January 10th, 2016

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72 Responses to “sum”

  1. sum fum lum rum fum dumb yum wum jum humm qum zum…. sum is a word that mean to add. Adding reminds me of math, I dont like math.

    By Katy Green on 01.11.2016

  2. The only thing I think of when I see the word sum in math, and I detest math. With a passion, so I’m very glad math is over with for the rest of my senior year. I would like math a lot better if I was better at it, and I’m pretty decent at some parts of it but when it comes to imaginary numbers, forget it. I’m done. I can’t do it. So I like to think of sum as the abbreviation of summer and that makes me feel a lot better because I like summer way more that math.

    By Baeleigh Sain on 01.11.2016

  3. The sum of my life is fun, family, and dirt bikes. My girlfriend is my world and she will do anything to see me happy.

    By Tristin Gibbs on 01.11.2016

  4. This is a weird looking word. It just looks kinda funny. Like one of those words that someone spelled wrong. I don’t even know what to say about it. I know it is a math word. It means to add!
    Well i forgot to fill out my info so now I have 60 more seconds. Great. I still don’t know what to say about this little word.

    By Leah on 01.11.2016

  5. the word sum makes me think of math and numbers. it also makes me think of money.

    By skyla on 01.11.2016

  6. Sums are the answer to an addition problem.

    By Tyler Bailey on 01.11.2016

  7. The sum is the addition of all parts. Everything is the sum of something, somethings are the sum of everything working together. The sum of all is the Universe, the Universe is made up of everything that is known combined.

    By Justin Crance on 01.11.2016

  8. ok

    By Baeleigh Sain on 01.11.2016

  9. The sum of things… can also mean we are a strong as the weakest link. The sum is sometimes more imortant than the sacrifices for the individuals or in sacrificing an individual for the good of the larger group or end result.

    By Karen on 01.11.2016

  10. the sum of three and two is five.

    By Harlee on 01.11.2016

  11. This was fun.

    By Karen on 01.11.2016

  12. Tabulate my thoughts
    Count my broken breaths
    Take me away
    From instilled insanity
    Distilled inanity
    Springs of vanity
    For this mind is

    By Brendan Stoneham on 01.11.2016

  13. The sum of 19 + 2 = 21, the sum of 30 + 70 = 100! Wow, that is a lot!

    By Amber on 01.11.2016

  14. the sum of money that was needed to buy the horse on craigslist was 800$. she had saved for so long and now the horse was all hers.

    By imacowgirl URL on 01.11.2016

  15. Addition, subtraction, an equation that gives a totality of the different factors, whole,

    By Grace on 01.11.2016

  16. The awkward guy with the funny tie was at the door again. Casey eyed him suspiciously. He was twitchy and kept looking down at her with a guilty expression. In his right hand he had a piece of paper with big red letters “E-V-I-C-T-I” was all she could see. But then her mother was inviting in him with that stupid smile she put on around men like the landlord and super. They disappeared in the bedroom, and Casey never saw that man or that piece of paper again.

    By Soft URL on 01.11.2016

  17. After the dim, before the check, which is also the sum of the dim sum. Why I think of the dim sum is that I met him for that particular delicious food one night, only to be told that our relationship had started to dim some (according to him). I said, “Well, that’s a cute tie-in you’ve found there. Or is it a segue? You order the dim sum, then move right into your accounting of where our relationship is at this point. If I had chopsticks, I’d stick one in your eye (or somewhere else on your anatomy) and that would be that, I thought. But I like dim sum a lot. I could stand this relationship another hour or so, just for that.

    By nyla on 01.11.2016

  18. add me to the sun
    trace my heart with your pencil
    there isn’t anymore to cope with while i see the sun set in your eyes.

    By melvin on 01.11.2016

  19. i like this

    By melvin on 01.11.2016

  20. It feels like math. I hate math. Even such a simple word like sum gets my chest tight, my muscles clenching, panic. But sum also reminds me of money, an ever increasing and decreasing amount. That worries me too. I don’t like sum.

    By Grace on 01.11.2016

  21. To sum up my thoughts, here are some random sentences. The Doctor is British. The Twelfth is Scottish. I hope one day to travel with him in the Tardis. We can go all over time and space together.

    By Bob Joe on 01.11.2016

  22. this is what it adds up to, the punishment for the sum total of all the sins i’ve committed. i know in my heart that it’s fair but all i want to yell is fuck you! at god, buddha, or whoever the fuck is listening.

    By bridget URL on 01.11.2016

  23. Chinese food.
    and when you add Chinese food with cum you get a romantic night at home. <3

    By GoatMilker32 on 01.11.2016

  24. “The sum of 1234 and 2100 is 3334″I shouted like a smarty pants. Everyone glanced at me. I was in 3rd grade and I was the smartest kid there!

    By Rebecca Miatselitsa URL on 01.11.2016

  25. addition…..adding … together….. answer….. consequences, unite , equal

    By Trina Quinton on 01.11.2016

  26. My story would be a fiction. And I really wish that we had 5 minutes to write instead of 1

    By Rebecca Miatselitsa URL on 01.11.2016

  27. Hi

    By Rebecca Miatselitsa URL on 01.11.2016

  28. To sum up my desperations I’ve spent hours frustratingly saving up all of the money from my couch cushions, and counting cans for bottle deposits so I can exchange them for hiring someone who can tell you that I’m sorry, better than I can.

    By Charlie on 01.11.2016

  29. The sum of anything is lesser than the thing itself. That’s what I’ve always been told. However, what if what you’re adding up is two pieces of donut? Would you be adding more hole to the equation? Wouldn’t it be possible, given enough bits of donut, to assemble a hole big enough to swallow Chicago?

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 01.11.2016

  30. To sum it up. Sum it up all ready. How do you sum up all this money?
    Sum up the amount of tacos we have. Sum the space between the cars.

    By Isaac on 01.11.2016

  31. The sum of anything is two things put together. Random things. Anything. But that’s the beauty of it, when you put two separate random things together, you create something new that wasn’t there before. That’s why you keep adding to everything, numbers, people life.

    By Darren on 01.11.2016

  32. The sum is such an amazing word because it means what you are made of. Sometimes we just don’t know what we’re made of. Maybe we are made up of parts. yet, those parts make is what we are- the sum. It’s our entire being, whole.

    By David Lee Morgan, Jr. on 01.11.2016