September 25th, 2012 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “affairs”

  1. These affairs of the heart, are making me nauseous.

    By lilldeh URL on 09.25.2012

  2. Affairs are pretty simple. Direct relation to human consciousnesses in a caged society of rules.

    By Christian Pelous URL on 09.25.2012

  3. The state of affairs. What’s going on? The circumstances. Can crisis be averted. Is there one at all?

    By Fahad on 09.25.2012

  4. affairs are what make marriages great. you can have a real constant sex partner, and then get some ass on the side. so what if your wife ends up leaving you. you still have the ass on the side. and if she’s younger, then more power to you. you can tap that and convince the dumb bitch you will marry her.

    By Vikki URL on 09.25.2012

  5. The affairs were all in order. There was nothing left to do, but she couldn’t just walk away from the desk, leave everything in the past. He was gone. She had executed everything as he had asked. So what kept her in this moment–afraid to move forward, not able to move backwards? She tapped her fingers on the mahogany wood and pressed her lips into a tight line. Moving away from this desk meant it was over–even what kept her around his life after he was gone would fade away.

    By Rena URL on 09.25.2012

  6. the matter of things, the way things are. sometimes they shouldnt happen, like in marraiges. affairs are bad in marraiges, they pretty much ruin them, you know. but daily affairs are alright, if youre not married or the affairs are like groceries and things. sometimes people think they get into affairs because they love someone but you thought that when you got married too, didnt you?

    By Audrey on 09.25.2012

  7. Affairs relate to many things. Affairs can be generalized, such as public affairs, or it can carry out a more negative connotation, such as an affair on your wife. Affairs are seen in everyday life in any given situation. (Granted that everyone cheats on their beloved, am I right? Not a comedian. Apologies.) The current affairs that come to mind are political affairs. Elections are coming up soon.

    By Ardan on 09.25.2012

  8. fuck you
    fuck you
    i wish you would
    fuck me
    leave her and
    love me
    and never
    ever come back
    to this awful place
    you and i and
    new york and
    cigarettes and
    city lights and
    your lips and
    your voice and
    your smile
    that’s all i want please
    let me have this
    tiny little love affair
    i dream of

    By Ronnie URL on 09.25.2012

  9. Affairs, legends of the human being. The affair of the cheating man with a vile woman makes the heart still and the mind vomit. The affair between the two lovers holding hands and kissing in the sunset makes the heart pump and the mind glow. The affairs of the world make the hearts stop and the minds stop with use of the bullet.

    By Badger Moore URL on 09.25.2012

  10. Affairs are for those who feel insecure. They are not sure about themselves and their feelings so they search for others. They are for those who do not, and did no know what they want. Affairs are for those who hurt.

    By Abhu URL on 09.25.2012

  11. “The current state of affairs–”

    A heavy sigh cut off the speaker. The man huffed indignantly, and cleared his throat noisily before continuing, “Are rather dire and—”

    Another sigh cut the man off again. This time, he spun around and shouted angrily at the origin of the sighs, “If you have something better to do, leave! We don’t need you help–”

    “Au contraire, my dear Lord of Chambers, you need my help rather desperately.”

    By just URL on 09.25.2012

  12. Affairs of the night. My first thought is batman. I’ve always liked the dark knight, the caped cruisader. Because he’s batman! And Robin? Don’t get me started! I love him more than any superhero. Together they break affairs between bad guys and crush the dreams of world domination. My heroes.

    By Kristina URL on 09.25.2012

  13. Affairs of the heart can be wonderful, or devastating. It seems someone always ends up with a broken heart.

    By Valerie on 09.25.2012

  14. “I’m sick of you meddling in my private affairs!” she yelled into her iPhone, “My business affairs, my hobbies, my free time, you take it all! Then she turned it off.

    By tony on 09.25.2012

  15. The affairs of life are troublesome and sometimes I wish I was a bird that could fly out from under them and sing in the tree tops.

    By Ziva on 09.25.2012

  16. I had some life wxperiences back in my days of the susalty summer tand the warm drips from the foubntain, snaky worlds of faculous munchies and ridiculous paings worried about the days the we’ll be found out

    By David on 09.25.2012

  17. I had one. It was brief but it was alive. More alive than I can hope to be again, as this one in particular was somewhat draining. Somewhat deadly. Someone died.

    By Ouija on 09.25.2012

  18. i was cheated on. i see it on tv it hurts they make it look glamous. i remeber how much it broke my heart sitting there with my boyfriend who had another girl her name was miriah and i dont know why he did it to me. why im always cheated on my hearts had enough. but why i never understood.

    By Ashley Lawrence on 09.25.2012

  19. Seemingly small affairs had been written down in greater deal than needed in this small red spiral notebook. I flipped more pages and felt the dryness of the sheets scratching against my cuticles. I knew that once she had taken me home, she was probably someone with experience. But this seemed excessive.

