May 17th, 2013 | 113 Entries


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113 Entries for “airstream”

  1. The road was pitch black. The highbeams picked out the yellow lines and I thought about them as a long reflective snake, leading us out to nowhere. Peter rolled the windows down. He put his sun-browned arm out the window and let his hand ride the airstream. I saw him grin as the rush of wind moved the hairs on his arm.

    By Hannahey URL on 05.17.2013

  2. Self conscious and stoney-faced, like mama taught me to be, I stared at the bright faces puffing away in music class. I couldn’t whistle if my life depended on it. Not around them. It had been two weeks since I’d made the pact with myself and my own mouth. I first told myself I was going to cultivate what came out of my little lips. Be more careful and conscientious than these screamers and biters and smackers around me. I was going to show them, looking at them with a discerning judge’s eye, at six years old. I would never be louder than anyone else – that way, everyone would listen to me when I finally spoke. In a moth’s voice.

    By URL on 05.17.2013

  3. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen was the airstream the plane left as it flew. It looked shiny and almost lacy against the midnight sky. The light from the moon made it look like silver cotton candy.

    By Zoe Dominique on 05.17.2013

  4. air air air blowing air air air streaming

    By jenna mazur URL on 05.17.2013

  5. Air. Stream. Airstream. The air flows through, well the air. You see, if you go with it, you go faster. You always want to fly with the stream. You’ll make better time that way. At least that’s what Peter told me.

    By Eli on 05.17.2013

  6. “I have this disease where I need to have half-naked girls applied to my body at regular intervals, otherwise I DIE.”

    Completely unrelated to the prompt, but I had to. XD

    By aura.rayne URL on 05.17.2013

  7. The airstream was fierce, whipping her hair around and causing it to furl behind her in a wave of crimson.
    “Can’t we put the damned top up?” she yells over the sound of the rushing wind, making the driver laugh, throwing her head back dangerously far to reveal the pale column of her throat to the last drops of the evening sun.
    “Where’s the fun in that?” comes her reply, her voice breathless from laughter.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.17.2013

  8. I flew away. Far away. It wasn’t my fault. Why must you punish me for it? I try so hard to let you go but I just can’t. You’ve hurt me from a world away… You nearly killed me, but i just cant get you out of my head. Everywhere i turn I see you. I miss you. I love you. I need you. Why did this happen to us. Why did you lie? Why can’t i get you out of my head.

    By Bluefruityloop URL on 05.17.2013

  9. I wish I could live in an airstream like a gypsy, moving from place to place and seeing all sort of new things. Life would be easy and free and money wouldn’t be something that I would have to worry about it. It’s a feeling or a song

    By Amy on 05.17.2013

  10. The air stream gave repeated blows to her face, making her hair whip out behind her. She was waiting, hoping someone would come and do something with her.

    By Emmy Loo Hoo URL on 05.17.2013

  11. Airstream in my nostrils. Vanilla. Pomegranate. Seaside breeze. I was breathing in, smelling candles like a pro.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 05.17.2013

  12. flowing flowing. in the air, do you hear that….i hear it. its trying to tell me something…i wish i knew what they heard. Or do i know what they hear…or cant they hear. Im lost in the air…

    By Confused on 05.17.2013

  13. I was a pretty lady, everyone loved me. I was a born actress indeed. But I faced through many difficulties in life, the worst yet, airstream.

    I was locked in a dark, cold chamber by my abusive father, it was my punishment for failing in my exams. This was 1948, the year of pain and misery, and May was the common season of test results. My mother was upset to see me so, but she didn’t care, I knew she was only bluffing to prove that she still loved me.

    I am 9 years old. A little child with two plaits and a large purple dress. I was cuddling my teddy bear under the moonlight, hearing nature sounds and feeling scared. So I clutched Snow White (my teddy’s name) tightly and heard rustling.

    The chamber was very rusty and old. It wasn’t that much of a chamber, more like a mess of a shed, near the lake. I hated being tormented like this, it was horrifying.

    Later, my sister came up to me, crying, and she told me that my father had gone out and not returned for about five hours. She tried to let me out, but the lock broke. So I climbed through the roof and jumped onto my neighbor’s roof.

