July 28th, 2011 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “amuse”

  1. The WingMan.

    I went out to my brothers house and he was down this was awkward because if you know my brother you would understand that he is normally an amusing man he always make you laugh but today was different he just wasn’t himself. I sat down next to him looked at him his blue eyes were peircing me. “Are you okay?” I asked, a simple question but it almost never fails to get the job done. He quickly replied “Samantha and I are getting a divorce.”

    By Matt Vesel on 07.28.2011

  2. She looked up from the letter, amused at his naiveté.
    Did he think that with a simple letter that skimmed over all the pain and tears and anger that had passed between them; he could make her change her mind about him?
    She re-read the last line: “Think of me, for I will think of you.”
    She was disgusted at him. He had tried to appeal to her sentimental side, throwing back at her the same words she’d said to him in a desperate attempt to make him stay with her. However, fate had turned the tables and now it was her turn to dismiss the matter dispassionately.
    “You’ll never change,” she thought as she lit the edge of the pages with a lighter and watched them shrivel and burn on the floor. “And therefore you will never understand.”

    By B.AM URL on 07.28.2011

  3. It amuses me to write these one minute ditties. I can always find one minute even on my busiest days. It always makes me happy to see the beckoning email pop up, so I can just take a little break and play with words. Thank you to whoever (or is it whomever?) is responsible for putting this fun and interesting website together! Hooray!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.28.2011

  4. please. try and amuse me.
    please try not to abuse me
    i simply choose thee,
    those, who can fuse me

    By gerald on 07.28.2011

  5. He danced slowly in the corner, swaying back, and forth, and back again, letting his breath rise and fall in what roughly amounted to the cadence of the music. He pulled back his lips and smiled broadly, exposing a little too much teeth, a little too little gum, and a complete lack of awareness of the sobbing on the other side of the door.

    By Christian URL on 07.28.2011

  6. “Oh, please.” Alec said. “You seem to think that I torture her for my own amusement.” Alec laughed. “That’s only part of it.” Reese glared. “I also keep her here so you would have a reason to try to kill me. I do love our fights.”

    By Emily Woods on 07.28.2011

  7. וואו אוקי אני נועה חולה על ריאל מדריד מתה על קאקה שלאחרונה ממש בא לי עליו..שישים שניות מה כותבים בזמן הזה אלוהים?!? אוקי לקאקה יש אישה לא סובלת אותה זה פשוט מעצבן אני רוצה להיות אשתו, אני רוצה להיות היא! ואני רוצה להיות מסוגלת לכתוב לא כמו מוגבלת אלא קראק טוב ומצחיק כמו בימים הטובים שלי…יאללה תכף נגמר הזמן בהצלחה לי!! ואמן שאני יחזור לזה

    By noa on 07.28.2011

  8. Let amuse myself
    as I hear the sound
    of your childish giggle
    floating down the hall
    as you rest half-asleep
    waiting on the promise
    of grown-up dreams
    you haven’t yet imagined

    By SprawlingInk URL on 07.28.2011

  9. Dressing to impress is such a funny thing. She always asked if she looked okay or if her the color of her shirt matched with her shoes. It was quite amusing to me. It’s as if I was so important that she had to fix what she wore when she had to go out with me.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 07.28.2011

  10. I’m amused when I see your face, I said. He looked back with a look that made less sense than my statement, so I took it we were on even footing again. What are we doing for dinner, he asked, and I told him I didn’t know, so we decided on Chinese, again, and heading out into the street.

    By Sarah Fischer on 07.28.2011

  11. Amusement parks are one of the most frightening things on the planet, the Doctor said as he stepping into the sun. And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of the planet. And some other ones too. Nothing quite comes close to the crazy folks who run amusement parks.

    By Ben Tracy on 07.28.2011

  12. You amuse me my dear, make me laugh out loud through a broken heart, come dance with me in gardens filled with fresh morning flowers saying bless this day and you two giggling girls.

    By Bridiejo URL on 07.28.2011

  13. He lived to amuse. The smiles, the laughter, the faces were bread and wine to him, the only friends he needed. Through the nights he would lie awake, thinking on that particular quirk of lips, that particularly well-rounded molar flashing like a brilliant laughing sunbeam. He would mutter to himself, mapping out the day before it all went wrong in the morning light before falling back into a few hours of cloudy oblivion.

    By Lilly Dessen on 07.28.2011

  14. One word is one word its amazing that theres a website about one word. I have no clue what i’m doing right now and i hope its good.

    By jenny on 07.28.2011

  15. I love the idea of amusement. I mean, who doesn’t always want to be entertained? The only thing I find hard about this.. is that you can become desensitized so easily. Suddenly, it’s just not funny anymore. You hear a joke once, and BAM.. no humor. It’s sad. Because everyone loves laughing.

    By Victoria-Lynn on 07.28.2011

  16. WHY IS IT AMUSE? WHY NOT PICK SOME OTHER WORD IN THE DICTIONARY. Why am I here? Not any other girl? Why do I live in California? Why do I have weird teeth? Why do I have big boobs? Why? It’s the questioners that get somehwere in life

    By Cameron on 07.28.2011

  17. The smirk on her face while the blade was pushed up to his neck was not just amusement. It was as if she got a sick thrill of torturing and killing people. Like she thought it was a game. It appeared so, anyway, while the flesh parted to let the knife through.

    By Kasey on 07.28.2011

  18. I was laughing at the thought. I couldn’t quite put my finger of what amused me so much but I was still amused. I giggled at myself knowing that I wouldn’t remember the thought tomorrow.

