April 29th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “alibi”

  1. Meaning not there, as in I wasn’t there when the gun went off, or I wasn’t there when John said he never loved her, and his marriage was a sham.

    By Michael on 04.29.2012

  2. The alibi the guy gave in the interogation room , about where he was on the night of the murder , was that he had gone to New jeysey to see his friend .He spent the night there .

    By Jackson URL on 04.29.2012

  3. Oh.
    We’ve started.
    60 minutes of…
    or explanations.
    or justifications.
    or lies.

    I stare at the ceiling, thinking.

    By be. URL on 04.29.2012

  4. There is nowhere you can hide that we can’t find you, nowhere you can go that we can’t get. no more covering your ass, you’re mine because all your little lies are crumbling away like castles of dust and tears.

    By Sam Schick URL on 04.29.2012

  5. It’s a place to say where you were. Some talk of it in truth, some use it to save themselves from guilty prosecution. But it shouldn’t be so complicated. Just saying where you were shouldn’t have to be so complex.

    By Bob on 04.29.2012

  6. The doctor turned around to face his wife. “I was in the bar. I arrived around 7pm, and left at 11 when it closed. I couldn’t possibly have been at the Drake Hotel!”. His wife shook her head.

    By Lucy on 04.29.2012

  7. You fight so hard not to believe it. When your wife asks where you were you say the pet store. The truth, in all likelihood, would have incited less suspicion. You were with your friend Mark watching a baseball game. The Rays won. The two of you were elated. So much in fact, you had hugged. Your wife crinkles her brow in the way that annoys you so much. Makes a face that suggests something smells funny. Whenever she makes this face, you want to call her a bitch. You want to call her a whore. You want to tell her you hate her more than you’ve hated anything in your entire life. She repeats you, which aggravates you further. The Pet store? She says. What were you doing at the pet store? In this instance, you suddenly wish you’d had children. Not to love, but to have things to make excuses for. For things like calling out of work; for going to themed amusement parks; for cheating on your wife. You try to conjure up the image of an animal. You can think only of the color gray. This leads to you thinking of gray animals: rhinoceroses, elephants, Komodo dragons. What? You repeat, which annoys her as well. Where were you again? She asks, narrowing her eyes. Her hand curls around the kitchen counter she leans on. You make note of how sharp her nails you look. This leads you to think of those slow motion kill scenes on nature shows. Lions taking down gazelles, tigers tackling water buffalo, crocodiles crushing the skulls of thirsty, unsuspecting deer. When Mark pulled away from the hug and kissed you, you were surprised at how unrepulsed you were. You acquiesced, assisted him when he moved to take your belt off. Your wife snaps her fingers. Where were? She asks. Her eyes are swimming. Gingerly, you place the palm of your hand on her cheek. I’m home now, you say, and make note of how warm she is, this woman who you’d love nothing more than to swallow whole.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 04.29.2012

  8. His alibi was simple: He was at home having sex with his wife. Only it wasn’t his wife. It was his boss’s wife, having an affair with him. Only it wasn’t an affair. It was an accidental one-night-stand after drinking too much vodka. Only it wasn’t vodka. It was very strong ancient rum, excavated from the ruins of a Mexican temple. Only it wasn’t a Mexican temple. It was some fogie’s destroyed house after he had accidentally lit himself on fire with his own cigarette.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.29.2012

  9. I can’t imagine why people try to create an alibi. Surely, they know that somewhere down the long line of “interested parties” someone would give it away. No, you weren’t with Aunt Ginny making her hot tea and lemon cookies.

    By Debbie Rohlmeier on 04.29.2012

  10. The waiting room wasn’t exactly what he expected. Why were there only old copies of Sears Catalogues and an ash tray. Really? People smoked up here? He caught himself. “Up here”…if there was one thing that he’d learned during his lifetime it was to never make assumptions. He flipped through the catalogues absently wondering whose sweaty hands had touched them before him. How could this feel so normal? He was dead after all and it seemed like nothing had changed.

    His thoughts were interrupted by a voice.


    He hadn’t been called that in…in…since he couldn’t remember. He didn’t respond simply so that he could hear the name…no… his name…his real name…again.

