May 11th, 2014

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69 Responses to “wilderness”

  1. not equipped to change

    By vipul on 05.12.2014

  2. The ravens, they follow. My every step, diving at my shadow. Forty days tell the stories, of my king that took on death, trudging through these sands that sting and seem to rob man his very breath. Stone to food he did not turn, nor take the kingship of many lands. To plunge into death he even denied. Not yet the king had said, not for his own sake. But for us, for us plunge he did – with the keys of life and death and my salvation in his blood on his return.

    By Jose on 05.12.2014

  3. Alone in the wilderness but for the comfortingly familiar heartbeat of her familiar, Helena hunched over her despairingly small fire. It was scarcely warm enough to keep her extremities from freezing but, just because she thought herself alone, did not mean she was truly so, and she was never one to take chances.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.12.2014

  4. wilderness is a place of wonders , that what my dad said right before he turned into a tree leaving me with a lantern in the cold night !

    By wissam on 05.12.2014

  5. H: “into the wilderness! into the willllllllderness!”
    S: “BAHAHA what? what are you saying?? What did you guys do???”
    H: “shhhhhhh go to sleep my little peach. you don’t need to know specifics… we went into the willlllllllderness. into the willllllderness! hehehe [calling] goodniiiiiiiiight…”

    By Nicole on 05.12.2014

  6. sometimes,when i wade through the thicket, i try to listen to all the others that are there. try to behave like i am not a spectator but one of the many that may have been housed by the giant organism i am invading. i don’t feel hostility, i don’t feel anticipation. all that echoes back from the slopes of the mountains is indifference, a sort of complacent neutrality

    By berenique on 05.12.2014

  7. Outside, the wilderness greets me. The cool winds wrap around me, while the sun shines on me, like I am the main attraction. Yet,I see the life around me going, leaving me a stasis and an outsider.

    By echuaco URL on 05.12.2014

  8. Lost in the branches, he swung out desperately with his machete. “Allen!” he shouted, stumbling forward as a buzzard swooped down on his head. Crouched down, he realized he was shaking and stunk of piss. It was cold, he was at least five miles off the map, and he was lost.

    By Soft URL on 05.12.2014

  9. out there again. second time this word has been here. doesn’t it reset at midnight? speaking of midnight, is there anything better than being under the stars in the great out doors in the middle of the night?

    By Lee on 05.12.2014

  10. I don’t know the meaning of this word. I think it’s related to the wild. Or someone,s behaviour. But I have read it somewhere.

    By Neelam on 05.12.2014

  11. This connected to The Fault in our Stars, because Hazel has gone through so much in her life and sometimes she wanted to give up but she never did so, it is like she has been in the wilderness ever since she was a young girl.

    By Veronica on 05.12.2014

  12. the wilderness spread out in front of me.. opening the vistas that I’ve never dream’t of before… i was used to the concrete jungle i called ‘home’.. it was here…5 years ago.. that i found the love of my life… the amazingly wild yet endearingly beautiful…NATURE… come.. join me..on a discovery..of new places..animals..views..and of course..on a discovery of u.. on a discovery of self…

    By bhashya on 05.12.2014

  13. We stepped out into the sunlight and looked around us. How had we gotten here? I looked over at Maria and she looked as confused as I. We looked behind us, but there were only trees.

    “What just happened?” I asked, but Maria just shook her head with no answer to offer.

    Around us was nothing but wilderness, and I had no idea how we had gotten here from our apartment in the blink of an eye.

    By Kimberly on 05.12.2014

  14. Lost in the wilderness of life. Just wandering and forever finding nothing. Sometimes I think I am emotionally backward. Probably…most likely.

    By just a girl on 05.12.2014

  15. The canopy of leaves painted the sky with green. Shadows fell onto the uneven ground in patches- light glistened in between in rays of bright sunshine. Distant chatter of birds came from afar, echoing off the trunks and boughs. The stream joined in their song, flowing melodically over rocks and fallen branches.

    By Koii URL on 05.12.2014

  16. In the wilderness, no one knew his name. No one knew his history, his shame, his failure. In the wilderness he could hold his hurts in his heart where no one could see them.

