April 29th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “alibi”

  1. This is not happening
    You are in a dream
    A secret scene inside
    your mind’s eye

    You don’t feel this
    Such a paper cut
    so thin and fine
    a tiny prick

    You won’t remember this
    Here is your hat
    Here is you coat
    There is the door

    By gsk URL on 04.29.2012

  2. Excuse for doing something this is my alibi I was with someone else and couldn’t have been where you say I was and I can’t be accuses of the crime committed because I have an alibi and I think there’s a song And then I am done getting a lawyer who will help me with my alibi.

    By Nicole on 04.29.2012

  3. “Thomas can tell you,” I said. “He was there too. ring him up if you want.”
    “Oh, come on, don’t think that I’m that nieve to think that you haven’t got yourself an alibi for all of this.” Mother began. “Kirsty saw you, so don’t lie to me.”
    “Don’t you ‘GOD’ me. Your grounded and that’s the end of it.”

    By Billy URL on 04.29.2012

  4. Having nothing is not the same as doing nothing, though at this point in time she does not know this.

    She thinks they are the same, that everything deserving of a nothing is equivalent to an actual lack of existence, and in that aspect she is horribly wrong.

    Horribly, since she will only figure this out when she becomes the same, and by that time, she will have been disfigured into a sprawling mess of clothes and hair and skin.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.29.2012

  5. Alibi…never really used the word. Reminds me of the word “scapegoat”. Ding!

    By Nishat Tasnim on 04.29.2012

  6. We all have an alibi for everything be it large or small, an alibi is right up there with the little white lie. Always ready on the tip of our tongue to spring into action and do our bidding.

    By jeanelaine URL on 04.29.2012

  7. she turns the corner,
    a quick tip of the head and a vanishing tan hat,
    maybe he’s gone forever maybe he’s not,
    and where were you?
    you couldn’t spare sixty cents to pay the tip,
    could you?
    you vanished into the fog before she could turn her head to say goodbye,
    and he’s gone before you could catch his name,
    this twisting triangle of love and deceit;
    you never did come up with an alibi she believed.

    By featherb URL on 04.29.2012

  8. I always tried to make up a good one- but then I got sloppy about it. But it didn’t matter because by then I didn’t care.

    By Malinowski URL on 04.29.2012

  9. Alibi makes me think of criminals, when it should make me think of innocent people. I think of cameras inside convenience stores that time stamp and show that someone was someplace else at the time something horrible happened elsewhere. I think of the term “air tight.”

    By deadponies URL on 04.29.2012

  10. I didn’t do it. I swear. I wasn’t even there. Ask her. Ask anyone. Except I did do it, didn’t I? Somehow, some way. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. That girl isn’t me. That girl who acted so selfishly, foolishly. You think I’m like that. You think that she’s who I am—that one act, defining me.

    By Fion L. URL on 04.29.2012

  11. I NEED an alibi and I need one quick. there is no time. i simply can’t explain. i promise to keep you out of trouble if you promise to make it look like I spent the entire night here sound asleep Friday. please stop asking questions.

    By Abra URL on 04.29.2012

  12. u g l y u aint got no alibi cuz you ugly

    By sydney gaudet URL on 04.29.2012

  13. How could they believe her? She didn’t even have an alibi. But there she was, standing and just hoping that there was a savior in this world.
    “Please?” She called in a whimper

    By Tanya Wong on 04.29.2012


    By sydney. URL on 04.29.2012

  15. I hope that you’re happy and that it was worth it, because I cried over you and still do.

    By quiet URL on 04.29.2012

  16. Alibis are the things that you use when you don’t want people to know what you’ve done. They’re what I say when I don’t feel like talking about things. They’re lies that help people deceive other people. And it’s just a way out. An alibi is an excuse.

    By ificandream23 on 04.29.2012

  17. “My alibi has nothing to do with mustard,” said the glutton to ham, a bit defensively, I might add.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 04.29.2012

  18. I need an alibi. An alibi for where I was when I fell for you. Because I didn’t fall as myself. I fell stupidly as someone else. I look back and I can’t explain who I was the past two years. Yet, the alibi for my confident, independent soul will remain elusive. But she survived nonetheless.

    By Brittany URL on 04.29.2012

  19. I need an alibi. An alibi for where I was when I fell for you. Because I didn’t fall as myself. I fell stupidly as someone else. I look back and I can’t explain who I was the past two years. Yet, the alibi for my confident, independent soul will remain elusive. But she survived nonetheless.

    By Brittany H URL on 04.29.2012

  20. U G L Y
    In which I prove that I am quite possibly the most mature individual in all of ever and ever, amen.


    I mean, it tells me not to think but when I don’t think stuff like this happens, and I can’t help but feel like if I put a little more thought into what I was writing on these things everyone would be a lot better off.

