July 4th, 2015

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29 Responses to “maze”

  1. I was lost. I was scared. It was dark. No matter how many steps I took, in any direction, I was bound to hit a wall. They were dark, and went on into eternity upwards. I could feel the grit of the stone in my hair and rubbing into my skin every time I slammed accidentally into one of the immense slabs blocking my way to freedom.

    By emma on 07.04.2015

  2. Lately my thoughts have been like a never ending maze. Any direction I go seems to end up on a wall. Still, there’s no other choice than find an escape so I keep looking for something; crack on the wall or a bridge to soothe me over the troubles.

    By Sanna on 07.04.2015

  3. She rest on top of her bed, completely unchanged except for her lack of footwear, and stared up at the ceiling. Her eyes were dry and tired and her body ached horribly every time she so much as breathed deeply, but her mind was still on the fritz and it kept her from falling asleep. Of all the things she figured could keep her up at night, of all the things that made *sense*, it was that maze of urban alleyways that arrested her consciousness: the darkness, the labyrinthine chase, the dank odor of rust and beer…

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 07.04.2015

  4. Winding aimlessly through a grove of fanciful passages. Thought consumes you as anxiety sets in. What exactly are you doing here? How did you get here? In fact… who are you? And who is that person standing before you?

    By Shaylee on 07.04.2015

  5. The girl ran into the maze. She was lost and scared, but she had no other way go get out of sight. She ran further into the maze, looking around frantically. She turned, Seeing the ugly creature right before her very eyes.

    By E on 07.04.2015

  6. The most amazing mazes are the ones called “labyrinths”. They usually have a fantastical story within them..

    By Nicole M. on 07.04.2015

  7. His face was a maze. His eyes were the opening. You could get lost in the depth. The curve of his lips would wrap you in circles unable o find our way out. The secrets he kept hidden. Lay plainly on his skin. Yet to see them was a challenge. He was a maze of a man. But he was mine.

    By CaitieBug on 07.04.2015

  8. Labyrinthine,
    The curls of hair that rest on the chest
    the weight of the head on the solar plexus,
    and the curls of the clouds in the sky
    the weight of the solar starlight trickling
    down into the lungs
    of star watchers in the fields, one
    resting on another.

    By bijju on 07.04.2015

  9. so this one time i was wandering through a maze of bushes when i accidentally kicked a lemon. a lemon! what i really needed was an orange, but i hadn’t run in to one yet. that stupid turtle was playing games with me i just know it. a butterfly drifts past, but i hadn’t taken the time to get a net. oh well.

    By WrittenOut on 07.04.2015

  10. She felt good…at first. It sounded like it would be a new and different way to spend the afternoon. For the first half an hour, she just let go and had fun. Then, it started to get old. Boring. Another half an hour passed, and she realized something was off.

    By Mary on 07.04.2015

  11. It was called the Patriotic Maze, though it felt anything but. The mayor figured that the corn maze from the Halloween fair should simply be redone for every holiday, which included Christmas, Valentine’s Day (though a lot of families were against that, given what some couples did in the maze), and of course, the fourth of July. I was weaving through a nightmare of withered, drought-stricken cornstalks while tiny American flags waved around listlessly in the summer breeze above my head.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.04.2015

  12. she’s never been able to decide on her own. when she’s put alone to her independence, her head fills with heavy, dizzying questions – should she go that way or the other? should she wear a hat or earrings? – and she just can’t. she can’t do it.

    her mind’s a maze and her thoughts are the choice-makers; they can lead her to a dead end and then they can find her a way out. and sometimes they can direct her to the opening and take her home.

    By amandaxx on 07.04.2015

  13. She kept running through the never ending maze.
    She could feel her pulse thundering in her ears and her harsh pants of breath seemed to echo against the walls beside her.
    Her legs were aching and wobbly but she didn’t slow down.
    Not when that thing was chasing her.

    By Yumi on 07.05.2015

  14. There’s a maze in your head, and you can’t navigate it. Every corner you turn, you bump into a wall, losing your way YET AGAIN and now you have another situation to try to escape. How do you keep doing this, self-perpetuating your own agony when other people can just think their way out of their traps?

    By Ashi URL on 07.05.2015

  15. it was long and twisted. neverending. how to get out. how to escape. my mind was a maze. blocks and dead ends everywhere. when will i see the light to leave?

    By Pei Pei on 07.05.2015

  16. I wandered through, not wondered, well I did wonder. Its weird how we want to get lost. The idea of inventing a maze is really rather odd. I think I will lose myself today. By losing your body it really makes the mind think.

    By Kate on 07.05.2015

  17. Her problem appeared in her head as a never ending maze of dead ends and failures but problems often seem impossible until they are completed and by completing them you can sometimes amaze others.

    By Steve O URL on 07.05.2015

  18. How can you really know the way when this maze is too difficult. Too hard. too much :(

    By Kristina URL on 07.05.2015

  19. i read the maze runner when i got it for christmas a few years ago and liked it alot. also when i was in middle school and thought i could write songs i wrote one about how my heart felt like a maze with tons of walls up so so high because of my dysfunctional family.

    By Natasha on 07.05.2015

  20. Help, I’m stuck in this maze.
    You’re supposed to be in there.
    But why?
    Once you answer that question, you may have a chance at escape.
    I don’t know, I just don’t know the answer.
    Then you will stay in there. You will never escape.

    By Dave on 07.05.2015

  21. A maze, a wonderful environment… full of adventure, suspense, and mystery… will you ever get out? will you find your way? will you lose your soul before you see the light… who knows… the only thing you can rely on is your next step.

    By SirSchmorgen on 07.05.2015

  22. Trapped. Nowhere to go. I am going to die here. I held my head in my hands. No. Not know, when I’ve come so far. Not now. I let out a deafening scream.

    By Sapphire on 07.05.2015

  23. Trapped. Nowhere to go. I am going to die here. I held my head in my hands. No. Not now, when I’ve come so far. Not now. I let out a deafening scream. Please. Let me live. Please.

    By Sapphire on 07.05.2015

  24. The maze stood in front of the house, a twisting, quiet collection of plants and flowers. It was calming to walk through it – as if I was touching nature and reaching into its very heart.

    By Blackbird on 07.05.2015

  25. He ran frantically, turning blindly. The footsteps seemed to be getting closer. The sound of a gun being cocked set his spine in ice. Was it all too late?

    By Maxx on 07.05.2015

  26. “How?” he murmured to himself. “She’s hard to figure out, she’s like an intricate maze.”

    By nom de luc URL on 07.05.2015

  27. His clothes stuck to him with sweat, a glistening sheen covering his entire tan body. He had been in the maze for days, wandering aimlessly. Movies had taught him to head to the centre – but how could he get out from there? It was hopeless.

    He was entirely alone.

    By M Burton on 07.05.2015

  28. Life’s a maze that you have to navigate, you might hit a dead end but you’ve always got to turn around and find another way. There’s always another way!

    By Libby on 07.05.2015

  29. Thomas crept up to the door. He knew he shouldn’t, but it was two o’clock in the morning….what was there to stop him. He grabbed hold of the vines that hung down and started to climb. He WOULD get to the bottom of this if it was the last thing he did. He had to!

    By Savannah on 07.05.2015