November 6th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “alarmist”

  1. An alarmist is someone who raises alarms. That is all that I could remember from the dictionary. But it sorta sounds like ???

    By Ryan on 11.06.2011

  2. Brb finding out what alarmist means. It means, well what my dictionary said, a person who attends to raise alarms. I know right.

    By Brock on 11.06.2011

  3. Alarmist is a person who raises alarms. I don’t really know why there is someone who has a job as an alarmist. I think that someone would know if a building is getting burned down. People these days!

    By Tommy on 11.06.2011

  4. The alarmist sounds like something of terminator I am the ALARMIST mwahhhha ha ha ha ha I am evil and ill get you. how was my impresion of Arnold shwartsaneger cool ha one last thing I’LL BE BACK !

    By Chicken bomb squad ! URL on 11.06.2011

  5. The boy who cried wolf was an alarmist. That’s most of what I know about alarmist. One other thing that I know about alarmists is that I am one! I scare my family often with little pranks… Hee Hee! 

    By Dominator URL on 11.06.2011

  6. alarmist is a word i have never heard of,
    I didn’t look this up in the dictionary but I think it has something to do with people breaking in and alarms going off.
    have a nice day im bailey and i will see you next time.

    By bmeyer16 URL on 11.06.2011

  7. An alarmist is someone who likes to raise alarms, and likes to exaggerate the dangers of the situation, like Chicken Little. The sky was not falling, it was an acorn.

    By Adam on 11.06.2011

  8. what is that noise? i groggily open my eyes, and they avert to the thing that is causing the noise. The alarm. I glare at it. i lazily uncover myself, shivering at the winter morning weather. This day was not going to go well-my gut told me so.

    By Em URL on 11.06.2011

  9. I am so alarmist all the time..hah all the people I annoy…needlessly alarming people for no reason… It is so fun to do do people…hahahaha…hahaha…mwoohahaha”cough cough”(violent cough) aarrge!!! “faint”

    By Gothkid on 11.06.2011

  10. Alarmist is, is? Well to tell you I don’t really know that well what is ism so i set off to a new tab and found a dictionary and is was a person who tendes To raise alarms….. This is boring so bye?!

    By Joelzer12 on 11.06.2011

  11. he came with such huge alarmist that we all thought a desaster had happened it seemed probable and possible beacause of his worried face i mean i had never seen him like hat

    By esteban on 11.06.2011

  12. what does alarmist mean is it a person who sets up alarm? or is it someone who is easily alarmed ? please explain! could i have another word maybe that i understand would be good alarmist maybe it is an alarm which sounds when there is mist or fog in the air. I’m pretty clueless

    By ameesha on 11.06.2011

  13. My grandmother is an Alamist. I love her to death but have to tell her to stop talking sometimes. Annoying. Just enjoy life. Worry ruins it. Let’s be reasonable, but not scared. Absurd.

    By Brittany on 11.06.2011

  14. I’m an alarmist. I worry about everything and I can’t stop. It’s an addiction. My brain swirls with tendrils of thought that I can’t seem to finish. I try to contain it but I just can’t and its getting out of control.

    By vintagesummers URL on 11.06.2011

  15. Someone who is easily scared or shocked by something? I think of the time our car got stolen off our drive when we were sleeping in the house. They fished the keys out of the letterbox. We could have done with an alarmist then.

    By LT on 11.06.2011

  16. People who worry about every little detail. Stress over the small things. Make things out to be more than what they really are.

    By Tess on 11.06.2011

  17. The Great Smokey Mountains are the most beautiful mountain chain because of ALL OUR MIST that surrounds them.

    By auni URL on 11.06.2011

  18. George had had a great idea. Shunned by his classmates for not having good looks, charm, charisma, or wit, he would need something – something unusual – to win them over and get them to like him. Maybe a disease would do? The class already had an alcoholic, and a bulemic. No, that wouldn’t do. He liked food too much. There was religion. But the class already had an Islamist and some right wing Christians. But he couldn’t get out of bed early enough to go somewhere and pray so that was out. What about politics? He needed a cause. He had it. That was it. And it would be sensational. He would be alarmist. At every available opportunity. He signalled his new change by gently breaking the glass and pushing the red button. This was the start of a ‘new’ George.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.06.2011

  19. Alarmist

    Fox News
    Need anything else be said? No one is better about taking a little something and blowing it all out of proportion. Are all alarmists simply liars in sheep’s clothing?

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.06.2011

  20. “Did you know that pickled foods have been attributed to cancer? You should maybe be a little more careful about what you put into your body. Do you really need that last pickle?”

    “Jesus, Mom, do you have to worry like that? I can’t do anything without your doomsday prophesies darkening the sky.”

    “I’m just looking out for you, dear.”

    By Julie on 11.06.2011

  21. I am usually not an alarmist because I don’t get upset about things easily. I find it better to be calm and the situation usually sorts itself out. Some people like being alarmists because they like the feel of panic and out of controlness.

    By room one on 11.06.2011

  22. Someone who interrupts an important conversation or moment is an alarmist because that person is giving off a sign that something is more significant than what is going on at the moment.

