August 18th, 2014

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56 Responses to “mythic”

  1. The captain’s epic tales at sea were of nearly mythic proportions, almost to the point in which I expected her to start saying she confronted two Kraken instead of just one. We were all sitting at the table together, trying desperately to keep our plates steady, the ocean beneath us causing the ship to rock erratically and threaten to spill our hot food into our laps.

    “Wait until you hear her story about fighting giant squids,” her first mate whispered to me, giggling as she drank greedily from her stolen rhinestone-rimmed goblet.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.18.2014

  2. Mythic….I have no ideas at this moment, and that’s bad…How could I use this in my class? Not sure. It seems lame now that I’m trying it in front of everyone.

    By Kris on 08.18.2014

  3. The breeze flew softly along the edge of the beach, the waves lapping in time to an unheard beat. The unicorns and dragons were on the other side, waiting for the little boys and girls to see them yet again for the day had come. it was time to choose a new ruler.

    By leh on 08.18.2014

  4. Believe, why should I believe. It compares to nothing but that which has been repeated throughout every culture. Existence, non existence, both inarguable claims. Wheter God is but a mirage of our own human desire I cannot say. All I know is that if I lost my faith in him, I’d only believe in one less god than most of you.

    By Marcos Plaud on 08.18.2014

  5. tales told
    of mythic gold
    beyond the rainbow’s bend
    the ebb and flow
    of what we know
    will haunt us til the end

    By katiekieran URL on 08.18.2014

  6. As the sounds of the waves reaches his ears, he gasped, unseeing the world that was before him. Mythic was the feeling coursing through his veins.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 08.18.2014

  7. Magical. Difficult to understand. I find that I am drawn to things I can’t fully understand. These things fascinate me, and I find so much beauty in things unclear.

    By Holly on 08.18.2014

  8. He became mythic with time. One day he was there, the next he was not. As the weeks dragged on, he became less realistic. I wondered if my imagination had conjured him up, and if everything that my mind recalled was even real at all. I began to forget the feeling of his skin on mine, and I began to panic. I didn’t know that something that had once been so real could turn into something that made my mind betray itself. As he faded into a memory, I faded into a shadow of a human being, for I was only half when he was not there to complete the whole.

    By remington on 08.18.2014

  9. In his own mind, he could scale buildings by walking up them. All his achievements were of mythic proportions, and everything came easily to him. Those who refused to acknowledge this were mere naysayers, saying nay to his obvious superiority.

    By Krejgo on 08.18.2014

  10. I was a sage of the ages,
    I came upon a sea of ash,
    and now I exist here.

    Did you hear the songs echoing through forests so deep
    they’d take your soul like a swift dab?

    I am soothsayer,
    the almighty truth-sayer.
    What we have is fleeting,
    it crumbles like dry flower;
    and I’ll take my leave on its dust.

    By Marissa on 08.18.2014

  11. there were many mythic creatures in books. One of my favourite ones is Jane’s Dragon in the video and books Jane and the Dragon

    By catherine.deeks on 08.18.2014

  12. She was having trouble letting go of the small things, the knickknacks. In the time it had taken me to move fourteen times, she had moved only three. She’d left home late and moved in with a good friend for over six years. She couldn’t seem to let go of perfectly useless and ordinary things – things she had ascribed mythic connotations to. The battle of the moment was a puck from her first hockey game. I was watching her and I knew for us to utilize the space that would soon become “ours”, I would have to pry it from her fingers.

    By Lauren on 08.18.2014

  13. once my money disappeared, it struck me as a mythic tragedy
    because of my irresponsible splurging, gone it all was,
    I brushed off my shoulders, I dusted my fiasco, then stampeded over,
    to finding a new job, keeping it, sustaining it,
    engaging with new clientel who want to make me make money!
    there I was again, a fresh start, a new dispersement of beatific green paper, allowing me another opportunity to compile a mansion filled with wildly floating dollar bills!

    By Milad URL on 08.18.2014

  14. Is this the only word I can get? I still don’t know what this means and I’m still not sure what I am suppose to write. I don’t know what this is supposed to mean. I don’t even know why I’m here… Can we not do this? Please…. Please, please, please. Make this word go away.

    By smashley on 08.18.2014

  15. Just /how/ many people could possibly look up to me?

    I wasn’t even impressive. I was just confused, and they were just confused too, because they saw only my acting, and not – literally everything else about me. They weren’t close enough. They just couldn’t see that I was pathetic.

    I was just a figure, blurred by distance and make-up into looking more beautiful than I was.

    By a terrible poet on 08.18.2014

  16. At first, he never did believe in love. What’s love? A question that he always pondered upon. It was a mythical feeling that was an alien to him.

    Most of his friends were engaged in that particular emotion through out his collage and university years and yet he preferred to be spending his time reading and gaming.

    That was his life.

    Until he met her.

    His best friend, his partner-in-crime, his wife.

    Now he understood why. Dammit. Love was like a myth to him until he finally experienced it himself

    By Hawkeye on 08.18.2014

  17. Maybe it was mythic. The feelings, the great moments, the perfect guy. I don’t want to admit that I embellished the situation.

    By Marina URL on 08.18.2014

  18. the sound washes over me
    in a blanket of emotion
    enveloping me in the feeling

    floating in a dream
    I walk within a mythic story
    that stretches out across time

    it scatters me through space
    enter I, into you
    all so vivid in my mind

    nothing compares to this

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.18.2014

  19. Robin Williams was an actor of mythic proportions. And that is not put him on a pedestal. No, truly, he was such a versatile, ingenious performer.

