August 15th, 2012 | 561 Entries

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561 Entries for “zone”

  1. I have no idea what school zone I live in.

    By leelee on 08.15.2012

  2. He was in the zone… meditating on the one… the one act that would change everything… suddenly a knocking at the door… two knocks… he furled his brow and got up from his chair to answer the door.

    By Louis George on 08.15.2012

  3. I’m in the zone. No one can stop me now. I know what I have to say and how to say it. There is nothing that lies between what happened then and what is about to happen now. And then…

    By PetitePommes on 08.15.2012

  4. It’s so blissful to find your zone. The one that you get in and it’s just like all these words are flowing freely to your mind, and you just write and write and it all comes out perfectly.. It’s like being at home. It is your home. It’s your zone, where all your ideas can come out and create something amazing.

    By I am Ash on 08.15.2012

  5. I love to zone out. To just stare off into a blank corner of the room, or out a window. There’s something nice about passing time like that. And it makes you go blank. Just nothing going on in your brain. The worst part is when someone snaps you out of it.

    By AED on 08.15.2012

  6. i’m in the zone. I just got laid and I won the lottery. what else is waiting for me? Pass me the ball I’m in the zone. It’s hard not to think when you’re in the zone, cus multitasking is awesome when you’re in the zone.

    By Joakim on 08.15.2012

  7. I was in the zone as I ran from the house. Sirens wailed while lights flashed behind me. Run, Run, Run, that is the only thought on my mind.

    By Maddy on 08.15.2012

  8. I often think of the many things I could do if I was to leave my comfort zone. I feel like a bird watching the butterflies fly while I live in an encaged world. I am astounded by the many opportunities I have let go.

    By Merary URL on 08.15.2012

  9. I’m in the zone. Compititions’ not in the league of my own. I’m about the W I’ma bring it home, when It’s over with, I’ma be the king of the throne. I’m in the zome. I’m in the zone. I’m in the zone.

    By Jess on 08.15.2012

  10. this can be my zone I think of zone leaders. They are special missionary leaderws who do not have to listen to anyone but everyone has to be able to hear every word the say This is not all. They hate people.

    By Keiith URL on 08.15.2012

  11. I looked into the red zone, eyes focusing in on the red target in the center. I had one shot, one shot and make it count. I couldn’t help but wonder about the eyes and matching lives riding on this and watching me. I drew back my pistol, aiming it towards the point, glancing one last look at his face and he laughed. My finger tightened while I took aim when suddenly an idea sprouted into my mind. I was choosen for this freedom quest, but with a tyrant giving us our freedom he could always take it away. So the buzzer counted down 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 and I took a shot.
    At his head

    By Kat Sandstrom on 08.15.2012

  12. when I’m in the zone i feel that I’m invincible, like i can do anything i want. especially in lacrosse or in school. i can just keep doing whatever I’m doing with out thinking about it. its the most exhilarating feeling knowing you can keep going with out stoping. thats the zone. and i love it so much because its amazing being in the zone

    By claire on 08.15.2012

  13. i have already done this word but my computer froze so here i am with the same word ;) lalalala i don’t know what to say so i am just typing and typing and its half one in the morning and the clicky sound of my keyboard seems very loud but i like the sound of it haha wooooo

    By Fioma on 08.15.2012

  14. I am in the zone. Who’s zone? My zone. You may not understand what goes on in MY zone, but I do. And that’s all that matters.

    By Kristen on 08.15.2012

  15. I’m staring at nothing. Blank. Blank space. Or is it a wall? Pay attention, someone scolds me, but I don’t want to. I’ve zoned out. I’m out of the zone and I have no desire to go back. It’s comfortable out here, comfortable and empty and wallpaper white.

    By Kim on 08.15.2012

  16. I feel like zone should be a pretty easy word to write about, but I’ve got nothing.

    All I keep thinking of is “Get in the zone! AUTOZONE!”

    And that’s not okay.

    By Julia A. URL on 08.15.2012

  17. there are black marker dotted lines across my face
    trim my nose, babify my cheeks, chisel my chin
    pucker up my lips, dovetail the crow feet, pimp out my perception
    til each pimple is gone, make my face a zit-free zone
    spoiler free, as clean as a sheet

    By gsk URL on 08.15.2012

  18. I’m in it.

    My own. Not yours :)

    Total focus, can’t be broken

    By Onivrem on 08.15.2012

  19. I believe we all have zones. States of mind where we can really concentrate or just simply let go. I am in zone right now. And I love it.

    By Juliette on 08.15.2012

  20. In the zone, autozone. bicka bow. Thinking zones and caps. Autozone. again. the ecosystem or however you spell it. meow
    I’ll alwaysd
    call and call
    on you
    nothing about the word

    By Julia on 08.15.2012

  21. I am in my zone. That’s the title of a Chris Brown mixtape. Zone is also used in basketball to define different ends of the court. The twilight zone is a television show.

