November 26th, 2010 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “affection”

  1. I remember you with great affection. You were sunlight. You were always willing to go anywhere, try anything, always curious. I never got tired of your ways of looking at things. Unusual. Opening doors to me. I I loved you so much.

    By Terese on 11.26.2010

  2. How could you reflect an affection?
    A circus mirror held out to a blown kiss
    or polished shield to protect against a lover’s list

    How could you deflect an affection?
    Build a brick wall between you and your neighbour
    or ask your best man to be a little bit braver?

    How could you refract an affection?
    Drown it in oil and set it alight
    or blow on the paper plane at the apex of flight?

    How could you detract from affection?
    Lie every chance and break every vow
    and as the heart breaks, take a long, back breaking bow.

    By gsk URL on 11.26.2010

  3. She wanted the right to hug him and to hold him tight, to ask him if he was alright, to worry about him, to show him her affection. She felt as she needed permission, and the fire of passion burned so fiercely that it hurt.

    By A Bananie URL on 11.26.2010

  4. you never give it voluntarily
    you spill it like milk, by accident
    and it floods your eyes
    bright amber
    like a light that never goes out
    you spoon-feed me with affection
    just enough to keep me alive
    never enough to spoil me
    always just a dose
    so I crave more

    By Lucie URL on 11.26.2010

  5. Without your
    affection I fall
    down into the depths of
    everything less-than perfection
    more than that it’s the lack of
    attention that destroys my
    self concept since I cannot
    stop from asking the

    By Amiee URL on 11.26.2010

  6. This was It, this one thing, this feeling, this warmth. What was he telling himself? Why was he like this? This was new, as the frost clutched the branches, he knew today was a new day, he loved her. His small acts, the smallest things could show affection.

    By MeadowMouse URL on 11.26.2010

  7. What other way can you interpret that? A casual smile, a little wave, hi how are you. Well in response to your seeming lack of affection, I say to you: stuff it. I was looking for a boyfriend when I walked in. I’ll be looking for one when I walk out.

    By cleany URL on 11.26.2010

  8. affection is a difficult word for me to talk about. I am not a person who expresses her affection to others very ofter, but I really feel it. As I said, difficult to explain. And even more in only sixty seconds. Time’s up.

    By Blair URL on 11.26.2010

  9. I have always craved affection. Now I have it in abundance from my grandchildren, my partner, the horses, the dogs. Only the cat’s affection I must still win. He would rather bite me than be rubbed.

    By Jade URL on 11.26.2010

  10. There’s so much to say that’s already been said, and every time I speak you think I’m just being sweet. I think maybe I showed too much affection, even though you showed an equal amount, because sometimes we’re ready to give more than we’re capable of accepting.
    It’s not just affection though, I really care about you.

    By Rob URL on 11.26.2010

  11. he would never tell his sister that she was the object of his affections. at least he didn’t think so. she was her best friend. and there was this saying that for each person you tell, it chips away your chances. but he didn’t really believe in that either — maybe each confession to someone other than that person would chip away a little of that strength and control, that resolve you had that you’d tell her yourself one day. so, he would tell no one for now, not until he found the confidence to tell her and be okay if she said no.

    By Gloria URL on 11.26.2010

  12. After walking along the tracks for what seemed like several hours, I began to feel an affection for the city streets I had left behind. What was I thinking? At least in the city there were places to stop. Here, in the middle of nowhere, there were just endless tracks going in either direction.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.26.2010

  13. i love you
    you make me smile
    i wanna spend the rest of my life with you
    your smile, your voice, your hair, everything
    i wanna spend as much time as i can with you
    you mean the world to me and i never wanna lose you
    eric metzmaier.

    By emily on 11.26.2010

  14. love emotions poison sin
    where for the whole life have u been
    never to lose
    never to tell
    just an affection
    ready to smell
    wait and then go
    serious you
    love you and kiss you
    shame on me
    what do I do

    By Tatjana on 11.26.2010

  15. Affection can be given in several different forms. We spend our lives searching for the rarest form. The form that ends in marriage. The form we call true love. It resembles that agape love our Father feels for us. We can never grasp it. We stumble the whole journey searching for it but one day, the stumbling stops and we find ourselves there.

    By kelsey URL on 11.26.2010

  16. Affection, that simple loyalty you don’t see too often. No ulterior motive but friendship or respect, we need more affection in the world.

    By jonathonaz URL on 11.26.2010

  17. She said it wouldn’t matter, but it did. Picking up her stuffed coat again, she stepped into the freezing rain and ran as fast as the slippery asphalt let her. It was a selfless rescue mission, but love had to mean something, right?

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.26.2010

  18. when a mother loves her child, and she cares for them, she gives them everything they could want or need. but then, when a man loves a woman, he hugs her and holds her close. These are both signs of affection, but two different kinds of love.

    By Julie on 11.26.2010

  19. She didn’t know what to do with affection. She wasn’t really used to the idea of anyone caring about her as she was now- she regarded them as irrelevant, and they chased her to lock her up and pin her down.

    But maybe she really did need it, she pondered as she studied a worn teddy bear. Perhaps everyone needed it, as they needed the gentle light of the sunrise.

    By R. Lf. M. URL on 11.26.2010

  20. Affection is a one sided feeling for most people. The way one person make you feel, is not the way you make them feel. and for that we all suffer, in the end no one knows wha tthe others felt.

    By Juan URL on 11.26.2010

  21. Affection. There is so much to say. I’m sure others could describe it but I could not. It is foreign to me, this affection. I am blind to it. I do not know how to show it, how to define it, this affection. Affection could be anything. It could be a kiss. It could be a look, a smile, a whisper. Affection is you.

