May 4th, 2017 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “yoga”

  1. the popularity of yoga is sort of alarming. it’s interesting i was given this word as prompt as i was just telling myself i need to step aside from frantically tapping my keyboard n practice some mindfulness, and i guess i see those two things as both being part of self improvement. interplanet janet shes a galaxy girlfdghdfh

    By mandy URL on 05.04.2017

  2. I really enjoy yoga. I just recently started doing hot yoga, and it makes me feel amazing afterwords, and very sore two days later, but during I feel like I’m going to die. I think that the idea of yoga is more appealing than going, because it’s hard to motivate myself to go. I just want to lose weight and be in shape but it’s so difficult.

    By LiveLoveTeach on 05.04.2017

  3. Yoga, she said, yoga would always help.

    So I take my belongings, ring up Joey at the meditation centre and proceed to feel stupid about myself.

    How on earth would yoga help me cope?

    How would yoga help cope with death?

    By ||repeat|| URL on 05.04.2017

  4. “I’m stressed out.”

    “Have you tried yoga?”

    “Take deep breaths.”

    “It’s not the end of the world.”

    “But have you tried yoga, though?”

    “Exercise always relaxes me.”

    “How about a healthy smoothie to cleanse your body?”

    “My mother always said that stress is a sign of an overworked mind.”

    “No, seriously, you should try yoga.”

    “Are you going to be okay?”

    “Come have tea with me, and we’ll talk.”


    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.04.2017

  5. I hate my body. One day I’ll improve it. At least that’s what I tell myself. It’s hard work though, isn’t it? But maybe it’s the sort of work that is worth it; a way to transform yourself from something you’re unhappy with to a more satisfying version. I’ve meditated before and found it helpful. I didn’t understand what meditation was for a long time; I thought it was just trying to focus on some inner spirituality for some sort of cosmic awareness. In reality, it’s just about turning down the volume on my exceptionally overactive mind. Maybe it’s time to see if my body can follow suit.

    By Brian W URL on 05.04.2017

  6. Merrie ran from her car, trying not to be late for her yoga class. “Whew, made it just in time!” She slipped in between two 20-somethings in the second row and started stretching. It was too late to get her husband back but being thinner and more limber might help to nab the next one.

    By MsShel330 on 05.04.2017

  7. My dog does the downward dog andI thinkabout yoga a lot. I want to do barre. I want to do yoga with my dog. We both liketo stretch. Wtf is this about. I want ot know how ot write i want to take a yoga class they cost money but they release tension, that would benice to release the tensionin my body with yoga what is this, breath

    By Marti on 05.04.2017

  8. She didn’t know why she went along. She wasn’t flexible, had terrible breathing habits. Yoga just wouldn’t have been her thing. And yet here she was. Stretching her limbs in ways she found agonizing. Her friend better have been thankful that she was the best wingman ever.

    By Aimless-A-Smiles on 05.04.2017

  9. yoga is a form of exercise, the Catholics do not like Yoga very much as they believe it invokes evil spirits. I don’t think I am flexible enough for yoga, it sounds like it would be very painful. To participate in yoga, you need a mat and a lot of patience.

    By Fred on 05.05.2017

  10. A breath in, I taste the green, see the sweetness, mix them up until they go back to the right senses. Young, unsure of summer or spring, whether it is time to grow darker and stronger or stay, just a little longer, as is. Baby branches meant to bend, not break; elder carcasses on the ground, flexible only in changing jobs from living to housing, guarding little bodies, little families. Hallowed veins become hallways, stiff fingertips a den , a pantry. Rigid arms that hold nothing, protect everything, small and fragile. The corpses say it’s summer, give up your fresh infant greens, there is more than grasping at the season for yourself, the ground gives you purpose, not things; rid yourself of flexibility, be a home, not a heart. Breath in, snap, fall. Come down, come down, so young, so foolish, so high.

