September 23rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “afraid”

  1. dark are you? what kind of question was that? lots of questions. Fear itself. Harry Potter. Cast out by God. Who can stop us?

    By Stephen on 09.23.2012

  2. im afraid of a lot of things. i don’t know why i am because i know i shouldn’t be but it’s so hard not to be. it starts with reading things or experiencing them. sometimes all you have to do is SEE it and suddenly you think about it a lot and it scares you. that’s when you become AFRAID of something. you don’t want it to happen to you. ever.

    By Lily URL on 09.23.2012

  3. Nothing to lose. Sometimes its too much when you think. Love. Pain. Disappointed. Abandoned. Left behind. She walked alone on this road called life. What could she do to keep others with her.

    By AnnaMarie on 09.23.2012

  4. I was afraid to step outside the realms of possibility. My comfort zone. I knew I would never be the same again, but trying and doing were two separate things. Totally and completely separate.

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.23.2012

  5. “Please, please tell me that you’re not afraid,” she whispered.

    I couldn’t lie. It would have been wrong to lie to her. But how could I not? It seemed that if I lied, then she would be protected, that she would think that everything was okay.

    But nothing was “okay.” Everything was horrible, and I seemed to be the only one who realized that.

    “Yeah . . . I’m scared shitless.”

    By Brandi URL on 09.23.2012

  6. I’m afraid of the dark it’s scary and spiders are too because they are hairy oh dear! I really do not like horror films I am afraid the give me the screaming heeby jeebies because I’m just that cool ! YA ooooohhhhh how ama

    By Madison Manson on 09.23.2012

  7. oh god. I was just writing about this. imagine a door. imagine it haunts your dreams, and something comes out of it at night to scare you every night, so you go there and feel the doorknob, and pull.
    the door is unlocked.
    you feel afraid.

    By Acid URL on 09.23.2012

  8. i was afraid of him. Of how he looked at me, and how he made me feel. How could something so simple, so ordinary get to me? I avoid him every time our paths cross. He’s my fear, and I wish i could get closer to him somehow.

    By Becca on 09.23.2012

  9. I am afraid of the future. Of seeing what it may hold and that i may fail miserably. Will i be successful? Will i be a good person? I am alone? Married? Afraid of not being around. Of dying young. Seeing horrible beings and creations. Not being worth something.

    By Allyson on 09.23.2012

  10. Afaid

    Why should we be afraid. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Life goes on, no matter what. And if it doesn’t, that means you can’t be afraid anymore. That means you’re gone.

    By Astraiana on 09.23.2012

  11. Forgive my inconstant mind as it rolls and runs and tumbles away with the idea of the thing that my heart holds on to so tightly. Wait for my shallow conscious to feel guilt and you’ll never be satisfied by the remorse I can’t feel. It’s a precarious thing, to wait for a time where the I isn’t separated from the U by the other eleven letters of the alphabet that fill the space between them, but I suppose that is a another cheesy Valentine’s card, sitting on a dusty store shelf, over-used and forgotten. It’s been a long time coming, and a reality I refuse to accept. But I guess I should get used to the idea: it’s not you.

    By Taylor K URL on 09.23.2012

  12. dont be afraid, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Walk alone and dnevder fear as you are perfectly safe from harm. No one can find you or touch you and you have protective armour all around you.

    By richaard URL on 09.23.2012

  13. First I was afraid… I was petrified……. :’)
    Kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side…

    By Caz on 09.23.2012

  14. Afraid.

    We’re always afraid of something. Someone. Afraid of what people, who have no value in our life, might think of us. Afraid of what they might say. How they might react. Don’t be afraid of being different. It’s not a bad thing, it’s the opposite. It’s not something to be afraid of. It’s something you should be thankful for.

    By Caz on 09.23.2012

  15. I couldn’t stand how afraid he was lying there. He looked so fragile–delicate. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I started to shake him. “Jack, Jack, please wake up!” I wailed. He just lied there, dying with all his secrets.

    By Ashley on 09.23.2012

  16. I’m afraid of losing the one I love. I’m afraid I already lost him before I had him. I didn’t think it was possible ti love someone in such a short amount if time. Specially if he can’t love you back cause he loves someone else.
    I’m afraid because I do love him. And love as it turns out…. Hurts

    By simmz on 09.23.2012

  17. Eloise didn’t want to walk into that room. She knew what was waiting for her. Everyone else was there. They were prepared. They had planned this all out. If she did it now she could run and never look back.

    By Teresa Warner on 09.23.2012

  18. Of ghosts? I don’t know, this is very weird…. of the unkown, it is logical. Some people are afraid of birds, I can’t see why. Except when it comes to pidgeons.. those are terrifying…

    By Abondano on 09.23.2012

  19. Sometimes we do things to conquer our fears. We make mistakes so that the fear goes away. But sometimes we make mistakes and the fear gets worse, worse enough for us to never make those mistakes again. I’m afraid to make the same mistakes twice.

    By Olivia URL on 09.23.2012

  20. I am afraid, and that is really all I’ll ever be. I am afraid of losing, I’m afraid of failure, I’m afraid of dying. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. But I don’t think I know how. Its so hard. Being afraid is easy

    By Melissa on 09.23.2012

  21. i was really afraid the time karla and i were riding our bikes in the parking lot of vo-tech and a guy in a car started circling around us. we had nowhere to go so we kept riding in circles ourselves. no one else was around, so who would have heard us? that’s the most afraid i think i’ve ever been. oh and there was that lightning as we headed down from long’s peak…

    By Ariel Moore on 09.23.2012

  22. Being afraid is a human emotion. Everyone is afraid of something, whether they will admit it or not. Maybe they are even afraid to admit that they are in fact, afraid. But it is not irrational to be afraid because it is a dark and difficult world that we live in and without out fear to keep us humble, what else do we have?