    By Follow on 08.15.2012

  22. I am in my zone. I am kicking and punching and kicking and punching and putting all I have into it. I am just hearing the same words again and again, “Hana, dul, set, net, tusut, yusut, hana, dul, set….” I am in my zone. My impenetrable zone. I am where I belong.

    By jehaan on 08.15.2012

  23. Where am I?
    I don’t know where I am.
    I don’t know who you are.
    I don’t know anything.

    But I feel comfortable here. This is my place.
    I wonder if it’s the atmosphere, how busy it is, how everyone passes me without noticing.
    I wonder if they can even see me, because maybe I’m removed from all of this, in an entirely different zone.

    Who knows? I walk into a store and browse the different clothing.

    By asdf on 08.15.2012

  24. The diet. The way we get when we have to focus. The crappy bar in downtown tarpon. Naturally, we gravitate to things with the word “zone” in its title. It gives us a groove. It gives us comfort, pace, and rhythm.

    By Sarah on 08.15.2012

  25. I’m in the zone. Well that is pretty great to say when it’s actually the opposite. I’m a mess. Torn between love and success. Money and fame. I don’t know what I want anymore. All that I thought was real is fading away, slipping through my fingers.

    By Bekah on 08.15.2012

  26. Oh totally reminds me of how caltrain in the bay area is separated into zones. It’s kind of confusing really, but I need to grasp some sort of understanding soon because I will be using caltrain soon.

    By Emilia URL on 08.15.2012

  27. zone i believe is an amazing place in to be in. people say “im in the zone” and i have been many times. zone is unique because it starts with a z. i like the letter z. i dont know who i am sometimes. when i say dont get in the way of the zone. i know what i mean when i say that.

    By emmerry on 08.15.2012

  28. The residential zone was almost complete. Pillager took one look at the row of buildings that lined the storefront, and sighed. It was so peaceful, so calming… If only he could stay here forever. But no, there was work to be done. Work, work, work – that’s all there ever was to do. No play, no fun – just work. But Pillager knew that his time would come. He laughed at the thought. “Oh yes,” he thought to himself. “My time will come.” He sinisterly walked away.

    By Alison on 08.15.2012

  29. i zone out every day. some people think that that is a bad thing, or that it is pointless, but this is not so. it is good sadhana. if someone goes on a day dream, their all zoned out, then dont wake them up, cus they might have cool things they bring back from them. dream zone. chea. jumpin between zones. zonified.

    By taylor on 08.15.2012

  30. Get in the zone! Focus and dedication is what you need to reach your dreams.

    By Frankie Fucci on 08.15.2012

  31. I was in the zone. The ball came toward me, but before it could hit me in the face I got it. My chest slammed, there was a pounding inside but I cushioned it with my strength and determination. My loyalty to the team pushed me forward and the ball sped on in front of me. CRACK! The ball hit the back of the net!

    By Katie on 08.15.2012

  32. What is a zone? It could be a simple boundary. It could be an area confining peoples. You could simply be speaking of buildings and code. YOU’RE zone is what you make it.

    By Dalton on 08.15.2012

  33. Oh, the distance. It seemed so far away, how could her heart stretch the distance? Time itself would not even line up for them…separated by thousands of miles…they were many a time zone apart.

    By Sarah Rose URL on 08.15.2012

  34. Places where are customary to be a proper area for certain things and activities. It could be a loading zone, docking zone, learning zone, or any place with an action correlated to a specific task.

    By Jess Dotson on 08.15.2012

  35. I’m not in the zone, I’m actually completely out of it. I want to be in yours but we both know that’ll never work. Ugh I just want it to be less complicated… If we weren’t so close already it wouldn’t be.

    By Lauren. on 08.15.2012

  36. He fell onto the hardwood floor in anger. The foul was a hard one, but he still made the shot. John knew this was his moment, he wouldn’t let it slip away, and he would win.

    By Jeremy on 08.15.2012

  37. Behind him, the escorts car disappeared in an explosion of smoke and fire. Wincing, she cocked her gun and rolled behind what she hoped to be a stable wall. She knew where she had to go, because they had been debriefed about it enough.
    Their one order: Save them.
    Harry shook her head and dove behind another car, looking back at her brother. Together, they’d save them. She was sure of it.
    Swallowing back any fear that might’ve lingered in her chest, she took a deep breath and kicked the door down.
    She’d save them.

    By Brianna on 08.15.2012

  38. The white zone is for loading and unloading only, was the annoucement that continually came over the PA system. It was time for them to say goodbye.

    By Shane on 08.15.2012

  39. i feel your bones i feel your trust this is the zone i call love.

    By andrea URL on 08.15.2012

  40. I didn’t feel it until I entered the forbidden zone. I felt a tinge of thought that I was betraying my mother when I crawled under the fence. I was in trouble now

    By HFrith on 08.15.2012