November 19th, 2015

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50 Responses to “shred”

  1. torn to pieces, ripped into little tiny bits,

    By Deanna A on 11.20.2015

  2. i shredded the paper and then i destroyed guitar hero and destroyed everybody and won an elephant and an abomasnow

    By D.A.T guy URL on 11.20.2015

  3. Shredding the pounds is what comes to mind first. I need to lost at least 10 pounds for my diabetic health to get back into shape. SHRED means pain but good pain and with that, I hope will come GAIN in happiness and health. Wish me luck!

    By Monica Villar on 11.20.2015

  4. Her shirt shifted from her body. She felt the collar shred around her. With a grunt, she thrashed away from the man’s scythe, feel the tear run along the back of her shirt. Thank goodness for undershirts, she thought. She bit her lip and conjured a shield around her as the scythe swung in her direction. The blade bounced against the shield and flew back, almost flying from the man’s hands.

    By Chan on 11.20.2015

  5. i would tear off every shred of braxton metcalf’s clothes if i had the chance. I want him badly.

    By Dan on 11.20.2015

  6. shred, shred, shred, shred.
    it is the sound from a shredder against which you leaned when you dropped that cup of coffee and blamed it on the ghosts that had their claws pressed against your skin, tattooing the maps of lost golden cities on your back, elbows and neck while the shredder kept going, slicing the documents from those we had never met face to face so it was easier to push the button.

    By kirish URL on 11.20.2015

  7. pounds of wasted paper
    clouding and cluttering
    all of the spaces cleared
    hanging on, just barely
    to the ideal
    of a perfect home

    By katiekieran URL on 11.20.2015

  8. Shredding the documents he turned to look at his partner in crime. Poor kid. Sweat was rolling down the sides of his face in bullets and he may have even been sobbing a little bit. That or the sniveling was from a cold.
    “Hang in there kid,” I laid an arm on his shoulder, “we’re rich as Hell!”

    By ZBooty URL on 11.20.2015

  9. Hey there kid!!! Going down the hill on all fours. Don’t look now, but you may be in for a surprise with your home mirror, not being a doctor I’d call that a head shred.

    By CoolCatBad URL on 11.20.2015

  10. your teeth talk to my skin of my wrists,
    saying the same words that your fist did to it yesterday:

    By Naomi Tomlin on 11.20.2015