January 25th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “ahead”

  1. I went ahead of the crowd even though I was terrified. I’m not sure what I was thinking about. The others were not even moving forward…I was the only one that inced along. I wondered what I would find on the other side, but I moved ahead anyway.

    By LB on 01.25.2013

  2. I went ahead of the crowd even though I was terrified. I’m not sure what I was thinking about. The others were not even moving forward…I was the only one that inced along. I wondered what I would find on the other side, but I moved ahead anyway.

    By LB on 01.25.2013

  3. He walked ahead of the crowd…alone… unnoticed… a grey in a world full of color. Who was he? Nobody knew…Did anybody care? He wondered often…

    By Sabrina Thomsen on 01.25.2013

  4. there is always hard thing to do ahead of you. how you overcome it depends on you. there might be love or hate. just believe in yourself and you will win the race ahead.

    By ramesh paudel URL on 01.25.2013

  5. looking ahead is always kind of scary will i be dead? married? have kids? what about who i’m with? what of my family is left? will i believe in god again? will i have finished college? will i be a cop? or have gone back to try the science again? however looking ahead is sometimes easier than looking behind. the things i’ve done, the people who i’ve lost, the choices i’ve made.

    By Victoria URL on 01.25.2013

  6. Go ahead. The word seems to be prompting you to do something that you’re afraid of doing. Moving ahead, jumping ahead, getting ahead. Ahead, ahead. Motto of overacheivers. Ahead. Such a funny word now. Get ahead. Get ahead.

    By Madison on 01.25.2013

  7. “go ahead, my dear, be safe.” said my mother to my younger sister. her nails were painted red and her voice was softer than ever. you could tell she was holding back tears. my sister had been waiting for this day for awhile, but everyday it pained my mother more and more to know that her little baby would be flying across the country on her own.

    By Sarah URL on 01.25.2013

  8. I went ahead with my head down I did not think I just went. Through the platform wall, it felt wierd and differnet, getting onto platform 9 3/4 it was odd. Now

    By Alyssa on 01.25.2013

  9. You, behind. Me, walking ahead. I keep walking ahead. I try not to look back at you. I try not to turn. I walk. Every step gives me a little freedom. Every step makes you a little more distant. You, behind. Me, ahead.

    By Luz on 01.25.2013

  10. She walked on ahead, never looking back.

    I liked to think she moved on to a better place. Found herself the right man, got herself the right life, walked the right path.

    But deep down, I know that’s not what happened.

    And I knew it wasn’t because she came back three years later… in a coffin.

    By Sarah on 01.25.2013

  11. In order to get ahead there are certain things I must do. For one is to to study hard as if I will be meeting a test for certainly, I will. Next I must keep i mind that there are some who do not want to see me move ahead and to them I say ‘eat dust’. Ahead is where I really want to be for God has created me to do wonderful things. I am created i His image and everything I do is to give Him glory. The next thing I need to do is plan to stay ahead.In order to stay ahead I not only need to study and to pray, but also to love others, love myself and most of all, love my God. It is easy to get ahead by doing the wrong things, but I am determined to do the right things so that I may be blessed to be a blessing to others. Another aspect of staying ahead is to trust God and desire to learn more.

    By simply beautiful URL on 01.25.2013

  12. I looked ahead into the void of darkness. Looking and hoping to see something better than what came before it. I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know what to hope for. I don’t know what is ahead of me, but it’s coming fast. It will be here soon. I’m not ready.

    By kalie mcginnis on 01.25.2013

  13. Go forth my child! You are now a woman!” my mother shouted

    “eww mama don’t be odd I just have my period it’s not that-wierd”

    By Alyssa on 01.25.2013

  14. What lies ahead if we shed off all our fears and all of our old selves? Does what awaits us is as wonderful as the dearest memories of the past? Is it worth leaving everything we know behind and embracing the future?

    By Jac URL on 01.25.2013

  15. I’m looking ahead not behind, but sometimes it is very hard. The things that have happened to me make it very difficult to forget much less forgive.

    By Sheila Good URL on 01.25.2013

  16. Ahead of us is the whole year. Look A HEAD remember that sign where the the D fell into the margins. I think it was a big slogan in the sixties, the late sixties. My father loved it as he thought most people were short term thinkers …hey he would love what happened in this country today with budge deficits an wars without end……….

    By sigo URL on 01.25.2013

  17. We were ahead of everyone. So far we couldn’t see them anymore. “We’re winning,” I cried. “We are going to win!” But I was too full of myself. Yes, we were ahead in the race, but we were losing in life.

    By Corinne on 01.25.2013

  18. everything is ahead. what is coming is the most important thing we have to hold on to.

