April 29th, 2014

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79 Responses to “loneliness”

  1. They are sad, sad together and apart. Soon they will not know the difference. Sleeping beneath the stars. They cannot feel one another. Their arms no longer brush. One girl gone the other live they feel no heat or rush.

    By Isabella on 04.29.2014

  2. “Are you lonesome tonight, do you miss me tonight, are you sorry we drifted apart, does your memory strain to a bright summer day when I kissed you and called you sweetheart…”

    Yeah, I don’t really care for Elvis. I’ve tried. Like on multiple occasions. Maybe my ovaries are broken or somehow maybe being a small kid during the last days of Cold War mutated my DNA with frequent microwave exposures and one too many swigs of tang. Because to this day I remain immune to his charms. Plus, I can be perfectly at ease alone in a crowd. But every now and then I get a little bit lonely, although it’s often buffered by a period quiet, contemplative reflection.

    By Intuition on 04.29.2014

  3. I cover my eyes and lean over the edge. This is what it feels to search for you; all danger and a fear of heights, but a part of me is a part of you, and lord it’s been so long. I wonder where you are… who you’re covering and who you’re ruining. My chest is Chihuly glass, jagged and piercing stars in the ways astronomers are too scared to dream. I am lost, and scattered, but found in the ache–in the void.
    (Only half my mouth knows how to smile, but every time I think of you… every damn time… I send you off like jack o’ lanterns… consumed in you and breath.)

    By Pandatry on 04.29.2014

  4. Loneliness is the space between. It’s a nowhere feeling, where time stands still. It’s a lie. We’re never alone.

    By Caysee URL on 04.29.2014

  5. I feel it now, I feel it all the time. It’s really very sad actually. I do things I never imagined I would allow myself to do- in order to feed the loneliness, or the sadness. I can’t distinguish them anymore..

    By Madison on 04.29.2014

  6. loneliness

    By rabia on 04.30.2014

  7. a long distance relationship.

    By tericampos URL on 04.30.2014

  8. is not a place for a lonely face to be a lost soul with a square wheel that will not roll

    By deedee URL on 04.30.2014

  9. Loneliness, that’s what i’ve been feeling the last four years of my life, will it end today ? tomorrow ?

    By Gahel on 04.30.2014

  10. The night owl hooted and I trembled. There was nothing left, nothing, only ruins. How long had I been gone, and where had I been?
    I had no answer…

    By Last Krystallos URL on 04.30.2014

  11. At være ensom er svært. Men det kan også være rart at være alene. Som alt andet i livet handler det om balance. Og det er svært at opnå – balance. Jeg har ofte selv været ensom, og er det måske stadig. Måske er alle mennesker ensomme det meste af tiden.

    By Lasse Skov on 04.30.2014

  12. I never thought that the day would come when I would be seen in a state of loneliness. All around me lie all the desires of the world, but not mines to grasp. Time and tide waits for no man, but I am be satisfied for life.

    By victor URL on 04.30.2014

  13. I feel lonely, even if you have tons of friends you can still feel lonely. You could feel out of place, and like no one cares about you. Loneliness is a horrible feeling as you feel isolated and like you are the only person in the whole word. I hate feeling lonely but it is inevitable for me.

    By Kim Sparrow on 04.30.2014

  14. It’s funny how alone one feels even in a crowd. Don’t you think? Hello my name is….

    By SB Johnson URL on 04.30.2014

  15. She moved slowly like a fog and appeared larger than most because she carried around the great burden of loneliness. It weighed her down. The poor woman was heavy with grief.

    By bb333 on 04.30.2014

  16. It’s the calm after the storm, a never-ending echo. Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room? This is the unchoice from solitude because no one ever chooses to be lonely. They may choose to get away from everything, to seek their own selves up some mountain or in a cave or in another country. But they do not seek loneliness, but solitude. I guess I’ve been feeling that the past few days because it is the time when the anger has slowly sifted like grits of sand and you are filled with that unsettling feeling that emotions don’t hold out for long, that you finally realize the person who pushed you away has indeed done so, swiftly.

    It’s the brick wall you face when he has put it up willingly and you have no means to take it down. Even the Bad Wolf has its days and the strength of his winds cannot suffice. If it is the will of the one who pushes further away, at some point he fades because he chooses to fade, and you are sitting there, shut out, trying to destroy the façade before you but knowing you can’t do so.

