November 6th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “alarmist”

  1. What does this word even mean?

    Anyway, daylight savings time started today so I got an extra hour of sleep. That’s a plus… I woke up even before my alarm went off. But when my alarm did go off I almost had a heart attack…

    By prettykickass URL on 11.06.2011

  2. I……honestly don’t know what this means. Someone who gets alarmed easily?

    By Katie Hamlin on 11.06.2011

  3. Alarmist? Is that what you call someone who sets up burglary alarms for houses and stuff?

    No. Idiot.

    By M Moreland on 11.06.2011

  4. oh no!!! the alarm is going off. it’s always going off. the panic. the fear. the alarm. i wish i wasn’t such an alarmist. life would be so much more fun. but i guess worrying is what i’m good at. damn this never ending alarm in my life. my nerves are fried to the end. i don’t know what to do. the alarm in the morning telling me to wake. the alarm my day is almost over with still loads to do. the alarm that says, “opps! time is up….”

    By Kayla Gawronski on 11.06.2011

  5. I felt like an alarmist all those many years ago in her dorm room at nursing school. Put a towel under the door before you light that cigarette. Those nuns are able to smell smoke a mile away and they are just itching to throw you out of here.

    By Barbara on 11.06.2011

  6. someone who is alarmed or alarms someone, like a personal alarm clock, maybe someone who calls you in the morning for a wake up call at a hotel im not sure if this is a noun or verb

    By Jackie on 11.06.2011

  7. why do we keep getting bad words?????? maybe i’m just becoming uncreative…all the drawing i’ve been doing is draining me of creativity. anyways. whatever. i can’t write any more. uuhh……wasting timmmmmeee……lalalalalalalala blackbirdd<3

    By catyeah URL on 11.06.2011

  8. I don’t want to seem like an alarmist, miss,
    But I do believe that that man is coming to assault you.

    I don’t mean to be an alarmist my good man,
    But I believe that you just stepped in a dog’s feces.

    I didn’t intend to alarm anyone,
    But I believe the end is nearly come.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 11.06.2011

  9. The darkness unfolding shutting out every light in its path. Eating away at the hearts, the souls. The cowering figures fade into bleak. The disarray somehow appears ordered and peace is abrupt. One refuses this and screams.

    By Mark URL on 11.06.2011

  10. died down to my strings.
    my heart crisscrossed and marked by the matches.
    Mistaken for marble,failed to rise.
    Strum the song my heart sings.

    Ring, ring, goes the bell
    The alarmist long gone.
    In the dark i’ll clasp your hands,no need to make me astray.
    You chimed the glass as i fell.

    By Tina on 11.06.2011

  11. If you were to unpeel her, layer by layer, you would discover worlds she never let on existed beneath her skin.
    If you got far enough, you would see that she was an alarmist. She worried over everything, creating disasters and raising alarms and figuring a way to fix anything and everything: the past, future, present, weather, family, friends, and you, most of all.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.06.2011

  12. This person is holding an alarm. Should I be surprised? Should I be nervous? I never turn on any more.

    By Solomon URL on 11.06.2011

  13. RING! RING! RING! Life is running out. Time is running out. Run faster. Breathe harder. MORE MORE MORE.

    By Sam on 11.06.2011

  14. There was a fire and the person who pulled the alarm is the alarmist. It is alarming that there is a lack of political representation in this country. When I ate hot wings

    By Lance URL on 11.06.2011

  15. Freight train of time going through the tunnel that is my life and I scream! IN fear that time is running away! RUN RUN RUN!!!!

    By Sam on 11.06.2011

  16. An alarmist crap i already wrote about this but it didnt get saved because i didnt register. it was beautiful work too. nope i am not an alarmist.

    An alarmist is one who scares everyone coz he is scared too he believes in everything bad and wants people to believe it too

    By kelly URL on 11.06.2011

  17. she did it for the attention. she loved the look on my face. she loved the power she had over me, when she created that frenzy.

    By Kat URL on 11.06.2011

  18. An alarmist is a rather irritating person. Just chill out. There is nothing to be alarmed about. What will be will be so just relax and enjoy the spontenaeity of it. I don’t know how to spell that but you get my drift.

    By Fleur on 11.06.2011

  19. Okay, so this word is definitely not in my vocal. I should read more so that I can extend my wordage. That’s not even a word. Oh my gosh, I’m so tired. I just want to sleep but I have so much homework to do by the end of the week. If I go to bed then I will just be stressed ou

    By Quinny Sanchez on 11.06.2011

  20. I think of this word as a noun (obviously it is a noun). Someone who possesses the job of alarming people when something with potential to harm is on the radar. This is a heroic possession I think.

