June 7th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “alarming”

  1. I think too much, and that is alarming. I wish I could just write something deep and thoughtful, but alas my mind becomes blank for fear of judgement by superiors. That is alarming indeed.

    By Victoria on 06.07.2013

  2. I’ve done this one already. How do I choose another? Oh well I’ll just keep writing until the time’s up. Alarming. When I first read this word I thought of when Belle from Beauty and the Beast sings about how the Beast is “a bit alarming” in the winter scene.

    By LuckyLady URL on 06.07.2013

  3. The person I live with was the nicest most interesting person I had ever met. She slowly became the worst thing in my life.

    By jon21 on 06.07.2013

  4. It was alarming somewhat. I did it again. Me and my big mouth. When I’m in the moment, I just want everyone to feel loved, better and a part of the family, but after the moment passes, and I’ve signed on for something that I may regret later, I feel like I did something that I won’t be able to absolutely follow through with. Sheesh!

    By Fender2010 URL on 06.07.2013

  5. As I heard the creak of a senile floor board fill the already tense room my heart began to race. Harsh winds whistled past the rickety old window frames. Was there a paranormal body in this cottage?

    By jessica on 06.07.2013

  6. It’s alarming that a secret meeting of world’s powerful men in the field of banking, finance, politics, academe, military, and science converged into one small hotel in Watford, England, concocting crucial direction and policies that aim to maximize corporatist profit and power over the mass population, stripping their dwindling freedom and liberties, like sheep in a contained herd who are preoccupied with their daily mundane living, oblivious of the sinister intent of their elite masters.

    By buxton URL on 06.07.2013

  7. … I HAVE ALREADY HAD THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By jess on 06.07.2013

  8. I woke up to a strange noise. The lights turned off. I couldn’t think of nothing but the alarming feeling inside my head. Something happened. Something was terribly wrong.

    By Beyond URL on 06.07.2013

  9. He almost fell over his own feet as he entered the living room and caught sight of a man clad in business attire, hung from a ledge in their house. A hand of his own flew to his mouth in alarment and felt every muscle contract within his lanky frame, too afraid to confirm whether he had Left or not. Instead, he felt his eyes snap and dart about, stopping when the pair of square-lensed glasses hanging from the corpse’s fingertips came into view. “D-dad?”

    By Meg on 06.07.2013

    Come on! Hurry up!
    We have to get out of here!
    DOn’t trip!
    LET’s GO!
    *drip, drip*

    By Evan URL on 06.07.2013

  11. He almost fell over his own feet as he entered the living room and caught sight of a man clad in business attire, hung from a ledge in their house. A hand of his own flew to his mouth in alarment and felt every muscle contract within his lanky frame, too afraid to confirm whether he had Left or not. Instead, he felt his eyes snap and dart about, stopping when the pair of square-lensed glasses hanging from the corpse’s fingertips came into view. “D-dad?”

    By Meg URL on 06.07.2013

  12. I’m not sure how to go about this, but if dad sees me he’ll flip a gasket I know it. He’ll hurt with his words, he’ll hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt like everyone else and I need to run back to my room this is too much but he won’t let me it’s my sanctuary he should let me go i’m not a demon i’m part angel so why is he keeping me her like a bird he doesn’t understand he never understands i won’t tell anyone about my frien my friend my friend is my best friend always my best he’s a hero you know his dad’s a hero tooo but what if he betrays me because my dad’s a overlord what if he does every one else has everybody

    By Lakky on 06.07.2013

  13. The lack of attention given to my particular bureau was alarming, to say the very least. And as such, I was swamped with enough paperwork to sink the Titanic without the necessity of a giant iceberg. As I hunched over my desk with all the poise and elegance of an angry cat, I listened to the sloppy shuffling of my boss’s shoes as he walked over to me.

    “You got the reports done yet?” he demanded.

    “No,” I scoffed. “Do I have six arms?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.07.2013

  14. How does one alarming sound cause such chaos? It was only a bell. A small bell that signaled when someone needed help. How could it cause so much fear?

    By Jordan URL on 06.07.2013

  15. It’s weird how little she noticed until the snowy carpet underneath her developed dark red freckles.

    By Grace URL on 06.07.2013

  16. It was alarming. All of the volcanoes on the planet suddenly started to erupt. There were a number of possible causes. None of them good, unfortunately. Captain Asterisk set off the global alarm.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 06.07.2013

  17. If I told the tales of my life thus far, I am sure they would be quite alarming to some, yet quite interesting to others. And also very educational to most.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.07.2013

  18. It is very alarming that our goverment is watching all that we say and do.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.07.2013

  19. The man walking into the gas station where I was paying for a Coke pulled out a knife.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.07.2013

  20. The sound of it all was frankly alarming. She pushed her way through the crowd and ran off to find her. She couldn’t find her anywhere, even when she checked the places she has sought out before with her by her side. Her world was hazy and she sat down on the floor and curled her knees up to her chin. She prayed for something, something to give her a clue as to what was about to happen.

    By Kayla URL on 06.07.2013

  21. too much coffee
    not exciting excitement
    enticing just a smidgeon
    what remains reminder of shame
    the beast of best
    the loss of worth
    to be somewhere
    know who you are
    alarming alarms bounce
    the sound resounds
    the notion of failure all around

    By Matty M. on 06.07.2013

  22. How incredible is it that I’ve roved the earth a thousand times in search search search for the thing I’ll never find, that I know isn’t here. Answers. I need answers. I need a galaxy of reasons and answers and I’ll never find them here. But why why why isn’t this alarming to me anymore. I’m tired.

