November 13th, 2011 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “abstract”

  1. It was amazing. She had never seen such pure art. The way the colors contrasted on the canvas; it left her speechless. Abstract art has always appealed to her, but the art seemed to come from Johnny’s soul, enveloping around her, causing her to look at him in a new way. Maybe love? No, it can’t be. She bit her lip and forced out a goodbye, rushing out his studio as fast as she could.

    By Nadia D. URL on 11.13.2011

  2. Thinking and art. Sometimes lead you to concrete things. Those feelings that you can’t describe. Love. All lead to that person that caused those feelings. The person that holds you and makes you feel safe. And safety is never abstract.

    By ahamoments URL on 11.13.2011

  3. unsigned – unannounced – soggy crackers in my soup – I wish I hadn’t put them there.. oh well I’ll just admire it’s beauty and pass it over to her.

    By blue URL on 11.13.2011

  4. The couple walked around the art museum, observing each work. Marley halted at a picture of immense size, causing her husband to halt as well. She was entranced by the red swirls and loops that covered the colossal canvas.
    “What does it look like to you,” her husband asked curiously.
    “I…I don’t really know. It’s so abstract, but really lovely all the same,” she replied with a smile.

    By " on 11.13.2011

  5. Abstract is not a random expression, it is a complexity that only true minds can understand and appreciate.

    By pinky on 11.13.2011

  6. abstract drawing is the best. it makes you think. like outside the box. abstract paintings are beautiful and are very expensive. like i can draw a red square on a white piece of paper or canvas or whatever. think outside the box.

    By waterwithlemon URL on 11.13.2011

  7. oh my what a mess!!! it look like something Jackson Pollock did in the bathroom – well then- maybe I should frame it up!!

    By Dylan Nearly URL on 11.13.2011

  8. I love the abstract – abstract thoughts, abstract thoughts made into abstract art, abstract art invoking abstract thoughts. The circle of the abstract…

    By knighttime on 11.13.2011

  9. Abstract is something that you can never predict. Its wild and crazy and never really meets to the expectations you have. Its different and in a way it kinda represents my life. It’s a messed up blur of color and memories and such. My life is abstract, and sometimes I wish it wasn’t.

    By Alexis M. URL on 11.13.2011

  10. she squinted towards the slants of light coming through the stained glass
    as it made bright patterns on the stained linoleum
    it was abstract
    something not quite there
    but somehow-
    it meant something
    maybe just because she imagined there was hidden meaning
    or maybe just because

    By Annie URL on 11.13.2011

  11. that which is not defined by anything concrete. Love is abstract, because its different for everybody. A tree is not abstract because its the same for everybody, a tree is a tree.

    By Wilmarie on 11.13.2011

  12. the way my mind works seems abstract, everything fleeting, in no definitive order, no shape or reason.

    By Finn on 11.13.2011

  13. Abstract it that which is not concrete, what we cannot define, what has no simple explanation, that which can be viewed differently by everybody. Love is abstract because everyone feels it differently. A tree is not abstract because its an object that will always be the same to everybody.

    By wilmarie URL on 11.13.2011

  14. beaiful, creativ, awesome, unique,

    By Layla Riverl on 11.13.2011

  15. It makes sense in my head, probably not enough that sharing it would make sense. It would be great if these abstract thoughts made sense out loud.

    By travelingalisssa URL on 11.13.2011

  16. Is abstract an abstract concept? An abstract painting, an abstract idea, an abstract thought.

    By Mary Katherine URL on 11.13.2011

  17. some track {}
    full ferry bitch

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 11.13.2011

  18. I like abstract art. Paintings. Photography. I like how in this form of art, there are no definite images or messages. It’s open to interpretation. It shows creativity of the mind. I think it’s because I relate to being abstract.

    By Evelyn URL on 11.13.2011

  19. The people’s views
    of each other,
    are so skewed
    by hate
    and prejudice.

    The world is tearing
    at it’s worn out seams.
    Everyone bashes another,
    no hope in joining together
    to save the land
    beneath our feet.

    Humanity must abstract
    it’s views of those who differ
    from our cookie cutter clusters,
    and step out of bounds,
    become slightly uncomfortable,
    take chances, be daring,
    if it means saving
    what’s left
    of our

    By zoe URL on 11.13.2011

  20. Abstract, it’s an artistic approach to things, trying to imagine real life as something unreal I suppose. Though some people carry this concept way too far. For example, throwing paint on a canvas is not art. anyone can do it, It’s not exactly talent. :/

    By Mary URL on 11.13.2011

  21. strange

    By Suzie75 URL on 11.13.2011

  22. The paint splattered across the canvas. Yellow, blue, black, orange. Abstract. She didn’t understand abstract. The concrete quality of the canvas with splattered paint was all that she saw. She could not see beneath the paint into the chaotic world that it embodied. She could not see beyond, nor did she wish to see.

