September 25th, 2012 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “affairs”

  1. hidden objectives. not fair. not healthy. why? tell me before it happens. i just don’t understand.

    By Alicia on 09.25.2012

  2. Go away I’m busy.
    Said the the father to the son, waving his hand dismissively, swatting some paper from a huge pile of letters. The leaning tower begins to sway and bend, littering the floor with envelopes when it comes chasing down on the floor.
    Leave them, just go, I’m busy!
    I left, no knowing what else to do. The rain stopped so I explored the street. At ten afternoon the lights illuminating the side walks were strangely beautiful. I took a walk.
    No moon, No clouds just the endless fires of the stars hanging just above the city’s glow. And feeling somewhat robbed of the full experience, a decision was made to hike upon the nearest non-populated hill and gaze from it, so that I may see the heavens’ true might.
    It took a while, it took some walking, but I’m here now.
    And what I see is not just the glow above, but also below. Our very own constellations and nebulas, a whole universe of lamps and headlights all scurrying along on their own affairs.
    I’ve here for a while now. And it helps me to see just how many problems we have struggled with to get here, and tells me I can certainly get over my own business without cutting in on other’s time.

    -longer that 60 secs-

    By Luka URL on 09.25.2012

  3. “I don’t care about the affair.” I didn’t want to call it his relationship, his other life. I didn’t want to think about what could make me feel guilty right then. I wanted to live in the moment and do what felt right; I already knew I’d feel like shit later. “So?” I asked roughly, but the knots in my stomach twisted tighter with anticipation. “Let’s go,” he said, and the knots fled from my false sense of confidence.

    By Marissa URL on 09.25.2012

  4. Affairs. I scoffed. Why would someone cheat on the one they were with? It’s awful to think someone could do that to another.


    By Adamantia URL on 09.25.2012

  5. The affairs of life.
    Ruin everything.
    Or they ruin nothing at all.
    What ever you make of it.
    We’ve all had affairs.
    The ones you look up to have affairs.
    Everything is an affair.

    By Maya on 09.25.2012

  6. She had affairs with everyone she knew. Like all the guys in her office and university when she did her masters. She was cheating on everyone at the same time. LOL she was beat too. and a slu too. So yeah. She got promoted to the executive department. And she earned a lotta money just because she had affairs with everyone.

    By akshaya on 09.25.2012

  7. Her hands were sweaty. This was new. A different kind of experience.
    He liked her
    She thought too much…or not enough or maybe just enough
    He like her a lot
    She picked up the black dress and it slipped from her palms. Clearly that wasn’t the one.
    He wanted her.
    Oh god what if he just wanted her.
    He needed her.
    She smiled at herself in the mirror. It was okay to just be wanted wasn’t it? I mean…he had a wife. He had kids. Aw, hell what was she doing? She was gonna get nowhere with this. Just another lousy lover to roll around with and call it a night.
    She didn’t seem like the type of person who slept around.
    He would change that.

    By Caitlin Turnage on 09.25.2012

  8. Love affairs doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is physically connection with more than one person. Emotional connections exist and are very difficult to deal with.

    By aks on 09.25.2012

  9. As she was driving home after work, she recalled the message she received earlier. It had been her husband’s voice on the machine, reminding someone of their plans immediately after work that day. And the woman thought to herself, “I thought he was going to be late for a meeting…” With that, she turned the steering wheel, headed for her husband’s office.

    By Morgan URL on 09.25.2012

  10. organise your affairs with controlled chaos; you have an eye for it. Add a little colour here, a sprinkle of glitter there. Boldboldbold. Brighten up your life, make things happen. Confidence is key.

    By Kim URL on 09.25.2012

  11. fancy affairs, soft golden hairs, people engaging in love by the pairs. look over there, look but dont stare, why the fuck dont somethings have to be fair?

    Affairs, beat snares, the sailor woman swears, tears, bares, dares, aaah! affairs!

    By Soulsway URL on 09.25.2012

  12. secret affairs with my heart that my mind does not know about
    listening to my heartbeat and ignoring logic and common sense
    living on the edge and following the road i rarely travel
    secret affairs with risk

    By paige URL on 09.25.2012

  13. Home affaires affaires of the heart I’ve had an amazing affaire with a great man spanning over 20 years in between husbands wives boy friends and gir.
    Lfriends then when we both fell in love with our partners we became wonderfully friends until his untimely death I will remember this relationship with fondness for the rest of my life So always take the moment when it presents itself because you never know where it will lead you

    By Steph on 09.25.2012

  14. People have them, important or not
    They can turn out to be
    The way we run into each other
    During our affairs
    It’s no wonder that we made such a mess
    During our affairs
    The papers on the floor

    By Erwalton URL on 09.25.2012

  15. Every Monday at 10:30. We meet and she unloads. I swirl images in my cappuccino while she talks. Her job, her boyfriend, her Mother, her doctors, her issues, her affairs.

    By penny dreadful URL on 09.25.2012

  16. affairs.
    love affairs.
    everyday affairs.
    a business conduction
    a heart breaking.
    a whispered secret,
    a peanut butter sandwich on a picnic blanket.
    who talked to whom,
    who kissed whom.
    who is
    who isnt
    what we are
    who we are with
    the affairs of men.
    oh so simple
    oh so complicated.

    By jane doe URL on 09.25.2012

  17. Affairs are bad. People cheat on people. While married. That’s really bad. That makes people sad. I have never experienced having an affair, though I do think it’ll give a rush. I think an affair is worse then cheating.

