January 25th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “ahead”

  1. look ahead,
    you fool, you friend.
    this is your life,
    and you’re wasting it
    reading my words.
    go ahead.
    breathe in
    and step forth,
    because ahead of you
    is everything you could have
    that you’ve always wanted
    but never taken.

    By Ben URL on 01.25.2013

  2. Ahead. That is a scary concept. Ahead. Ahead of me, I see a Master’s Thesis the proposal for which is due in a week, that I haven’t even started to think about yet. I see children, lying in wait for me to finish my grad work, and I see the troubled, beautiful life that my husband and I have set out on together.

    By A. Toad on 01.25.2013

  3. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 01.25.2013

  4. We walk slowly
    but the trees
    are still a blur

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.25.2013

  5. There just didn’t seem to be any way to get ahead. No matter how hard I
    worked, no matter how good a job I did, someone else— usually someone
    with a relative or close friend in higher places— got the promotion
    and the money that went with it. I should just cut my losses and leave,
    but there was nowhere else to go.

    By chipschap URL on 01.25.2013

  6. I look ahead and I see my futre. I see a mixed baby and a tall basketball playing boyfriend. I don’t think that I can see to far ahead because I’m terrible at making decisions. I see something unfatithful. I’m scared of whats ahead yet excited at the same time, you could tell how happy I will be. But the stress. I see that I miss my dad and brother. I break ties. it’s warm, will I be a good mother. Better than mine? It’s difficult. palm trees.

    By Mikayla Davis on 01.25.2013

  7. Means going forward. Never looking back; staying positive and anticipating what’s to come. Always aware that there is more- this is never all there is and never the end.

    By Amber-Rose on 01.25.2013

  8. Everything you do ii aimed at going ahead, we always chose to move ahead with everything we do, but what about we leave behind?? There’s so many people and llives that we leavve behind us as we aim for that that is ahead. Ahead means advaancements and usually benefits, but what is the point of all of it if there’s no one to share it with. If you are trying to get ahead, look who’s behind first.

    By Kanisha on 01.25.2013

  9. Go ahead and pull the trigger, I don’t need you now, only when I am in pain when I need you to enable me to create truths that seep into seeing minds and drain down their veins to the dregs of their existence and their souls rise up and sing praises but the wrong ones, I am just the messenger, I am not enlightened you silly fools! and you will but forget the revelations in one blink of your blind eyes! So go ahead attendant, pull the trigger and let the booby out of its hatch.

    By Miss Alister URL on 01.25.2013

  10. ahead. well, ahead maybe a word too distant for many. or rather most. but i’d say it would depend on how you chose to conceive your perception. little steps in everyday life, which pass on as insignificant, could often bring this sense of glorification and boost our being. push us. ahead. we develop an insight upon life with age and tend to think it right. but as we move ahead gradually, we many a times fail to catch up. be at par with the everchanging vicious surrounding. but yes, we are ahead. ahead of many. funny, some would say, how people tend to focus on mind over matter. what they fail to figure is that it is not that easy when the mind itself is in tatters.

    By Debrishi Das on 01.25.2013

  11. I pick up my rucksack and sling it over my shoulder. ‘Shit happens’ they said. Shutting my locker I walked out of the school, looking only ahead.

    By Meg on 01.25.2013

  12. Always look ahead in life. Looking back is only painful. Live for the future. It is all that matters.

    By Arwyne on 01.25.2013

  13. Both the men sat in a restaurant where the other tables were empty. They were either oblivious to that fact, or well suited to that knowledge.

    They stared at each other. It wasn’t a staring contest, each was observing the movement of the other, every squint of the eye, every blink, a momentary frown. They were looking for whatever signs they could get of where the other was going to take the conversation next.

    A monologue of thoughts played in the background, spelling thoughts of of a man sounding distraught. The window behind the two men played the scene of a someone’s point of view, where hands were typing away at a screen, occasionally one coming up to look at his cell phone.

    The hand kept looking at the screen of his cell phone like something was being waited for. Indeed the voice spoke of her fondly, waiting for some kind of signal that she too thought of him as he did of her.

    As those lines were being spoken the man on the left looked at the window, appearing to sympathize with the voice. The man on the left shrugged it off.

    The view in the window started to move as the voice silenced for a few moments. The scene passed through a door and into a restroom, where the view showed in a mirror the man running the whole play. The two men in the restaurant seemed to momentarily become one, As all three of them recognized their identity as one.

    As the man washed his face and moved out, his mind again split into the two conflicting sides in him.