    By Celia on 11.13.2011

  23. Don’t you worry your pretty little mind,
    People throw rocks at things that shine,
    And life makes love look hard.
    The stakes are high,
    The water’s rough,
    But this love is Ours.

    By Allie URL on 11.13.2011

  24. Her abstract painting was a beautiful masterpiece. She had given it to me as a gift for my 20th birthday, I hung the painting on my bedroom wall directly across from my bed so I can imagine myself there right before I fall asleep. It bring me a sense of tranquility.

    By Eden on 11.13.2011

  25. etched in hoarfrost
    on this morning’s window~
    an abstract design

    By haikusue URL on 11.13.2011

  26. In the abstract, life can be confusing. Sometimes, it’s best to take it at it’s day to day simplest form. Facts. Look at the facts and not the speculations. This, of course, has it’s drawbacks, as well, so take this advice with a grain of salt.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 11.13.2011

  27. You say I’m not an artist
    Because all of my drawings
    Are abstract shapes
    You say I’m not a realist
    Because my imagination
    Is abstractly strange

    By Adrian URL on 11.13.2011

  28. His mind was very mysterious. No one knew what really went through it. Millions of ideas would pass , and that was just within the minutes. His mind was only creadted every 10 or so generations. He was one of a kind. unique. abstract.

    By Em URL on 11.13.2011

  29. This world is filled with abstract things. It can be ideas, ideoligies, phrophecies, philosophies. Anything. And if you think about it, it’s what makes this world all the more complicated. Incredible!

    By Paul on 11.13.2011

  30. I think most of my art is abstract. I feel like I’m not really on the same brainwave of everyone else in the world, and I can’t seem to see or relate to what they’re seeing. When I try to see from their perspective, it just seems so surreal. Can they really be believing that this is real life?

    By M URL on 11.13.2011

  31. A young girl sat on the swing silently. She looked at her feet, not moving. Every once in a while she would glance at the other children as they played. A pain went through her chest and her tears that she was holding onto so tightly finally fell.

    By Brianna on 11.13.2011

  32. I’m not weird, I’m abstract…..

    By CourtneyTheFish URL on 11.13.2011

  33. There’s a lot of emphasis on the abstract telling more than the concrete. However, as I stand in this exhibit, I find myself more drawn to the chair with nails sticking out of its seat than the blur of colors on the canvas nearby. The canvas is called Somethingus Latinus. The chair? “Chair With Nails.” Which one makes me think more? You make the conclusion.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.13.2011

  34. Paintings. A summary of a scientific report. It’s not concrete, not easily defined.

    By Claudia URL on 11.13.2011

  35. you were like a picasso hanging seemingly harmless on a white wall. you certainly weren’t breathtaking or beautiful. but something about you made you stand out against all the other canvases that lined the white wash walls. your loud colours, awkward darting angles and unpredictable or unreadable moods made you unbearably frustrating. why couldn’t you be a monet or carmichael? paint yourself the colours and shapes to blend in with the rest on the gallery walls. just a plain picturesque landscape, or a pretty face, something that didn’t require much thinking and didn’t inspire meaning. why couldn’t you be something that i could understand? something i could glance at and never wonder what i was missing if i didn’t take a second (or a third) look. i knew it was wrong to stare, but i hoped if i looked long enough, i might resent you like i eventually did with all the others. for god sakes, hurry up and disappoint me.

    By Taylor K URL on 11.13.2011

  36. Abstract thoughts clouding my mind, snowman, shivering in the winter chill, dogs, begging for some of the feast on the Christmas table, Salvador Dali, he’s pretty abstract.

    By somebody on 11.13.2011

  37. it’s amazing
    how just one piece of abstract artwork
    has provoked so many different thoughts.

    By Rivkah S. URL on 11.13.2011

  38. Poodles walking on thin air,
    Caressed the inner thigh of their giant magical master.

    No, this isn’t bestiality, nor do I have any idea why I chose inner thigh.

    Perhaps it’s to represent vulnerability and quivering tension, not anything sexual or bestial.
    The poodles: Beasts, yet well groomed. Representing the primal energy of taking a leap into nothingness, and finding out that we are actually okay.

    Everything could have a meaning.
    But it’s probably different than where your mind is headed.

    By Siege URL on 11.13.2011

  39. Abstraction. What could it be? Really, it’s just whatever is on your mind. Make it up. It’ll alwYs become what you make it out to be. So decide. Go with it. And be confident.

    By Baybay URL on 11.13.2011

  40. The word “abstract” leads me to think of abstract art, though I’m not sure why. I think abstract, when it comes to art, is awarded without much thought. I see pieces that are labeled as “abstract” that aren’t striking or thought-provoking. I know the saying is “To each his own,” but sometimes it’s just a bunch of scribbling a 3-year-old could do.

    By grace URL on 11.13.2011