October 7th, 2013 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “aboard”

  1. Of course, it takes a massive, unforeseen change, as if brought about by the hand of God, in order for one’s life to take such an abrupt turn. And, in my case, that was my first trip abroad. And somehow, in three months’ time, I found myself wandering in the claustrophobic alleyways of Fez, the Moroccan sun turning my hair the color of weak tea and my skin the same color as the dye in the peddler ladies’ pots of rouge.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.07.2013

  2. you should be packaged like pills; prescription labels, tight caps
    something to warn me about addiction and relapse
    I float on a high, but in a grave that I’ve dug
    the beat of your heart is one hell of a drug.

    By Carly URL on 10.07.2013

  3. I stumble too near to the ship’s railing, almost losing my lunch over its heaving side. The waves crash with thunderous anger, and we rock back and forth, back and forth in churning slate-colored water. I regret coming aboard—we all do, but whether or not we’re willing to admit it is another thing altogether.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.07.2013

  4. The seas were rough, and I stumbled back and forth as waves battered the boat. It was just a little speedboat, supposed to be a casual fishing trip, a little distance from shore for a little privacy and maybe some better bites. But as icy water splashed over the edges, I knew that our innocent little trip out had now become a struggle for survival.

    By Kristen URL on 10.07.2013

  5. “Climb aboard son” the man said. “Where’s this train headed?” I ask him and I put my foot onto the platform. He said “It’s headed to new orleans, but you can jump off any time you’d like”. And I turned and blew her a kiss goodbye.

    By TheSenrac URL on 10.07.2013

  6. aboard, ça commence mal, suis-je dedans, dehors, à bord de quoi ? un site sur l’écriture et déjà je me

    By calama URL on 10.07.2013

  7. I was aboard a ship traveling to the great beyond. The great beyond, far across the vast ocean, to a brand new world that had never been seen before. I was aboard a ship that rocked with the waves and would carry me through the storms to the great beyond.

    By Amanda on 10.07.2013

  8. The ship took off. She was sailing or the first time. The wind blew through her hair and she turned and smiled at me. I felt a warm buzz as I watched her stand and look at the water below. we hit something. She fell. I jumped in after her trying to rescue her. But we’re both made of metal and we sunk.

    By Cabaretclubs on 10.07.2013

  9. “All aboard!”
    The conductor called his age-old saying to the mostly empty platform. Few people in the states took trains these days, and even fewer even had their ears open to hear his call. New technology filled the ear canals of the new youths with music or conversation. Sometimes he thought about stepping off of the train after it had pulled away from the station to see if anyone would notice him then.

    By Katie Wright URL on 10.07.2013

  10. You jump onto the train. It’s going so fast. You feel free at last. No wires to hold you back or circuits to connect to. You have flesh and you can finally feel the breeze. You are finally free and happy. You look at your love. He smiles at you and you smile back.

    By Melodia URL on 10.07.2013

  11. aboard this ship, i sail the seas
    without a care, about where i’d be
    i run away, from this cruel world
    to a land unknown, where i can grow

    By Karen Michelle Victoriano URL on 10.07.2013

  12. Running to catch the train, everyone rushes. People jump aboard and others are pushed out of the way. I grab onto the railing and let the train pull me as I jump up in the platform. My knee hits the doorway and my heel slips off of the platform, I fall flat on my butt and everyone tramples me, my train of thought disapears with a tail of strangers following behind; I’m left with an aching spine.

    By Yahtzee URL on 10.07.2013

  13. “Welcome aboard the HSM Crusader,” he said, gesturing with wide arms towards the bulk of the ship.
    “It’s a fine ship, Captain Reynolds,” I remarked offhandedly as I looked around, hoping to appear suitably impressed. I was, of course, but what did I know of one ship from another? Until I’d stepped foot in the harbor that morning, I’d thought the small ships which bobbed no more than a foot from the dock impressive vessels.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 10.07.2013

  14. “All aboard” came the booming voice of the Captain, and Felicity rushed to gather all of her luggage and get in line. Waves crashed upon the ship almost violently as the ship rocked back and forth in the storm. What a day to pick to travel.

    By Josie URL on 10.07.2013

  15. Get aboard the fun train! Have a beer, have a cheer. Good times are a coming. Just imagine it and it will be there for you.

    By just a girl URL on 10.07.2013

  16. the day she came
    into the soul
    of my beginning
    where did i go
    now into the heart
    of a man lost forever
    aboard the wave of life
    i cannot abide anymore
    the path is too long
    until she smiles again
    the nightmare of our existence
    lightened in the mire of the pain
    will she see what it means
    the gift she has given
    to one so lost for so long
    i just wish i was enough
    to make her see what
    she can more than be
    I am her guardian now
    dare the one that hurt her
    come near me asshole
    you will see what hell feels like
    look there she is again
    keeping me here
    the nightmares lost while she is
    the blackness abated for now
    her own pain a red ribbon
    that i will untie one day
    until she is aboard the same life
    the blackness I will lose each time
    the memory of what I am not
    and what she will be lingers
    standing there blocking out the real
    love lost between two forever
    i cannot have another
    someone will love her
    but will she let them
    i cannot see that far
    the clouds are forming now
    the greyness satisfying
    my aching soul for today
    she will keep me here
    as i sleep my life away
    aboard the dream of nowhere

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 10.07.2013

  17. a flight, i went to singapore, which is my favourite destination. It is beautiful and scenic.

    By GK on 10.08.2013

  18. Fuck. I’m drowning. Why would you leave that stupid gate open? At night, whithout light.
    I guess that’s it. Bye world.

