April 11th, 2013 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “anchor”

  1. An anchor is what keeps a boat from moving to far away from one spot. It is shaped like an arrow. I think of them as being white and are usually for big boats. I usually think of them for when people are fishing.

    By Katie on 04.11.2013

  2. I’ve never liked the tattoos with an anchor that says “I refuse to sink”. Think about it. It doesn’t make sense. Anchors are meant to sink. People should change it to “No matter how many times the anchor falls, my ship will continue to sail”. That makes so much more sense. It is a bit of a mouthful though.

    By Sarah URL on 04.11.2013

  3. Art is my anchor. Drawing abstract art in tiny squares with pen and ink, a touch of pencil for pop and depth. Music is my anchor. It carries me away, allows me solace, exorcism, tears when they need to vent, smiles when I need an injection of hope. Poetry is my anchor. Words that capture feelings and imagery for the detective to explore. For someone who enjoys puzzles and riddles, a poem can offer treasure with a double-edged sword and that, for the unprepared, can be another kind of anchor entirely.

    By JDwrites URL on 04.11.2013

  4. I looked towards the vast sea without end. “Keep walking!” said the man who pointed at my head with a gun. It was hard. Tied to my leg was an anchor. Pier creaked with every step.

    I mouthed a prayer even though I wasn’t much a believer myself.

    By Onix URL on 04.11.2013

  5. heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy down stop the ship moving not moving cant go forward cant go back online stillness only weight whats left when nothing moves they say absolute zero cant be reached because we are always moving all the time.

    By Sam Drake on 04.11.2013

  6. I’ll be your wings to keep your heart in the skies
    Make sure you keep dreaming, be the highest of highs
    When I get lost in the clouds, you’ll remind me what’s real
    And you’ll be my anchor; a wonderful deal.

    By Carly URL on 04.11.2013

  7. I haven’t seen one, but I believe it’s strong. Like a trunk in the sea, stricks into the ocean floor and holds with roots.

    By Alyssa on 04.11.2013

  8. The anchor broke this morning
    and we were off to another adventure.

    It was only later that I realized someone
    had intentionally cleaved our lives in half.

    I’ve yet to thank them.

    By Kairn URL on 04.11.2013

  9. Best friend. Deep, shore. Hold me down, hold me back, keep me down. Life, opposite of rising, love. truth. stay. Be my glue.

    By Veronica Correa URL on 04.11.2013

  10. After years of drifting without an anchor she finally felt like there was a port to call home. She just hoped those three little words wouldn’t scare him away.

    By Jackie on 04.11.2013

  11. i was dragged across an ugly sea
    you never see the drowning, only the drowned.
    anchors couldn’t hold me down.

    By Lara on 04.11.2013

  12. He was her anchor, the only thing holding her down to the earth. She felt that letting go would mean floating away into space, a shooting star with no aim and no home.

    By sara on 04.11.2013

  13. it’s an anchor I see in the water, balking on the horizon, trying to hook me into the deep pool of sunken treasure. Why do I need an anchor? Heck, I’ll just dive in…
    Oops! I can not swim.

    By P J Colando URL on 04.11.2013

  14. You are the anchor that ties me to the shore. You are the thing that keeps me trapped and stopping me from going where I want to. Trapped. In a prison. Unwilling to let to or loosen up I sit in a harbour of boredom and anxiousness to the world around me. I want to be free. I want to be away

    By Sam on 04.11.2013

  15. The anchor is just too deep down there in the blue heart of the sea longing for the never coming meeting.

    By anwarjbr on 04.11.2013

  16. Freely throw me overboard – even with zest, with oomph, with a determination boarding on aggression. Then go about your business as though your vessel were secure.

    By TheBess URL on 04.11.2013

  17. I imagined an anchor, tied to me with an imaginary rope: made of the strongest steel alloy there was, heavy and as thick as the fist of a weightlifter, sturdy as stone and hard as a rock.

    But yet I felt so featherlight, like I was floating away.

    By dramarie URL on 04.11.2013

  18. She was floating. The sky above her was vast and dotted with millions of stars and celestial beings. She just had to reach up one of her hands to touch it all, it seemed.

    She kept on going higher and higher, almost becoming one with them.

    Then, she stopped. No, she was abruptly pulled. She gave an indignant sound and looked down.

    She saw a boy, holding onto the string she tied to her foot. He looked so panicked and lost, and when she looked down on him, he looked up at her.

    “Please stay.” He told her pleadingly. “You’re going to get lost up there.” He was afraid for her. Why would he be afraid for her?

    And so she let him drag her back down, to ask him why he would be scared for her.

    By Rio URL on 04.11.2013

  19. I once thought myself to be
    An anchor
    keeping you from sailing the sea
    I no longer believe that is
    for I am a buoy
    let us float together

    By Lily Sanz on 04.11.2013

  20. Anchor my heart a million times to the oceans skin, and to the sailors breath. Anchor my heart a thousand times to the caverns and trenches that line the earth’s floor. Anchor my heart a hundred times to the tide’s pull and the moons watchful eye. Anchor my heart ten times to swift currents and salty waves. Anchor my heart to that of the oceans and I’ll ride sea over bow to watch it sink.

