October 20th, 2015

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76 Responses to “revised”

  1. A life, revised.
    At one point, completely polished, completed, ready for publishing.
    Then, error after error piling in like leaves in fall.
    Now and again, revised, revisited.
    I have started over.

    By Danielle Dunne on 10.21.2015

  2. It’s all been changed now. Everything. Every single little thing that I’ve done has been turned into something else. It’s not just like revising a document – changing the grammar and whatnot – because this is more than that. More than a few words – this whole project is my life.

    By Hannah on 10.21.2015

  3. Can they please revise this website? It keeps repeating itself, over and overwee

    By Bradley on 10.21.2015

  4. ‘Why are you so quiet tonight?’ The neon green text message glared up at him, egging him on. He swallowed and picked the phone up, contemplating. With a shaky finger, he punched out ”Cause I wanna hear your voice’. Reading it back, it sounded too needy, so he erased it. ‘Tired of texting. Wanna meet you’ he typed. His thumb traced the ‘send’ button for almost a minute before pressing ‘delete’ once again.

    By Soft URL on 10.21.2015

  5. Az ügyet kénytelen-kelletlen felül kellett vizsgálni. És hogy miért? Mert valaki… érteni ezalatt Meron-chant az egészet bundázta. Ez nagyon kellemetlen volt a nyomozók számára, ráadásul Meront is lecsukhatják.

    By MeronCD on 10.21.2015

  6. I look at the last revised quote. Two hits, three swipes, and four knock jobs. I’d been working for the mob for years but something sat wrong in my gut about this one. I knew someone was playing with the books. Now I’m realizing the cop across the street has been staring at me for far too long.

    By Stacks on 10.21.2015

  7. I was scalded by the revised document;
    a document;
    that can withhold so eagerly, so much temptation,
    hinders our own lives as we know it.

    The pomp witnessed when an on looker sees the dervishes reading aloud their prayers
    off of a nose-to-knee long manuscript, or

    The varicose vein that inflates when a presidential speech is read off of an electronic set of words, cannot, be replaced by any tube made out of paper, yet inked paper beguiles the world we know. Revised and rewritten are our words when we read new words.

    By milad URL on 10.21.2015

  8. re-re-reworked

    By Kristopher URL on 10.21.2015

  9. She revised the option of going to the spring ball over and over in her head. Aurum had wanted to take a little break from school by dressing up fancily to a party filled with people she barely knew, but the mere thought of looking at those strangers had made her feel scared already. After all, Aurum was just a shy girl that didn’t belong anywhere.

    By Randompeepur on 10.21.2015

  10. I revised my work for the second time. It was already an alien task to me – I hate editing. I have over thirty stories piled up in a drive or cloud or disc or handwritten scrawl somewhere that need work. Who has time? I do – if I put the real work to it. Maybe.

    By Chris URL on 10.21.2015

  11. My plan was to be like evryone else. To be just like the teens I see.
    Now I’m revising. I have two choices. To be like everyone else, and have constant stress everyday. Otherwise I can be a free girl. To go after my passion and become the best.

    By Mary on 10.21.2015

  12. Revising has never been something I’ve been good at. Usually my revising process is:

    Step 1) Look at paper.

    Step 2) Read through.

    Step 3) Accept my fate.

    And then I say, “I’m done revising!” and I quit out of the document immediately.

    By hootenanny on 10.21.2015

  13. Last year in my Language Arts class, Mr.Clark had us do a lot of revision of our pieces.

    By Rod Kimble on 10.21.2015

  14. I was so stressed about my final essay. So I

    By Savanna Arellano on 10.21.2015

  15. Today in class, we had started to write our memoirs in class for our teacher. Today, was a day where we would revise each others papers. I revised Megan’s while she revised mine for anything that would work or not.

    By Dawson on 10.21.2015

  16. hats all they tell you revise revise revise nothing else you write something and you always half to look at it 30 times.

