July 10th, 2015

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33 Responses to “plants”

  1. Say an assassin enters a crowded building. She doesn’t use the vent to get to the prime office. She doesn’t dress up as some sort of sassy, sexy intern who somehow achieves access to the IT department or the computer database. Instead, she plants herself into the crowd with ease and follows where it goes. Maybe it’ll take her up the stairs, or into the elevator. Maybe she’ll wind up in the parking garage. Whatever the case, once her target lies in her site, she will be hidden, and as the crowd disperses, she will disappear with them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.10.2015

  2. Her glasses, my friend, are called Nedwin. The color is “Summer Green.” Is it a Plants, like Plant Man or Led Zeppelin? I’m not sure I know, because she could be Posion Ivy. Maybe? I don’t know. Takes a special lens to really see, I guess.

    By Blue on 07.10.2015

  3. Plants are so weird aren’t they? They don’t really have to do anything, they just sit around and turn sunlight into food. It’s not a bad life really. They don’t go to school, have jobs, pay taxes – nothing. They just sit and photosynthesise. Start food chains. That’s it.

    By Sophie on 07.10.2015

  4. he saw the plant in the room, there was nothing special about the plant, it was what was housing it, the vase that he bought her back from a mission, he didn’t even remember the plant or the reason they went, just the look of joy on her face when he gave her it. she commented on its beauty on the markings that he had no clue about but she deciphered as some rare language.

    By rebecca on 07.10.2015

  5. The plants here were one of my favorite things. They all smelled beautiful, and looked amazing. Their colors popped out at me; some of them even hurt my eyes. I didn’y love all of them though. some of them hurt. Bad.

    By Isabella W. on 07.10.2015

  6. The plants were growing very tall, crawling and suffocating the walls, encroaching on the doors of the house, and covered the gates. There was a sea of greenery from top to bottom everywhere. It was like walking through a jungle of green. You could just breathe it in and close your eyes and it was like you were some place else.

    By Smalls URL on 07.10.2015

  7. “here you are!” she declares, planting the plate on her friend’s lap.

    he frowned, deep creases forming between his eyebrows. “why are you giving me food?” he smelt the sandwich and flicked the tiny bits of crumbs at her face.

    she stares at him. he isn’t very bright. “well,” she starts, pausing for dramatic affect. she waits a few beats before continuing. “i’m just a good friend,” she finishes, smiling coyly.

    he so owes her.

    By amandaxx URL on 07.10.2015

  8. Nora had always had an affinity for plants, no matter what all of her plants seemed to bloom the next morning. Perhaps it was because she talked to them all the time, or maybe it was because she took extra care to give them the proper soil. If only plants were like men, perhaps then she could get one to stick around.

    By Plantastic on 07.10.2015

  9. She picked up the flower off the ground, swirling the stem between her fingers. It was pink and blooming, it smell like spring. She smiled at the potential of the season and what was yet to come.

    By Momo URL on 07.10.2015

  10. The growth spread wildly throughout the forest: vines, trees, and all sorts of wild growth spreading without hindrance. It was untamed, untouched by any human.

    By Haru on 07.10.2015

  11. This is the first time I write something here. I thought the topic would be more interesting. Unfair to plants, right?

    Anyway, I love plants. Don’t really know why. I just do. But, well, I don’t always necessarily need to have a reason to love, right?

    By Lucía URL on 07.10.2015

  12. Plants are what bind us together and pull us apart. Their green, leafy stems shoot forth and a budding flower bursts, calling for your attention. Plants grow into the crevices of brick building sides like old friends growing on you. The kind of friends that you hang out on a Friday afternoon when school is over and you’re tired, not looking forward to your math homework. Then you think about the Fibonacci sequence because plants, well, they’re complicated.

    By Kindred URL on 07.10.2015

  13. They were everywhere. I hardly even knew how to comprehend such a laboratory. I’d never seen so many different botanical specimens in one place before. It was my dream come true, yet also my worst nightmare.

    By Savannah on 07.10.2015

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    By Hentai URL on 07.10.2015

  15. mary mary quite contrary how does your garden grow do you planet seeds and take out weeds and bury bones beneath the trees let them grow tall and dark with blood green and hale with the bone dust of gentlemen past

    By WrittenOut URL on 07.10.2015

  16. Nobody could quite understand my love for plants. The way they listened to you, the way the listened to music, the way they never complained. People could learn from plants. They never hate, they just grow. I wonder why we can’t do that. I guess we’ll never know.

    By Amethyst on 07.10.2015

  17. The plants have talked to me ever since I could remember. I can hear the plants and I can make them hear me. The plants are like my family, the truest friends I have ever had.

