August 11th, 2011 | 398 Entries

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398 Entries for “answers”

  1. The questions just keep getting harder and harder. Are they my friends; or are they my enemies? Are they trying to keep me close; or push me away? If I don’t get some answers soon, then I will have to find out for myself, and if that happens then someone is going to get hurt. And I can’t tell who it will be, them or me.

    By Allie URL on 08.11.2011

  2. nobody has all the answers but that’s not what matters. What matters is that I have all of the answers, and I hold them comfortably on my lap, under my mahogany hardwood table, and I swivel around in circles on my big fat office chair — contented by this knowledge. Bruhaha.

    By w on 08.11.2011

  3. I’m always looking for an answer. It used to be simple, why does this contraption do this, why do we do this as human beings? And then it moved onto bigger things, Why am I here? What is my purpose? And now the big question is what the heck am I doing in the car, on a laptop, with INTERNET ACCESS???

    By Miranda on 08.11.2011

  4. Answers… Everybody seeks them… Sometimes they don’t even exist… Sometimes they are just elusive. Yet we all continue the unending search.

    By Imaginarium URL on 08.11.2011

  5. I want answers. I screamed it again and again. I never got any, because he never listened. He never ever did, but especially when he was not in the room. The neighbor man who speaks no english threw a cat at me.

    I think that means he is tired of my screaming. But I can’t stop, because still I have no answers.

    By Ella URL on 08.11.2011

  6. i try and find answers everywhere i go, to questions that i cannot bear to even ask. i look for answers in the sky, through the grass, and under the water. i do not know what i will find, but i know that you will be there throughout it all. like always.

    By Lola URL on 08.11.2011

  7. I dont have any

    By Mike on 08.11.2011

  8. not clear. ok to not know them. will unfold in time. everything that doesn’t kill you, make you stronger. do we really know about past lives? Is it all a dream

    By Kristiana on 08.11.2011

  9. I don’t always have the answers, and I don’t always get the answers I want. But I need some answers now. I’m having a hard time and I need to know its going to be okay. Will it?

    By Kate on 08.11.2011

  10. what we’re always looking for. but life’s not about answers, it’s about the path you take to find them, the people you meet along the way, and the brilliant burning life you live on that road.

    By addi on 08.11.2011

  11. we all look for answers but we never really find them maybe because we are asking the wrong questions… or maybe cause there are no definite answers nothing is absolute we shouldn’t be asking questions anyways

    By Maha on 08.11.2011

  12. i need answers. im tired of asking questions and not getting reponses, life is about everything, and what is everything? answer: ??? how should i know

    By lovelies on 08.11.2011

  13. there are none. we look for them incessantly, we try to find them, and in our search we are more lost that found. nothing is to be known, and what is to be known is everything. yet, the answer to everything, is almost always nothing. we fight, we flee, we fuck, we feed.. and yet, there are absolutely no absolute answers to receive.

    By susana on 08.11.2011

  14. There were answers in exhaustion. If she stopped caring about what other people cared about, if she stopped harassing herself about their opinions and criticisms and just looked at the problem, bare-bones and from the ground up, she could see the answers.

    Exhaustion was the key.

    If she worked hard enough, fast enough, long enough, she would come home to satori.

    Wouldn’t Pound and Eliot be pleased.

    By Nagi URL on 08.11.2011

  15. i love answers, but it usually leads to me asking more questions. i’m very inquistive.. always need to know more. i can’t get enough answers except from my “boyfriend” who likes to hold my questions over my head… what … a … jerk..

    By cstauff URL on 08.11.2011

  16. Taking a test in my fucking Biology class Sophomore year with this woman who had a terrible perm and even more terrible sweater that she wore every day. Also. Frogs. cutting them open and writing down information that had to do, supposedly, with the human immune system.

    By drew on 08.11.2011

  17. “Psst. Number 13.”

    In the hush of the room, the whisper seemed to be a shout in my ears.

    My eyes snapped to my right, a clear warning to her to stop talking.

    “13,” she mouthed.

    Sighing I scribbled the multiple choice answer on the upper left corner of my exam sheet. Cheating isn’t my thing, and I can’t help but feel tainted when I participate even in the slightest.

    By Mama Singlet URL on 08.11.2011

  18. Looking for answers
    at the bottom
    of a bowl of cheerios.

    I think there are ghosts
    in my questions.

    By bemused3 on 08.11.2011

  19. we all look for them. sometimes we find them and sometimes we end up needing to search for more. nevertheless they are the one thing that everyone in life can relate to. its a never ending search to the end. good luck on yours.

    By bwill45 URL on 08.11.2011

  20. my mouth is shut. i’m watching as you talk to me. your lips move so quickly that i can hardly keep up. you’ve kept me in the dark for too long. i never knew how satisfying answers were. i’m being freed by your answers. no longer will i be a naive, stupid, worthless person.

    By cam URL on 08.11.2011

  21. i wish i had them.

