November 29th, 2015

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55 Responses to “pumpkin”

  1. he called me pumpkin when he raped me.
    (isn’t that funny? see, rape jokes are funny)
    in his southern accent, the word dripped like molasses
    my pumpkin
    i remember carving out the insides with my father, like he’s doing to me now.

    By bridget URL on 11.30.2015

  2. rgfgfg gfgfsg g I like pumpkins because they are green and yellow and blue and red and white. I am not afraid of them? Halloween is fun. Very very fun. Like totally fun!

    By Liz on 11.30.2015

  3. Okay, so there’s this thing. It’s big, and orange, and round. It’s called a pumpkin. Don’t ask why, I didn’t name it. I know you’ve heard of it before, but stop interrupting. Reach inside THIS pumpkin. Do it now, you only have a few seconds left. Hurry up!

    By Micah on 11.30.2015

  4. orange big round fat Halloween garden rotten will not grow we like to carve and put a candle in some people like to smash them on the ground I dont

    By Lori on 11.30.2015

  5. “Listen, pumpkin,” my mom said. “Clean up your room and do it right – no shoving stuff under the bed this time – and then I’ll think about whether you can go to the party or not.”

    By mrsmig URL on 11.30.2015

  6. A tipe of squash usualy ripe in Autumn. The pumpkin is used for all sorts of stuff like Jack – O – Lanterns, Creamy Pumpkin Pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread and alot more.

    By AwesomePerson URL on 11.30.2015

  7. pumpkin is kind of fruit most known as the symbol of halloween no the north countries

    By Guilherme Maia on 11.30.2015

  8. She squeezed her cheeks. Pumpkin, she saw the lips murmur, my little pumpkin. She blinks, laughs, and turns away, her curly dark hair bouncing at her shoulders. The little girl laughs as well and follows her through the green field. And then, from there, everything evaporates into a pit of nothingness.

    Syeda opened her eyes.

    Memories of a time long past.

    By Chan on 11.30.2015

  9. My stomach is probably still filled with all of those go forsaken pieces of pumpkin pie i ate so carelessy four days prior to this

    By Annalisa Melendrez on 11.30.2015

  10. I think I prefer sweet potato to pumpkin.

    By Steve O URL on 11.30.2015

  11. I find it under vines. So simple,orange round. For one it will mean so much. I raise my wand and say nonsensical words. In that instance, the pumpkin transforms into a carriage. Destiny awaits.

    By Behind Shadows URL on 11.30.2015

  12. A pumpkin spice latte was every white woman’s drink this fall. She’d pull on her Hunter boots and Patagonia jacket (or Ugg boots and Northface jacket), and immediately go to Starbucks to get her pumpkin spice fix.

    By Kali URL on 11.30.2015

  13. I love pumpkin. It’s my favourite desert. Especially my mum makes delicious pumpkin desserts

    By Özkan KILIÇ on 11.30.2015

  14. The three littlest ones are running about the kitchen, red hair flashing everywhere, clashing with the pumpkins on the counter. The triplets’ older brother is insisting Momma finish his cat carving because mine is already not much like the picture. “Momma” and I share a smile. Nothing is more beautiful than our family, despite the sugar high.

    By darseyrsm URL on 11.30.2015

  15. I could have used some more guidance when navigating the murky waters of pubescence and its wonders. The discoveries I made at that age were by turns fascinating, horrifying, and, at times, something resembling the inside of a pumpkin.

    By asavas URL on 11.30.2015