June 30th, 2015

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40 Responses to “opportune”

  1. “That was not the opportune time to jump in,” Mom scolded me, or at least tried to. I was ready to put on my headphones and cancel her voice out with System of a Down.

    “Please. He was eating you alive. I wanted to help.”

    “I am not a damsel in distress,” retorted my mom. “I can handle your father better than you can imagine. I’ve known him for thirty years…”

    “And here you are, letting him walk all over you.”

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my mother raise her hand as if to slap me. But she didn’t. She never hit people, especially not me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.30.2015

  2. this moment is unlike any other
    to win to figure out
    to think of peace and pieces of thought
    to come together
    in opportune seconds
    breaths, sighs
    coming together
    if only to break apart
    to start to wit two tits
    two become one

    By matt m on 06.30.2015

  3. Because we digest
    your carbon dioxide
    just to fit “pretty” into a box
    small enough to hold
    between your palms.

    By Pandatry URL on 06.30.2015

  4. It was an opportune moment to approach him. He was on his own, minding his business away from all the others. (People frighten you, after all.) But the issue was, would it be the right thing to do to ask how he was doing, how he’s been since things fell apart between you?

    By Ashi URL on 06.30.2015

  5. She was his opportune flower, hidden behind
    so many ugly bushes and yet
    she shone above them all.
    She was perfect. To him. And all he cared
    about day and night.

    By Shineapple URL on 06.30.2015

  6. this one chance of all the world to happen at the right time in the right moment, right when you need it to. don’t take it for granted. just take it. run with it. go as fast as you can. take advantage of it. don’t forget the time that brought you here and gave you this gift. it won’t happen again.

    By WrittenOut URL on 06.30.2015

  7. Finding treasure isn’t my fault I just wanted to go exploring. We stumbled on treasure that just so happened to be cursed and now we’re gonna die.

    By Erin on 06.30.2015

  8. Take your chanes when they come
    See an opening
    Fear not don’t run
    Stay alive be there when you can
    Life does not abound in riches of chance
    Grab what you can with fervor and grace

    By Protean URL on 06.30.2015

  9. In writing, it’s partly about ending a chapter at an opportune moment- a cliffhanger- so your readers will keep turning pages to the finish.

    By Nicole M. on 06.30.2015

  10. Opportunity. Everyone has one at some point in their life. Opportunistic. You can be that, not many people are. Opportune. A well-chosen moment. Good play. That was opportune. Was it? Hm… Tune. Opp. Perhaps it was the opposite.

    By Daniela on 06.30.2015

  11. i was only waiting for the right moment, that period of time where all of life’s events would line up perfectly. you’d drop your books and i’d rush to help you and we’d glance at each other, giving an awkward smile. look into each other’s eyes for a brief moment and glimpse a future that could be.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 06.30.2015

  12. ‘opportune’ situations act out like destiny and fate – they are unexpected. it’s scenes in movies when soul mates reunite for the third time in the most unlikely place. it’s finding the little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop (the one that smells like peppermint patties) that you’ve been searching for as long as you can remember. it’s wishing on candles on a birthday cake and getting what you asked for.

    they are well-timed and favorable upon most. maybe i’ll finally have one too.

    By amandaxx URL on 06.30.2015

  13. It was finally the opportune moment. Slicking back his hair and taking a gulp, Adrian walked up to Locker 247.

    “H-hey…” he began to stutter. He had to confess before the locker slam shut. He couldn’t bear to see Jess’s face.

    “Would you like to go out with me!” Adrian’s rush to say it made it seem more like a statement, his infliction ruined by an unexpected voice crack. He winced, afraid of the answer.

    Jess closed his locker shut, grinning lightly.

    “It’s about time you asked.”

    By Lady Kitsune URL on 06.30.2015

  14. This is an opportune time to clean my house. I could clean out my fridge or get Katie’s things organized off to the side for her to take. I don’t have room for her things. I wish she understood that and was actually moved to do something about it but instead she lets me sit with it. So I am going to take this opportune time and send her a nice text alerting her thT she needs to get her things out!

    By Adgubbe on 06.30.2015

  15. the ability to go forth and find the most advantageous moment to execute whatever you hope to achieve. it is the description of a moment that one could achieve the best results.

    By Ash on 06.30.2015

  16. Esto que hay entre nosotros no ha sido del todo oportuno.
    Llegaste a mi vida en un momento en el que no puedo permitirme el lujo de amarte

    By Monica Miranda URL on 06.30.2015

  17. Si dependieramos de que nuestro corazón fuera oportuno, nunca amaríamos a nadie.
    El amor no entiende de tiempo ni razones, sólo sabe que elije a alguien, pero no el por qué

    By Monica Miranda URL on 06.30.2015

  18. he couldn’thave arrived at a less opportune moment

    By aliza on 06.30.2015

  19. It was an opportune moment when i first saw you
    you were on your polo shirt, looking dignified
    you smiled with innocence and it made me feel my heart again
    that time, i didn’t have the chance to talk to you but it was as if I’ve known you for so long
    you were the unfamiliar man with familiar heart

    By christcel URL on 07.01.2015

  20. Luck wasn’t a matter of things just happening to you, he had learnt after may years of toil and misery. It was being presented with possibilities, opportunities which you could use — which you could exploit — to your own ends. This was the moral and the method by which he lived his life.