    By danyelle on 08.11.2011

  22. What is an answer even? A fake substitute for the irrational reality that you want to provide a person with. An answer is something you say when you don’t want to tell a person how you really feel. An answer is the fake reality or can be the truth to set you free.

    By Hannah on 08.11.2011

  23. the things that people search for. may take your whole life. there is no certain number of answers. just infinite words, situations… songs. thoughts.
    they may be correct, or wrong. only trial and error will tell.
    you find answers even when you may get it wrong.

    By camille on 08.11.2011

  24. A solution to a problem. Something people look for in the meaning of life.

    By on 08.11.2011

  25. No answers for me now, no hope, no end of that long tunnel.
    I don´t want to stay in the darkness, clueless, I don´t know where to go.

    By Lors URL on 08.11.2011

  26. She wanted answers, but she seemed to only be talking to herself. Each one echoed through her mind, reverberating off the seemingly empty walls. Her brain pulsed, a quick but even rhythm. Think, think, think. But she couldn’t find the answers, for if she knew them she wouldn’t be asking the questions. She felt hollow. Unsure. Lost, even. But still no answers came. When she was on the brink of giving up her mind went still. Patience. And suddenly she was calm. The answers would come; all in due time.

    By Haley URL on 08.11.2011

  27. An answer is replying back to someone after they (usually) ask you a question. I have nothing else to say.

    By Violet on 08.11.2011

  28. Not everyone can give you the answers that you want or the one’s that you need. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll soon realize, sometimes those answers won’t be needed. And years from now… you won’t even remember the idiot’s name.

    By Hannah on 08.11.2011

  29. Ok, see here’s the thing, I want answers; and I want them now. Understand? You have exactly sixty seconds to tell me what I want to hear, or it’s over. And by over, you know what I mean. There are no do overs, no second chances. When this little bar makes it across the screen, there’s no turning back. It’s the end for you if you don’t start talking. Well, that’s it. I didn’t get the answers I was looking for.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.11.2011

  30. tell me the answers
    so that i can fill my soul
    with words of nonsense
    that are supposed to make me feel better
    i always ask so many questions
    but some beauty lies in their unanswered-ness
    it is beautiful
    to wonder
    and never receive a single answer
    really, it is the question itself
    wherein lies the beauty

    By jill URL on 08.11.2011

  31. Questions, always fucking questions. Just once I’d like to go a single day without being questioned, or questioning something. There is no such thing as certainty,

    By Cody Oliver on 08.11.2011

  32. In the hazy moonlight
    all my questions and their missing answers
    seem to melt in the starbeams
    until I feel I can float
    and make my bed among the galaxies
    a constellation of dreams

    By SprawlingInk URL on 08.11.2011

  33. Answers: I had none in my pocket. When my son asked me why his other father had to leave, I looked everywhere I could but found only lint. How could I tell him that his daddy is after younger ass? That after 20 years of marriage, all I learned of his father is that he’s just like every other man who I’ve given my heart to. The only answer I had for him was one for a question he wouldn’t ask me well into his teens. Dad, do you have any relationship advice? And I would say, “yes, build a tall wall and hide in it until someone feels the need to burn it down.”

    By Ruben URL on 08.11.2011

  34. answers are suppose to follow questions. some do not , because people think they have the answers to everything and then say the answers before the question is asked. its weird to think about how the w is in the word and it is hardly heard…who came up with that?

    By k on 08.11.2011

  35. What are answers? the end of our questions? They tell us information, and give us reasons for things we are doing. Do they matter as much as to be the everything that we live for? Are they that important?

    By Cassie on 08.11.2011

  36. and then he asked me again. already knowing the answer. but all he kept hearing were lies. and soon i think we both started to believe them.

    By alyssa on 08.11.2011

  37. We don’t always get the answers. No matter how much we beg, plead, fall down on our knees, dirty our nails on the ground, nothing. Sometimes, life doesn’t prepare the answers on a silver platter or a neat white envelope. Sometimes, you’ve got to get up, dust yourself off, and find the answer to your questions your own way, which certainly isn’t the easy way.

    By Mary URL on 08.11.2011

  38. This is what I do late at night, I check the internet for answers. Every night I waste my time wondering why my mom had to die, why I haven’t stepped off the chair and ended my life. These are the answers I search for at night.

    By ashleigh lush URL on 08.11.2011

  39. I was always looking for the whys of the world; why was I born into this turmoil, why didn’t I fit in with the others, why was everything so much harder for me? People went through their social interactions with ease, breezed past me with far more elegance than I would ever have. I never understood what was different about me until I met the person who could say with that same ease that I was not different, just unique, that I was not disliked, just unknown. The world had answers, the world has hope. I have no better answers than the ones I deduced on my own, but I have renewed hope.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 08.11.2011

  40. Eventually, we all find the answers. Some of us cheat to get quick answers, and others apply their own skills and knowledge. Some answers require the right time and space, while others are right under our noses. But the answers are there, always. The difference is how you get to those answers.

    By Nishat URL on 08.11.2011