    By Julia A. URL on 04.29.2012

  21. Placing a mink coat on Laura, Jade slowly stepped back after giving a long kiss. “Please, don’t take it off – it looks beautiful on you.” That evening, Laura was dead. The mink had actually come alive. Soon after, the mink died and so did Laurs’s new boyfriend, Rob. He was at work knitting an afghagn when he was shot by the sherriff. What was Jade’s alibi?

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.29.2012

  22. I can’t lie, i don’t have that great of an alibi. My parents were gone, some friends came over. We watched a movie and had fun, then more showed up. Some lamps were broken, a mirror shattered, and at that moment i knew i was grounded. My parents were mad, my brother just laughed.

    By Charlotte Barbour on 04.29.2012

  23. He lied. He had no alibi. Therefore she knew that he had lied.
    She did not lie. Her sister vouched for her. He knew that her sister was a liar. Therefore he knew that she had lied.
    When they fought it was like caverns battling, churning mountains into dust.

    By L.V.Newc URL on 04.29.2012

  24. i forgot to copy my poem, there is no alibi.

    By Charlotte Barbour on 04.29.2012

  25. you dont need no alibi
    innocence is not an assumed thing
    but you are
    but they dont know
    regardless, youre innocent. theyll catch the bastard.
    he deserves to burn, but they might goose chase you into eternity. just tell them.

    By kate on 04.29.2012

  26. Alibi, alibi. Hmm.

    By teeda URL on 04.29.2012

  27. story pretend make up lie or tell the truth you were accused of something of committing a crime your timeline of events suspect suspicious clear your name a likely one tell a good yarn

    By Diane URL on 04.29.2012

  28. You ain’t got no alibi you ugly
    you ugly.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 04.29.2012

  29. “Where were you last night?” he asked, one bushy grey eyebrow arched up towards his receeding hairline.
    “Nowhere” said the girl sullenly, staring at the floor.
    “You had to be somewhere, surely one cannot be nowhere”
    “Well I was nowhere, doing nothing,” she snapped.
    “We need an alibi Kate, if you want us to believe you are innocent.”
    She turned her head and looked up slowly, eyes peering coldly between her jagged fringe.
    “But I’m not innocent.”

    By RJay URL on 04.29.2012

  30. they want to know
    where i have been
    all this time.

    in a cold state,
    wearing sunglasses,
    smoking cigarettes.

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 04.29.2012

  31. i am good at lying when i’m under pressure. when i need an alibi i can come up with a reasonable one on the spot. maybe it’s a bad thing that i can make these things up so quickly, but hey, it’s always been helpful whenever i’m in a tight spot. luckily i have a creative mind, i don’t ever get caught…

    By harper on 04.29.2012

  32. I never am good at ailibis. Covering my own ass. I know I should be but I just am too trusting. I should really in the next half of my life look out for myself a little more. Really keep myself in good spirits and be in charge a little more.

    By Kevin Gladish on 04.29.2012

  33. I look around. I am in a bare white room. The fat cop looks at me with suspicion. ‘So where were you last night?’ he asks. ‘I don’t remember,’ I say. My head hurts. He slaps me. 2Of course you don’t, you asshole, now stop looking in the mirror and go get dressed.’

    By pedro on 04.29.2012

  34. There was a sharp sound in the night. The birds went silent. Something cold trickled on the pavement.

    It was a Monday when the kid found it. There was only one suspect. He had an alibi. He had been dead.

    By Silvia Lupuianu URL on 04.29.2012

  35. Lestrade ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. He didn’t want to believe that Sherlock could have been the one who did it, but there was some conclusive evidence and the only alibi the detective seemed to have was backed only on his own word and the word of his roommate, John Watson. As much respect for John as he had, he knew that the doctor would vouch for Sherlock no matter what. Even if Sherlock was guilty. Even if Sherlock was a murderer. Love blinds a person.

    By Brett URL on 04.29.2012

  36. Alibi – don’t need one if you speak the truth.
    It’s all about trust and not judging.
    Who wants to cast the first stone.
    Walk in serenity.
    Find it.
    It is in YOU.

    By Isabella on 04.29.2012

  37. Alibi – don’t need one if you speak the truth.
    It’s all about trust and not judging.
    Who wants to cast the first stone.
    Walk in serenity.
    Find it.

    By Isabella on 04.29.2012

  38. Al and Ibi straddled the wall to watch the sunrise together.

    “It’s not the start of the day that matters,” Al said, “but the start of the day’s thoughts.”

    Ibi moved her hand on top of his, felt him squeeze her fingers. “And the feelings?” she asked. “They are the more brilliant than the sun this morning.”

    By Ann URL on 04.29.2012

  39. Meaning not there, as in I wasn’t there when the gun went off, or I wasn’t ther when John said he never loved her, and his marriage was a sham

    By Michaelmann on 04.29.2012

  40. You are my alibi. Always, you are by my side. Through the worst of times and the best of times you are tethered to my side. I’ve a murderous grin. You are my alibi.

    By >Alice< URL on 04.29.2012