September 23rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “afraid”

  1. Fear stabbed into my heart as the animal jumped right on top of me. I felt it fur and scratching nails before I saw its hideous face. I screamed, the sound cutting through the silence of the eerie night like a dagger. As I fought against the scratching claws, I heard faint footsteps and a man appeared before me. He wrenched off the ferocious cat and helped me up.

    By Emma Berndt on 09.23.2012

  2. afraid of being rejected by everyone and everything. society. love. friends. school. grades. society. society. society. society. afraid of being free from what others think. afraid of being lost. afraid of death. taxes. the future

    By cara on 09.23.2012

  3. “Where are you?” The voice sing-songed as it wandered around the house, opening doors and giggling in that maniacal way that chilled the blood running in his veins. He was so afraid of the owner of the voice. He didn’t even want to think about what would happen when the voice found him. He shuddered. The voice was getting closer.

    By just URL on 09.23.2012

  4. scared, dark, dumb, irrational, lonely, strangers, mistakes, discomfort, ugly. i hate being afraid. i’m not usually afraid.

    By barbara on 09.23.2012

  5. Fear strikes my heart and I scream.
    The footsteps behind me grow louder.
    As loud as a lion.
    I scream, and then there is only blackness.

    By Emma URL on 09.23.2012

  6. I am afraid for my family. What they will think when they see my damaged body, lying in the road. Smoke billows out of the car and someone is screaming.
    “I’ve been in a car accident,” I can just picture myself telling them.
    And then my mother will rush up to hug me, but by then I will already be dead.

    By Emma URL on 09.23.2012

  7. Fear is something that ruins me. I am crippled by fear. It must be because I am so insecure and with insecurity comes fear. It’s something I hate about myself, but it is me. I am afraid of fear.

    By Kayla on 09.23.2012

  8. being afraid is useless afraid of heights i am afraid of zombies afraid of being alone useless but significant afraid of life is sad afraid of nothingness

    By Stephanie on 09.23.2012

  9. I am not afraid. Not of the future, well maybe a little, but definitely not my past. I have come to terms with it and have grown. Back then, I couldn’t imagine how anything would get easier and when the fear would go away. It hasn’t left me completely, but it has gotten easier and I have come farther than I could have ever thought possible.

    By caroline on 09.23.2012

  10. im not afraid of anything. I refuse to live my life as a person thats afraid. what exactly is being afraid i never really thought about the word hell idk but whatever it is i seriously dont think that it rund in my family. People who afraid wont live.

    By keith ross URL on 09.23.2012

  11. I was afraid. I had never felt this way before. The carpet was breathing beneath me. How much did they give me? I could feel everything I touched like I had never touched it before. Everything was crystal clear yet blurry at the same time.

    By Rena URL on 09.23.2012

  12. Fear. Shame. It’s what keeps you from doing something. I am “afraid”. I had my God son over last night to spend the night and he said he was “afraid” of the dark. I had to sing him to sleep. Fear of the unknown can make you afraid. If you are always afraid you will never experience life. You need to learn how to reign in your fears and face your problems head on.

    By Kelsy on 09.23.2012

  13. I was worried about my body. She told me not to be afraid, but I couldn’t help but think about what was going to happen. I’m only twenty one years old, I’m too young and immature to be barren, to be wiped clean of everything I could never have.

    By Erin on 09.23.2012

  14. Running up the stairs in the dark makes me scared. im always afraid that a monster or a ghost is chasing me. then i get really scared and end up falling down the stairs. This makes me sound really crazy.

    By Marley on 09.23.2012

  15. Afraid
    Oh so afraid
    Will this work
    Will the bullet be enough
    I shiver
    I freeze
    I look in the mirror
    It’s gonna be a good day
    Zombie tart

    By recogirl URL on 09.23.2012

  16. Losing yourself to the world, to life, to love, to somebody.
    Not knowing if your essence to them is gone.

    By Princessium URL on 09.23.2012

  17. I have learned to live with fear of the worst, deep I the longs dark night or I the middle of a bright one. I learned a long time ago that love is the only consolation to such a fear as this.

    By dani URL on 09.23.2012

  18. I was afraid that I might be late. The traffic was so heavy and the streets were dense with cars. I could see the building I wanted to get to but it seemed as though I was stuck in a nightmare-like scene of never seeing the destination but never reaching it. Slowly, slowly we crept forward.

    By WordsnWorlds URL on 09.23.2012

  19. I tend to over think sometimes. If you give me the wrong message, I’ll assume that you like me. But that doesn’t work every single time, in fact it never happen, not even once. I’d want to be the one you miss, love and cherish. I want to be ‘yours’ and only ‘yours’. But I’m afraid that you already have another girl on your mind. And there goes my last hope.

    By Abigail Rae on 09.23.2012

  20. this word………. this word is the reason for my mistakes. fear. ya, fear.