    By Lynn Gies on 07.28.2011

  19. I am amused. It’s a sly smile.

    By Nikki on 07.28.2011

  20. He told me that my nail polish amuses him. The colors that change every week chart my mood he said. This week I decided not to wear any. In respect to him. I might not wear any nail polish ever again because he can’t see it. When he was lying in that bed, he told me to fill in the epitaph of his grave with my nail polish. He hates the mundane depressing graves. He wants to stand out. I promised him that I would, after the funeral, though, in respect to his family. Maybe, I’ll paint a single stripe each week with the same color as my nails. He’ll see them that way.

    By Cameron on 07.28.2011

  21. I amuse you.
    That’s what it is: I’ve finally discovered it. I thought your questions about my past were true interest – and perhaps they were. The kind of interest you’d show in a fascinating TV show on exotic Africa while you wait for your chicken nuggets to heat up in the microwave or – more likely – your date to arrive and take you away to more amusing pasttimes.

    By Nelle on 07.28.2011

  22. I was amused when he called. The sound of his voice was welcoming and familiar. The pace of conversation with him I had forgotten about. Its quickened pace upset me. He was always hard to talk to, in person or via phone.

    By Fender2010 URL on 07.28.2011

  23. is the way we describe laughter, joy, tears
    everything all bundled up into one
    A muse, now, is different
    the one who inspires,
    who you feel from
    the one who drives you crazy
    now to be amused is to feel laughter,
    whether cyincal or sincere,
    from one person, or another

    By Gabby on 07.28.2011

  24. The dogs were amusing, running after the squirrels and digging up moles. The birds were not amused, they screeched and chided from the safety of their nests.

    By Cassandra Dean on 07.28.2011

  25. Sing to me, Muse
    To amuse is to be a true artist–or not.

    By Jacqueline URL on 07.28.2011

  26. i am amused at the fact that this site has no point other than to have people write silly things in a box. I quite enjoy this actually. i think i’ll do this again tomorrow.

    By Lauren Boyd on 07.28.2011

  27. Bubble wrap. Bubble blowing wands. Crime shows, unfortunately. YA books. Rubber ducks. Daisy chains. Gift wrap. Finger painting. Dirty shows. Easily amused, I am.

    By Ammi URL on 07.28.2011

  28. really, i said. it’s THAT amusing? yes. yes it is, she replied, already occupying herself with something else. she’s only 10! how is SHE supposed to know what love is?! *sigh*

    By natalie.(: URL on 07.28.2011

  29. I spend more time doing this since I took the gigantic and unexpected leap of becoming a mom. It amuses me to amuses him, and we spend large chunks of our time together merely amusing ourselves — something I forgot to do when marriage and mortage and managing became my life. Thank god for my child, and how much we amuse each other, a rediscovering of my sense of humor and childlike wonder and time to spend simply — on amusement.

    By Michelle on 07.28.2011

  30. Bending down to pick the flower, he looked a clumsy sight. It was just out of grasp, and then he took his other hand and pulled the right down to the ground, a few times, Finally giving up, he picked it up with his left. And old clown at heart.

    By Valerahaha URL on 07.28.2011

  31. I am seriously disturbed about the lack of amusement in my life, and i’m a person that is easily amused. I sit on Facebook every day to be amused by my friends…literally one of fifty people amuse me. My dog is more amusing than the average person, that’s seriously depressing.

    By delaney URL on 07.28.2011

  32. The slightest things in the world amuse him. But in the end, doesn’t that mean he enjoys his time that much more?

    By Abrar URL on 07.28.2011

  33. we are not amused. everyone kens who said that? or did she relly say it, then? we are now told that G Garbo never did say ‘I vanna be alone’ instead said she I vant to be left alone’. mews not much amuse mus muscalus..

    There is a puss we call Puss Puscalus
    Who’s mews not much amuse one Mus Muscalus
    Although the squeaks of one Mus Muscalus
    Are music to the muse of Puss Pusscalus

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.28.2011

  34. I love my puppy. He has got to be the most amusing thing I have ever seen. Always chasing his tail and throwing around his ropes. God, I love that puppy.

    By Sammi-Rhea URL on 07.28.2011

  35. Amuse? Amusement. That’s -fun-, right? Amusement is what people take pleasure in. Something which we enjoy spending time on. Something that makes us happy. But amuse? The verb? I tell you what amuses me. This website. I have come here for a quick thing to do, and I feel that sooner or later, this will draw me in. I will become addicted.

    By Jenny on 07.28.2011

  36. Actors and actresses never seize to amaze me.

    Like, I can’t even make myself cry or laugh on the spot.

    Acting is a great talent and it requires a lot of skill so, bravo to all the actors and actresses out there =D

    By Krisha Coleen. URL on 07.28.2011

  37. i like i am very amusing. my friends are amusing…sometimes. i amuse myself. i think it’s very hard typing the word amusing…….fun. summer. friends. boys. music. parents. animals. dumb people.

    By Christine Cleveland on 07.28.2011

  38. When i hear the word ‘amuse’ i think of amusement parks and how silly they are. They aren’t amusing! what is amusing about swirling around til you puke, eating food thats priced way high and failing to win the stuffed animal of your dreams… I really wanted that Rasta Banana… Only then would amusement parks be ‘amusing’.

    By Bri URL on 07.28.2011

  39. He felt the need to amuse her, he can say the silliest things to bring a smile to her face, or hear the awkward laugh that he sometimes believes is fake, just so she can make him feel good.

    By j5j URL on 07.28.2011

  40. There is a puss we love to call Puss Puscalus
    Who’s mews not much amuse Muss Muscalus
    Strange though, the squeaks of dear Mus Muscalus
    Are music to the muse of our Puss Pusscalus
    By the wiz that he waz

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.28.2011