    The window blacked out as the eyes closed. The two men inside began to converse.
    The man on the left began telling the man on the right, “Holding on is destroying us, this needs to stop.”

    The man on the right replied, “Is it? don’t you think we at least deserve to dwell in what we have left, even if it is just memories?”

    “Why do you turn a blind side to what is really going on? That we are trying to live a lie? She is in the past, all our fears are in the past. Why do we keep digging back there?”

    “Because… because we are scared of moving on. It feels like we are dying and some one else is taking our place.”

    “That is not true, we are the same person! How can we change, we belong to the same mind. We know we are right, do we not? We need to stop finding reasons for putting off our life, our work, our goals in life. We can not forever be afraid, we can not throw away this opportunity to be something over… over.. ”

    “Say it, we need to say it, we need to hear the truth… We are speaking rightly. We do not have the strength, but if we admit our fault we may become free..”

    “We are not going to sit by and let us throw away our life because we we have stopped wanting anything from life. How could she or anyone else hurt us so much that we are afraid of caring for any one else, afraid of caring for our self? We have come to be afraid of intimacy, of vulnerability, I understand that. But we need to urgently over come it. This is not acceptable by any means. We need to let go of it all… We need to accept not being perfect.. We need to look Ahead.”

    By unkitjc URL on 01.25.2013

  14. Looking forward is something that everyone tells you to do; good times, bad times they’ll all pass if you look to far ahead.
    How do you know where your feet will take you if you don’t look down and watch them?
    I don’t know, sometimes I’m just scared I suppose. Of what’s ahead.

    By Doodlepip URL on 01.25.2013

  15. Ahead.
    The road ahead seems daunting.
    I don’t even know if I want to continue forward.
    And yet that is what I must do.
    I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other in front of the other.
    Just keep moving.
    Farther and farther ahead.

    By Em on 01.25.2013

  16. i want to burn down my childhood home
    the one we sold over a decade ago
    when i still thought crying
    could change something.

    it is a tomb in my memories,
    a labyrinth i visit in nightmares
    when i am running. running
    and running on, on,
    away from the demon i was sure
    slept under my bed.

    what i find in those dreams
    is instead a box, empty save for photographs
    of all our smiling faces.

    i want to burn it all,
    the room with one window where i
    used to daydream, where
    my mother tucked me in
    every night with a tired kiss.

    at that time, the only ‘i hate you’ i knew
    was in another language
    and i had not yet started
    saying it to myself.

    it won’t let me go,
    this place that has become
    a fish bowl, a draw bridge,
    blank walls with no door.

    By invinculis URL on 01.25.2013

  17. Going forward is the most important thing we can do. Looking ahead, backpack of bundles and past experiences, we stumble on and on, walking.

    By Jan on 01.25.2013

  18. I decided that I wouldn’t do whatever it took to get ahead. It wasn’t worth risking someone else’s life for my happiness. There were limits. Sure, I wanted it. I wanted to be the greatest, to be known. But I was raised with morals that wouldn’t let me progress at the expense of others.

    By Aleasha P. URL on 01.25.2013

  19. He could see her far up ahead. Her smile was infectious, aimed at drawing him in. There wasn’t any way he could resist. He knew just as well as she that they were meant

    By Sara on 01.25.2013

  20. Go ahead, walk all over me, because one of these days, I’ll be leaving you high and dry. What then? Can’t wait to watch you flounder.

    I don’t even care if I come across as a bitch. Because I hate your projects so much.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.25.2013

  21. Kittens are ahead of EVERYTHING in the ENTIRE world. Because kittens. That is all there is to say about this word.

    By Kittens on 01.25.2013

  22. There is something I admire and abhor within my father. I see within him all of my past and the bulk of my future. Wrapped up within his success and his shortcomings are the trappings in which I have operated, in which I will live, in which I shall die.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.25.2013

  23. ahead is a crisp gray sky and running to the car. I only want to go to places where we can park closeby. I have zero guilt about my flat bike tires. Hot totties in coffee shops and battlestar galactica addictions.

    By cadypie URL on 01.25.2013

  24. Ahead of me, came the largest, most terrifying truck i ahve ever seen. Not because it looked like Godzilla or anything, just that whenever your on the highway and something really huge come hurdling towards you, you tend to get a little scared. I swerved away, thrashing up the side of my blue Honda. I lsot the mirror and tons of car. I hit the railing on the side of the road and got control of the car. I slowed downa nd came to an abrupt stop. I got out, walked slowly over the the ditch, and proceeded to regurgitate my guts. A side effect of being scared shitless.