    By jagger lee on 01.25.2013

  19. What’s ahead of you? Is it life? Death? Tragedy? Celebration? We don’t know what is to come, we can only IMAGINE.

    By Corinne on 01.25.2013

  20. Ahead lies your future. You don’t know what is to come, but if you’re lucky, it will be something good.

    By Corinne on 01.25.2013

  21. She looked up ahead past everyone on the trail, and way up on the hill she saw him standing there, waiting,.. And she knew he was waiting for her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.25.2013

  22. I’m so sorry for being myself, I can’t help it. I’ve tried continuously to become something better for you and I fear myself while doing so. I live for you, I live to make you happy. I hope that one day I can look back and thank you for everything, I just hope you’ll be beside me when I do. I love you.

    By brooklyn on 01.25.2013

  23. I think that I should always be thinking about whats ahead of me but honestly I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing. People always talk about the future like you are supposed to have some master plan. Well my plan in high school was to be pre med and you know what when I got to college I didn’t plan ahead and now I work in retail and it sucks.

    By Annie on 01.25.2013

  24. bkjhbkjh

    By Annie URL on 01.25.2013

  25. I remember being called into the kitchen at my old house when I was really young. My dad got down on one knee and said “Daddy can’t stay, just know daddy loves you”.
    “Daddy will I ever see you again?” I replied as I cried, unsure of what’s going on.
    he made a promise to me that day.
    “I will be there for you always, no matter how far away I am. I am yours to cherish forever” I could see tears in his eyes after we embraced.
    I knew what he meant now.
    “Take me off your worry list, I’ll be fine as long as I have my children”.

    By Amelia on 01.25.2013

  26. I look. It’s what I do.
    My whole life, I’ve been looking.
    I’ve been looking from highs to lows.
    Looking for my way out.
    But so far in my time, I’ve always been looking at the past. Now, I will be looking to the future.

    By emily on 01.25.2013

  27. running ahead of each step
    further and further you get

    By Aley URL on 01.25.2013

  28. I am ahead of most people in my spirituality. Ahead in knowing that it is not about me. There is a higher purpose for us all. Get ahead with God in your life, Ahead of strife ciaos and pain, and aligned with light.

    By Anyad URL on 01.25.2013

  29. Wow, ahead. I have no idea what’s ahead. I’ve never been good at thinking about the future, ever, other than something happening next month or something that I’m excited about. Look at all the good things to come, all the plans.

    By Renessa URL on 01.25.2013

  30. I walked ahead of the crowd. All I knew was what was ahead of me and I knew I had to get to it before it was too late. Ahead of me is what I had dreamed about my entire life, just ahead, I could change everything I have ever known. Just ahead of me was true love, and I wasn’t going to let it walk away.

    By Rhea Knott on 01.25.2013

  31. go ahead, she said. but how am I supposed to go ahead when I am sitting here crying? this isn’t new. depression has always held a shadow over me. it walks all over me likes it’s better. but is it? only if i let it. and right now, i am.

    By Julia on 01.25.2013

  32. Go ahead. Trudge ahead. Get ahead in life. Do things ahead of time. We always look to the future, for that is our motivation, our inspiration, but always our prison. We work towards what will happen, never what is happening.

    By Hilary on 01.25.2013

  33. Getting ahead.
    Keeping up with the Jones’.
    I hate that idea of life.
    The materialistic and shallow minded thoughts that grasp us. It’s all about moving ahead. Being on top. It doesn’t mean anything in the end. So what if you have a fancy car or a lot of money? What’s the saying? Money does not buy happiness.

    By Elise on 01.25.2013

  34. I was running backwards and Samantha said “don’t look ahead.” I turned around and looked behind me. I wish I was running forward.

    By Mariana on 01.25.2013

  35. I can barely see you standing there
    Your figure dull and hazy
    I can’t catch up to you
    I try
    I swear to god I try

    But you’re too far ahead of me
    And you left me behind

    By Maci_M URL on 01.25.2013

  36. I’m getting too far from myself
    It’s a good thing my little voices
    Keep calling me back
    to the beginning
    where I’m not dead yet
    (oh, those alternate universes)

    …[I think about you in them all]

    By Saudade URL on 01.25.2013

  37. Looking ahead is the only way out of this mess. We can bury ourselves in the mire of yesterday, but all it does is hold us back, hold us in place, remembering, reliving, but never moving. There is no hope in the past, only in tomorrow.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 01.25.2013

  38. moving. forward. always looking– ahead. neverending circle. vicious at time. unable to pause. and relax. can’t let go of what’s ahead

    By Lauren on 01.25.2013

  39. Ahead went time in to a flume of nothingness. This is how we all percieve and feel and of course…see. Why is it? Why is our cosmic mailbox full of unwanted mail, rich with leaves and books written in broken pens? Strange, the bird sings yet no person will give it the time of day, or night, strange noise that is. ANyways, back to reality, or our perceptions of such, like babies who sleep soundly in flimsy cradles.

    By Evan Lindemann on 01.25.2013

  40. I don’t know what’s ahead of me.
    All my life I’ve been anticipating this.
    What’s ahead.
    Where I will go.
    What I’ll see.
    What I’ll do.
    Who I’ll meet.
    But now I’m afraid
    because I can’t see what’s ahead.

    By Eronoh URL on 01.25.2013