    By Ai URL on 05.05.2017

  11. She inhaled and exhaled as best she could in unison with the group, but she could feel the anger building inside of her still. Focus, Kim, focus. Nope. Wasn’t working. She huffed out a breath and stood to take a break. No one seemed to notice, zen as they all were. Fucking posers.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.05.2017

  12. she walked into the room with one goal in mind – stay on the mat. could she do it this time? or would she run again? why did this keep happening? what was wrong with her? stay on the mat! stay on the mat! that was her goal.

    By trisha URL on 05.05.2017

  13. helps to calm the mind and concentrate on the inner soul. it also helps in longevity and keeping mind and body fit at the same time. yoga is not restricted to a particular age group and everyone can start following this practice.

    By sneha on 05.05.2017

  14. I saw a couple practicing yoga on the beach yesterday. Some friends and I tried to go kayakking at the #1 rated beach in America, at Honeymoon Island, but there was a wind advisory, so the rental shop was closed up. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, we spotted a purple bikini and a pair of blue board shorts oddly warped and blowing in the wind as their owners did backbends.

    By Nick URL on 05.05.2017

  15. Yoga is my favorite way to workout and stretch. It is very relaxing and mentally helpful for stress. I love it because there are multiple ways to do yoga.

    By Jaylen on 05.05.2017

  16. I tried yoga a few times. I like it. But I don’t think it was I was looking for as far as exercise goes. I like something a little more, I don’t know, active. I want to be outside, running around doing things. I’ll save the quiet mediation for when I’m meditating.

    By Jason on 05.05.2017

  17. Yoga is a flexible workout that involves a hole lot of bending. Example: The girl went to yoga class and felt great after.

    By jaycee on 05.05.2017

  18. Yoga in this town is what rich white women do to take the “stress” off their lives. They drive there after their husbands leave for work in their white SUVs (Lexus or BMW), then gossip, after which they grab smoothies or coffee in their workout gear. This is before shopping and meeting back up for a girls lunch, after which they go home to nap before picking up their children at school and complaining later to their husbands about their stressful day.

    By mere on 05.05.2017

  19. yoga

    By Mantis on 05.05.2017

  20. yoga. hmmm. i’m not sure. I’ve never done yoga and I don’t plan on it so what’s the reason for the word. iiiiidk

    By ian URL on 05.05.2017

  21. The idea of yoga is nice…until you actually have to actually do it.

    By Jay on 05.05.2017

  22. Yoga is supposedly great and relaxing. It brings peace of mind. It unites soul and body. Such a beautiful thing, yoga is. I wonder…

    By ashley on 05.05.2017

  23. Did you bend backwards upon yourself too? When you twisted into a monk’s knot, rolled by hands, tossed into salt sprinklings, and baked into long lost prayers. It’s the will to survive. That was the message embedded in the dessert I had today. A fortune cookie: a thing folded, pinched, hiding a message in a little nook, a tiding from the future on a slip of paper. Perhaps I learn a word in another language. Maybe there is a fortune instead of a maximum or a proverb. Perhaps there are indeed lucky numbers I can count on. But you’re the salty monk as we circle back for comparison. Your hands aren’t meant to break apart for they are knotted from the start. So whatever future comes your way, you thoughtfully fail to add “in bed…” when reading aloud, but you think it. Because the thought by way of common tongue and common practice become insidious. Twist and shout, deny it, but the inner parts are always drawn forth like the tide. Called by the moon that reflects the sun, observed by the eye that shifts in the shadows. I tell time by watching the figures pose. All crawl, walk, lunge, and bend slowly only to find a set repose and for the span of time stir no more. The onset of meditation comes in many forms.

    By Fig. URL on 05.05.2017

  24. i’d love to pass this along. i’ve done a lot of yoga and have held poses for many seconds, sometimes minutes. then i went to a chiropractor, a good one, for my knee, the bad one. the chiropractor gave me some exercises to do, stretching, and told me to only hold the stretch for two or three seconds. i protested. but in yoga, i said, you’re supposed to hold the pose, which is often a stretch, for much longer. he said, think of a cat or a dog stretching. do they stay in the stretch for more than a few seconds?

    By Joanna Bressler on 05.05.2017