November 6th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “alarmist”

  1. always the first
    to say I told you so–
    the alarmist

    By haikusue URL on 11.06.2011

  2. something punches you in the gut and you react. there is very little thought, but more action than a body can hold. me in a lot of instances. me most of the

    By Margie Gaudet on 11.06.2011

  3. I am not an alarmist. I’m telling you the sky IS falling and we’re all going to be killed if you don’t listen to me. Why isn’t anybody listening to me?

    By Mortoni URL on 11.06.2011

  4. This is a strange, alarming concept. Bells going off – why can’t they hear me? Too many signs, singals, rhymes, rhythms, patterns and red underlines like the bags under my eyes and the hairs that stick on end. Falling apart, mofo, we scream, like a cultural anthem, the flasks going crunch like soft glass under our feet.

    By Talia on 11.06.2011

  5. I dont even know what this word means. Alarmist? One who alarms others? Thats all i can think of. Maybe its about a spy, alarming his country of a disaster coming soon. Or maybe it has nothing to do with the prefix at all! It could mean a red panda lover for all i know! Secret word. No idea of its meaning.

    By Madelyn URL on 11.06.2011

  6. i hate alarmist people

    By Carolina Monteiro on 11.06.2011

  7. “I don’t want to be an alarmist…”
    “But you’re gonna say something alarming?”
    “Yes, Masha never reported in last night, it could just be taking longer than expected but we also have to worry about…”
    “Capture.” Riley said grimly.

    By Alex Black URL on 11.06.2011

  8. Someone who worries a lot and causes a lot of unnecessary worry.. He worries too much about what people think so he’s constantly putting a lot of stress on himself.. so he causes a lot of panic and people get annoyed by him because he creates all of this panic.

    There once was a girl names Sarah and she was an alarmist.

    By Jessica on 11.06.2011

  9. I hate that I worry so much.. I can’t stand all the stress that I’m under.. however, I guess that it’s something that I have to deal with given the circumstances I put myself under.. oh the days when life was simple. Apple cider sounds nice.. but I don’t think I’ll have any. I’m gonna go do homework now. ughh

    By Jessica on 11.06.2011

  10. Where did the days go when I didn’t have to worry so much.. I panic so often that it’s pretty much just how I talk now.. stuttering.. and I’m not shy.. just scattered. My brain moves to fast and my lips are too retarded to understand when and how they’re supposed to move.. hmm perhaps I shouldn’t be such a nut case. How life would be so sweet.

    By Jessica URL on 11.06.2011

  11. An alarmist is someone who takes alarm towards things. Either by yelling and shouting at the top of their lungs, or by making sounds like an alarm or siren. It can be quiet annoying at early hours of the morning or while hungover (which I have never been).

    By Tina on 11.06.2011

  12. A person who alarms another…

    By Amanda on 11.06.2011

  13. alarm ring a ding. I never wake up to my alarm in the morning. I hate not waking up to my alarm. Maybe if I was an alarmist I would wake up to it. What is an alarmist? is that a worrier? sometimes I’m a little bit of a worrier. I worry people don’t like me. I always think about what people think of other people and it worries me about what they think about me. Usually I think people like me but sometimes I’m not sure.

    By Vivienne on 11.06.2011

  14. alarmist? To be alarmed. To be surprised. No, no, to believe in being alarmed. To believe in the power of alarm as a point of beginnings and endings.
    I’m going to be honest, I don’t really know what alarmistism could possibly be…

    By Hanna on 11.06.2011

  15. She stared at me with that peculiar expression, the peculiar fire.

    “You are an odd one,” I said cheerfully, pulling the Nihilists from under their rocks. “You stare and you care, but you try and die right along with them.”

    The Nihilists did not fuss, did not become what I thought they would. But still her eyes were locked on, locked fast. Locked away?

    “You worry too much, my dear. You have no choice but to watch me chase the secondary.”

    “Yes,” she said, and I think I listened to her. “But when the sirens start screaming, you will have nowhere to run.”

    By haywirehay URL on 11.06.2011

  16. Why alarmist?

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 11.06.2011

  17. ring

    By Ronald Pettway URL on 11.06.2011

  18. He lived inside a red alarm clock that belonged to a 8 year old girl with braids.
    It was his duty to ring the alarm at 8 a.m. every morning so the girl could rise and make it to school on time. He had been at this job for a long time.

    By derp on 11.06.2011

  19. Alarmist. What is it? I don’t have a clue. But I think it’s someone who alarms others easily, rather like a big bad wolf.
    But anyway, she was an utter alarmist.

    By Artheza Madriene on 11.06.2011

  20. Alarmist! Ha well I guess I could say that I really don’t know how to work with this word. I am an alarmist, sometimes I alarm people. Mostly because I shout random and inane things. That alarms me too.

