July 8th, 2015

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49 Responses to “study”

  1. study it’s what I need to do when at some point this week. Study and homework, the life of a student. Everything else is just noise. Work, commuting, sleeping, eating, it’s all in an effort to recharge, refocus and get back to the task at hand: study. Study, hone that craft, that skill, work out that problem- to study, is to grow, to learn to evolve to a higher self

    By indira URL on 07.09.2015

  2. next year i have to go study something. I do not know if im ready for this: it scares me. The most obvious choise would be to study Sociaal Juridische Dienstverlening in Groningen, but I’m afraid that it’s not the study for me. It scares me, but i can’t do anything else either.

    By Chrissa on 07.09.2015

  3. She banged her head down against the table. Study. Study. study. All of her friends were out playing, but did her father care? Oh, of course not. His daughter was first in school and she’d stay there. She even beat the boys! But one hour of studying was far more important to him than an hour of play.

    By Savannah on 07.09.2015

  4. Never lose your curious and that will be your motivation to learn and love the world.

    By Bu on 07.09.2015

  5. study the inside of my mind
    explore the interior of my soul
    learn about the life untold
    see inside what makes me grow
    i’ll learn every inch and every murmer
    and i’ll know who you are
    before you even bother
    because i need to be more than just a rope
    i want to learn new ways we can cope
    we have to be about healing
    and not just escaping from what we’re feeling

    By lauren URL on 07.09.2015

  6. closely study. You never hear someone say “oh he far away studied it so he could barely see it” nope, you always closely study something. I want people to study things half heartedly from a casual distance

    By Kate on 07.09.2015

  7. To study or not to study, that is the question. We study to know, to discover, to improve. We need to study something to understand. From the tools we use, to the people we meet. We study to unlock the secrets of this world. And satisfy our need to know.

    By SirSchmorgen URL on 07.09.2015

  8. yuck. doesn’t quite make me barf but it makes me _think_ about barfing quand-meme. love the word in french tho – so pretty. even if it does mean something so sucky and filled with bad memories and procrastination-flashbacks.

    By susan on 07.09.2015

  9. Study to learn. Study to grow. Study to advance. Gain knowledge. Use it. For life, betterment and good.

    By Sancus URL on 07.09.2015