October 7th, 2013 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “aboard”

  1. Jessie looked at me with her enormous puppyeyes. “Come, jump aboard!” she begged me.

    By Lore on 10.07.2013

  2. I climbed aboard the ship and looked around in amazement. It was enormous and so luxurious. I had no idea we would be traveling aboard such an amazing vessel. Everything was glass and shiny. There were people in uniforms all around and I had never felt so rich in all my life. We made our way to our cabin and my amazement ceased.

    By Rachel Marcouiller on 10.07.2013

  3. All aboard the cling film she hissed, as we jumped from the pot and into the skeletons mouth. Nobody wanted to admit that the thing about skeletons is that they don’t need to do anything, but they do things anyways. They have dog logic and for that reason they might make good pets.

    By creepestbloom URL on 10.07.2013

  4. I hopped aboard the ship, I was instantly overwhelmed, the crew were menacing beyond compare; I looked above me and was overcome with poles and flags and bars! I must get off this wooden hell hole before I meet my death…

    By Jenny on 10.07.2013

  5. All aboard! Can’t remember how many times I’ve heard those words. For all the times that I’ve had the opportunity to climb aboard a ship and embark on a new adventure.

    By Doug on 10.07.2013

  6. “all aboard the crazy train!” the conductor himself sounds a little maniacal. he laughs a strange laugh and pulls the cord on a strange bell, giving off an odd little clang reminiscent of the alarms that went off in the crazy house. the train creaks off on uneven wheels, a strange little string of cars going everywhere and nowhere.

    By firelight URL on 10.07.2013

  7. I jumped, and jumped, until I finally got aboard; it was no easy job getting places when you’re a rat. My family were way ahead, even Jimmy was out of sight, how did he get in front of me!? I would have to hurry up if I was going to win this race.

    By Jenny URL on 10.07.2013

  8. Hop aboard and my soul you’ll find
    This train is neverending, so is my mind.
    You’re mysterious and lovely.
    I want you all day.
    Your smile is contagious
    And I just had to say.

    By Nicola URL on 10.07.2013

  9. All ABOARD, the conductor tells the passengers waiting to board the train for destinations unknown. She is thinking hard about whether she should go, what she needs to do, what will make her life better… Is this it? Is this her ticket out of here?

    By Sabrina on 10.07.2013

  10. I was coming aboard the ship with expectations of something amazing. Who knew what was really ahead was nothing but dreadful terror. I always thought I was strong, but what lied ahead would prove that if I were to survive, I would need strength beyond any I had ever known.

    By Emily URL on 10.07.2013

  11. I hop aboard the train, waving goodbye to my parents. It will be six years until I see them again. I feel a little sad that I won’t be going home for Christmas like I normally do, but i am more excited than anything. It’s finally my time. This will be my chance to prove I am powerful, strong and make a name for myself.

    By Emma on 10.07.2013

  12. Welcome aboard the pain train! Please buckle your seatbelt, but be prepared for one agonizing ride. We will start with a brief breakfast of habanero horror and tabasco tyranny, followed by a tall glass of fire and brimstone. Don’t expect to cool down much, because once we reach the tunnel, it’ll be all about quick jabs to the stomach and fleeting lances of sharp discomfort. Have a blast – if you last!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.07.2013

  13. The train was late again, I don’t think I’ll be on time for classes at this rate. Why is the woman standing next to me on the platform staring at me? A take a quick glance at her and find her staring intently at my backpack with a blank expression. “You’re bag is leaking,” she says in a monotone voice.

    By cueshma URL on 10.07.2013

  14. The train horn screams it’s agony, pushing it to the edges of the trees. I’m gone.

    By Beth A URL on 10.07.2013

  15. When i went upon the ship, I began to remember all the tragedies I once knew. I became weary and needed to sit down to catch my breath. Was this really happening to me? I began to realize I was a mistake.

    By Leatha Silcox on 10.07.2013

  16. welcome home captain he said as i sauntered onto the deck. it has been twenty years since i was on this ship. twenty years of travel, marriage, children and simple jobs that left me wanting what i could no longer see. the open air. the setting sun that mirrored into the abyss of the universe.

    By kate on 10.07.2013

  17. The ship’s horn broke into the bustling city’s atmosphere as the newlyweds waved to their friends and family goodbye

    By priscilla on 10.07.2013

  18. As I climbed aboard the ship, I was so happy to be leaving the place that I thought I would love forever. How did I come so far, or rather, fall so far from grace, that my home was no longer a welcoming location for me? Wherever I ended up now would be my new home, complete with a new life. As my foot fell on the wooden flooring of the large ship, I could smell the ocean breeze, and under that, new possibilities.

    By Emily on 10.07.2013

  19. “All aboard!”
    “Jimmy, Daddy has to do work right now. I can’t play trains with you right now.” Jimmy replied with a pout, crossing his arms and plopping down on the floor.

    By kristina URL on 10.07.2013

  20. “Permission to come aboard, sir!” he shouted, almost too eagerly being how plastered he was. He hadn’t been in the Navy for thirty years, but it obviously hadn’t left him, because as his mind went, it traveled back to those days of swabbing decks and signaling craft of any possible sign of danger. His words were sure, but slurred, as he assumed a failed position of attention and fell backwards right onto his hospital bed.

    By Samantha URL on 10.07.2013

  21. All aboard. No idea where we’re going. Let’s enjoy the trip. Wander dusty backblocks of the mind. Travel broadens the mind and empties the wallet. No money means no trips abroad. Narrow mind.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 10.07.2013

  22. up, up. up and away.
    i soar the skies,
    with the birds.
    i feel the wind
    in my face.
    up in this plane.

