September 19th, 2017 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “worship”

  1. I worship mashed potatoes. There is nothing so beautiful, symmetrical, perfect and mesmerizing as a plate of nice, pulpy mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are guarding the secrets of the universe, they are the hidden meaning behind everything you see, they are the cure for every ailment, the solution for the world’s problem and they are the Gods who save us all.
    Mashed potatoes for president, as they are still a better election story than Donald Trump.

    By cup on 09.19.2017

  2. It is peaceful, the morning comes with the shining sun, coffee is brewing and I worship the relaxed atmosphere for a while longer, perhaps it makes me stronger.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.20.2017

  3. There are so many places that have been built to worship the gods, so many different religions but in the end, there is only one god. Does having faith mean that we ought to worship someone or some higher power outside of ourselves? Worship ought to start with oneself if we have faith in self then the world surely would be a better place. Amen :)

    By Unique on 09.20.2017

  4. worship your socks on a monday morning
    don’t think about it
    just brush you teeth in prayer
    worship the bed sheets as you smooth them
    whisper your thanks and tell your pillows that you love them
    worship the stairs as you walk down
    thank the faucet as you pass the bathroom door
    worship the leftovers
    in the fridge
    and hope that there will be another tomorrow
    when you can worship the dirty dishes
    worship the aching sun
    worship the broken heater
    and thank the Lord this world is yours

    By Sarah Hartnell on 09.20.2017

  5. From the sacred temp spires to the human soul, to worship is to reflect, to repent, to turn our thoughts in line with God’s. God wants the best for his children

    By Camille on 09.20.2017

  6. To worship is to turn ourselves to God’s purpose. God’s purpose as our literal Father in Heaven, the Father of our spirits is to help us be able to return home to him. This is why Jesus the Christ was sent to Earth, to give us both an example to follow and then to provide us with a way to return home.

    By C on 09.20.2017

  7. The two things that I worship more than anything in this world would have to be coffee and cigarettes. Something you should keep in mind is that filters should only be used for those things. Coffee and cigarettes are my only escape and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By Harpa on 09.20.2017

  8. Ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    By Asdfghjk on 09.20.2017

  9. I like to worship. its good to worship. my mom likes to worship. when you worship you can sing songs. its fun to worship. I love worshipping he Lord

    By Natalie URL on 09.20.2017

  10. When I o to church we have worship first. I love worship! It gives me a chance to let go of all of my stress.

    By Isaiah Varella on 09.20.2017

  11. We worship the lord in churches. We worship t Him because He took our sins away. and He forgave us, when we were in the wrong.

    By zachary on 09.20.2017

  12. the people of the little town worshiped ted. ted was a kind old man who was wealthy and used his wealth to help everyone around the little town. with his money his built schools, libraries, parks, etc.

    By wrangelalfaro on 09.20.2017

  13. I worship a lot of people, everyone has good things you can learn from, worship some good guy is a good thing, can make you better

    By Jerry Chen on 09.20.2017

  14. Ezekiel is standing at the front of the class doing his daily exercises. Squats are very important to swtrengt

    By jo on 09.20.2017

  15. this word it’s hard for me. First time i see this word I think about monk,temple and Buddha

    By javier on 09.20.2017

  16. The reason we worship is that God has commanded us to worship. We love God so much that we should work hard to give back to God. Since he has done so much to us first. So love God and keep worshiping Him.

    By Mikkala on 09.20.2017

  17. I’m at church worshiping God.
    My mother says to raise my hands but i wan’t to.
    I sing until I can’t no more.
    All i was waiting for was the food.

    By jazwaz28 on 09.20.2017

  18. Worship none other than the holy Father Himself. Who graciously gave us the world, with love and peace to pursue. Be thankful we were not simply put here as robots to unconsciously face the challenges of the world. We have Him to guide us, to motivate us, and to continually inspire us on a day to day basis.

    By ivy baresh URL on 09.20.2017

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    By Ebenstein10@gmail.com URL on 09.20.2017

  20. I didn’t grow up with a firm or clear foundation as to what worship meant. I went to church with my grandpa but it didn’t mean anything to me. Once I went to a phish concert and I was high on acid, I felt what it really meant to be in worship

    By jenny on 09.20.2017

  21. When I hear the word worship, I think of religion. Religion is something many people partake in, however it’s not something I am interested in. I believe that there’s no god, and no heaven, however I do believe that energy never dies.

    By Abbey Simmonds on 09.20.2017

  22. i.i.i.i…i…i…Worship? what does that mean? I like cows, but I don’t know…I’m rambling, aren’t I? Well, I like COOOOOOWWWWWSSSS!

    By Secretcommander on 09.20.2017


    By Secretcommander on 09.20.2017

  24. If there was only one choice for a man to make in the short course of his life, that choice should be what to worship. All further decisions flow from this. Does he choose to murder? Or something more banal, it doesn’t matter. What matters is his highest ideal and how he squares his actions with that.
    Better than the things that are chosen for him — which are numerous. The preciousness of life, the importance of family, his anxiety, these are the things that some dead god put in his bones and which will guide him surreptitiously. When he chooses his worship, he takes those and resurrects them into a new live God, something chosen by him, something which guides him because he finds its guidance best.
    Or, at least, that’s the ideal

    By mattlock URL on 09.20.2017

  25. Weekly, daily, really every minute. Everything we do is to worship and to bring praise to the Lord. I am proud to be an active worshiper. I am using my time to grow closer to Him and to bring honor to his name. My goal is to bring others toward Him.

    By Ansley Monroe on 09.20.2017

  26. To be religious. To pray, get down on your knees.. Means something different for everyone. Don’t judge. Free right of being a human. Idols. People, places things. Worship can be anything you idolize.

    By karen on 09.20.2017

  27. it is a way of praising God and be thankful for what He has made in our lived. I will continue to worship the Lord until the day i day. I thank Him everyday for all the love and grace he continue to show on me.

    By Anna on 09.20.2017

  28. He never knew what it was like to have a god. His parents never taught him to praise one more than the other. His parents taught him that we are all equal. Worship himself, and he worships everyone; worship everyone, and he worships himself.

    By Shineapple URL on 09.20.2017

  29. God I adore You
    I lift my hands in worship
    And although I don’t always
    get it right
    the motives and intent of my heart
    are pure

    By just_write on 09.20.2017

  30. I didn’t believe in God but if that’s what it took to keep Mark around, then going to church a few times a week wouldn’t hurt. I took my seat on the back pew as usual, watching others file in and a low, almost comforting tune being played on the organ in one corner of the sanctuary.

    The people began to worship but I was able to block out the noise. Because at the end of the day, that’s all it was.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 09.20.2017

  31. Here is my house of worship, and here is my place at the pew. Here is the bowl of wafers and the chalice of very, very weak wine. It glistens golden in the light that glows from the stigmata in Christ’s palms. Somehow, his fingers weave together as the splinters procreate among his knuckles.

    I am praying for a safe haven in a haven that no longer feels safe. The priest is talking to the altar boys in the next room. He is sweating around his collar.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.20.2017

  32. some give worship
    to the bishop
    aboard the warship
    without war, it’s warworthless
    stacks of stick make it a boship
    ‘entrepreneur’ written on the side in cursive
    distracted the captain and the merchants
    with the magical lull of a mer chant
    came to and found themselves mirthless

    By omqwat on 09.20.2017