January 2nd, 2013 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “amount”

  1. The perfect amount of time is not what you think or hope or pray for. It is, what it is and you’d rather accept that no one will let you know your personal amount of time, but also no one will tell you what to do with it.

    By Fredda URL on 01.02.2013

  2. What amounts to me as haramful is the Necessity to make certain thinks Amounting. People use Abusive Language in an amount not acceptable

    By Ashwani koul URL on 01.02.2013

  3. The amount was paid in full. It was dealt with, yet the feeling of loss still seemed to ooze out from within. I would miss her.

    By Rob Schultz on 01.02.2013

  4. the amount of what? this si out of context.the amount of apples you have? the amount of apples you’ll need to feel satisfied? or the amount of love? how much love do we need to function? is there a limit for us? will we feel unfullfilled without it? can we survive without it? what amount of anything is too much? we drink large amounts of water, we m

    By asdf on 01.02.2013

  5. A standard amount of money is nothing really. Amount is nothing but everything at the same exact time. It gives what something is but nothing itself.

    By Renee on 01.02.2013

  6. how can one person take so much and make it represent so little. I was out one day when my friend bought a coffee. Then it all started. The gunfire. The blood, tears and death were everywhere as we were both shot, when he stepped over us. Syphon.

    By John on 01.02.2013

  7. short and sweet texts after days of feeling forgotten, a postcard dropping through the letterbox, your light off in the bedroom. it amounts to a lot.

    By lightthisfuse URL on 01.02.2013

  8. Will I ever amount to anything? What amount of value will there be in my life? What amount of happiness? What amount of success? I wonder what it is it will take to answer these questions and what it is the answers will be. For now, I am willing to wait and I am willing to live to make anything measurable in my life.

    By Yezenia on 01.02.2013

  9. the amount of love I have for thee is endless… I wont ever be able to say how much you mean to me beccause there is not enough time in the world nor enough words to describe how I feel for you.. I love you..

    By Ayla Mickleburgh on 01.02.2013

  10. Money. That’s all his life was now: figures and sums and decimal points and an obscene amount of money.
    And it all amounted to–he did a quick calculation in his head–absolutely nothing.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.02.2013

  11. The amount of writing I do largely has to do with how much drinking I’ve done.

    By Wiley Tide URL on 01.02.2013

  12. Amount-the quantity I look for when needing to measure a thing. Some think of the word amount in negative terms. In other words, how little they have. That’s sad. Everything can’t possibly be that negative. Think of great things, big quantities, an overflow of God’s goodness. What amount of time and attention are you giving to your greatness? The skills and talents that you have? How much are you giving to help someone else? The amount of energy you spend on whatever, will determine either minimal or astronomical results.

    By Ericka Renee URL on 01.02.2013

  13. This reminds me of the Edna St. something poem we studied in Year 11. It was about attempting to quantify and calculate the extent to which she loved. A nice concept, but I guess it’s better to not have inhibitions and a calculative mind, and instead, in a more simpler and childish way, appreciate what we have without over-analysing it.

    By Selina on 01.02.2013

  14. Sometimes there is never enough. Sometimes you can never get enough. When the amount needed is infinite, where you always need more. That is when times are tough. It could be love, wealth, time. We all need more. We must get over it.

    By flutefrog URL on 01.02.2013

  15. In life we wonder what we amount to. What’s our reason even being here. I don’t deserve to exist. Amount is a portion. Why can’t I have a great amount of happieness? Is that not good enough?

    By JeiPanda URL on 01.02.2013

  16. onw word, somertimes one word is enough, sometime a thouseand words are not, a word can make a or break a relationaship, one word yo wand to hear from a loved one long gone

    By simrit on 01.02.2013

  17. Her eyes widen in absolute shock as she stared at the amount of money in front of her. “It’s all yours if you tell me where it is,” the man says, a sinister smirk on his dark features. She keeps her lips closed, shaking her head slightly. The man’s eyes narrow to two thin slits. “Who shall I kill first?”

    By musicrazi URL on 01.02.2013

  18. This wasn’t the right amount, I thought, looking at the money placed into my hands. They had promised me ten gold pieces for that information, not ten silver. I was about to protest, but then I heard the click of a gun being cocked behind me. I turned around slowly.

    By Kristina URL on 01.02.2013

  19. We are the best f*ck of the rest :)

    By tress on 01.02.2013

  20. The horses were tied in the shade of the mesquite and the three men knelt down together with the bags from the stage. Benson holstered his sidearm and grinned a toothless grin at Packy Mack.

    “How much?” he asked with excitement.
    Packy Mack frowned slightly as he looked in the first bag.
    “Sure ain’t the amount we was expectin’,” he grumbled.
    Benson leaned forward and grabbed the bag looking quickly inside.
    “Why them lyin’ polecats! There ain’t enough in these here bags to pay fer more than a hot meal and a bath!”
    “What are you sayin’?” Martin questioned.
    “We been robbed!” Benson snapped.

    By Cim URL on 01.02.2013

  21. many
    a lot
    quite a lot
    too much
    too many
    a little bit
    a bit
    a little

    By Dámaris on 01.02.2013

  22. The amount of love I hold is infinite. And the hate I hold within me is always trying to over power it. I just want to do good. I want to do what’s right. But I fall. A lot. Because the amount of pressure is so much to bare.

