August 21st, 2015

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40 Responses to “stall”

  1. I’m wondering how much longer this situation is supposed to last. Or isn’t it supposed to last?

    By misstyrious URL on 08.21.2015

  2. He knocked on the bathroom stall. “Brit, you’ve been in there for 30 minutes is everything alright?” He heard some muffled cries and a feeble “yes” from the other side of the stall. What could be going on? “Brit tell me what’s wrong or I’m breaking in.” More muffled sobs pursued and he knew he was going to have to break open the stall, because she obviously wasn’t coming out anytime soon.

    By kennapayne6 on 08.21.2015

  3. She sat there at the computer but nothing would flow from her fingers. It was like her brain was on a stall. No thoughts, no dreams, no images. Nothing. She couldn’t even think of a silly Dr. Suess rhyme to type up. She was useless as a writer.

    By MsLanaK URL on 08.21.2015

  4. K stalled when I saw what was being asked of me. My feet were stuck to the ground, my nerveless arms and legs twitching with dread and anticipation in equal measure.

    By AngryAlice on 08.21.2015

  5. You’re trying to stall time as if it was a person or tangible thing. Time does not listen to excuses, it is cruel like the horror movies that keep you up at night, yet the most stable idea you will ever come in contact with. Time is rational, nothing you confess will make it slow or cease to be.

    By AshleyKay on 08.21.2015

  6. “You’re just a child,” Freeze scoffed. “What can you hope to achieve against me?”

    “Honestly? All I was doing was stalling,” Robin grinned. He watched the smile slide from the villain’s face as Batman burst through the ceiling, taking him to the ground in one swift movement.

    By Julia A. URL on 08.21.2015

  7. The bathroom stall was occupied, but the person inside didn’t seem to be stirring. He didn’t seem to be breathing, actually. I was too nervous to check on him, but I was also aching to take a leak. I hovered by the sinks, continually turning the water on and off in one of the faucets to see if he’d respond. Nothing.

    “Dude,” I whispered. No answer. “Dude!” I exclaimed, only a little louder. “Are you okay?”

    Not even an exhale.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.21.2015

  8. It was frustrating having to stall the launch of her new life. But logistics had forced her hand. There was no point finding a new flat and upending her son’s life when she would be forced to do it all again and move to Sydney in three months time. So she got busy biding time. Getting fit, getting sexy, waiting for her new apartment and waiting for her new lover. She opened herself to the possibility of joy and she was impatient for its arrival.

    By bb333 on 08.21.2015

  9. I kept talking. I just kept talking, and I knew she wasn’t going to give into my neverending list of words that were just flowing out of my mouth. I didn’t even know half of the things I said, just like I don’t know what I’m even typing out right now. I knew she wanted to know, she’d been prodding me about it for days. Weeks. Months. I don’t know anymore

    By Kim Chen on 08.21.2015

  10. stall is a bathroom stall or a house stall.

    By camry on 08.21.2015

  11. I hid in the market stall. I needed to not be seen.
    I don’t know why I do this. Sometimes I think I know.
    Like I just need to move through places where no one knows my name.
    Where no one knows my face.
    Maybe I just need to be a stranger among strangers once in awhile.

    By Intuition on 08.21.2015

  12. As i glanced at a lonely stall, I pondered about the lady behind it and if she ever felt the way I felt the way I did at that very moment. A strange, familiar feeling that we were all once here before…

    By Ellie on 08.21.2015

  13. I see the word and hear the starter’s gun blast, but I stall. The first image that materializes in my head: the peptobismal pink bathroom stalls at Nashport elementary somehow weren’t good enough. ‘Quick, find something else.’ And here I am, stalling. It is the perfectionism that will never completely die, like the virus I’ve been housing for months.

    By Tayler Blake on 08.21.2015

  14. She hated American toilet stalls. There was no privacy of any kind and especially for her, a transgender lady without sufficient funds to get a sex change operation, she needed all the privacy she was going to get. But the reason she was in America was because she was stalling for time.

    By BubblePopper1 on 08.22.2015

  15. Stall? Our entire existence is to stall. Stall from death. Stall from the bad.

    We’re all just children. We don’t want the bad.

    Stall. For all!

    By Jamie on 08.22.2015

  16. I poked my head through the stable doors. No one was there. I went to the tack room and got out the wheelbarrow and fork and welled them to Pepper’s stall.
    “Hey girl. How ya doing this morning?” I said as I started mucking out her stall. Soon after, Mathew popped his head around the door.
    “Hey, how are you doing, Megan”

    By DolphinDreams on 08.22.2015

  17. When something stalls it stops the motion. I don’t think stall is good. I like motion. But some people prefer the stall. What do you think about it? When something stalls, it cannot change and cant evolve anymore. That’s not good.

    By Agi Gulyas on 08.22.2015

  18. Stall is a word with a twist hidden in it. Say a general food stall to or lot other stalls through the road but there is yet another stall which means halt.just imagine how the life would be if the time stalls. None can have any words for it….

    By goutham on 08.22.2015

  19. He was about to speak but he stalled. Her face turned ugly, furious and then a tear began to form. He had to own up. He had to tell the truth. He had sold the market stall.