    I sat down, pulled my phone out of my pocket and stared at it blankly as i waited for the possible next wave of spew to come. What now? call for help? tow the car? I was stuck someplace where no-one was supposed to know i was. I couldn’t call my parents, they’d hang me. Jason would shoot me. Carol would beat me up so i’d thow up my guts again, and sharon, probably worst of all, would be dissapointed with me. God, what now?

    By Paul on 01.25.2013

  25. What lies ahead for me? I think I know what I want to do, but the reality is just a jumbled blur. One obstacle passed, only to find another sitting solidly in my path. The gate to my success requires several keys, so it’s no surprise I have to achieve so much to become what I want in life. So I just walk along the path, however blurred, taking each step and hopefully inching forward to my best possible future.

    By Kerry URL on 01.25.2013

  26. I hope you meet a girl someday. I hope you tie the knot.
    I hope she loves you like I do; She’ll love you quite a lot.

    By Carly URL on 01.25.2013

  27. I’ll never let you go.
    That’s the night he killed me. He led me into the heart of the storm, the place that feels the safest, when really, the wall of the hurricane is about to hit you full blast.
    I’ll always remember, even as my life leaves my eyes, how he looked when he pointed that gun at me. That single tear that sauntered down his face.
    I guess I’ll never know, if he truly meant it.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 01.25.2013

  28. Ahead of the curve. Ahead of myself. Ahead of all the things that I should just be in time with. Now behind the ball and falling behind. Not being ahead never felt so liberating. Not ahead.

    By AKontos on 01.25.2013

  29. Looking ahead and getting ahead limited because it’s inherently unidirectional. The things you miss out on in the process cause you to be behind. Ahead-not so, my friend.

    By Andromahi URL on 01.25.2013

  30. Ahead is a word that starts with the letter a and ends with letter d.

    By Mariana URL on 01.25.2013

  31. He stood there looking ahead. Not sure what consequences a step would take. But knowing that he invariably had to take one. When you reach an impasse, there is no other choice. Forego the stagnant, and leap.

    By John URL on 01.25.2013

  32. Looking ahead, I see so much potential for myself. I see myself learning as I grow, understanding more and more of the law as I proceed through my studies and through different experiences. One day I will stand and make my mark upon society. Realise that all my dreams until now were not wishful thinking, and that I am more than the idealism that I often doubt inside me.

    By Wendy P URL on 01.25.2013

  33. She just kept going. She had no idea what was ahead, but she quickened her pace as she felt the gun against her back jab her to go faster. She just kept going.

    By Grace URL on 01.25.2013

  34. i HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR A WHILE, since that guy with strong legs and a big hand to hit up, was ahed up of me, for been honest, my first challenge to describe this situation was the unpleasant desilution of being lonely versus 3 gorillas, but ahead upon me, could felt the fever under my arm, telling me just do it.

    The next scene was the 3 gorillas, laying on the floor, with to much blood.

    By rorro on 01.25.2013

  35. Always look ahead. If you can’t see what’s coming how are you to prepare for it? The future is where we are going, so look forward and dive head first.

    By Cath URL on 01.25.2013

  36. I’m always looking ahead- ahead into the future… Where will I be? There’s one over-arching thing that consumes my every waking thought. And one that envelopes my entire dreams. I wish I could have someone… just someone there. Not just anyone.. but him.

    By Alan Greenawalt on 01.25.2013

  37. Looking ahead to the future, I realize how unprepared I am. More than that, I realize how unmotivated I am to become prepared for the future. It just seems too far yet too close at the same time to worry about it.

    By Amanda I URL on 01.25.2013

  38. I looked ahead on the empty highway, seeing nothing but the scorching rays of the sun staring back at me. The half empty can of gas felt like a lead break in my hand. It weighed me down with every step I took, but I had to get back.

    She needed me, and the baby was nearly here. Just a few more miles.

    Just a few more miles.

    Just a few…more…

    By Max Ryder on 01.25.2013

  39. Moving on ahead we see that the world is coming to a greatly horrible place. Cars and toxins, birds and beings dead. The buildings break the sky just as we triumph in technology. All will be bad, but none take the time to look ahead. Look ahead, fools, and observe the demise which awaits us at our end.

    By Foster Hayley on 01.25.2013

  40. Constantly moving forward, continuing to progress, everything must be progressive or it will be left in the dust, everyone must get ahead or will be left behind. It is the way of our society the way we interact with one and other everything, is done to get ahead, in some way or another it can be traced back to this.

    By Rob on 01.25.2013