    There was one man in the notebook who didn’t have a last name. Either she didn’t remember it or he was one of those porn stars or strippers with one name. Probably with a “The” attached to it in a professional environment.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.25.2012

  20. To her, they weren’t affairs, not really. They were substitutes for when he wasn’t there, and if that became not just his physical absences but his emotional ones as well, well, she wasn’t going to deprive herself.

    By alleycat URL on 09.25.2012

  21. probably the worst thing in existence. You do NOT want to be caught in an affair with someone, especially when you are already in a relationship with someone else. Dangerous move.

    By Alexis on 09.25.2012

  22. Affairs of the heart. I love that phrase. It has a lovely sound to it.

    By paulie aragon on 09.25.2012

  23. he cheated on me. with texts i found out. i found out and he brought her to his house. why are affairs made to be glamorous. they break hearts they break everything. trust confidence..

    By AshleyKay URL on 09.25.2012

  24. a scared
    pair dissipates
    like energy
    into heated arguments

    an augmented ego
    seeks out a bird
    sneaking teeny pieces
    of woodchip
    with every visit
    to the home nest

    By Phil on 09.25.2012

  25. affairs must suck. i would hate to find out that my boyfriend was having an affair on me. why would somebody go to that extreme

    By mistee URL on 09.25.2012

  26. Let’s see where this takes us. You knew I loved him the day we melded bodies, the day we became the extra in the room. And I still do. And I always will. From his smile to those gorgeous teeth, sinking deep into my shoulder as he caresses me with his various parts. And what do I do with you? What do we do now, after all you’ve done for me, that I’ve decided he was always worth the guilt?

    By Trey URL on 09.25.2012

  27. “You know,” he says in a way that makes her think that he is trying to be suave. “I am no stranger to affairs.” He raises an eyebrow before he slinks out of the room. “Think about it.”
    All she thinks about after he is gone is her overwhelming desire to vomit.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.25.2012

  28. Familiar and transient like the affairs of two old lovers. Stay awhile.

    By dan URL on 09.25.2012

  29. She was just “hanging” with him he told me. It was “No big deal.” He told me that I was overreacting and that they were just friends. There was no reason for me to be jealous because at the end of the night, he was coming home to me. Not her. He loved me.

    By Helen Kim on 09.25.2012

  30. He asked her if she had had any affair during the last 2 months, to what she answered veemently that she hadn’t. Although obviously lying he believed her and, in his inocence, never got to know the affairs she had kept during the past half a year.

    By Ishimimoto URL on 09.25.2012

  31. love passion resentment anger hurt, loyalty dunzo out of body out of mind in body wannabe mind unfair don’t care love lost mistrust mindfuck. we all win, we all lose. love lost. mistrust.

    By Christina Harrell on 09.25.2012

  32. Private affair. One day we had one. Then it turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Did it ever end? I can’t tell. I haven’t reached the end yet. But when we do get there, what will it all mean? I loved you. You loved me. We loved each other differently, separately. And now we no longer can be ourselves around each other. Where did we go wrong?

    By Kari on 09.25.2012

  33. Don’t meddle in others’ affairs. Stick to what involves you and don’t poke around in things that aren’t your business.

    By Kaylalala URL on 09.25.2012

  34. that damn dress. I wore it that night, he was wearing tha shirt. I danced because I was off work, I danced because I could. Now I am here, done dancing and cold. He isasleep. How do I leave without him waking up. or noticing the ring on my finger. when did I notice his?

    By Irene on 09.25.2012

  35. He was a boy with so many things that bothered him. Once, his father had an affair with one woman and he found out, but he never told his mother about it for fear that they would break up. He kept quiet a lot of times, but because of that he was very alone. He did things on his own and made no friends at all.

    By Segunda Katigbak URL on 09.25.2012

  36. The are so many different affairs int he world. In relationships as well as everyday life. There are good ones as well as bad. I never get excited about having an affair. lol I hope my lover doesn’t either.

    By StatisPulse on 09.25.2012

  37. One thing is certain: she didn’t mean to hurt him. Pain was inevitable in love. There was nothing that could stop the hurt.

    By Segunda Katigbak URL on 09.25.2012

  38. “no, I will not have an affair,” she mumbled as she tumbled out of the disheveled and sweat-drenched bed where a stranger lie asleep on the other side.

    By Pip URL on 09.25.2012

  39. Affairs, why they happen, I’ll never understand. The longing for the forbidden fruit, perhaps? The butterflies you get in the pit of your stomach, knowing your breaking a vow? I’ll never understand it, really. Maybe the adrenaline rush? Maybe people are just vile.

    By Bree URL on 09.25.2012

  40. You hear about affairs all the time. You hear about how it affects the other person, the person who was cheated on. You hear about affairs, but it’s different when someone is the one having an affair, when your someone is having an affair, with someone else. It kills. And it makes you want to fall of a cliff, or jump, or hurt yourself, or cry. Especially when you hear the word affairs. Affairs are terrible.

    By alex URL on 09.25.2012