November 7th, 2015

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50 Responses to “might”

  1. Might makes right. And with that in mind she stormed out of the room, leaving him perplexed in the dust of her strength. Or her insanity. One or the other. He was desperately unprepared for the passion of her response and so, shaken, he sat in awe of the power of her heart.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.08.2015

  2. A soldier clad in gold stood alone, his people huddled in hope and fear behind him, facing the hordes of ghastly invaders now gathered at their city’s doorstep.
    He was not afraid. There was a might within him that was greater than any force, any show of vicious strength, any martial grandeur they could throw at him.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 11.08.2015

  3. I don’t like it when people respond to “we’d love to see you at an exercise class,” with “yes, I definitely might come soon.” You’re either going to or you’re not.

    You have to just do it, not say you might.

    be mighty!

    By Valerie on 11.08.2015

  4. I already wrote about this word but I’ll do it again. I’ve never thought of myself as mighty, but maybe I should. Yes, I might just do that. I’m small but mighty. I have power to make changes.

    By ValerieS URL on 11.08.2015

  5. I just might…

    go that extra mile
    and ran so fast after that
    it passed this way over 10 years ago
    i couldn’t catch

    is it my hope
    a starting line your drawing?

    By giselle venus URL on 11.08.2015

  6. “Don’t think. Just go,” he said as quietly as he could, hoping their pursuers wouldn’t hear. They ran as fast as they could until their legs ached and they couldn’t go any further. Sometimes might isn’t enough.

    By SarahV on 11.08.2015

  7. Might: fraught with desire unrecognised and unrequited. Might: maybe, could do, want to do, would do in a heartbeat. Might: can’t, shouldn’t, why not, why now?
    Always an idea, never an option

    By Callum McLean URL on 11.08.2015

  8. I might want to do something. I don’t know. Maybe I might. Does it matter so much as the simple act of my doing something? Or not? In the event that I should, in fact, do something, does the wanting even matter in the end?

    By Entrosh on 11.08.2015

  9. Might is a very probable word. I might do this. I might do that. There are so many things that I might do. But might is a word of the weak. Use the word will. I WILL do this. You WILL do that. We CAN do this!

    By therunner URL on 11.08.2015

  10. I might sleep late today, wich can be a bad thing tomorow. I have so many things to do, and i’m sure it won’t be productive, because i’ll be tired.

    By Julia on 11.08.2015