    By Karen Michelle Victoriano URL on 10.07.2013

  23. “All, aboard!” The ship went on for sailing. The captain is telling everyone what to do. I was feeling the breeze. I will help the cook later. This is my first sailing. I really like ships, and the water. The water was amazing. The ocean! It’s going to be an adventure.
    There are dolphins that you can see swimming. And so does some schools of fishes. yummy! Fishes! I love fish. they are healthy for you. Suddenly, there is a fish so big! bigger than the rest! What is it? I took a closer look and it has a body with long blonde hair! A mermaid! She is so beautiful. I could see her swim. then in an instant she was gone! Then I woke up. It was only a dream.

    By roze_princess URL on 10.07.2013

  24. I am climbing aboard the ship of teaching “unblocking writer’s block”. The water is still in the midst of a storm but seems to be calming down as I keep writing.

    By Danielle on 10.07.2013

  25. when i was little my brother use to watch thomas the train a lot. and i remember he use to want to be a train conductor going around with a little hat on screaming “all aboard” to everybody and i look at him now and he’s so much different. i’m not going to be a lame little girl and say “what happened to his childhood? his innocence?” because i know what happened. he grew up just like everyone does, he’s nothing special and he never was. he was just a little boy who’s no longer all that little.

    By shayla URL on 10.07.2013

  26. Starting with all aboard is cliche, but i’ll bite. All aboard, the giant chicken said! Coem and see for your selves! How far we’ve come in tear gas technology! Hop in our love boat and hear all about our brief presentation followed by a cruise in the shit mountains!

    By bird on 10.07.2013

  27. I jumped aboard the train without a care in the world. I was not sure where I was going but I knew that this time it would be different. All those people who thought they knew me really had no idea just who I was or where I was going. If they knew, they would have done things differently as well. But for them, it was too late.

    By Jenn Temple on 10.07.2013

  28. aboard the ship sat three men, salt dusted their dirty faces as the taunting evening sun still warmed the summer sea air. Forlorn expressions relaxed onto the faces of the men who knew their death was near, approaching them in the form of a large vessel with many a cannon.

    By Jade URL on 10.07.2013

  29. Aboard the ship, he stood about the railing, watched as the waves lapped against his vessel and contemplated. He was unsure where he was going, and certainly didn’t know why, but he knew anywhere was better than home. If he could just get away, he would be okay.

    By Kiana on 10.07.2013

  30. You get to see many people aboard the ship. So many wonderful mothers, fathers, actors, nurses, families, even co-workers, ride this ship. I just started working as a server here. The SS Mode. I call it a she, because everyone who owns, operates, and works on this ship has to consider it a female.

    By Denise Watson URL on 10.07.2013

  31. We all climbed aboard the ship. Fatigue had settled into my skin, making it hard for me to put effort into swinging myself over the side onto the deck. Thankfully, someone reached down and pulled me up.

    By umbazachika URL on 10.07.2013

  32. Ahoy! Come along my friend. We have places to be. People to see. Things to feel. Things to learn yet, so we must go. Far away. As far as we can get, as wide as we can get. And then maybe we will be enough.

    By audrey URL on 10.07.2013

  33. What this word means? I think it’s about joining others in their journey, as a lad coming with marines — to explore the wide sea, to learn to trust, to learn to be brave…

    By Ryan URL on 10.07.2013

  34. Welcome aboard to the death ship! We here are you friendly staff, awaiting to service on your journey through death and into the afterlife, below your seat is a safety precautions list of what to do if this ship suddenly plunges into sudden turmoil.

    By safia URL on 10.07.2013

  35. She climbed aboard the canoe, grabbed the paddle, and began her trek down the beautiful peaceful river.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.07.2013

  36. The ship begins to leave the small port and Lucy watches with melancholy eyes. This place was her home but soon she would another place to call home, a bigger place with grass and the ocean as her backyard. She had to say good bye and move on to the exciting adventure that lay before her.

    By Iris URL on 10.07.2013

  37. There was nobody aboard the submarine really, it was all a fantasy. The four of them were only drawings, they had never even been in the same room during the production of the film.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.07.2013

  38. The wind whipped at her hair as she stuck her head out of the open window, drawing some annoyed glances from other passengers in the car; she couldn’t find it in her to care. This was her moment – her new adventure, new beginning, and if she wanted to stick her head out a window then she could. This was it! The city stretched out before her, faint glowing lights on the horizon, promising her wonderous things, dreams, dances, moments, adventures. She was ready.

    By Christinymous on 10.07.2013

  39. The wind whipped at her hair as she stuck her head out of the open window, drawing some annoyed glances from other passengers in the car; she couldn’t find it in her to care. This was her moment – her new adventure, new beginning, and if she wanted to stick her head out a window then she could. This was it! The city stretched out before her, faint glowing lights on the horizon, promising her wondrous things, dreams, dances, moments, adventures. She was ready for it all. From the moment the conductor had called “All aboard!” hours before, she was ready. From the moment she bought the ticket. From the moment she first started planning. First started dreaming. Here was that fulfillment.

    By Christinymous URL on 10.07.2013

  40. When people think of the word abroad, they usually think about going to a foreign nation or what have you. The word, however, makes me think of traveling around the seven seas. It makes me think of a boat, chiefly.

    By Erin Braxton URL on 10.07.2013