    By Patrick on 10.21.2015

  17. We had just finished our memoir and it was time to revise.

    By Nathanel on 10.21.2015

  18. help me

    oh lord help me

    By ethan on 10.21.2015

  19. my ios 9 ipod update revised

    By Devon on 10.21.2015

  20. I revised my story about murder. I added what the audience wanted. Blood. Death. My story was originally a nonfiction piece about deer, but my buyers have spoken. And they want that deer to die.

    By ethan on 10.21.2015

  21. He sat there for awhile after the others left. Thinking. He wasn’t sure of the decision that they had come to; Nobody was. Perhaps they would revise it later, but for now, it was set.

    By akarow on 10.21.2015

  22. My status was revised last week. I change my status about once every month. I write about random things or things that happened that day. I write whatever I feel needs to be shared.

    By Faith on 10.21.2015

  23. I took some time to look over what I had done. I was the first one ever to complete what it was that I had done. It was an amazing feat for me to finally do what I have invented a time time machine.

    By JOHN CENA!!!!!!! on 10.21.2015

  24. A kisemmizettek vizsgálata gyorsan véget ért- szinte el sem kezdték. Egyet-kettőt megvizsgáltak az emberek közül, a többit elzavarták, mondva, fertőzöttek. Ez elkeserítő egy helyzet, de senki sem vizsgálja felül.

    By MeronCD on 10.21.2015

  25. I had to reconsider the thought of going to London to be a printer for the London News I was to go, but the farm at home needed me most.

    By mackenzie URL on 10.21.2015

  26. to finalize
    is to realize
    that nothing needs
    to be revised

    By katiekieran URL on 10.21.2015

  27. Beyond the end. Go over your life… no chance to be revised. What’s done is done. Don’t look back.

    By Mae on 10.21.2015

  28. I revised a poem in 10 minutes and 3 seconds. I revised my bible verse in 12 minutes.

    By heathersteffan on 10.21.2015

  29. don’t edit. don’t go back and rewrite… don’t go back and re- don’t go ba-
    revise, don’t edit.
    fix. change up some things. revise

    By dylan on 10.21.2015

  30. She shuddered at the thought of visiting that hideous place again. Not only did it look ugly, a perpetual sense of foreboding hung around the house, a strange phenomena which even the neighbors couldn’t figure out.

    Little did she know that her husband could afford only that apartment, even after revised wages. He couldn’t muster enough courage to tell her everything. No, not yet.

    By kyungsoo on 10.21.2015

  31. He slept the weeks away since he submitted his final draft to his publisher, sometime around afternoon his phone rang at it was his editor telling him that his publisher approved his work and asking him for more cleaner, revised version of his manuscript.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.21.2015

  32. I revised my story because when I read it it stunk. THe grammar was really bad and it wasn’t organized so I had to restructure it. I put it in a different order and then added details to make it better.

    By Me on 10.21.2015

  33. It’s the little mistakes that bug him the most, it’s quite ironic that he needed to revise his entry about the word ‘revised’. It’s ridiculous, really. He then slept the weeks away since he submitted his final draft to his publisher, sometime around afternoon his phone rang AND it was his editor telling him that his publisher approved his work and asked him for more cleaner, revised version of his manuscript.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.21.2015

  34. She revised and revised. Still it didn’t seem good enough. Her life was full of revisions. She wanted to just be and not have to constantly revise.

    By Audrey on 10.21.2015

  35. The revised edition sat on his desk for a few moments before he picked up. Thumbing through the pages that crowded his mind for the past year was the hardest thing for him to do. He felt the weight of the story fall away with each page turn. This was being distributed as he sat there. His assistant smiled at him.

    By Kris on 10.21.2015

  36. Revised Standard Version–now revised again and New–many are the tweakings and the convoluted edits that go into the issuing of a brand-new old book. We long to get things just right, but always something will need to be adjusted…

    By Sara on 10.21.2015