    By Evelyn URL on 11.06.2011

  21. AH! i already wrote about this word but it didn’t save because I didn’t have an account yet. Oh well, it wasn’t that good anyway. Heck, it barely even related to the word. fhasdhfkajshdflkshdfsdfhaskdfh That’s how I feel right now. Wanna sleep but can’t

    By qanchez URL on 11.06.2011

  22. the alarmist was green with pink toenails and eventually he killed the guy he was working for what a shame

    By jj on 11.06.2011

  23. “Now don’t be alarmist” Sue said to Jane. “We don’t really know that the new neighbour is a pedo. He could just be your garden variety pervert.”
    “What’s the bloody difference?!” said Jane.

    By Annemarie on 11.06.2011

  24. Is that even a word? Alarmist? Someone who sets alarms? Someone who stops alarms? Someone who is alerted when an alarm goes off? Or maybe it’s someone who is alarmed all the time! Just totally alarmed, every moment of every day. Alarmist. It doesn’t even look like a word anymore.

    By Kira URL on 11.06.2011

  25. i feel so frightened when the alarmist walks into the room. He is wearing a dark black coat and smells of whisky. I don’t know how I’ll escape him this time, it was by sheer luck that my neighbour, Mindy, managed to rescue me from the window the last time he decided to visit.

    By nooralk on 11.06.2011

  26. This is the third time ‘alarmist’ has come up for me and I’m finding myself feeling very irritated by this. Whilst I love the concept of this website, I really wish there was more variety with the words. What on earth is an alarmist anyway?

    By nooralk on 11.06.2011

  27. i dont know what this word means. it seems like someone who alarms others for no apparent reason. however, i’m not sure at all.

    By sara on 11.06.2011

  28. Ring, ring. Their words sound off. Echo through your ears. It seems so bad when they say it like that. But it’s not really – go back to sleep.

    By Si on 11.06.2011

  29. people just acting like a chicken, they get scared for everything. they don’t trust themselves .

    By tsz kwan ip on 11.06.2011

  30. what is happening ? OMG !
    worried …..
    chicken ……
    i dont know ……
    so confused ……….

    By tsz kwan on 11.06.2011

  31. someone who is paranoid about things and warns other people. like a pessimist but insisting on warning peope of dangers etc

    By megan on 11.06.2011

  32. “what the hell, man?” he hissed at his friend, gripping the collar of his shirt. “what are you, an–an alarmist or something? why would you do that, you almost got us caught!” the younger boy crossed his arms and, despite being elevated almost a foot off the ground, still managed to look haughty. “it was necessary for the preservation of humanity. also my brain, but yeah, humanity.” he set him down and shook his head. “tattletale.”

    By Leanne URL on 11.06.2011

  33. one who becomes alarmed. you are an alarmist when you see your girlfriend’s name come up in your phone when we’re in bed. i’m an alarmist when i realize how many calories i ate today. i should be alarmed that i’m in your bed. perhaps. instead i’m preoccupied and

    By ginger URL on 11.06.2011

  34. Don’t be alarmed I fear we are falling back to ground.

    I don’t get this feeling. It’s right and its good. It’s right and it’s good but its wrong

    i wonder if I’ll ever feel the full force of it all again. but then, if i do, that means id feel the full force of the breakdown. so maybe this is fortune

    By Ramona on 11.06.2011

  35. He knew what was to be done

    saw the pain the sorrow that he would feel. . .

    and regret.

    I wish I were not that man, but I know what must be done: be happy for myself and not raise alarm to what may lead to pain ahead.

    no alarm just living

    By David John URL on 11.06.2011

  36. What could I possibly write on an alarmist. Someone who blows the whistle??
    The name itself sounds alarming. Very mystical and alarming.

    By Joanna on 11.06.2011

  37. a person who happens to be aware of stuff that you dont and makes a big deal out of it, it is also someone that can make the world a chaos from it, my sister is one of them, she makes such a big deal about stuff, there are also many news papers taht do that and they are so obsessive with a

    By jose on 11.07.2011

  38. It seems to me to be a word about someone who needs to alarm someone. I haven’t heard of this word before and that’s the only thing I could think of. It seems kind of clever. It makes me think about Paul Revere when he warned the citizens that the British were coming during the American Revolutionary War.

    By Dan on 11.07.2011

  39. I don’t even know what the fuck this means. Alarms. Maybe, someone who alarms people for no reason? Or over-reacts? Or is aware of every little thing?

    By Ian on 11.07.2011

  40. I have no idea what this word means. Is is something to do with alarms? Sounds like someone who is prejudice towards them like a racist who hates loud warnings…

    By Tyler on 11.07.2011