    By H on 01.02.2013

  23. El monto asignado a cada ángel deriva de la cantidad de vidas salvadas en cada momento de crisis. Por eso hay ángeles que lloran de hambre cuando no alcanzan a cumplir su misión. Se sabe que 8 de cada 10 ángeles mueren de pena cuando fracasan.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.02.2013

  24. El monto asignado a cada ángel deriva de la cantidad de vidas salvadas en cada momento de crisis. Por eso hay ángeles que lloran de hambre cuando no alcanzan a cumplir su misión. Se sabe que 8 de cada 10 ángeles mueren de pena cuando fracasan.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.02.2013

  25. You won’t amount to anything. You’ll just be an average, ordinary woman who does an average ordinary job. You’d think someone had said this to me but it’s what I tell myself every day and it’s unhealthy. You are what you make of yourself. You just need some degree, some amount of confidence and you can bullshit your way through anything.

    By Sarah URL on 01.02.2013

  26. it isn’t until we realize we are all living every moment on borrowed time that we can see the things that are truly worth living for. It’s funny how without the safety of a plan, you start to wake up wanting to wake up, wanting to live every moment you’ve been given. You’ve been here before. You know there are a million faces that would love to see you fail. Climb on their backs. Use their sneering jawlines to rise above the dust. Keep fighting. Keep loving. Keep grasping to break whatever is keeping you chained to this parasite romance with what they call success.

    By agloe on 01.02.2013

  27. No amount of time will make me forget you.
    No amount of distance will make me give up on you.
    You saved me, in a way no amount of words will make you understand.
    And for that, I love you.
    For that, I’m thankful.
    I will always love you.
    And no amount of years will end that love.
    our love is everlasting.

    By Megan URL on 01.02.2013

  28. I’m an outcast.

    Not by choice, obviously
    But my meager amount of friends
    Earns me that label.
    I’m an introvert,
    I suppose.
    I’m not antisocial,
    Just socially awkward.
    Is that really my fault?
    Do I really deserve
    The names
    The tauntings
    Or the laughter?

    Maybe I do.

    By IfThisIsWhatICallHome,WhyDoesItFeelSoAlone? URL on 01.02.2013

  29. There is no amount to how much you can love someone.
    The amount spend with that person is unlimited.
    I couldn’t ask for another amount of time spent with her.
    She sends me unlimited amounts of roses each week.

    By Heather on 01.02.2013

  30. The amount of love in this world is abundant. People talk of the amount of hate there is, but love is also everywhere. Our world needs fixing, but instead of focusing on the amount of money there is or the amount of hate, focus on the amount of love.

    By Karina on 01.02.2013

  31. Don’t count in amounts
    Don’t judge with amounts
    Focus on the small important things
    On the amount of love

    By Karina on 01.02.2013

  32. Life is about amounts.
    How much of this, how much of that?
    How much love and sunshine,
    how much work and heartache.
    What amount are you willing to gamble
    to be happy? We look for a recipe for living
    that will reveal the correct amount.

    By Robin on 01.02.2013

  33. The amount I care about you is so little. Like, seriously. Why would you ever think that I think about you when I am alone? Why would you assume that I like it when you tug on my hair just to get a reaction from me? Under what circumstance would I ever be remotely attracted to you? You’re so ridiculous, I simply cannot get over it. The amount Iove I have for you is none.

    By Sasha Storm URL on 01.02.2013

  34. how much money, things, or stuff you want to shove in other peoples faces because you like to have more of something than anyone else wants because that’s how you impress other people and it shows that you like several things and idklol

    By Bella URL on 01.02.2013

  35. Lisa held the stack of books in her hands, doing her best to see past the tall tower she possessed. The cashier nearest to her saw her predicament and rushed over, taking at least half of the novels for her into his own hands. He laughed as she blushed and placed them on the counter for purchase.

    “No plans this weekend?” he asked, to which she responded with a slight shake of her head. “Well, how about now? You need help reading these?”

    By Owl URL on 01.02.2013

  36. I will never amount to anything, right? I really want to though. I want to be a someone. I want to make the cover of a magazine, “Apple’s New CEO,” I fantasize in my mind. It’s all a dream, but I take some pleasure in indulging in it.

    By Jason URL on 01.02.2013

  37. Those greenbacks days:
    It’s hazy in the smokey room, with the
    Chink of chips and the clink of
    Ice; I wonder about that sad, sad
    As it echoes against the walls
    And into dusty, tobaccoed pockets.

    By sonneillon URL on 01.02.2013

  38. No amount of regret will let me take it back.
    Therefore, I cannot allow myself to regret.
    Or else I’ll be left with nothing but it.

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 01.02.2013

  39. amorous
    overcome with joy
    unbelievably happy
    never alone again
    true love
    what love amounts to

    By d on 01.02.2013

  40. the amount of candy one needs to receive cavities are a lot. the amount of love i have for a certain someone is not ok and i wish that i could just let it go but i can’t. why? because i have a weird tendency to latch on to one person until someone else comes along that shows me the least bit of attention.

    By Olivia on 01.02.2013