    By John Doe on 07.01.2015

  21. Flying across the horizon, i could see the world from the top. It felt so surreal to be in that cockpit of which I’d dreamed since i was a kid. I can spread the wings of flight and takeoff any instant i want to. It was all because of that moment, that opportune second when I revealed what I wanted with life. When I was true to myself and let go of the other side of me I hated.

    By kyungsoo on 07.01.2015

  22. A new country, a new home, new friendships and new doors. Walk through one to pen the next. Each day awaits you.

    By Watermelon on 07.01.2015

  23. it was oppportune movement. Finally he had the chance to show what he’s worth. It was his time to shine, time to show the world he can achieve what he sat out to achieve.

    By asd on 07.01.2015

  24. She had to take it. There was no way she couldn’t. It was a once in a life time offer. Never was she going to experience the things she would. Best of all. It came at the most opportune moment.

    By Pei Pei on 07.01.2015

  25. It was time. Well at least I think so. Many people said it was the opportune time to ask her but I was still nervous. I was ready. I would do it tonight. Tonight I would ask her to marry me.

    By Zoe URL on 07.01.2015

  26. It was time. Well at least I think so. Many people said it was the opportune time to ask her but I was still nervous. I was ready. I would do it tonight. Tonight I would ask her to marry me. I was ready. I walked out the door and could see her face. Yes she was awfully pretty. I couldn’t do it. I turned around and started to walk away. “Wait!” She yelled running after me.

    By Zoe URL on 07.01.2015

  27. I wonder how he chose that time to send me a letter. The most opportune time of the year, When I was struggling to make decisions in life, when I was more lost than ever. As if the already existing confusions weren’t enough, his letter found me.

    By Padma on 07.01.2015

  28. He was seen as a man that misses no opprtunity. When he went out of his house people yelled at him: “ey yo Mr. Opportunist”. He did not like that, but when he saw the ad in the newspaper he could not say no to this great opportunity. He was ooportune, at least he was finally good at something.

    By Stef on 07.01.2015

  29. He took the craziest favors sometimes, and today it seemed most opportune to take her. As a matter of fact, he decided to take her all day long much to her extreme happiness. She would worship him for a month even if she couldn’t walk straight for half of it…

    By trkstr67 URL on 07.01.2015

  30. there couldn’t have been more opportune use of this dress. Alie looked at herself in the mirror and grinned from ear to ear. She looked perfect, at least in her own eyes. The blue gown she had been keeping from ages in her cupboard had finally been blessed.

    By fatemah on 07.01.2015

  31. “Such an opportune event,” he said, “for us to announce this ground breaking discovery.” He turned to face his brother who had nothing less than malice on his face. He sighed as the former turned back to the rest of the audience and smiled in a mysterious manner. “Ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath.”

    By fatemah on 07.01.2015

  32. leaves used as medicines

    By dave chetan URL on 07.01.2015

  33. He awoke on a normal day and spotted a trunk full of gold at the foot of his bed. Now, he sat disappointed at the opportune presented to him.

    By Shyamal on 07.01.2015

  34. There is no real opportune time to tell someone how you feel. When you need to tell them, you tell them. Follow your heart always.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.01.2015

  35. the moment that everyone looks for that if not careful can quickly skip by. It comes all the time but can only be seen if paid special attention to.

    By Troy Woods URL on 07.01.2015

  36. had it right there .. but something stopped me and told me to stay back. i then realsied this what not my oppurtunity … i have to wait to reach that goal in another way round
    not like this … never

    By Leona Joseph URL on 07.01.2015

  37. It was an opportune that came on the radio, the kind of tune that gets you, the kind that releases that something inside of you and you think, yes! I have a say in this world, I can do this, I will succeed! It doesn’t last though, but a playlist of them is a good idea.

    By Steve O URL on 07.01.2015

  38. This was an opportune moment. A moment to remember, to cherish. The girl of my dreams right in front of me. Eyes gleaming in the star light.

    By Sarah on 07.01.2015

  39. As I walked down the isle I saw the opportune time to just let loose and finally have a good time but then he came in. The biggest, baddest, ugliest person who ever lived and his name was Grendal. As soon as I saw Him I drew my sword and swung but he lunged at me swiftly and plunged his razor sharp claws into my stomach. The blood flowed out and both he and I thought me very much dead until my faithful little squire came and stuck his daggar into his back. Grendal turned around and swung back and forth but the squire held on all the more. As the two fought I tried with all my might to reach my sword but almost all my blood had gushed out until I finally did. But when I did I leeped up and stuck my stinging sword inside the horrible beast and watched closely as the life fled from his eyes until I finally drew my my sword back into my sheath. I helped my squire up only to fall down myself. After much dragging I made it to the doctor and assured me that in only a few months I shall be back on the battlefeild fighting for the just. And as for my young squire, he is now knighed and well.

    By David on 07.01.2015

  40. Opportune makes me think of opportunities. Duh! Specifically it makes me think of how I should always try to take full advantage of the opportunities that are out there. My house is a huge opportunity that I am glad I am taking advantage of!

    By Salbry URL on 07.01.2015