    By Steve O URL on 08.22.2015

  20. The stall door in the restroom was hanging off its hinges from the attack that occurred earlier in the evening

    By JerriBeth1 on 08.22.2015

  21. people sell in stalls. i find it wierd. that food isnt good. i like to dine royal. with all the comfortt and peace and decor. with a couple of freinds of course. that makes me happy and life is all about happiness.

    By zainab on 08.22.2015

  22. Do you want to know how you stall your life from being happy and not being rich at heart as well as your affairs? Don’t have goals and don’t pursue them. Don’t have full acceptance, love, and gratitude for what you have around you.

    By trkstr67 on 08.22.2015

  23. I need to jump instead of this standing still on this decisions hoping for the right picture.

    By Readwrite on 08.22.2015

  24. beside the stall, the horses are standing still, staring far to the other side of the hill, with ears moving around.

    By moonii on 08.22.2015

  25. Stall for time, I think. They need just a few seconds more-

    “Why governor, I never knew that you were more handsome in person. The vid lies to us.”

    My purr seemed to throw the man off balance, exactly what I’d hoped.

    “Erm, well.”

    By Percy on 08.22.2015

  26. Late, late, late.
    Jennifer scrambled over the steps of the crumbling building, eyes fixed on the tower’s balcony. Even from where she was, she could hear the metal clanging against metal and felt the blood on her hands. Suddenly, the sound of metal hitting concrete was heard, and followed by a wail.
    The wail of a dead friend.
    Jennifer stopped in her tracks and stared down at the scene, her eyes going wide. The demon hovered over Mario’s body, before snapping its flaming head to face her.
    Her heart skipped a beat and she began sprinting upwards, paying no mind to the broken pieces that cut her as she went by.
    Mario had given her five minutes of time, but it meant a life.
    And as she looked from the jewel in her hand to the entrance in front of her, she bit her lip.
    It meant the world.

    By Yanny on 08.22.2015

  27. He wasn’t there yet! She would have to stall for time! ” um, you know, I heard they have ice cream in all vending machines now!” It was stupid but it would have to do.

    By Miss Madelle on 08.22.2015

  28. I opened up the stalls, letting all the horses run free under the stars. As I crept home I knew that even though I could quite possibly be caught and put in trouble, it was worth it. They didn’t deserve to be locked up.

    By Maryn on 08.22.2015

  29. She exhaled and looked out the window, trying to find something to talk about. “Hey… look… Cinnabon. I’ve never seen one of those outside an airport. Or like a mall.” He glanced over at her. “You’re stalling.” “Yes, and I’m not very good at it.” He kept looking at her, side-eyed, still driving. She couldn’t avoid the question anymore.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.22.2015

  30. Stall. I Stall all the time, you probaly do to. I love to stall when they like to get to the point.

    By Alisha W. URL on 08.22.2015

  31. I kept listening. She continued to talk, and talk, and talk until I lost track on what were the words she’s saying. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. I don’t know why it even came to this in the first place. Like everything came to a halt and became a one big f*cking stall.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.22.2015

  32. I think that stalling normally only is on television. I don’t really see a lot of people stalling in the real world.

    By Haleigh on 08.22.2015

  33. He stopped. He couldn’t go on. It hurt so bad, that he couldn’t bear to even move, so he lay there, in a fetal position, not even opening his eyes. It couldn’t be true, it just couldn’t.

    By MJ on 08.22.2015

  34. I sat there, grasping for words that floated around my head, spluttering nonsense in hopes that I could stall him long enough to save his heart from being broken.

    By Idon'tknowwhattocallmyself on 08.22.2015

  35. “You gotta stall them! Go!”
    She pushed me out onto the stage in nothing but my robe and fuzzy pink slippers. I started to grimace more than smile, and a did a little shuffle across the floor.

    By Goddess on 08.22.2015

  36. michael laid on his bed, trying to push away thoughts of his dumb essay. it was on politics, something that michael had absolutely no interest in. he pulled out his phone and started to play pac man, but the essay lingered in the back of his mind. he knew if he stalled for too long, he’d get an absolutely awful grade on it.

    By makayla on 08.22.2015

  37. “What’s going on here?” He asked, looking quite annoyed. I glanced quickly down at the newest text received on my phone: STALL!
    The surprise party preparations weren’t ready yet.
    “Umm, well… I just… we never hang out anymore! Let’s go for a super duper long walk!” I started pulling him along the sidewalk.

    By Shr on 08.22.2015

  38. Stalling like waiting, or delaying. The mermaid in Spongebob stalled her father so that Spongebob could return the crown in time, but she didn’t admit to it, which stalled even more. Neptune was mad. Stalls can also contain horses.

    By Alisha on 08.22.2015

  39. “Quickly, he’s coming this way!” Exhilaration is the only thing that’s fueling your steps, running down the hallway with a single piece of paper clutched close to your chest.

    By Kacie Lee on 08.22.2015

  40. “Please.” he begged. “C’mon, we’re friends right? You love me don’t you?”
    “Fine.” I sighed. “I’ll stall for you, but you better find a way to make it up to me.”
    A high pitched squeal made it’s way out of his mouth. “Thank you! Did I tell you how much I love you? Cuz I really think I should, shouldn’t I? I love you, so so mu-” I shoved him out of the door.
    “Go! before I change my mind.” I hissed.

    By Sapphire on 08.22.2015