    By j on 10.08.2013

  19. Wish you were aboard
    When we leave will you still be
    standing on the docks?

    By Holden URL on 10.08.2013

  20. We went aboard the craft after following the instructions of the captain to do so. The all clear was given and all appeared to be well. It was only after ten minutes out to sea, that the captain was informed that water was gushing into the hull of the ship.

    By victor URL on 10.08.2013

  21. “All aboard the ship!” shouted a deep voice from up high somewhere above the mist which was covering the lower area of the planet – close to the ground. The woman jumped up from where she was sitting on her suitcase and hurried to board the ship.

    By magicae on 10.08.2013

  22. The ship rocked in the open ocean. “Where are we supposed to fish, Captain?” the crew man asked. The Captain pointed toward the approaching storm. “There.” he answered the crewman. “Are you mad?! Fishing in the middle of a storm?!”
    “Of course i am, who isn’t in this crazy world we are living in, besides the fish practically jumps in to the boat in intenational waters. They do anything to get away from the storm.” the captain said as he directed the ship toward the storm.

    By TheHighWriter URL on 10.08.2013

  23. Aboard the ship, the marines stood in precise lines, but their faces were sullen. The sailors, less driven by ceremony, slacked at their posts.

    By mrsmig URL on 10.08.2013

  24. We are heading off on a world cruise. The trip of a lifetime – apparently. Not sure if I shall feel the same way once we’re aboard.

    By Alexandra URL on 10.08.2013

  25. Abord – that reminds me of a ship. A journey. Going somewhere different. Its a funny word. A board. Like a noun, but not. Its mysterious, like a voyage. Maybe I could go someday and

    By Jo on 10.08.2013

  26. aboard
    a boat
    set out to sea

    the vast deep ocean blue

    a board
    on a beam I sit
    paddles float away from me

    abhorred so
    bore red
    roses with thorns

    a broad
    stroke of genius

    my mind
    a vessel moving within my stream of consciousness
    a vessel to capture and contain all my mind’s creations

    this world
    this life
    this existence
    this reality
    this consciousness
    this body
    this moment in time an abstract concept infinitely subjective perception virtual intangible
    now is now right now and now and now
    this multi dimensional fabric of space
    and time will stop me when my time ends
    this life’s mission
    end transmission
    change channel another station
    tunnel vision through the wormhole
    my billions of atoms come undone
    once all of one and then there was none.

    –trans.mission —

    trans mission

    By Jennifer URL on 10.08.2013

  27. Titanic lurches and
    all aboard feel the sudder
    enter their stomach and stay
    like cancer growing
    as, with a sense of dread,
    they say goodbye.

    I too
    whisper farewell
    to the vayers long dead

    By Jo on 10.08.2013

  28. No one yelled out ‘all aboard’.
    There was no warning.
    Now, everyone was responsible.

    By sitara URL on 10.08.2013

  29. Stepping up onto the ledge, I glanced back one last time with a smile on my face. Aboard this new journey, this was the last time I would look back. It was time to start anew.

    By Zevvers URL on 10.08.2013

  30. Your turn has come up. You inhale sharply at the call of your name, knowing what lies ahead – and yet, not knowing at all. Aboard you go, for what choice do you have?

    By Zevvers URL on 10.08.2013

  31. Babe as Abe
    turns the boa
    on her back and growls “ARGH!”.
    It’s Dreadfull
    and he tries to read in reverse
    It’s funny
    and she turns the grain down
    A L L
    when the drain is calm.
    (No No No)

    By Volodymyr Bilyk URL on 10.08.2013

  32. Be the bee
    With whistle by the Bach.

    Bored Beard
    Bears the Bar of Bore to Rave.

    By Volodymyr Bilyk URL on 10.08.2013

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    By missingtrees on 10.08.2013

  34. here, sit next to me. we haven’t chatted for a while. have you been sick? been riding in another car. Want a coffee? I got an extra cup. Its black, that’s how you take it right?

    By Lee URL on 10.08.2013

  35. When I was six I decided that someday I would travel Europe, just me and a backpack. At 22 I sold my car and almost everything else I owned. I bought a ticket and a backpack, and some good hiking boots. And went.

    By Another-Mom URL on 10.08.2013

  36. When did I decide to climb aboard the ship of life, with all its perils and mishaps? Did I think it through at all? What are the advantages of having an animated soul when I could be a cloud in suspended time? I am more beautiful in a calculated time-frame than in motion. I am more eloquent without sound. If only I could merely exist on paper, I would be read by all.

    By Kelly Louise URL on 10.08.2013

  37. all aboard they said,
    There’s room for all they said,
    fear of the sea was not something we understood,
    So we clambered aboard
    With all the joyful innocence of children

    By Benjamin James URL on 10.08.2013

  38. She called from the dock “i’ll miss you”
    he climbed aboard the boat, last bags in hand
    tears tickling her eyes
    “i’ll miss you too” he whispered, barely audible
    yet somehow she heard

    By sydney URL on 10.08.2013

  39. She was his zen garden. His hands, a rake. Her skin, the sand. His movements were slow and steady as he delicately carved out small pieces of her flesh. He removed them with the forceps and sterilized the opening with an antiseptic.

    By Kevin URL on 10.08.2013

  40. The train whistled, a sound that would be too loud if not for the crowd already pushing on her ears. She checked her ticket, Bangkok,3pm, and stepped aboard.

    By Antheianel URL on 10.08.2013