By Jeanie URL on 06.25.2011

  19. “Look at those antlers” Beth whispered aloud, trying to get the attention of the group.
    “Good lord, what is that?” blurted Andrew, crouching down behind a shrub.
    “Shut up guys, you’ll scare it away”
    Suddenly, the creature whipped around. He trained his beady black eyes from face to face. Beth shivered, feeling as if he was were seeing right through them..into their souls.

    By SamaraBelikova URL on 06.25.2011

  20. The beast stood tall, head high. Its long, lean body was frozen in attentiveness, nostrils flaring to inhale the scent of its prey. Slowly, it stepped forward, one foot in front of the other. It was close, oh so close. But the prey will always put up a fight, and sometimes the predator will fall prey to the animal it hunts; the animal that is both superior and inferior; the animal with the mighty antlers.

    By Eponine24601 URL on 06.25.2011

  21. The deer antler sat on the mantle since I was a child. I don’t know where my father found it. Maybe on a winding path through the woods, or caught in the branches of a tree above his head. Deer have to lose their antlers quickly when the time comes.

    By Mark URL on 06.25.2011

  22. I have antlers , you see them on deer. They are fuzzy, fall off, more points when older, just like us. Rudolph had them. They make coat hangers. People don’t have antlers. When on cows they call them horns.

    By Dnaiela on 06.25.2011

  23. They are pointy… Pointy as the shivs of an assassin but worn by the masters of the forest. Stern and hopeful, life and vigor.

    By David B on 06.25.2011

  24. He saw a flash of brown fur, antlers peeked out from behind and oak. He steadied his rifle, “Say goodbye to starving,” he muttered.

    By Luke Renoe URL on 06.25.2011

  25. My dog found some antlers in the yard. I am not sure what he did with them, but he couldn’t have dragged them far. Maybe he is using them as a hat rack? Looks like I still have some time, so I should keep writing. A minute is a long time. Glad I learned about #ebc11

    By DebInATX URL on 06.25.2011

  26. they have antlers on Deer, moose, raindeer, and many more. There is even ant in the word.

    By Linden on 06.25.2011

  27. On his helm were two golden antlers, gleaming brightly in the western Sun. Atop his warhorse, he charged at his opponent, lance in hand, gripping the shield in his left hand tightly as if he were running into the alpha wolf of the pack.

    By Kendrick Ong URL on 06.25.2011

  28. to hang upon the wall, the bigger, the better!
    the pride and joy of a man who refuses to say “everyone”
    and instead says “y’all”
    forever and ever

    By ash on 06.25.2011

  29. So I think that antlers are really cool. I don’t have much to say about them. I guess the obvious one is Christmas. Like Rudolph. And I think they’re kind of vicious. Like they can be used to attack. Mixed messages. Blahhh. Christmas and pain. Green and red. I hope this wasn’t supposed to be a philosophical thing, because I really have nothing deep to say about this.

    By Ann on 06.25.2011

  30. antlers are like antlers. what those are like are prickly spokes on men to prove their manly hood. its the same way with human but we dont have antlers. we have balls. the bigger the ball the bigger the man.

    By Dustin on 06.25.2011

  31. moose have antlers, they are awesome. I am afraid they will poke out my eye. Moose are vicious and stuff. But still, I’d like to have one. My friends dad had a dead moose head on the wall, it was sad.

    By Callie on 06.25.2011

  32. antlers

    By Valentin Storani on 06.25.2011

  33. Antlers are worn on the forefront of the head and are pointed outwards in order to poke the opponent. Whomever pokes their opponent with the most force, wins.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 06.25.2011

  34. Antlers are on animals like caribou. Caribou is a coffee place that wouldn’t have food with the coffee if it wasn’t for this person I know named Jenette. Or Kristi, I’m not sure. But it started in Minnesota and so that’s pretty cool. I guess this doesn’t have to do with antlers, but it reminded me of caribou so there.

    By Lovlie on 06.25.2011

  35. I have my antlers poised, ready for fight, at all times. They are battered and scarred from so many battles, too many to name. But at least my soft, vulnerable heart is safe, thanks to my antlers, my shields.

    By Meghan URL on 06.25.2011


    By james cooper URL on 06.25.2011

  37. Are the things on top of deers heads. i think. well they mostly are mounted on peoples walls, which i think is terrible. I don’t think animals that kill humans keep little pieces of the body to post around their living spaces. It’s just barbaric. But I know today that Bambi would be disgusted with the trend.

    By Bethany Robertson on 06.25.2011

  38. Antlers are a man’s best friend. I don’t know why I said that, that was weird. Are they? I thought that was dogs, but that’s the first thing that popped into my head. They might be. Hell, men do like hunting… And killing deer… And deer have antlers. So maybe they are. I don’t know anything about hunting but I know men like it.

    By Rebecca on 06.25.2011

  39. antlers are what are seen in beutiful animals like deer and male goats. I think antlers would be really cool to have like as a super power like a mutant so you can grow them spontaneously in case you want to head butt someone annoying and out of nowhere. if there were accepted by society that would be cool too.

    By SunnyDai on 06.25.2011

  40. A very interesting topic, is antlers. Being a device which has little to no practical purpose, merely for impressive looks, they set male animals apart.

    By jake on 06.25.2011