September 11th, 2015

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42 Responses to “mentioned”

  1. How to describe the word mentioned? I don’t really know. There’s honorable mentions in rewards, and in productions.

    By Emily on 09.11.2015

  2. I mentioned my lizard, Delta to my friend and he said “to give him a grape”, so i gave him a grape and Delta woudn’t eat it

    By Brandon on 09.11.2015

  3. I mentioned my lizard, Delta to my friend and he said “to give him a grape”, so i gave him a grape and Delta refused.

    By Brandon on 09.11.2015

  4. bu bir deneme yazısı ne olacak merak ediyorum hadi bakalım!

    By warpaint URL on 09.11.2015

  5. He mentioned the last time I saw him.

    I was sitting on a bench,
    watching the sunset,
    as he walked away from me,
    whistling like
    nothing was wrong,
    backed up his car and hit the road.

    I didn’t see him
    for years.
    I hope he got better,
    improved his life,
    got his shit together.

    I don’t think
    I’ll ever hear from him again,

    By Scythe42 URL on 09.11.2015

  6. He mentioned no one, since the past is the past. Nobody’s going to remember him. He walked away residing the abyss of the overflowing subconsciousness of his everlong hatred.

    By chocastro on 09.11.2015

  7. being told if what not is but what be told or said to change the coarse of something else that may or may not have been said. but that is the case when mentioned.

    By jonny on 09.11.2015

  8. It took a while to be noticed
    longer still to be well known;
    still, it was nice to be mentioned
    before they tore me from my throne

    “Down, the vile disbeliever!”
    “She’s not worthy for her crown!”
    perhaps there was some truth to it
    but it all but cut me down

    Lurking in the shadows
    finding light in places unseen;
    for now I was a phantom
    a shell of who I’ve been

    But I’ll build up my strong image
    from the dashed hopes of my past
    for when they force you into madness,
    you’ll pray it doesn’t last

    Hollering at sunlight
    dancing rainbows in the street
    I may not be on high anymore,
    but I’m the best person you’ll meet.

    By teachthegirl URL on 09.11.2015

  9. It was something not easily mentioned. You can’t just tell someone how much you love them, adore them, can’t think of a life without them after a few weeks. It wasn’t done.

    By BC on 09.11.2015

  10. She hadn’t mentioned to me that she was expecting Carlos to show up. He never did appear. We tried phoning his family, but the ringing just went on and on, like some sort of endless void of noise sucking my ear into the receiver. I tried texting him – no dice. Emily was sniffling now. I could tell she was getting nervous.

    “Hey.” I pulled her into a hug. “Hey, it’s okay. He’s probably busy. Maybe he forgot we were supposed to group up.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.11.2015

  11. Were you in the last conversation I had with my therapist? No. And as I was about to leave her until our next visit, she smiled and I knew suddenly I hadn’t mentioned you at all. First time in two years.

    By Nyla on 09.11.2015

  12. Mentioned. Told. Advised about something either in writing or verbal. When someone mentions about something, someone or an event that is currently happening or that is already done, finished, he or she might be intrested with you. It’s starting a cool conversation about anything under the Sun.

    By Rolan Nacionales on 09.11.2015

  13. “He mentioned that he saw you last night,” Terry spilled.

    Julianne froze, and then she turned, slowly, in the direction Terry, “He did?”

    “Mhmm,” Terry’s mouth slowly folded into a grin, “He said that you looked pretty distraught about something.”

    By Vincent on 09.11.2015

  14. you mentioned you have a love for whisky,
    i have a love for whisky too
    the thing i didn’t mention is
    i don’t want to drink it with you.

    By reallyupsetting URL on 09.11.2015

  15. Elevated – soaring and drowning and different from before. These are the tokens of love mentioned now to her son, in the glow of remembering. Serena casts her mind back and can feel her body burning. She tells him that love takes over everything; that it stakes its claim on your mind and your heart and it stays there growing brighter, larger, more captivating and all consuming until something makes it break.

    Then it turns to sand, and no amount of wanting can stop it from slipping through your fingers.

    By bb333 URL on 09.11.2015


    They sit together on the end of the bed, both trembling, both knowing this is the end. What lives between them is not love anymore. But it is something. Something whole and serious. It is the thirteen years of life just past with all of its striving and trying and failing; it is the child they bought into the world and dreams they once shared. It is something to be cherished and respected, because it is so big, so much a part of them. But it is not love.

    By bb333 URL on 09.11.2015

  17. Now that he mentions it, I remember. The sky, dark and grey, grumbling loudly, lightning and thunder shaking the peaceful town.

    By E on 09.11.2015

  18. He mentioned a time when things were different. A time of closeness, when his skin wasn’t loose, but clung to his bones with determination

    By elizabeth rae URL on 09.11.2015

  19. i want to be mentioned in the history books as a legendary person.Everyone wants to be mentioned somewhere,a little space even,in the history books.

    By Amlan Phukan on 09.11.2015

  20. Mentioned. It’s what happens when something is said in passing, just causally, off the cuff. Not important. “We’re out of milk.” or “the sky’s cloudy today.” or “by the way we’re crashing and we’re all going to die”. Just casual stuff. not important. Footnotes.

