January 2nd, 2013 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “amount”

  1. It matters not how hard I try or what I say. No amount of words will ever make you understand how I’m feeling. The black pit of despair that resides between my lungs and presses against my rib cage as it tries to consume me. No amount of pills or therapy or talking it out will ever help me. You just can’t see that.

    By Lexinethermore URL on 01.02.2013

  2. mound of sugar
    dumped into my oatmeal
    stirred around and licked up
    off the countertop
    straight down the throat
    this is not poetry
    this is not a poem
    forgive me

    By sterlingale on 01.02.2013

  3. What’s the amount of minutes in a lifetime
    the amount of seconds in a day
    the amount of life in a lifetime
    the amount of time to make it go away

    the amount of … amounts to….

    By bstone on 01.02.2013

  4. broken hands
    ached wrung to dry
    fidgeted fidgety
    wonderful wondering why
    the amount of time
    is less than more
    and this life is too short
    every year
    every time
    i open my eyes
    and look at you
    wished wishing well
    how to stay true.

    By Matty M. on 01.02.2013

  5. It was the amount of crysalis crystals that was the most astonishing part of the scenery. They were everywhere. Shining gently in the sunlight, they gave the warm feeling to the room. It was truly magnificent sight, that only those with the interest in art were able to appreciate.

    By Omnix URL on 01.02.2013

  6. the amount we have today is taken for granted. we serve and cook and make money to buy things and in the end we are never satisfied. we are so worried about the more, the more, the more.

    By dawoou URL on 01.02.2013

  7. The amount of time it took her to reach the knife he already had the gun out

    By Jerri URL on 01.02.2013

  8. It is how we choose to act upon the experiences we have had that determines the amount of life we actually decide to learn from.

    By David Smrz URL on 01.02.2013

  9. there is a certian amount of stuff in the world. We count it all through our lives. It can mean values. The amount can hurt us or be irrelvant. Amount is a stupid word. I am hating it. like it is so dumb. this is stupid. im done. has it been sixty seconds yet? I thought this woudl

    By Sara on 01.02.2013

  10. I have been feeling a great amount of sadness lately. This seems proportionate to the amount of happiness I felt during Christmas break. The amount of sadness and anger seems to be disproportionate to the actual feelings that come up during the time I actually work. In other words, work isn’t as bad as I feel it is.

    By Denis A. URL on 01.02.2013

  11. No amount of coddling, prodding, cajoling or begging was going to get her to change her mind. She sure was darn stubborn for a little kid. Qualities admirable in a adult, but pretty tough in a two year old.

    By Sarena URL on 01.02.2013

  12. amount i don’t really know what to say at all about this word. amount can be the amount of love you give, the amount of food that you eat. it’s amazing. “amount” is part of our everyday lives. it’s so cool. you take an amount of everything that you touch, feel, smell, hear.. everything.

    By ashley on 01.02.2013

  13. I stared at the treasure in slack jawed awe. Right before me lay a pile of gold and jewels taller than me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Finally I let out a whoop of joy, started running in slow motion towards my one true love, money, and then I woke up.

    By Mya URL on 01.02.2013

  14. The amount of time I have waited to have an opportunity like this has felt like an eternity. I wish I could handle myself better in the amount of time I had to spend with her but there is no point in fixating on what I did wrong. Next time I have to start up a conversation about anything so I can lay down a base for the next step.

    By Cristian on 01.02.2013

  15. the cash money man. Amount. Quantification. Which requires division. Which is indeed false. As there is only one thing which is the thing in itself. All other things requiring separation and individuation are illusory. Yeah. Schopenhauer.

    By jeff URL on 01.02.2013

  16. of love. of hugs in a day. of songs sung. of smiles. of laughter. of belly laughs. of saying I Love You. Are you full yet? Did you get the right amount? Of cups of tea. Of birds singing you awake

    By Diana URL on 01.02.2013

  17. There was never an amount of sorrow in an apology that satisfied her. It always seemed that she was the victim in every relationship she had. And she made everyone know it. “I’m sorry” was never enough. People had to pay for their crimes against her.

    By Vanyda URL on 01.02.2013

  18. Would we care about our portion of infinity? The zero sum game of life catches us in our most selfish state and we horde all we can, gripping it tightly; trying to retain what we can only receive by letting go.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.02.2013

  19. The amount of alcohol Marion had consumed in her flapper days was appalling. Even now that she was up to her old tricks, she did not have nearly that much to drink. Because that much of this swill was damnably dangerous.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.02.2013

  20. He considered the huge amount of options he had. He had a lot of choises, now that he thought about it. Yes, freedom. Actually, he was just gonna sleep on it for another couple of nights.

