July 28th, 2015

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65 Responses to “proof”

  1. This is proof of how much I’ve grown up. I’ve put aside all the necessary thoughts about romance and focused on my career. I’m twenty, and I am in my third year in university, working at two music schools and at a seniors home. I swim four days a week with my brother under a coach. So I might get exhausted in the end of the day, but I feel so damn satisfied.

    By abigail rae on 07.29.2015

  2. There was no immediate proof that it Esme had done any thing underhanded to sabotage the wedding, just the aroma of rotting kelp and eggs emanating from the wedding cake when Petra and Andy cut into. However, the discovery of the real wedding cake carefully packed into the back of her Subaru wagon, neatly boxed up in its original packaging from the Flour De Lis bakery did rather land her in the hot seat as number one suspect, that and the umpteen emails to her sister accusing her of stealing Andy away from her.

    By Erica on 07.29.2015

  3. 2am. Again. She tried to feign sleep and kept her breathing even as he slipped in beside her. She frowned as the scent of alien cologne and sex tickled her nose. “Out with the boys,” he’d offered as an explanation the morning before. A lump stuck in her throat at the realization that he’d been both completely honest and yet deceptively untrue.

    By Soft URL on 07.29.2015

  4. Aprender a aprender

    By Armand on 07.29.2015

  5. “Tell me, now!” The man said angrily. The two children were standing in front of a ruined dog house. The man who owned the dog, was very upset. “We don’t know what happened.” The man didn’t believe them. “Proof. You need proof in order for me to accept your innocence.” They didn’t know what to do.

    By Maya on 07.29.2015

  6. It was all there in front of her. Undeniable. Maybe. I mean, she denied it. Adamantly. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, she gave him the benefit of the doubt. Even as a scientist, she ignored the aspects that would have given her hints, the parts that point to the truth. She instead chose to believe her gut. Her gut was never wrong. Was it?

    By Bridget on 07.29.2015

  7. She was asking me for something. I knocked myself back to reality. “What?”

    “The proof.”, she repeated.

    “Oh,” I said, forcing my mind to say adrift, “Here you go.”

    She grabbed the parcel from me with her right hand and opened it carefully with her left. She grinned sweetly, “I will. I will marry you.”

    Though feeling drained, I smiled meekly. Finally! The only thing I ever wanted. My heart would have jumped with joy if it were still inside me.

    By Dee URL on 07.29.2015

  8. In order for me to believe someone’s word, I must obtain proof from them; especially if this person has been known to fabricate!

    By Erica on 07.29.2015

  9. What proof do you have of anything? Isn’t everything actually subjective? How can you be so sure of yourself–of anything? What you call proof I call conjecture.

    By Cherie on 07.29.2015

  10. Give me proof of your membership!

    By Rachel Metellus on 07.29.2015

  11. They burst into the room and immediately arrested the man. He began screaming, “You have no proof! You have to provide some evidence in order to rrest me. Call my lawyers!”

    By Trina on 07.29.2015

  12. proof means that you provided factual information to support your opinion or topic/subject. A proof is an image you receive so you can preview your school portrait before ordering it.

    By Shakita on 07.29.2015

  13. A detective needs to have proof before determining guilt or innocence of an alleged criminal.

    By Melody on 07.29.2015

  14. No one can be convicted without it. I have proof that he stole my lunch

    By Graylen Graham on 07.29.2015

  15. Proof is a very important concept when working in Math, sometimes students know what to do, and then can explain the procedure, but if they can also proof the results in another way they will be able to reassure themselves about their knowledge on the Math concept they are working on.

    By Paola Fachisthers on 07.29.2015

  16. I have proof that teachers are critical to society.

    By Melody on 07.29.2015

  17. “Do you have it?” the judge asks patiently. The short, pig-headed defendant with the big mustache shakes his head shamefully.
    “No, I don’t.” he mutters. The jury lets out a “boo!”, all of them strongly expressing their disapproval.

    By April Diane on 07.29.2015

  18. There is no proof of Nixon actually ordering the break in of watergate. No physical proof that is. But the emotions response he had is all-telling. He made it so obvious with his actions that most people see this as proof in itself. Maybe he should have thought about how he chose to handle the situation gives a direct line to what the situation actually was. What kind of prroof do we need to believe? Do we need proof at all, or our mind already made up? How much can proof do to act as something new? Predispositions. What about influence? What are their roles and how do they work together?

    By stefany on 07.29.2015

  19. do you need your proof of what i’m thinking? i certainly need proof of what goes on in that head of yours. but all you’ve ever done is shut all the doors. i’m sick of this fight, i tried to get out, i can’t do it anymore.

    By molly on 07.29.2015

  20. Give me proof that what you’re writing matters.
    Go, do it.
    That’s what I thought. You don’t have a thing to show me, do you? No published books, no awards or praise.
    But something you didn’t think of? Your actual writing. The pages and pages, therefore hours and hours of work you’ve put into what you do. You care about it. That’s proof enough. Keep it up.

    By strongfemalecharacter on 07.29.2015

  21. If it was any indication that faint love marks resided on his neck and his hands twitched as if they were childs eyes that lied, it was proof – once again she was the right girl at the wrong time.

    By AshleyKay on 07.29.2015

  22. “Oh yeah?” He smirked.”How are you going to proof that huh? You got nothing on me.”
    She walked toward him, face wearing his expression. “Don’t we?” She stepped aside.
    A small petite woman appeared from the shadows. His expression dropped. “Y-you, I trusted you…”

    By Sapphire on 07.29.2015

  23. She had the proof she needed to show the king that she was telling the truth. Now the only question was how was she going to get it to him

    By JerriBeth1 on 07.29.2015

  24. I remember a fence in Australia. A long dingo-proof fence that stretched across the country and whilst I was there I read a book about it. Then, I heard about a rabbit proof fence in Australia but that didn’t interest me as much but i saw a film related to it – Great story but didn’t think much of the acting.

    By Steve O URL on 07.29.2015

  25. I have proof of a spoof that occurred during the presidential election of George Bush. I’m plotting that it got as far as he might have caused 9/11 but I don’t think the whole thing in entirety was his fault

    By Rejjia on 07.29.2015