    By Sam Kurd on 09.12.2015

  21. Talk about
    Formal word
    Past tense
    Bad onus

    By claire on 09.12.2015

  22. I have always mentioned how great this Universe is and how we can be as great as it if we try…It’s up to us how we see our lives and how we run our lives and act upon it so make your life a good one because you only have one…

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.12.2015

  23. I didn’t mention that that was out of the question so you will be on detention.

    By Steve O URL on 09.12.2015

  24. My heart rate increased rapidly, i knew they had mentioned it. My greatest secret exposed. I couldn’t handle being talked about, i knew what i had to do.

    By kitty on 09.12.2015

  25. mention is when i tolll some one something about someone and when i mention someone it means i have them in my mind enough to think about it

    By esha on 09.12.2015

  26. Being mentioned is one thing. Mentioning is another. In this world where everyone fights to be known, we try to be the one being mentioned. What is better than leaving behind our legacy?

    By Tan Xiuyi on 09.12.2015

  27. She’s been gone for a while. Hiding out in her own little world has been nice, but she wondered if anyone thought about here. Did they mention her in their conversations? She left because she didn’t want to be controlled by social obligations. She left because she didn’t want to be judged by others. She did miss some of those times, and many of those people.

    By J.H.Maiorana URL on 09.12.2015

  28. “Don’t you remember?” I asked, a hint of desperation in my voice.
    “Remember what?” she asked, completely puzzled.
    “I don’t know! There’s something that I mentioned to you, that I asked you to remind me of, but now I don’t remember what it was.”
    “Whoops.” she said sheepishly.

    By Shr on 09.12.2015

  29. a person who has been called

    By meia URL on 09.12.2015

  30. A girl is mentioned in class quietly, she overhears, but pretends not to. The whole school knows what the children behind her are talking about. The bruises on her arms are so dark, makeup can’t even conceal them. #promptedfreewrite

    By ckub23 URL on 09.12.2015

  31. To be mentioned by this beautiful creature is only a distant dream of mine. Annabelle will never look my way, or mention the one magical night we had a month ago. “This is just a one time thing, and it’s staying between you and me,” she said sternly.

    By ckub23 URL on 09.12.2015

  32. Mention my name on your lips and let it sting your skin. Mention my heart on your fingertips and let it end your sin. Mention my friends on your body and you will not win. Mention the Winter and the fall and never think at all.

    By Tyler Martin on 09.12.2015

  33. Mentioning her name makes me very nervous. Mentioning her heart makes me very nervous. Mentioning she’s dead makes me very nervous.

    By Tyler Martin on 09.12.2015

  34. the person behind the counter mentioned a peeping mumble. “Hey put that lemon cake back, that’s mine”
    “I haven’t even grabbed it yet, plus I was here first”, I mentioned.
    “whatever”, the old hag with a halfway open umbrella said.

    By milad URL on 09.12.2015

  35. “It’s not like you’re in love with me.”
    “Well, now that you mention it…”
    “I mean, I know it’s crazy, and I know we were a disaster the first time.”
    “A FEMA worthy disaster. This is not something we can do, okay?”
    “But we’ve changed.”
    “I’ve changed, I don’t know if YOU have changed.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.12.2015

  36. To strut out into the middle of the Oceanside without a paddle;
    To deliberate an abode in a place that mothers wish not their seeds go;
    To be the puppeteer of your own lifestyle;
    is sanity.
    compared to insanity,
    contusions of bliss inflict upon fiddles that play songs about pain!
    Watch me wade and plodder through life-suckling, jaw-jabbering swaps to dive off the diviing board into back–
    to what is now–after my doubts sashay past realities–the Irrawaddy river, which–
    poses as a mom’s plum pudding she evinced was a nurture to my morning!

    By milad URL on 09.12.2015

  37. The past mentioned our names, and I couldn’t help but turn my head every time it does that. I couldn’t help but wonder your whereabouts or your life without me. Are you feeling well? Are you doing great? I missed your touch, your fragrance, your face, and your smile. I remember when we used to walk down the sakura road, looking at the flowers as seasons change. I remember the feelings and butterflies that would always flutter in my stomach whenever I see you, and even today, they are still alive.

    By Randompeepur URL on 09.12.2015

  38. You mentioned it and It scared me. You know what It is. That little thing in the back of both of both of our minds that could destroy everything we have created. When it is simply alluded to or mentioned fear grips my heart, my face grows hot, my fingers go numb. We both know what it is, though neither of us ever describe it fully and make mention of it specifically. It’s just there. Waiting. Lurking in the shadows, like a poison that has yet to take effect. Neither of us know when it will destroy us, we just know that someday it must.

    By Ally on 09.12.2015

  39. I had forgotten. I had completely forgotten and then you mentioned It and then there It was. At the front of my mind, in the bottom of my soul, overtaking my heart. You didn’t speak of It outright, simply alluded to it, but there It was. Still mentioned, still thought of, still real.

    By thehallowbrights URL on 09.12.2015

  40. She had mentioned to him once that she would never have known what to do in the same situation. That his bravery in those few seconds, just the beat of a heart, a fragile breath in-drawn, was enough to draw her to his side.

    By Sheila URL on 09.12.2015