    A helicopter passed by and clutched my head and body, pulling me up onto it. Politely, I curtsied and made a run for it.

    That’s when I fell, feeling scary weightlessness, hurdling towards a nearby airstream.

    I was stuck there. It’s been about 9 years now, no one has come for me. A lady in black tied a bracelet around my wrist, and every 3 years she took a bead off. She told me, when the beads have all gone, the airstream will no longer contain air.

    Snow White has gone old now. Inside the cabinets were lots and lots of food, now I’m starving, with nothing to eat. Everything has run out and everything has gone.

    A fire started a few hours ago, a kind couple helped remove the fire, but everything has burned including Snow White

    So if you ever see me again, I’ll be a old maid, or maybe I’ll be dead. I led a very painful life and it was incredibly sad.

    Please visit Chicago in U.S.A, I’m in a old forest, in a dumped airstream that’s fallen over and collapsed, so close to the lake.

    I’m waiting here for you. I’m lonely, scared and crying since forever. I’m in a real state. From a gorgeous young princess, to a scruffy witch-like maid :(

    Love and forever,

    By Isabella on 05.17.2013

  14. Lights blinked their final confirmations on his screen: all systems go.
    “You ready, boys?” Arthur asked. Their answers came in quick succession:
    “Ready,” said Gawain.
    “Yes,” said Kay.
    “Affirmative,” said Sagramore.
    “Damn right,” said Bedwyr.
    Arthur grinned.
    “Here we go…”
    Countdown: launch in three, two, one…
    There was a final moment of tension, and then they were hurtling through the air towards Albion.

    By scribblingface URL on 05.17.2013

  15. I love feeling the wind blow through my hair as I drive.

    By Jason URL on 05.17.2013

  16. its what everyone needs without it we are all dead. we can;t do anything. without air, with out it streamming through us. without Jesus.

    By Gian Joseph on 05.17.2013

  17. On the plane, I turn the know to feel the airstream.
    Everyone around reads or naps but I inhale and do my meditation.
    I used to like to fly solo and meet people but now I’m more careful.

    By Robin on 05.17.2013

  18. Can’t say this word conjures up many images. Maybe an old school trailer park filled with flabby nudists and a little volleyball game after hours.

    By marylee on 05.17.2013

  19. The air streamed from the vent like a soft feather caressing her porcelain-like face. She had to be quiet, or else the mission would fail. She wanted to hear their plans of attack. She had to know where their bomb was to land. All of a sudden her earpiece stopped working, and the crucial piece of information was lost. Her mind was frantic, and it took all her strength to keep her cool. She waited for them to bring it up again, but she knew in matters such as these there was little possibility of that. Fear, and anger began to swell within her. Suddenly she heard the group leader’s voice call out to her. They’d known of her presence the entire time. She was trapped. Her death was imminent, and sadly no one would know. Her mission was top secret, and she had no living relative back home. The worst part of it all was later on that year the bomb was detonated in the Big Apple. Many died, and it was the beginning of a long battle.

    By Romina on 05.17.2013

  20. If Claude followed the airstream all the way down the stairs, he would find the cellar where all of his uncle’s wines were stored. But the bottles, when opened, would emit a foul-smelling, blatantly scarlet plume of gas, and the beverages would be effervescent, frothing, unwilling to be drunk without a scowl or wrinkled nose. So Claude never followed the airstream; he was too cautious of the odor.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.17.2013

  21. one word makes me inspirational to do what i love. live in the moment and live by no boundaries. because in one word you could become what you dream.

    By Antwan Richmond on 05.17.2013

  22. The airstream touched my fingertips, and I slowly put my face near the opening, enjoying every moment of the cool, fresh air. I smiled and ran my hands along the side of the wall. This place was charming.

    By Kayla URL on 05.17.2013

  23. Harry flew the plane faster and faster, pushing the plane’s and his own physical limits, It was life or death. Attempt to evade enemy attacks using drastic measures, or die. Harry’s young life played in his mind, and he was not satisfied. He wanted more. He concentrated, gathered all his skill, and weaved in and out of enemy fighter planes with ease, like an eel, but the air was his water. The sky was his domain.