    By mrsmig on 05.12.2014

  17. The dirt cakes on to the soles of my feet. I hear every step, every squish through the fertile, almost extraterrestrial terrain of the wilderness.

    By asavas on 05.12.2014

  18. She was only out of the tube station for at least two minutes before the pin needles of water frizzed her negro hair. The lack of umbrella bothered her. Her lack of caucasian bothered her more.

    By Nikki Hall on 05.12.2014

  19. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere! Out in the Wilderness without another soul to rely on. They out of the darkness I heard a terrifying sound! A growl straight from hell! All I could do was run in the opposite direction! Hearing footsteps behind me running after me! Didn’t look back! Just ran for my life! Looking for an out but as I kept running I realized I would never find help. Because morning never came and I never found an end to the dark terrifying forest. Running forever in the black wilderness with a faceless horror always behind me trying to catch me!

    By Cinema_Raven on 05.12.2014

  20. Women in the Wilderness was a rallying cry in the late 70’s. Still going through the Virginia Slims version of women’s awareness and I am woman, hear me roar, this was a dedicated group that encouraged women to take back the wilderness and get out there and enjoy it. It’s O.K. to pee in the woods and not use toilet paper. It’s freeing to eat freeze dried unidentifiable food like substances from a space foil bag. It’s liberating to drink fresh creek water and injest mosquito larvae and fish poop. We are real women and we want to be in the wilderness, with our 100% cotton T-Shirts with the Women In the Wilderness logo. They came in a lovely assortment of teal, mushroom and sky blue. Why we needed to travel in groups and have special T-shirts, I never figured that out. To me, camping was just camping, even when there were no cell phones, I-phones, or tablets. You needed good hiking boots, a back pack with essentials like food and water

    By honey on 05.12.2014

  21. The timer isn’t working for me. I know I went over a minute. What can I do?

    By honey on 05.12.2014

  22. I love to go camping in the wilderness. I especially enjoy going up north and spending time with my family. I like to go fishing with my family. We like to go swimming in the lake. I always have to tell my girls to p

    By Kate Sieg on 05.12.2014

  23. I like the wilderness. I love to listen to the birds and love to look at the blue sky with the sun and feel the warmth!! The animals are fun to watch as well.

    By Ann on 05.12.2014

  24. Nice job Ann!!

    By Ann on 05.12.2014

  25. A city of hearts.

    Separate hand from fiction.

    Remove the writer.

    Sexy. Night’s been holding back
    holding back so hard, letting out
    the pain soaked sun at six.

    It’s still sweaty. Walk out the
    front. Forgot my skin was dark
    until the night burnt me.

    Was it my jaw? My scars. Or the
    beads dripping on my neck,
    sliding down to my forearms.
    Why did you stare? I warned you…

    You can touch them. Feel
    them. While they lift you. Hold
    them. While they hold you.
    What’s one more scar, maybe you know.

    Then beg for one more breath,
    wrapped around your neck, too tender,
    Fuck You. Break you.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 05.12.2014

  26. It is a reminder that everything about our lives is a temporary state. There is nothing that is more to the point when we see the abandoned shack on the side of country roads, falling apart and rotting, but new sprouts are budding on the inside of its once solid frame.

    By River Ranter URL on 05.12.2014

  27. I was stuck there. The middle of nowhere. Wild flowers. Wild animals. Wilderness. I think of running, but what good would that do? Where would I run too? Who would I run to? I wake up, heart pounding, head aching. I always wake up when I start to dream of running to someone. I open up the door to the tent and step outside, making sure not to wake up my little sister. ‘It’s just a camping trip’ I remind myself, “You’re not in a nightmare.” But what if, what if reality is a nightmare? What if I am stuck in the middle of nowhere? What if I am running?

    By Gabriealla on 05.12.2014

  28. The wilderness had never interested him until he met Chris. Then-more from necessity and a desperate attempt to cling to him more than any other reason- the wilderness became VERY interesting to him.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 05.12.2014

  29. They sat in the living room filled with nothing but the glow of black and blue lights. Music filled the place as they breathed heavily under the influence of love. Hands ran across each other in the wilderness that were the ridges in their fingers, running streams, valleys, and mountains adorned them.

    By KJ URL on 05.12.2014