    By Taylor URL on 09.23.2012

  21. Fear was like a curtain around her small bones, wrapping her in comfort like a blanket. Strange, that such a harsh emotion should come to be her most faithful companion, her dearest friend. Often, her only companion. What wonders she knew, trapped beneath the wool-cloak-straight-jacket. Grasping, writhing, gripping.

    By Alli, wordgypsy URL on 09.23.2012

  22. This fear. It humbles me into the ground. This fear. Of what? Even the word “afraid” says nothing else but the expression of fear. But what is there to fear? Should one be fearful in the first place? +

    By Danny on 09.23.2012

  23. right now im afraid to tell this person how i feel about him. he is one of my greatest friends and im afraid that im going to lose him as a friend if i tell him. im also afraid that he isnt going to feel the same way i do and that is going to break my heart even more than it already is.

    By Alex on 09.23.2012

  24. Afraid.

    They say life’s too short to be afraid, but sometimes the risk is to big to take.

    By Chrissie on 09.23.2012

  25. Please stop. I have fallen so low. This fear it keeps me down. My back, it aches. Your weight, it burns against my skin. Please. I cannot carry you further. I must let go. If I keep you, I will be unable to see. But I suppose it’s the same with or without you.

    By Dan E URL on 09.23.2012

  26. “I’m not afraid of anything” he said, “with exception of stampeding elephants.”
    “I’m afraid of everything” I said.
    He thought a moment.
    “I am afraid of something, of losing you.”
    I smiled and sighed.

    By Danielle Dunne-Domanski URL on 09.23.2012

  27. I have never been very afraid of anything except people. I just don’t get people at all. They are mean and sweet and everything in between.

    By paulie aragon on 09.23.2012

  28. I was never afraid. Not of anything. Ever! Why was this time so different?
    I saw him walking. Towards me. Slowly. What was I going to do. This is not right. Appalled at myself. I was never afraid!

    By Adamantia URL on 09.23.2012

  29. I was not afraid. Or at least, that’s what I told myself. But then, when you think about it, who is not afraid of dieing? It’s a great unknown, and no matter what you tell yourself, it’s scary.

    By Iam Me URL on 09.23.2012

  30. i will not be afraid any more than i need to be so there ive said it and i mean it, but there more

    By Edgar on 09.23.2012

  31. I’m afraid of caves and water. The worst thing in the world would be to be in a cold, dark cave in the water. I think it’s because I can’t swim very well, and ihad bad dream about caves.

    By Danielle URL on 09.23.2012

  32. tristeza de não ter descido do trem na estação certa, de ter prosseguido viagem quando deveria ter ficado, de mudar por covardia.

    By Juliana URL on 09.23.2012

  33. More like terrifed. I’m very afraid of lots of things, mainly losing the ones I love. It gives me nightmares to think they’ll be here one day and gone the next. The reality of that fact takes hold and won’t let go. It makes me wish we all lived forever.

    By Katherine URL on 09.23.2012

  34. I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid that what I do in my future is not what I’m meant to do. I’m afraid that I will never fall in love. I’m afraid that I will never know what it truly means to be happy. I don’t know what happy is supposed to feel like. Am I happy? I feel like I am, or maybe I’m content. I’m afraid

    By Dominique on 09.23.2012

  35. I’ve spent too much time at this job, putting off stuff that I should do, worried that if I don’t work myself to death I’ll lose my job – only, I’m working so hard, all I want to do is quit my job. So why am I working myself to death? What am i afraid of? I just want to do what I love – why is that so hard?

    By Heather on 09.23.2012

  36. I’m afraid of what I don’t know, I’m afraid of things that I don’t have the power to change. I’m afraid to fail in my future, I’m afraid that the people who mean the most to me don’t know that they do, I’m afraid of the love & the changes that it may bring. I’m afraid that one day, my husband might stop loving me..

    By Dominique Diggs URL on 09.23.2012

  37. im afraid of what i have to deal with tomorrow. im afraid ill never get better, ill never have real friends. ill never find love, thats what im most afraid of. i just want to die. this is too much. im afraid of myself.

    By Lacy on 09.23.2012

  38. I am afraid of not being enough. I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of losing people and time. I am afraid of being poor and not succesful. I am afraid of division. I am afraid of friendship, confidences, telling who I am. I am afraid of being lonely, of being rejected.

    By Diana Rucavado on 09.23.2012

  39. I was afraid that i would not have good results in my naplan results but when i got it i wasn’t afraid anymore since the results were out of this world i was so happy of what i had got

    By lisa URL on 09.23.2012

  40. My sister is scared of spiders. like, a lot.
    She won’t even go in to a room with spiders.
    She vacuums them up as soon as she can.

    I like spiders though.
    They eat flies and mosquitos
    and to me, that’s far more important.

    By Luka URL on 09.23.2012