    By Alana Alexandra URL on 11.06.2011

  21. persons who panic… errrr… fire ALARM!!!!! LOL

    By Pingukun on 11.06.2011

  22. I have a friend who is an alarmist. She thinks everyone who has some disease is on the way out. She had her friend Charlie dead so many times before he actually died. You don’t want to tell her if you’re sick, because she’ll have your death announcement in the paper before you know it.

    By Kris McGuire URL on 11.06.2011

  23. I am an alarmist. I can’t help it. It’s my dramatic soul that has to tell the world.

    By Natalie URL on 11.06.2011

  24. The truthers sat in a frayed old tent. They passed out pamphlets to anyone passing by who made the mistake of making eye contact with one of them. It rained today, so there was barely anyone out on the streets, but they were still there, looking just as determined as ever.

    By an octopus URL on 11.06.2011

  25. Someone who makes everyone go into a panic mode. It’s like a child on a sugar rush or a child having tantrums. Child, that fits it.

    By Claire URL on 11.06.2011

  26. He was worried again. She could tell by the creases around his eyes, and the weird way he crossed and uncrossed his ankles. He’d always been easy to read. She didn’t say anything about it. He was always like that, getting finicky over the slightest thing. Paranoid. Illogical. It made things difficult for her, but she never could walk away from him.

    By Kace URL on 11.06.2011

  27. Alarmists are not to be trusted. They feed off of your emotion – get their kicks from your fear, from your anxiety. They use you as simple amusement, as a way to escape the boredom that engulfs them.

    By Keara URL on 11.06.2011

  28. You always made a big fuss about everything. You held my hand tightly when big crowds came into view. You worried so much about how this crowd was just too big for your taste. It wasn’t your scene and I understood that. I just loved when you would grasp all your might onto my hand. Onto my arm. The feeling of you needing me was divine.

    By Devina on 11.06.2011

  29. when you’re alarm is broken then you need to call and alarmist. if you can get a hold of the alarmist you’ll be in trouble cus they’re the only ones that will be ever able to fix your alarm. so hurry up call the alarmist!!

    By Elicia on 11.06.2011

  30. The alarmist, named Billy Jean, walked across the room with his heart on his sleeve. His whole world was changed from a pretty girl with and the love that they once shared.

    By Emma on 11.06.2011

  31. She was an alarmist, telling everyone of the latest conspiracy plots, of the latest happenings, taking what was said and blowing it out of proportion. Soon she began to be known as “that strange person with the crazy ideas.” And it suited her. Nobody thought to blame her for the strange disappearances or the bizarre lights that sometimes floated through the streets.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.06.2011

  32. The man could have been called a “chicken little” or the “boy who cried wolf”. There were few people who even wished to speak with him anymore. It was always a crisis, always the end of things with him.

    By Brad Benner on 11.06.2011

  33. Some people are so good at this… Just alarming about shit… I’m so sick of everybody being so alarmed about everything: gay people, communism, and shit like that…

    By Gabz Darko on 11.06.2011

  34. Oh! I really don’t like this word, nowadays people are alarmed about everything: gay people, communism, single mothers, evrything is sin and blah blah blah, im a c

    By GabzDarko URL on 11.06.2011

  35. You were always such an alarmist; making a big deal out of such little things. You just didn’t know how to live. Or didn’t understand the way I lived. I guess that’s what made us grow apart.

    By M URL on 11.06.2011

  36. Someone who scares you or fixes your alarm haha I don’t really know how to define this word. Or maybe it’s your worst fear. You shouldn’t be alarmed by things because things happen. Everyone is constantly worrying about life and things not going the way they planned, but things happen for a reason and you have to let the chips fall where they may.

    By Lolo on 11.06.2011

  37. the man knew what was going to happen when that alarm would be thrown, he would be labled as the “alamist”, the one who told all, the one who saw what happened, the witness to the crime that no amount of therapy could ever turn around. he saw a murder and would not take it sitting down. now he would pay for it.

    By David John URL on 11.06.2011

  38. running, running, running
    don’t stop, she told me, don’t ever stop
    and the flames are shooting up behind me, licking my heals, kissing my ankles
    biting my legs, eating me away, the smoke is clawing into my lungs,
    it hurts, oh it hurts, but as she raised the alarm, she told me
    don’t ever stop
    and so i will keep running

    By Dulcie URL on 11.06.2011

  39. reminds me of alarming. scary? scarist. ringing alarms. panic and confusion… someone that sets this off? The mist of an alarm? More like a fog with panic. Arm in the middle. What is the point of this.

    By Jas on 11.06.2011

  40. To Speak. To say the unexpected. To alarm those who need to be shaken. To be disturbed. To be troubled, by something, ANYTHING than the pathetic trivial problems of their day. To alarm. Be the Alarmist.

    By Lizzy Sue URL on 11.06.2011