    “Ruth? Are you here?”

    If he had a dollar for every time someone had asked him that, he probably wouldn’t be dead right now….he’d have had the money to take the plane instead of the bus that fateful day.

    He followed the voice into the examination room.

    “So I’ve been looking over your chart and it seems to me that you spent a great deal of time thinking about the future and even more time dwelling on the past…a common ailment. Where were YOU most of the time? Do you have an alibi?”

    He fiddled with the catalogue that he still clutched and looked towards the waiting room and suddenly he understood why there was an ash tray.

    By Pam Heighway URL on 04.29.2012

  11. We are not friends or family or even acquaintances
    but alibis who rely on one another for a truth
    that is purported and manipulated to each other’s
    defense against all those who resist our excuses

    By KMA on 04.29.2012

  12. This was a straightforward mission to search and destroy. The luxury of an alibi was not something her need for haste would afford. A stealthy escape, therefore, was the best exit strategy she could manage give her time constraints.

    Witnesses? She fervently hoped that for their sake no one crossed her path.

    By Snow on 04.29.2012

  13. Suggests a closeness and loyalty even withstanding challenge. An alibi may or may not be telling the truth. An alibi is used to prove something.

    By Fingertapper on 04.29.2012

  14. Finally, making it to his front door, breathing normal again, knocked.

    “Who is it?”

    “Your alibi dummy…the girl in the wheelchair. We talked at the airport. I have your wallet.”

    “Oh my gosh, my wallet? That was last summer. How’d you get up my steps?”

    “May I come in?”




    Then, panic. Then…

    c h e c k o u t i f y o u h a v e a s h o r t s t o r y

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.29.2012

  15. a story that you can rely on. an alibi is something you will need to defend yourself. if you don’t have a stable alibi, then you are pretty much screwed in any case.

    it’s funny how people lie in order to get themselves out of trouble. some people are so extreme to the point where they risk their lives to LIE. i know that speaking the truth isn’t easy….. but lying just makes it harder for people to trust you.

    By Kailey URL on 04.29.2012

  16. I admit, I do not have a proper alibi for my whereabouts last night, but you can rest assured that I did not seduce him to death. I was not waiting on his hotel bed in my lingerie. I was not whispering eloquent nothings into his ear as his lips caressed my neck. I was not removing his clothing for better access to his chiseled figure.

    By Desiree J URL on 04.29.2012

  17. i’ve got no alibi right now, everything is on me…atleast in my opinion. But nobody has told me otherwise so i have no reason to not listen to my opinion.

    By Alec Vigil URL on 04.29.2012

  18. His alibi proved to be truthful and he was left off the hook, but not without a warning from his mom and aunt.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.29.2012

  19. I had a dream, and I have to say, that because I was asleep in my bed, I have a solid alibi for why I couldn’t have been the one to have taken you off the market again. I mean – I’ve been dreaming up a storm over here, and a real storm, too. Thunder and lightning and dead cows and white picket fences smashed to bits, all tied up with pretty ribbon I mean.
    So it can’t have been my fault – solid as the ether, isn’t it?

    By Lancir URL on 04.29.2012

  20. He said he didn’t do it
    That he had an alibi
    But I found out he was guilty
    So that was one big lie
    It really doesn’t matter what the crime
    It only matters that he fibbed
    And like many things in life
    His handiwork was ad libbed
    He left the scene of the crime feeling good
    But the CSI were on their way
    From what I understood…

    By ellie griffith on 04.29.2012

  21. His alibi was bullshit and he knew it by the sheepish look he was giving her. She stomped around him , pointing her finger in his face. “I will not stand for a cheating sack of shit in my house!.”

    By Sheila Good URL on 04.29.2012

  22. She asked me where I was the other night and I shook with fear as I tried desperately to think of something plausible. What could I possibly say? Everything sounded planned, untrue, ridiculous. ” I was tasting the new ice cream at Brusters.” Wow! That was all I could do? I am really in trouble.

    By Lara Mallard on 04.29.2012

  23. It wasn’t an alibi anymore. The real _______ ________ didn’t exist anymore. That name only brought up a sickness in her stomach, like her body was trying to get rid of the bile that was her old life. No, she was someone else now.