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword on 08.18.2014

  20. She claimed that it was like something out of a legend, something completely and utterly mythic – but of course, that only made it seem more like a fantasy she’d made up for fun. The fact of the matter was that she’d been born unable to feel any pain no matter what…and then she’d learned to worship colors as if they were gods.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.18.2014

  21. There are many creatures that are mythic. Some of them are real, we just don’t know it yet. Some of them are not real, but the way that people believe in them in a very large way makes the idea practically plausible. Mythic creatures are more than a myth, they are reality.

    By Sophia on 08.18.2014

  22. Gods on high create for us a place to live together as one. We must care for this place lest the gods feel they should take back their gifts and leave us in dust. From dust to dust again, a circle round and round again.

    By Lania on 08.18.2014

  23. someone who believes in myths, who has an imagination, who feels free from any reality. Someone people should admire because in this hectic, crazy, conformist world, we need creative thinkers who go beyond everyday experiences and wisdom.

    By Georgie on 08.18.2014

  24. It was there, as if it’s existence was unquestionable… Meanwhile, I was left to stare blankly at the creature, wondering if I could possibly be dreaming… How was this possible? This makes no sense… However, instead of asking myself about the possibility of the creature in front of me existing, I began to consider my own place in this world… Maybe the being in front of me was shocked to see a phoenix like me.

    By Jayde on 08.18.2014

  25. godly blood flowing through my veins i point to the east and thunder strikes i point to the west and a volcano erupts and there is nothing more satisfying than the electricity tingling between my fingertips beckoning you closer to let you know that perhaps underneath it all i am not so godly after all

    By sunnysuraj on 08.18.2014

  26. the snakes writhe
    a messy house of scales
    perched upon her clouded head.
    eyes glazed and nestled
    far out into the milky tresses
    of universe

    By Summer on 08.18.2014

  27. In this simple flavor was a slow collision of piercing and humble sensations, an overwhelming #mythic experience, leading me to believe, and feel, as if I should sink down into the floor, and seep into every crack and corner of this home. #oneword @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.18.2014

  28. when the silence called on me , i had to give in. it has been a companion for a thousand years. the world is unknown, its truths untold and my mind is thoroughly lost.

    By ashwathy URL on 08.18.2014

  29. A failure of
    Mythic proportions
    Epic forgiveness
    Wrapped in a wrapper
    Of cellophane
    A heart shaped box
    And a pair of lying eyes
    That I never could resist

    By Eileen Maki URL on 08.18.2014

  30. I’m not even sure the definition of this word. I would assume it has something to do with mythology or something fictional but I don’t know the actual definition. That’s a shame. Maybe I should go back to school. Sixty seconds is too long.

    By Ryan on 08.18.2014

  31. Enshrouded by the sun like some mythic figure of the past, Triana had to strain to see her friend within the confines of the fearsome warrior she had become.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.18.2014

  32. He shook his horned head and stomped the ground. The walls of the labyrinth trembled. He was their fear, the shadow that lurked around every corner, the monster that haunted their footsteps. He was also an outcast, as lost as those wandering the maze built to contain him.

    By _Kate_ URL on 08.18.2014

  33. Growing up we are given this idea that we will end up happily ever after; that we will find the love of our life and everything just falls into place perfectly. Why? Is this a good enough reason to motivate us and give hope that one day everything will work out? I think for most of us it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t then we are forced to continue to search and seek that “thing” that we have been searching our whole lives for. Hope keeps us moving forward and I quite honestly believed it for a moment. After life shoving one down into dirt over and over…and over again, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Sadly for me, I had already lived one life and while starting a new one with another, it has only proven to cause even more hardship. Torn between love and life. Stupid love for lying to me again! Alas, its never Love’s fault, is it? Sure the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It’s always me. Love is only a fantasy, and we all know fairy-tales to be a form of fantasy. As much as I wish to believe in a fairy-tale, it is not real. However, I am still at loss of what to do. Somehow I feel as if life is repeating itself again and I as stuck deciding between the same two fucking questions. Should I stay, or should I go? Regardless of the situation being completely different than the other, it remains the same level of difficulty; maybe more, but, maybe less. My heart and my head could never see clearly. I guess the bigger question really is: what is real? Is love real? Or rather an idea made up to give hope? And what is hope anyway? Seems like just another one of those “ideas” that force us to believe something that will never be; something to keep us moving forward……to keep working……to keep living. But really, what’s the point? If everything we have ever know to be real is false, then what are we living for?

    By Kari on 08.19.2014

  34. it was haed to do

    By anna URL on 08.19.2014

  35. it was hared because i did not no what the word met

    By anna URL on 08.19.2014

  36. the mythic little red and the wolf in me. they talk to me again. thoughts swirl in my head. don’t believe them they say, wolves baring fangs.

    By Anu on 08.19.2014

  37. The mythic moth went cloth shopping with her other uncle. The one that supports her style. Because even among moths it’s a myth to think, they’re all goth.

    By LotteZwo URL on 08.19.2014

  38. There was only one creature Bob could think of that would ever come close to the one in his dreams.

    He strapped the cardboard golden crown onto his dog’s head, sat back on his heels, and smiled.

    Buster grinned back, a lopsided, goofy expression, completed by the lolling tongue. So sat the mythic griffon, proud and tall, more real than any illustration could ever be.

    By Libbey on 08.19.2014

  39. i think mythic is like a myth, for an example… A Unicorn is mythic creature, because we don’t know if is it real

    By Elisabeth Rain Ori URL on 08.19.2014

  40. Ohara woke with a hangover of mythic proportions; twelve year old Irish whiskey should require a licence! – so his investigations the next morning started later, and were a little slower paced than he would have liked. But they were fruitful. He soon found out that the girl had been to the ferry port on two occasions, and had boarded the ferry to Korea on neither. She was still in Japan!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.19.2014