    By E on 07.11.2015

  18. I have been thinking about buying plants for home for sometime now. Maybe its when I got my first plant , which my hubby bought for me an year back , that the thought actually entered in my hand. And now I do have one little plant on my desk at office , Maybe I will bring that home one day. In any case ive got a new one for my office . SO the old one il bring home ..:) maybe this week, : ) :)

    By Anjana Menon URL on 07.11.2015

  19. are cool and green and they feed off light thats cool i have a bunch of plants in my room but i think im allergic i alawys wake up with a swollen face but i love thm

    By SmellsLikePurple URL on 07.11.2015

  20. the planst were growing like it was their sole purpous, which it was. They were so beautiful, there was a rainbow of colours.

    By MilajaFreemantle URL on 07.11.2015

  21. Yhe plans we’re growing. John looked at it. He smiled. The cactuses we’re big and healthy. John was a gardener with only one passion: flowers.

    By maxim on 07.11.2015

  22. The plants we’re laughing. They lived! They could talk and move. But if they let the humans know, it was all done. That’s what the good witch said.

    By maxim on 07.11.2015

  23. i was thinking that i was going to get plants when i clicked go, i was thikning about gaia and the plants that grow from the groun. i was thinking about roots that go into the earth. roots of plants and roots of people, people belong to the earth. we belong to where we are from, we belong to where we are. we are rooted in the past, the present and the future. our roots keep us grounded, but also let us grow and expand.

    By liz on 07.11.2015

  24. One of the best things about having your own world is you can engineer your own plants…you can make them do whatever you want them to do with just a little bit of cross breeding with say, a scorpion…although I must think that something like that may be dangerous.

    By trkstr67 URL on 07.11.2015

  25. I’m in the forest, surrounded by a canopy of lush green, and green beneath my feet. But this tropical paradise has been invaded. I see smoke, rising up in the distance. Legalized destruction of the earth unfolds before my eyes, and I wonder. How long do these plants have left to live?

    By Shr on 07.11.2015

  26. among the green grass
    the yellow flowers
    the purple vines
    i found it within myself
    to let go of the past
    and focus on what was
    really important: plants

    By minha URL on 07.11.2015

  27. Doyle walked back to the car, his feet dragging but his mind racing. As soon as he got in, and before he could say anything, Lucy turned to him and spoke; “Vincent, I was assigned to study under you, but also to watch you. The people we work for are very serious about what they do. And they are very powerful; so much so that no judge or jury in the land could touch them.
    All they have to do is make a phone call, and someone plants some evidence that makes you look bad, and no one will ever question it. You will be gone, forever. That’s it, the end!” She paused, but did not let him respond. “So think very carefully about everything you do from now on. But understand one thing; I am not your enemy; they told me to say this.” Then she pulled her gun from her holster, and put a finger on his lips, then she motioned to him to get out of the car.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.11.2015

  28. Plants make me think of my mom, who has the biggest green thumb in Buena Vista County. Her gardens were full of plants of all sorts, colors, sizes, and lives. They breathed life into her identity, and her identity and love breathed life into them in return. She could always nurture any plant at any time.

    By HartwigJen URL on 07.11.2015

  29. Plants are everywhere. I can look outside and see millions of plant species. Green is everywhere, and without it the world would be a dark and dreary place. If you really think about it, plants are what keep us alive. Without them, there would be a lack of oxygen and we would all end up dead.

    By Abby on 07.11.2015

  30. The plants were most definitely the most beautiful thing she’d ever laid her eyes on. Illuminescent golden splatters decorated the leaves in chaotic patterns and swirls, lighting the large cave as if it was daylight. The brush was thick, and she could barely walk through the sludge underneath her, where these strange undiscovered plants loved to grow in. The gloop between her toes parted,little by little, until Ezolda was up to her knees in the strange muck. She struggled more and more, only getting herself stuck deeper between the brush, until nothing was left except her full head of red hair among those strange glowing plants. And when the last of Ezolda’s hair was swallowed up by the mud, the light in those strange plants reddened with the same beautiful color.

    By Assassin URL on 07.11.2015

  31. To days when you wake up feeling fresh. To the aroma of damp earth wafting throughout the day. To the bright green leaves of the trees, and subtle strokes of breeze greeting your cheeks.
    It’s days like these which make you believe in your wishes.

    By kyungsoo on 07.11.2015

  32. The kids loved tracing the shadows that were cast from the plants on the balcony. She loved hearing them giggle and the sound of chalk scratches cascading through the humid summer air.

    By Mo Alcott URL on 07.11.2015

  33. Don’t think. Just write.
    Inhale in, out; okay.

    Pine tree eyes
    calling the needles
    in my skin, only
    they’re not yours
    to be hurt by, and the blood
    in my pores is singing,
    and my mouth is singing,
    the horizon a cherry pit
    of red and a spinning wheel
    for dreams.

    You can try to tell me
    I belong somewhere else–
    or better– but the metal
    in my chest is singing, too,
    and the song, it sounds
    like karmic wheels and

    By Pandatry URL on 07.11.2015