    By leah URL on 04.11.2013

  21. the anchor of my ship is stuck in the stone under water. I can’t seem to raise it up. I can’t move on to my journey. I have some comrades with me but they don’t want to help me out. I’m alone, i’m on my own. I need help to get out of this awful sea. I want to be away with these people. I want to get away

    By Secret URL on 04.11.2013

  22. i spend all day wondering
    quite quietly
    is this all there is
    is life a sort of concrete thing
    can it be predicted
    is there an anchor leaving you in your port
    is that the nature of being?
    or is there something intangible
    out there

    By Matty M. on 04.11.2013

  23. The anchor fell from the top of the ship crushing the sailor right underneath it.
    “Not like this” he whispered as it compacted him to nothing more than a footstep.
    The women standing by screamed and fell into the mens chests where they held their hats as a mark of respect.

    By Patrick on 04.11.2013

  24. everyday i want to anchor
    somewhere in your oceanic spirit
    that i feel passing through
    the wings of my heart
    that open into an air of love
    when your mouth does.

    By drew URL on 04.11.2013

  25. I’m only a feather in the breeze and your just a rock in a heap.

    By Karen Wells on 04.11.2013

  26. An anchor is supposed to represent strength. To be anchored into something is strong. Anchors sway with the ocean ever so slightly. Change can’t remain constant and unchanged forever. Eventually that anchor will be uplifted.

    By Elysian URL on 04.11.2013

  27. as the flesh light the spirit well
    i’m depressed by the grin
    i hover over many dreams
    for the love of attention
    i long for the wide open
    the anchor of sin
    guides through a pagan field
    and the lust of the money
    a back handed bang for your buck.

    By Matty M. on 04.11.2013

  28. An anchor is a device that holds one into place. If you think about it, we all have anchors in our lives. One might have a physical anchor, or a Mental or emotional anchor. Physical like a couch or a TV. Emotional like a song, or a religious spot.

    By Sebastianus on 04.11.2013

  29. An Anchor can so easily be mistaken
    for stability,
    bubbles cloud your eyes
    until they dissipate
    and you begin to see
    you’re drowning

    By Lily URL on 04.11.2013

  30. There’s an anchor sitting on my chest
    Tied to each of my ankles and and each of my wrists.
    I think of them too much
    Twist them into a million heavy burdens
    As they drag me down and keep me still.
    I whimper under their weight so much
    And it’s not until they let me go
    Until I feel light, but too dark
    That I see them like you do.
    Not burdens, but mementos
    Holding my hands and stealing my breath.
    Big rusty embraces, whispering
    don’t leave me

    By Hayley URL on 04.11.2013

  31. you lay across my bed like ship parts washed up on the shore
    and i am the iceberg
    i cant caress what doesn’t have substance it is a cold cold night in boston
    and the frost bites at the corners of the window, and the sheets bunch at your ankles
    night time wonders

    By Nick Cortezi on 04.11.2013

  32. my feet sink into the sand floor when you dipped my pale body into the sea
    the grit in pore confrontation would scratch my sheets
    and the moonlight pouring from your eyes didnt help

    By Nick Cortezi URL on 04.11.2013

  33. The boat anchored.
    Anchore is used by ships :)
    Then the ship can’t move on the water.

    By jarek on 04.11.2013

  34. He turns to go, malignant smile still firmly fixed on his weasely face. I flex my fists, feeling insurmountable fury beating fast and hard in my bloodstream. I need a distraction.
    I imagine the sound his eye would make when popped out from its socket. I’ve always been told my imagination is particularly vivid; I can see the eye’s anchor of optic nerve snapping away, forever severing it from his being.

    It’s the little things that keep me sane.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.12.2013

  35. Anchored to her chair, the girl couldn’t help but yawn in the waves of work that washed over her screen and caught her fingers in the kelp of keys. Hopefully the storm would subside soon and she could salvage some sleep from the shores of an unmade bed.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.12.2013

  36. fell throught the depths, victim of gravity, seeing depths no other terrestrial tool would go to so commonly

    By Taylor on 04.12.2013

  37. When I found the anchor in the trunk of my husband’s car as well as a loaded gun and all of my belongings, I knew in my heart that he, not owning a boat or liking to fish, must be planning a fun trip as a surprise for me because I love to sail out on the open seas. I imagine the gun is for our protection. He is the most thoughtful man I could have possibly married.

    By George Anderson URL on 04.12.2013

  38. I have attached an anchor to my leg. I was hoping that it would keep me grounded, but as it turns out it has been weighing me down. I was sure that this rusty chain would be much lighter, only helping me to slow down and smell the roses. Alas, I was wrong, and now I am slower than even the tortoise herself, drowning in the sea as I slowly sink down. What a fool I am.

    By KT URL on 04.12.2013

  39. and you will hold against the wind. and the sea spray. and remember when our lips tasted like salt. and you will be a ship wreck(ed) and an anchor. and they will tell you that you cannot be both. but you remember the taste of salt and the feel of sea spray. and they do not.

    By Bee URL on 04.12.2013

  40. anchor, the word pops too many words at once.. i have been an anchor.. anchor that works as atool. bt i prefer the first one.. the one who entertains people, hosts functions and is super coool someone like me..;)

    By vanshika sharma URL on 04.12.2013