January 2nd, 2013 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “amount”

  1. amount is like the total of products or objects

    By Jessie on 01.02.2013

  2. sad taste bitter and cold
    white wine streaks caked the glass
    sighs and smiles
    cold nights and trials
    what’s my point of view?
    little by little
    a tiny amount at a time
    each broken promise is a fight
    each truth is a knockout
    upper cut
    ain’t nothing wrong with your ears.

    By Matty M. on 01.02.2013

  3. Big amounts, small amounts. Amount of happiness, sadness, money. Amount can measure what you have, could have had, want to have, need to have, or even seem to have.

    By Tara URL on 01.02.2013

  4. It was so expensive, such a crazy amount to give. Not one hundred, not two hundred, but her whole heart. Not even to mention that there is a possibility it could be damaged or broken. No refunds! But she gave it away anyway.

    By Chloe URL on 01.02.2013

  5. The amount of anger that I have in my body. That I can’t control it. It is fear. It is desperation. It is longing. It is hopelessness. I can’t take it. I can’t. It hurts too much. I’m sorry about my mistakes, but that doesn’t make them disappear. They’re still there.

    By Max on 01.02.2013

  6. this is the test of the testing test test test
    what happens when sixty seconds runs out?
    Is it like one of the drawing programs that let you share works with others?
    And someone will be on the other side of this typing about their own word?
    I just don’t know!
    Fortunately, I will find out when the time is up.
    So if you are on the other end of this reading the note, congratulations, you have a creation by me!

    By S L URL on 01.02.2013

  7. I don’t know what amount of words I should use to describe the word amount. Quite honestly, I don’t even know what I’m doing. And I can’t type fast. I have a large amount of issues with this… the end. i think. yea. but now apparently I’m allowed to write more cause I didn’t write my name. Okay. My dog just puked on the carpet. I need to clean that up. That will take a long amount of time. It is a good day today. whoops! I keep forgetting to fill in my name. I also need to eat dinner. Yea, I’m done with this. AMOUNT AMOUNT AMOUNT AMOUNT AMOUNT. LA FINE!! (the end in italian) chyeaaa

    By lalala on 01.02.2013

  8. Amount is money. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy things that can certainly make you happy. Material things, yes. But they still make you happy, no? Don’t deny it. Everyone is materialistic in their own way.

    By Ame Jay on 01.02.2013

  9. it is associated mainly with the money. it is for almost all the things in this world. but you can not buy LOVE from amount of money, no matter how big is this.

    By Shehzad on 01.02.2013

  10. The amount of time that i spend in any given day…where does it go? What does it amount to? I guess im really thinking about worth. What am i worth? Does it amount to anything?

    By Jon D on 01.02.2013

  11. I was passing by a church while walking my dog and he strangely barked at it. I went there to see what was happening, but no one was inside. It was awfully odd. There was not any candlesticks or altars. It was just emptiness and benches, a huge amount of benches all lined up, enlighted by the trespassing purple lights that seemed to arise from the saints in the glazing.

    By Jade on 01.02.2013

  12. The amount of me is shocking. I look in the mirror, and I’m very very small. There is far too little of me, or at least, less than I would expect. My mind fills a huge space, wanders through a million different worlds, and yet the rest of me slips into a size 6 with ease.

    By Scarlet Waters on 01.02.2013

  13. there is a large amount of apple on the tree outside in the backyard. i amount to a lot of things ad i dont get what this is or why im writing about it

    By denise on 01.02.2013

  14. you amount to nothing, they say. you’ll never make it anywhere, you’re just broken, and no one can fix you. well the words that they said… were lies. they were testing you. testing your strength. you have to pull yourself up. up off of the broken glass. out of despair. you have to make yourself amount to who you are. and to who you want to be.

    By kane johnson on 01.02.2013

  15. The amount doesn’t matter! All that matters is that she’s happy! After all she is my mother!

    By ldydai22 URL on 01.02.2013

  16. Amount is not the same as number, number you can count like eggs, milk is measured in amount you cannot say you have 6 milk you may have a cup of milk which is an amount but not a number. Amount and number are as different as milk and eggs.

    By Sophie URL on 01.02.2013

  17. We all define each other in different ways. Some of us like to think about certain skills one might have. Others might like to think about certain personality traits. I, however, like to think about the amount of pain one can endure before becoming cynical. I think it’s the best way to determine a person’s sanity.

    By Matt Burke URL on 01.02.2013

  18. The amount of alcohol she had already consumed was alarming. Her words were slurring and her actions were loose and felt utterly disconnected. This was her first time being drunk and she was going all out. This would help her forget. Her pains, her worries, her heartache. For the night it was gone and she could be whoever she wanted to be. At least that was her plan. He entered the room about thirty minutes after the party truly started and saw her immediately. She was an easy target. Clearly not experienced, young, and beautiful. He could not wait to get her alone and he began a deliberate path towards her, being sure to catch her eye. This would be a night he would not soon forget, and by the looks of it, one she isn’t likely to remember.

    By Sydney on 01.02.2013

  19. amount, the units of anything you have

    By ollyparkz on 01.02.2013

  20. There is no amount possible to describe how much I love you. And I don’t know if you’ll ever see that. It’s unconditional and irrevocable, nothing you do will change it. We’re the perfect couple, in a less than perfect situation, but I think the amount of love I have for you can pull through it. I’ll wait.

    By Sammy URL on 01.02.2013

  21. There’s no amount of consoling that’s going to help her. She’s beyond it. First the dog and then Gran. Poor little Charlotte.

    By E.P. Hantera on 01.02.2013

  22. There was a certain amount of money in the bank. Not enough, but a little. I guess a little will do, better then nothing I suppose.