    By Nicole on 05.17.2013

  24. She knew that the time was scarce. The world was fading. The days had gone by so quickly, but the time has come. She felt the tube being removed, and the airstream was cut. Everything went black. And it was over, just like that.

    By Mikayla URL on 05.17.2013

  25. Airstream.
    Hitting my face.
    Blowing from who knows where.
    It cleanses me to my very soul.

    By LivedOne on 05.17.2013

  26. The airstream was fast and it rushed past me, making a whooshing sound. A few seconds later, it happened again. The rest of the air was calm, except for that. “Hello?” I called out. “Is anyone there?” The air came again, softer now. It pulled me off the ground.

    By Kristina URL on 05.17.2013

  27. wind airplane sky clouds silver metal flow arrows red blue white transportation train railway old vintage outdated

    By Andrea on 05.17.2013

  28. The plane buffeted back and forth in the sky. All the passengers inside could hear the buzzing, but it was loudest in the back, especially the very last seat. The one right next to the bathroom, where you could hear all the people excreting their waste over and over again. Those seated there shifted their bodies repeatively, crossing their legs back and forth irritably and trying to ignore the sound of the plane moving against the airstream, but it droned on. And on. And on.

    By Katherine URL on 05.17.2013

  29. An airstream bubble flew out of the jetpack and into the air and with it off his feet went from the ground. Up up and away he went until he realized he was getting too high. There was n

    By Jessica Diaz on 05.17.2013

  30. he flew through the airstream. it took him long and far it was strong and heavy. he flew and flew not knowing where he would end up. He most certainly enjoied it. flying was fun!

    By Karl Freitag on 05.17.2013

  31. The plane stutters. The engines stop. The thin metal tube plummets down, down, down. A tremendous splash. Silence.

    By White Elephant URL on 05.17.2013

  32. Airstream? Seems to me that the airstream is like a stream of water but in the air. If we had ships that sailed through the air, travel through the world would depend on that. Course, it still kinda does. Prevailing winds coming from Japan to the west coast of the U.S. make the trip faster west to east rather than east to west.

    By Tyrian URL on 05.17.2013

  33. Silver shining like the sun on the backside of rain clouds and shaped like a bullet. In the clearing near big redwoods and a babbling brooke we set up camp and prepared for an evening, our first evening out in the wilderness, with our new airstream.

    By Mysti on 05.17.2013

  34. I like to put my fingertips on your wrists so I can feel your pulse. it’s what reminds me you’re human not an angel. sometimes you make me stop breathing, I wish you felt the same way about me.

    By rosemary on 05.17.2013

  35. you can ride your wavelengths
    but I will hold my breath
    because it is better not to be
    than to be a stain
    and it is better not to speak
    than to steal your air

    By slantedstories URL on 05.17.2013

  36. What the heck is this? Is it like a jet stream? That reminds me of wars and looking up into the sky as a child seeing your first airplane and wondering what is that. It also reminds me of Johnny got his gun, the book. He saw a jet stream and loved them, but then it killed him later.

    By Georgia on 05.17.2013

  37. The airstream allowed the plan to move along the currents of the world. It glided and sailed, like a cheetah does among the waterfalls of grass, lurking within the dpeth of the scarce trees. It is an explosion of wing that struggles to push back the long flowing hair of the beautiful maiden and carresses the gentle structure of her face.

    By Raveena on 05.17.2013

  38. I walk down the sunny street
    with the birdsong all around
    nothing really burns as pretty
    as you do
    but honey I gotta say
    spring is awfully pretty this year

    By Molly URL on 05.17.2013

  39. I threw my head back at the sound of the jets zooming overhead. It was my favorite time of die. Watching the wonder they could do with the clouds, the beautiful sculptures they created.

    By Natalie Blardony URL on 05.17.2013

  40. They had spent most of what they had on this trip, on the trailer, the gas, the food, and the rental space. But in that first moment when they left the grey northwest weather behind and the trailer shined in the sunlight in September of all times, they knew that it had been worth it, even if it was only for that one moment they shared together.

    By Chris Clow URL on 05.17.2013