    By Summer on 09.25.2012

  18. Become the curse of the mind and libido. Both win and both loss.

    By Karen on 09.25.2012

  19. He doesn’t know anything but this
    This is what he was raised to know is home
    From the squeaky swinging door to the stain on the coffee table
    It seemed okay

    It all felt right
    Even when he hit her hard
    Daddy always told him Mom was gonna be okay
    Everytime that other lady came home
    Mom was gonna be okay
    It seemed okay

    By Caroline on 09.25.2012

  20. Tener un affair es vivir al máximo el amor, la vida, la pasión.
    Se vive intesamente, sin sufrir, sin ataduras, sin compromisos.
    ¿Te enamoraste?- Perdiste.

    By Paola on 09.25.2012

  21. of the heart? or those nasty kind that get married people in all kinds of trouble? Or like, getting affairs in order? None are particularly pleasant. getting affairs in order implies you’re going to die. Married people getting in trouble is never a good thing, and affairs of the heart, oh man that’s a WHOLE nother story

    By Lizzie URL on 09.25.2012

  22. It was unlikely that she was his first. His answer to her invitation was easy, as if he didn’t need to mull over it. He was ready to add this tryst to his collection of affairs.

    By Clarity URL on 09.25.2012

  23. Little people have affairs. I don’t. I don’t meddle with them. I don’t puncture them – I just sit back and shake my head. Much like you do when you’re disappointed. I mean, how many affairs does it take to change a lightbulb? I don’t know, because they’re too damn busy crying and blaming eachother for putting out the light.

    By riley URL on 09.25.2012

  24. affairs they start with sombody that loves one another and then they always one of the partners does something stupid and falls for another, then the other feels like she/he isnt good enough.

    By The Doctor on 09.25.2012

  25. Ok. One last comment on “affairs.” Keep them honest. Cheating is when you lie about what you’re up to, but being up front means no secrets. “No secrets” means being free to enjoy whatever the hell it is you do during these little liaisons.

    Really, it’s not so bad if everyone knows the score as expectations are kept in check. And “responsibility” is not a terrible word either.

    Honesty. It’s a thing. Practice it often.

    By David on 09.25.2012

  26. Affairs

    My affairs or yours? I’d like to keep mine mine, but there’s always someone that seems to think it’s theirs.

    By Astraiana on 09.25.2012

  27. I tend to avoid the affairs of my neighbors for a simple reason.
    They shout in pointless arguments over little things in front of their fat, stupid children.

    By Andre Toscano URL on 09.25.2012

  28. people having sex who aren’t supposed to. cheating. something on the side. something no one knows about, or is supposed to know about. two lovers. two lovers who aren’t supposed to be in love. lovers. s

    By jillinger on 09.25.2012

  29. Current affairs dictate the atmosphere of our life some days. Then again, so do other affairs. We are pulled in a constant tide of back and forth emotion conditions which are dictated by affairs. High affair or low affair, we realize that there is always something happening in life that demands our attention. Affairs are no less attention worthy. We are less than whole as people, so affairs will happen.

    By Roxanne URL on 09.25.2012

  30. There was no way i could handle all of these affairs. I had to get out, had to breath, had to exist in a deeper peace than tye one they had planned. But i lacked the courage. Or rather, i had it, but coukdn’t compress it into action in my nervous system. And all tgis happened in the course of infintesimal seconds. Once again i found myself in awe of the human potential that everyone else seemed to ignore. It took my breath away. Byt not my courage. It simoly had to be done. I blinked, vreathed, and stepped out the door to put my plans into action.

    By Zaya Crane on 09.25.2012

  31. Drowning in affairs,
    plagued by issues
    all of which seem do drift
    carelessly through my mind.
    how do I care about these things,
    when I am so hopelessly in love.

    By Sabrina URL on 09.25.2012

  32. pre marital bad horrible i would never want anyone to have to find out that someone they love and care about has been doing something has horrible as this behind their backs. Sex with someone when you’re with someone else is just bad. Ofcourse this could also refer to business affairs nothing to do with sex. But we always think of the scandalous things firsts.

    By Nikki on 09.25.2012

  33. nasty but happens all the time, people should stop that!

    By jet on 09.25.2012

  34. i know what i was on, i had a pilot jones. she took me high, than she took me home. pilot jones
    pilot jones
    just don’t why i keep on trying keep a grown man sober
    see there, the reaching up the blouse
    and no i don’t want to shout
    but i aint been touched in a while
    with the dealer and the stoner,
    with the sweetest kiss I’ve ever known

    By Danielle Burke on 09.25.2012

  35. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the messed up heads of the people who decide to have affairs. How the hell do they justify that? The guilt? The evil? They have to be real monsters. To rid yourself of all morals and simply harm someone else in the worst way possible.

    By Sarah on 09.25.2012

  36. You and I
    Are a series of affairs
    We will never stay until the morning
    We will never make each other breakfast
    Or fall desperately into each other
    No house
    No kids
    Just time filled with physical nights
    And mornings of regret

    By fluxandflow URL on 09.25.2012

  37. State of affairs in the most prim and pretty, lovely instances. That’s what “it” was. If you could call it that.

    By Wendy URL on 09.25.2012

  38. An affair – it sounds like such a beautiful, light, airy word, doesn’t it? It was a wonderful state of affairs. I went to a fair. The f, ending in a light r. It brings to mind dual images, of rich old men and cheating, heartbreak, betrayal. It’s a pity.

    By callsforatoast URL on 09.25.2012

  39. nothing good, a man and a woman being together adulterous. something you do, something that has to be put in order before you die, a challenge to be faced. can be foreign; political

    By Laurissa Beck on 09.25.2012

  40. The brief affairs were never meant anything,.. until meeting John Darcy the debonair author with a kinky way of….

    By Sarah on 09.25.2012