    By Abhu URL on 09.23.2012

  23. I am afraid to lose my life. I watch it slip away, but can do nothing. It consumes me, and yet I pretend to embrace it; and perhaps I do. Or perhaps I fear fearing to the point where I allow myself to cling to it. Death is constant. Life is fleeting. Beyond those words, I know nothing more. Who would know anything more than that but the gods? Assuming that gods cannot die; but in order for something to have lived, it must first fear death.

    By Devon Jervis on 09.23.2012

  24. why am i so afraid to just do what i want to do to you ? just to tell you that i want you? i want to make love to you. i hate when you that mysterious game.

    By Peppy on 09.23.2012

  25. I am sometimes afraid. I am afraid of things I can touch, see, sense… but usually of things I can’t see. The unknown. How silly… I know :)

    By M URL on 09.23.2012

  26. of being insanely sexy, with men and boys dropping jaws as i smile and pass, imagining my curls in their fists, my stomach pressed against theirs, my teeth clashing against theirs in a warm, releasing embrace. yes, i’m certainly afraid. i might enjoy it. the pain of risk, the chance to lose. but the chance to have will be greater, and there will be nothing to fear. is there a countdown to the end? won’t it count down whther i’m afraid or not? whether I’m thin or not? the countdown to the end is happening right now. and with out waiting in fear, the time stretches on with moist heat, with lushness of expreience. unreal! reality! tight muscles relax, and held thoughts release, and progress is made, growth in the right places. tossing garbage out of the dusty, damp corners. for real. for life.

    By Whiskeyjane on 09.23.2012

  27. I’m afraid I don´t know what to write.
    Oh! Do i have to keep writing?
    I’m afraid of death too. My dog died today and it made me face loss. It hurts.

    By Carlitos Miranda on 09.23.2012

  28. Afriad to dream, to walk forward to the future. Afraid to win. To see what is. Afraid to wake up to another day. Afraid to face myself in the mirror. Afraid to touch the stars. To meet te first limit of the sky. Afraid to be yourself. Afraid to forget what you’ve learned. Afraid to not fulfill your dreams. Afraid to live regulary.

    By Lendon Johnson on 09.23.2012

  29. I’m running. Faster and faster, asd far as I can go. Where am I running? I don’t know anymore. I just have to go. I have to go. Faster faster faster, the fear of what might happen if I stop clutching at my heart and making me want to sob.

    By maddy URL on 09.23.2012

  30. Afraid is all I’ll ever be. I’m afraid of death a failure and sadness. I don’t want to be afraid. But is easy to be afraid. It’s easier then trying to unafraid

    By Michelle URL on 09.23.2012

  31. Afraid is another definition of scared. This is an irrational fear of something eg, love, commitment, spiders.

    people are always afraid of something, it’s what makes us human.

    By meg URL on 09.23.2012

  32. I am faraid of a lota of things.. such us: ME, HIM, LIFE, TO BE HAPPY. THE FAILURE, THE PAIN, TO LOVE, UNHAPPINNESS, SNAKES, THW WORLD.!

    By Calliope on 09.23.2012

  33. I see him. on the football field. playing the game he loves. it’s a time out. he looks at me. for a moment i forget to look away. how can i get the nerve to talk to him? we talked over the summer. but september has made a ridge, and now i can’t help but be afraid. i like him. will he ever like me?

    By mia URL on 09.23.2012

  34. I was afraid, so I ran.
    I ran so fast and so hard my heart was thumping in my ears and I wanted to look back but I was
    That was when I felt the cold water.

    By NJ on 09.23.2012

  35. I am afraid—
    I will be the first to admit it.
    I am afraid of failure, of not doing something correctly.
    I am afraid of feelings and what’s to come.
    I am afraid to be myself in certain situations.

    I am afraid—more so than you will ever know.
    I am afraid of what exactly my life will turn out to be…

    By Theresa on 09.23.2012

  36. I am afraid of having a heart attack. I’m afraid I won’t see the Tetons again before I die. I’m afraid I am picking up on my dog’s insecurities. What exactly has happened?

    By HYoder on 09.23.2012

  37. Fear that paralyzing factor of my life. I ask myself why am I so afraid, but the answers never completely come because there are so many reasons. I’m afraid of failure, embarrassment, of bad news, of having my life turned upside down, afraid of not being good enough.

    By wgirl URL on 09.23.2012

  38. If I were afraid of the dark, I would stare at the shadows. I would hide in the corner away from the mirrors. But I’m not afraid of the dark, but the light. At least in dark you know where the monsters are.

    By Farrah on 09.23.2012

  39. I am afraid to see the world as it is. I can no longer go anywhere without worrying what they think of me. The others tell me not to be afraid but I cannot help it. I feel I’m stuck like this. I don’t think my mother would have approved if she was still around. I don’t know sometimes.

    By Jonny on 09.23.2012

  40. the feeling of true sorrow in the pit of your stomach that makes men cry. this emotion is one of the few leading competitors of emotion that drive the world. that is quite an accomplishment.

    By Doc on 09.23.2012