    By .Theo URL on 01.02.2013

  21. “It wasn’t the amount, I was worried about, Ted!”
    “Then what?”

    He looked at me with anger and confusion in his eyes.

    “I was worried about the quality.”
    “You’ve never had a complaint about the quality of my work before, Maggie.”

    He glared.
    I narrowed my eyes.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.02.2013

  22. white_noise: this is all going to amount to nothing if you don’t back off and let my do my damn job
    SilverTongue: No one’s stopping you from doing anything. I’m just pushing you in the right direction.
    white_noise: well it isn’t helping
    SilverTongue: Isn’t it? We saved that girl’s life.
    white_noise: that would have happened either way
    SilverTongue: Stop pretending you don’t need my help.

    By Juan URL on 01.02.2013

  23. The total sum, it is the accumulation.

    Will I amount to anything? From someone elses perspective I’m perfect
    from mine I’m hardly at all.
    Who has the most correct lense and who exists the most.
    I believe in someone whose identity weighs the most.

    By Jon on 01.02.2013

  24. The coins scattered across the red stained counter, followed by a broken look of defeat upon her face.
    “As much mixed candy this can buy.”
    The man behind the counter looked startled. It was a small town after all. Strangers weren’t kindly looked upon here, especially one that looked like her.
    “Right away, miss.”
    The man’s back turned, and so did the girl’s spirits. Where on earth was that damned boy?

    By Julie on 01.02.2013

  25. the amount of times i think about the word amount, the quantity, it is consuming in this culture. No one seems to care about quality its all about amount. How much can i get for my money and not what can i get for my money. people dont stop and tend to think, what will this do to my body, will this last me, is this a wise investment. it is all about amount, and that is very unfortunate.

    By tessa on 01.02.2013

  26. They fit in one hand, the most precious things: another’s hand—warmer than your own, a pencil—in sweeping motions, a favorite mug—steaming, and the face filled with love.

    By MONO URL on 01.02.2013

  27. what will I amount to

    By No on 01.02.2013

  28. The hound is an amount, Am I?
    what word would count as loss and what as gain
    who is this amount he seems large
    but perhaps he is just an illusion
    if that is so what of I? Am I an illusion in my amount or do i exist
    PLease tell me if the amount I have is equal to the amount I should have
    DO I live in debt or am I owed. PErhaps I am rich without knowing it.

    By jonathon URL on 01.02.2013

  29. I wouldn’t consider it something that could be measured by quantifiable means or amounts. Rather it’s a bit elusive–a charge of some sort of energy that makes one do things they never thought they would do.

    By asavas URL on 01.02.2013

  30. A man of unusual natural talent telling “no use owning me anyways”

    By jonathon URL on 01.02.2013

  31. The amount of something never matters half as much as we think at the time, however we can all look back and see that it’s the things we get, say and do and the quality of these things that we will take pride in, and most obviously not the sheer amount.

    By Abi xoxo URL on 01.02.2013

  32. “You’ll never amount to anything,” they said. “You’ll never make it. You’ll spend your working life sweeping the streets.”

    He remembers this, every time he receives yet more praise for another completed IT project, another cheque cashed at the bank, another email from an agent asking him if he’ll consider working for them.

    Screw dyslexia.

    By Cherryboy URL on 01.02.2013

  33. the amount of spit which lands on my face when you talk is too high.

    By Mary URL on 01.02.2013

  34. The amount of foot is relevant to the amount of pain you feel. I will only amount to what I allow myself to amount to. The a punt of something doesn’t necessarily measure the worth.

    By Christina on 01.02.2013

  35. All of this amounts to — what? A lot of wishes and desires and goals but nothing tangible, nothing I could count. I didn’t know how much I had. I didn’t know how much I could lose. But I wanted more.

    By magdelina URL on 01.02.2013

  36. Well amount means the how much and most often it is the amount of things. Or the amount of love. Where did the word amount come from. It sounds like is should have something to do with horses. because its a mount. Just like therapist is the rapist.

    By Katherine on 01.02.2013

  37. I like Whisky but in little Amount

    By ashwanikoul URL on 01.02.2013

  38. Whatever amount I have on anything, its never enough. I want to make huge amounts of money, and I am also earning. But it is never enough. WHat else, I dont know what more to write about it. I am panicking,

    By seden on 01.02.2013

  39. what do I amount to? We don’t really know until it’s too late. Sometimes i think i just amount to nothing. but i’m trying to see that differently.

    By Shelby URL on 01.02.2013

  40. There was a certain amount of worrying that he would do, day after day. He said that it helped, though for most of us that was really hard to understand.

    “When I have a problem, I just worry it out,” he would say. When we asked what that meant, he just said that it was his way of dealing with things.

    By chipschap URL on 01.02.2013