    By Erikka on 06.07.2013

  23. a l a r m i F g

    that f was alarming
    that f does not belong

    By Erikka on 06.07.2013

  24. It is so alarming how quickly time flies by. We must enjoy every moment of every day or we will find ourselves at the end of life filled with regret. Don’t let your life leave you alarmed!

    By Amy on 06.07.2013

  25. scary stuff, people jumping out at you, cats bigger than life, earthquakes, nuclear war, illnesses, diseases, fights, arguments.

    By tish on 06.07.2013

  26. It is so alarming the way we can get off track. Like an airplane in flight we just fail to precisely check our coordinates when commencing the flight and before we know it we have strayed so far from our original destination. Without continuous adjustments and readjustments all can be lost!

    By Tracey URL on 06.07.2013

  27. usually alarms you or surprises you. “oh that’s alarming!” not usually a good thing. I imagine a very surprise expression on one’s face- bulging eyes, mouth opened possibly shaped as an ‘O’. Fire alarm???

    By Grace Teo on 06.07.2013

  28. frighting is the sound
    counting my time
    before my time has begun.
    time to calm my nerves
    on to the next day.

    By Danielle on 06.07.2013

  29. The bells ringing in my head are alarming. They are the alarms that tell me I am not right and that I am not able to find this sense of being wrong. The alarms are alarming. I cannot escape these alarms, for they already tell me I am too late. I am behind. I will never be first in this race to find myself.

    By Emily URL on 06.07.2013

  30. Alarming is the chicken clucking on the dawn, the death of the sun at night, the roar of the dragons attrocious might, and the hate of the ones we perceive as enemies.

    By Walter on 06.07.2013

  31. I walked into my grandmother’s flat, smelling the delicious scent of cookies!
    Yum! I love those damn cookies!
    So I felt I should warn her of the tapwater poisoning.
    She fainted from all that I had told her.

    By Seth Tanner on 06.07.2013


    By laure URL on 06.07.2013

  33. The sirens atop the blurred autum hill and the children at play screaming crys of terror for one of their own had fallen. The leaves stained with blood and the faces without it all onlooked in pure fear. The adults, men in their skivvies and women in night gowns all sprinting to the hill, with torches and old tin first aid kits did nt realize how far out of reach their dear boy was, his abdomen compromised in four places by pitchfork, rusty, a cause for tennis no doubt. The town’s doctor, mr. Collins stepped up with a furrowed sweaty brow, removing his hat and staring down at the poor specimen. He told the town’s people that nothing could be done, for the boy’s heart had been thoroughly pierced. He draped his coat over the lifeless body as a tear rolled down his cheek. Next he slipped a vial out of his pocket, dropping a bit into a silver tablespoon and tilting it atop the boy’s young pouty lips, claiming that his death ought be painless. A rustle of foliage and the whimper of a young girl startled the throng, as Jill, half running half tumbling came thundering out of the forest and down the hill. “IS HE OK?” She screamed, but the town’s people lowered face and profile. All that remained was the eggshell white of her brother’s soft features and a pile of broken sticks. She smirked in the dark, she had succeeded.

    By Chase on 06.07.2013

  34. noise , annoying, its a device or a situation that brings negative feeling to me and it makes me nervous and uncomfortable , and i cant think and do nothing wi

    By marwa on 06.07.2013

  35. Time to get up. The clock rings and rings and rings and rings. A typical alarm clock. A circular shape in a red container with two gold brass things at both sides. I dont know what their called. But I know if you had shown me a picture of this I would know what it meant. It means time to get the hell up. I have a vivid image of the clock jumping from the table its sitting on and ringing in alarm. Because you have set it for that time. Why did you set that alarm?

    By Beth on 06.07.2013

  36. Naruto felt his body tense up. What was Sasuke going on about? This wasn’t the moody bastard he was used. It was alarming the blond because his best friend had never once acted like this. He was so human! It was taking him completely off the edge. To think Sasuke could experience these type of normal feelings. It was just baffling to the blond-haired ninja.

    By itachiinsanity URL on 06.07.2013

  37. the alarming was yelling at his ears. he couldnt do nothing but be alarmed. so, he started to run away, leaving his maths test on the desk. it was the best that he could do.

    By Ana on 06.07.2013

  38. It’s alarming what goes on in my head.
    I think I should see a therapist but I don’t have the balls to admit it to anyone besides myself
    I’m dreaming all the time
    And I don’t know how to stop feeling disconnected, like I’m not a part of it.
    I used to feel a connection in nature.

    By Ava on 06.07.2013

  39. hello, wherever you are
    are you dancing on the dance floor
    drinking by the bar
    tonight we do it big
    and shine like stars
    we don’t give a fuck
    cause that’s just who we are

    and we are, we are we are
    we are we are the crazy kids
    them crazy, them crazy kids
    and we are, we are,

    By Michael on 06.07.2013

  40. The way things can escalte is alarming;

    I hate when people pour my cereal for me.
    They don’t know how much I want.
    They don’t know my life.
    They don’t know what I’vebeen through.

    By DeionDakota URL on 06.07.2013