    By Marrissa Gomez on 11.26.2010

  22. jim was affection deprived, all his bravado was to gain some attention, though he hated the spotlight, he needed someone to care for him.

    By Marthese Formosa URL on 11.26.2010

  23. Fuck, who needs affection when you have yourself, when you have blankets and books and things to think about. Who needs affection when everyone leaves and takes it with them. Who needs it when they don’t even remember what it’s like? Who needs it?

    By Casey on 11.26.2010

  24. show me the affection i secretly desire and long for. the truth is that i will enver tell you exactly what i want. i don;t know why i just cant. it’s not like me. i want you to really put the effort in and i’ll give you my affection for ever. be what i am looking for and you have my undivided attention. my affection forever. i really long for you and want to be next to you.

    By abra URL on 11.26.2010

  25. I love him. He is the most beautiful human being on the planet. I can’t imagine my life without him. His eyes are like two mediterranean blue oceans that cut through me every time he simply glances in my direction. I never want to let him go. But he isn’t even mine to take. How can I feel so strongly about someone who belongs to someone else. It rips me apart inside whenever I realize it. I may just have to kill myself. If I can’t have him, what’s the point in living? He is everything. He is me. He is my world. But I am nothing to him, I’m not sure he even knows my name.

    By Victoria Prince on 11.26.2010

  26. His affectionate gaze was like a napalm dandelion in her small, trembling hand. Burning and itching, but ever so comfortable and reassuring.

    By Ryan Quinn URL on 11.26.2010

  27. The word entered my mind like an arrow, passed through at an unregisterable speed, and was gone. I couldn’t think like that, not now. He stands at the front of the room and writes in big chalk letters, his arm stretching above his head to reach the top of the blackboard.

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.26.2010

  28. I would write a poem, or a sonnet, or an endless stream of rhymes, trying to describe my affection for you. But it would never be enough. There are not enough words on this earth to describe what is in my heart. I have searched far and wide to find it, but I can not. I can only think of you, and know that you are mine, and that is enough.

    By Siege URL on 11.26.2010

  29. Affection. When he wrote this word on the chalkboard in the front of the hall,, i could only sigh as the painful wave of thoughts that accompanied this word hit me square in the face. Affection. The thing i was starved of and then drowned in. Something that I feared and craved all in one package. Flashes of faces, Dad, Peter, Kelsey, all people that were related to me, tied to me because of affection. But now they were gone, and they were not going to come back. Affection, the word slowly circled through through my mind on it’s way down the drain. The numbing aftershock slowly kicking in. And again, i was focused in the lesson at the front of the hall.

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.26.2010

  30. he grazed his fingertips across her thigh, down her arm, on her face, along her side. his affection for her was clear, so why wouldn’t he be with her? why wouldn’t he leave the girlfriend that he complained about all the time, and be with her, he told her she was his favourite person, that he liked her too much, that if he could be with anyone at that moment it would be her, but he wouldn’t do it. Her mind stumbled over the reasons for that, if he told the truth with what he said, surely he would leave the girlfriend…

    By mimo1992214 URL on 11.26.2010

  31. It’s easy to be affectionate about the world when your ears are full of song and your heart full of love. For too long, I’ve been taking Brownian walks and festering in my thoughts of gloom. It really takes sitting down and listening to music to fix that. Something feels odd, like I’m using music to suppress other thoughts, or something silly like that.

    By wobster109 URL on 11.26.2010

  32. affection between gross people can really gross me out
    it’s all relative, it’s just about if you like who the affection is between
    if i’m watching my sister be affectionate with her lurking, awkward, pimply German boyfriend, then it makes me fucking gag
    but with some people, it’s okay

    By maddie on 11.26.2010

  33. there is a difference between affection and love. affection can be described. love can not.

    affection is cool. not as serious as love. not as superficial as likelihood.

    By Pressian on 11.26.2010

  34. I always wanted my dad’s affection. Or even his attention. Not once, but twice, when I made it to the final round in the spelling bee in our area he took the day off- to fix his computer. His previously fine computer. It was as if he was rubbing it subconsciously in my face, “haha I don’t love you! But I do love this computer.”

    By Andelia URL on 11.26.2010

  35. Show it, flaunt it, don’t hide it.
    Affection should be obvious.
    So act frivolous.
    Show you want the thing you want.

    By Cabalero Karakashyan URL on 11.26.2010

  36. affection is nothing to the masses, they are affectionate toward things and not people but with a flat affect affect the tides of weary chance that have nothing to do with free will, a phenomenological turing test, the nothingness.

    By john on 11.26.2010

  37. My affection for pizza is without bounds. Pizza, as they say, is delicious. The things you can put on a pizza are matched only by the things you can put on your head. Such as hats and pepperoni and mushrooms and pancakes. Ahh, pizza, my most beloved of all foodsuch concoctions. Can I live three weeks without pizza? Nay. A week perhaps at most.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.26.2010

  38. When I was a little girl, I didn’t have much of this. I kind o wondered what it was like and never really has a chance to learn what it was. I guess that’s why I’m no good with it now

    By Hayley Marie on 11.26.2010

  39. My affection for him started when I first heard the sound of his sweet voice. He was 18 years old when I met him, and I knew at that moment that I would be getting myself into trouble with this man. He had a way about him that made me weak, and tortured my stomach with twists and pains unimaginable.

    By Anna on 11.26.2010

  40. i thought i knew how this felt. the warmth, the excitement. until i fell in love with someone who never showed me this feeling ever again. she said she loved me. it was a complete lie.

    By Marisa on 11.26.2010