    By Diana on 11.06.2011

  23. Peggy paused mid-way through stacking loaves as she noticed the figure who stepped through the door and waited patiently at the back of the queue.
    “Three cherry buns, love”, repeated Herbert, hunched over the counter, waving his pound coin.
    “Hmmm…” Peggy watched as the man at the back folded his arms, one over the other, over the other, and another. She narrowed her eyes at the odd blue tint of his skin.
    “What?” Herbert followed her gaze, and shook his head with a tut. “One of those religious freaks by the look of it.”
    The eight armed man reached out to pick up a walnut loaf and tucked it in an elbow. Gradually everyobdy else in the shop noticed him, and stepped aside in baffled awe. As he nodded gracefully and made his way to the counter, there were a series of disapproving murmurs.
    “Hello… what can I get you?”
    Peggy reacted in surprise as she noticed his lips didn’t move as he told her he wanted a dozen buns and some jam.
    “Uh-huh….” She forced herself to hand over the items, and told him hte price. He smiled greatefully, paid and left. As she did, a rush of chatter swept through the store.
    “Who was that? What’s it coming to when we’ve got the likes of him immigrating into the village!”
    Peggy shook herself from the wave of calm that had overcoem her, overcome them all, and gave a curt nod of agreement.
    “It’s not right. That’s for sure.”

    By Sam URL on 11.06.2011

  24. the world is full of people that seem to want to panic about things for the sake of panicking. i wish that we could stop being alarmists and breath for a second. find peace and zen and happiness. i fear that we all fear far to much. there is no reason for it. yeah, I know, things are bad. they have been bad for a while. but we have to be level headed to fight the bad and find the good.

    By Matt on 11.06.2011

  25. alarmist, what exactly are you
    ive never heard of you in my lifetime
    but i find myself intrigued
    i want to get to know you and unlock the mystery behind your name
    your complexity intrigues me

    By Lacy on 11.06.2011

  26. The alarmist cried out at each unnecessary surgery.

    “But they have paid,” I said. “In advance.”

    Still, the cry. I shrugged off the ethical coil at last, free, free to do the work of the gods.

    And though he did not pay, the alarmist became the gate through which my freedom was earned: and he, ungrateful, lie on the floor, lips bound tight, eyes stitched, too, and only his ears left unstoppered, the better to hear the jingling in my pocket.

    By RS Bohn URL on 11.06.2011

  27. God, it’s hard this patience thing. Ah, the faith thing also. And don’t talk to me about “if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be”. Is it just alarmist thinking that I can see myself frozen in this chair, at this desk, peering at this screen, mummified by airconditioning in one hundred years and no-one will have noticed.

    By EllaDee URL on 11.06.2011

  28. Jeffrey is my forever.
    He means the world to me.
    I love him more than anything.
    i feel as if he might be the one
    He is my forever and always.
    Jeffrey Harris I love you.

    By Megan S on 11.06.2011

  29. the alarm went off. So loud. People heard it. They started calling me the alarmist.

    By Alexa on 11.06.2011

  30. some one who is there to alarm someone of something. Someone who cares of the out come of a situation to help prevent a worse outcome. Help make the ending of a situation better.

    By Riley on 11.06.2011

  31. the sudden sound hit her sideways, and she tumbled into her unconsciousness involuntarily.
    It was cold. Wherever the shift had thrown her, it was FREEZING. Alice reached down to feel soft snow blanketing the world around her. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Vague shadows danced in front of her.

    By Odette on 11.06.2011

  32. the sirens go off, the lights are flashing, the hearts pulses big bad beats. i’m running and screaming and running and screaming. but i can’t get away from you. i just can’t. i shouldn’t want you. and you’re standing there not knowing how much i need to know you.

    By Mason Jeraldi URL on 11.06.2011

  33. I don’t actually know what this word means, which is weird because I have quite the wide vocabulary. This definitely shows I think I know more than I actually do, which i guess is always true with me.

    By Cristina URL on 11.06.2011

  34. i don’t like the sound of alarms. It’s too loud, too much noise. Most it’s including some danger. It scares me. I see two words in the word alarmist; alarm and mist.

    By myriam viane on 11.06.2011

  35. I have no idea what this word means but it has two a’s in it and the word alarm. Possibly it means someone who sounds an alarm. I like how it roles off the tongue when you say it. Alarmist!

    By Shannon on 11.06.2011

  36. stop creating needless panic, sit back relax enjoy the time you have, breathe. take in everything and everyone. slow down. examine the moments of your life.

    By heather URL on 11.06.2011

  37. I already go this one. It would be super awesome if i got another word. There are so many things to say about so many different things. Its a shame to be stuck writing about the same thing over and over again. Variety is the spice of life.

    By Joe Miller on 11.06.2011

  38. I don’t want to be branded as an alarmist, but I know what I saw. Those same guys from last summer were across the street at Brandon’s last night. I realize they were arrested and shipped off down south, but I know what I saw. I have no idea how they’ve pulled it off, but they’re back.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 11.06.2011

  39. Definition: This is just a word for someone who loves to cry wolf. He or she is going to just yell and scream about bad things that aren’t actually happening. But an alarmist is never going to get the attention when it is necessary.
    Alternate Definition: One who loves to hit the snooze button.
    Third Definition: The female form who always notices the hot guy.

    By Steven on 11.06.2011

  40. is a person who wakes you up in the morning. he is a natural alarm clock. he always wakes up on time and never will be late to anywhere. it something you are born with.

    By adi on 11.06.2011