    By Sarah on 01.02.2013

  23. What amount of money is too much for a dog’s life? My puppy was diagnosed with cancer. Cheno treatmets have a 5-5 chance of success at a cost of 5,000 dollars.

    By Carol URL on 01.02.2013

  24. amount is something that you attribute a value too. The amount you love someone, the amount you own, the amount you give, the amount you care, the amount you want, the amount you try, the amount you work, the amount you feel. Everything is measured by amount. Amount is the measure of the person you are.

    By Kucy Hartin on 01.02.2013

  25. What does all the television watching in your life amount to, really? You’re watching a medical drama. I could write that, but the doctor is a unicorn who needs to save lives in order to obtain magical powder to survive. What about the cooking shows? I can bake a cake and I can sear a pan of fish as well as any guy with a blonde mohawk and a really gimmicky accent and sense of slang. Let me write and cook. Not watch.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.02.2013

  26. Julie was racing to the exit. She was so close… almost there… centimeters away… *slam!* .. “No..this can’t be true..” she whimpered. The amount of people left were falling to the ground. If only scientists could have discovered this before, she thought. Drowsily she puffed out the word, “Amounts….” before falling to the cold hard ground.

    By Annee URL on 01.02.2013

  27. amount. How much are we willing to give of ourself to other things. Whether it be people, places, feelings, what are we willing to give? I am willing to give myself away enough to not really lose anything. Does that seem fair, selfish, or something else?

    By Kelsey on 01.02.2013

  28. the amount of love, the amount of money and work. the amount of suffering. the amount of everything i do to get where I want to be. the amount of fat my body carries. the amount of shit. the amount of kisses. the amount of sex. the amount of words that I put here cant make a difference in anything that is to be done, unless continuos, because unlike you, the thought of it can be. but you arent.
    the amount of time I get to be with you, the amount of time missing you is greater. the amount of tears will wash away reality for a night. the amount of reality gone is a dose of drug in my brain to make it not be in this wold for a while.

    By Carla URL on 01.02.2013

  29. did u understand the amount of hurt that surged through my veins the moment I saw you kiss her passionately? no….no u didn’t because that is just who you are a heartless bastard. so I sit alone and wonder if I am ever meant to be with someone who loves me faithfully….siting in the coffee shop eating my almond scone drinking my mocha frappé. when an old man comes up. “excuse me miss, but it seems as though you’re going through a ruff patch in your life. yes?” he says. I nod and he continues. “my personal opinion is that you’re over thinking things, right?” I nod again. “miss, you need to understand that u are only this young once, one shot at this! get over the stupid bastard that missed his chance at something great. you will find the man you need. as a matter of fact, my grandson is about your age. when u are ready give him a call.” he slides the paper to me.”have a nice day!” he calls to me. I nod once again, and feel speechless! this man has just given me a miracle, basically. I look at the number and call him up. sipping my coffee.

    By kathpine98 URL on 01.02.2013

  30. Once upon a time, there was a forest ranger who had a massive amount of pinecones, but no trees. the forest ranger grabbed his gaslit lanturn and he lit all the pinecones on fire. the forest grew, and the nature was plentiful.

    By joel jacobson on 01.02.2013

  31. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on her target. Markus. How much amount of shit would she be willing to deal with this time? Her fist grew tighter and tighter as her thoughts rushed around her mind. He was going down.

    By Kim M URL on 01.02.2013

  32. how many bananas do you have because i have many. one time I have some hot chocolate but there was too much in the cup so it spilled and it was HOT. Then my sister tried to wipe it up with her sleeve and that didn’t work so well. Poop on her for being stupid. Speaking of stupid finals are next week. Poop on a stick.

    By Bailey on 01.02.2013

  33. how much does something cost? crap my time is running out. amount. amount of time? how much time do i have? i hate amount! it puts limits on everything. no amount, no limits? just for a day? please

    By nicole papalambros on 01.02.2013

  34. I have one this to say, but i have no idea how top say it, how much feeling to put into it. There is no right amount or way. So I’ll keep it to myself.

    By Madalyn URL on 01.02.2013

  35. how much does something cost? crap my time is running out. amount. amount of time? how much time do i have? i hate amount! it puts limits on everything. no amount, no limits? just for a day? please. amount of money? no! amount of happiness is the real question. should an amount be placed on anyones happiness? i wished it wouldnt, because, i mean, no one deserves that. amount free living!

    By nicole papalambros on 01.02.2013

  36. how much will it be?
    Do I have enough?
    He’ll like it so much, but how can I afford it?
    How much is the smile on his face worth?
    Any amount.

    By J on 01.02.2013

  37. the amount of apples in this orchard is truly appalling. i can’t believe that the farmer would neglect them for this long. We used to do tours and have children picking the apples, which greatly aided in this issue. You see, our orchard is too large. The farmer and i really do not need this many apples. I honestly don’t know what the solution is going to be, but good people like you can keep us in your prayers so that we may find it.

    By Erin on 01.02.2013

  38. amount is a concept. When dealing with amounts in the sense of quantities, it’s not really there. Unless you were to define amount as the object described.

    It’s also a verb. very big-picture verb, like amounting to something in your life. I want to amount to something.

    By David Finch on 01.02.2013

  39. Amount to something. Amount to something great.

    By Becky on 01.02.2013

  40. I took too much, the rest of what i had. I’m sitting in the classroom, and its spinning, it’s making me sick. I feel the contents of my stomach rising into my throat. I stand up and dash to the bathroom. Leaning over the cool, white porcelain i feel like god. I’m laughing and everything’s still turning. My lunch spills out and i can see everything, i can see life itself.

    By Noah on 01.02.2013