    By Xixius on 04.29.2012

  24. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Not me! Then who?

    These words sing in my head from my childhood. I was often as a child with other sisters presenting my mum and dad with reasons why I was not guilty?I would declare who I was with and what I was doing at the time the missing cookie or forgotten shoes or broken vase was discovered. I was quick to think of a believable alibi.

    By Cathy URL on 04.29.2012

  25. Ytdzll jhvjyguklinchjn

    By Cathy URL on 04.29.2012

  26. There once was a man who needed an alibi. he was a very well dressed man with many friends. One day as he was preparing to attend the evening festivities it happened. As he walked along the streets her hear d the loudest thing he had ever heard

    By D on 04.29.2012

  27. She didn’t need analibi, she did nothing wrong. So let them talk about her, she didn’t care, she lets the wind blow, blow through her hair….

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.29.2012

  28. They’ve asked her five times already, and she’s starting to feel nervous. Is there something wrong? Did she forget to say something? No, no everything was there: the time, the place, witnesses. She taps the table nervously. Tom said he’d be sending a lawyer.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.29.2012

  29. I wanted to go to the store but Jester didn’t like the idea. I left my catdog alone for 30 minutes and he had killed the neighbors bearded dragon. When I walked in the door, he asked for an alibi.

    By matt on 04.29.2012

  30. The little dog ran around so very happy to see her. There was a mess all over the floor. She looked at his guilty little face and said…what’s your alibi? i know you want to say you were in the other room…but i know you weren’t.

    By mindy on 04.29.2012

  31. alibi, oh alibi,
    it’s sweet music to my ears
    ringing sweetly as a lullaby
    That only I can hear
    Alibi, Oh alibi,
    You’ve saved me I’m free

    By Maddie on 04.29.2012

  32. The most important part of a lie
    the Alibi.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 04.29.2012

  33. An alibi is story to tell that usually gets you out of trouble. In court cases it is usually given by someone who was with you at the supposed time of the crime.

    By Scott on 04.29.2012

  34. She had an alibi of being on a boat on the lake at the time, off with another guy on some late-night moonlight date, but in reality she had been in the room the whole time, watching the last breaths leave Maurice’s slim frame.

    By Shane on 04.29.2012

  35. I didn’t have one. How could I not have one? I’d never admit to be guilty, no more than I would plead innocent. The fact that I was missing an alibi messed with my head so badly that I couldn’t even think straight– what was I? Guilty? Or innocent? Even I didn’t know.

    By Kenley on 04.29.2012

  36. that’s some serious shit that could get you acquit.

    By Alexander on 04.29.2012

  37. She needs a better alibi than her brother because he sells her out every time. Just like me and Facebook.
    ‘What did you do today?’
    ‘Worked on finance.’
    ‘You sure were on Facebook a lot.’

    By nenana URL on 04.29.2012

  38. An alibi is no excuse for not having am excuse. There are always fancy words for what someone else should be doing to not disrurbe our sleep. Alibis like to cover themselves in courthouse robes so they look more important than they are and we can all go back to business as usual for laying blame. there never really is a pursuit of the truth just a tedious legalistic argument about who saw who where saying what in an outfit no one should be wearing that time of day.

    By Mark on 04.29.2012

  39. I like to watch things burn. There’s something indescribable, something freeing, about lighting an uncontrollable blaze. About watching everything turn from an ugly fixure of your reality into nothing but cinders and a fine powder of ash. I’m doing the world a service as I make it burn. The sparks flicker up into the starry sky and I fight the desire to laugh at my handywork. It’s finally perfect. I have my alibi. I won’t get caught.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.29.2012

  40. i don’t know the attic from the cellar. i never could tell. you’d think it’d be obvious: a little window means an attic; a box shape means a cellar. but in this building, it’s all the same. from top to bottom, the same. from the beginning of time to its end, i’m sure, it would be the same. but you know, what could be more fitting? that impassive bitch. as soon as i found a way down into the house, she was gonna be over. or well, as soon as i found a way up into the house? i groped about in the darkness. where were the god damn stairs!

    By k on 04.29.2012