    It’s the space you find right after the essay question, where you think of the many reasons that could make certain the given uncertain. But that doesn’t mean all the reasons fit in, there can only be just one — the truth. If only life were objective, but it isn’t. He wished for a life of objectivity, when in fact, he’s been running away with the truth in his hands for months.

    If it is in the will of the one who just always asks, you’d best believe that he can never give you what you’re looking for, but what you’d like to hear.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go on 04.30.2014

  17. Not everyone who is alone is lonely and not everyone who is lonely is alone.
    A yearning for human connection, to be really seen, to get attention. I guess whether we like it or not we are all attention seekers. It’s what keeps the loneliness at bay

    By maryc0 on 04.30.2014

  18. How dreadful to reach old age and not have anyone to talk to. I think loneliness must be one of the worse things about getting old. Having said that it is possible to be young and lonely and to even feel lonely with people around you.

    By Alexandra on 04.30.2014

  19. I just wrote about that now. But something and all happened and that para got lost. Loneliness is a very bad thing. Gives us a hopeless feeling like nothing in your life is worth it. I’m so bored and so lonely.

    By Katniss Mellark on 04.30.2014

  20. A large white tent hung above and dripped and drenched muddy ground with rain water. The bear tamer inside walked to his dresser followed by his cub who had been begging him for a treat of rabbit meat. Drawing the dresser drawer, he took out many pieces of paper and a quill pen, his treasured items he received upon visiting a spanish market across the Atlantic sea on a voyage to the New World. On his paper, he began to predict the future. The loneliness of a distant village, where the birds sang and no one has yet grown old, where war will soon ravage within a generation and love has never been stronger or more abused, and where there will be no trace of the founding family on the face of the earth for they will suffer a profound solitude from a cruel world and their absent trace will go unnoticed.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 04.30.2014

  21. Against the grain, all of her life. They loved to lift her up and hold her up as a role-model. She represented intelligence, tenacity, strength, and work ethic. But each day at 5pm, she’d leave behind their adoring praise to return to a quiet house with only a TV to keep her company.

    By Soft URL on 04.30.2014

  22. where?
    where is everyone?
    the invitation said 6pm,
    so i get here at 6
    and nothing.
    Nothing but an empty warehouse.
    A table,
    a single chair.
    And absolutely no one.
    Maybe I have the wrong address?
    Maybe I imagined there was a party?
    Maybe I was lost
    in a bucket of hope?
    Hoping I had real friends.

    By NuSol URL on 04.30.2014

  23. It had been nearly five years now. She wished she could say that the time had gone by swiftly, but she had long since stopped lying to herself.
    She opened her mouth, as if to test out speaking aloud. She could practically taste her loneliness on her tongue.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.30.2014

  24. When the world is merciless, and the people are the devils’ puppets, I daren’t let you chain me. Your love is sickness– a sickness whose only cure is loneliness.

    By Peskiper on 04.30.2014

  25. It’s too quiet around me, and there’s nothing but pitch blackness. Why though? I remember nothing before this, not my name not my age not my sex. Where have I gone? I’m scared. I’m alone. I don’t want to be alone anymore, but there’s no one around. Am I by the side of the road? No, there would be cars if I were. Is there a beg over my head? No I would smell it if there was. Am I dead? I must be. Why do I always end up dead and alone.

    By Alice on 04.30.2014

  26. When I am alone I feel dark. I feel empty, it engulfs me from within, destroys my will, my hope, my understanding of existance and finally, I am left with it again. Infinite cycle. Of nothing. Hopeless. Alone. Afraid. Always

    By Aylin on 04.30.2014

  27. It gave me a special kind of ache in my heart, to know that I was officially alone. There were millions of things in the world that gave me heartache – not one of them felt as low as this. I could almost see my future crumble, though, I suppose in their eyes it already had.

    By Anna Rose on 04.30.2014

  28. Drowning in it is my pleasure,
    My silence,
    My punishment,
    My desicon.

    As I let my thoughts invade
    The air
    And hold my breath
    On purpose

    Its impossible to
    Look for the light
    In the darkness

    As the door shuts and
    the atmosphere breaks
    I still smile
    At the thought
    Of no one watching me

    By nicole on 04.30.2014

  29. Please, end.

    By Aylin on 04.30.2014

  30. Loneliness and being alone are two very different highs. Loneliness is when you are alone and you suddenly realize that you area frail f the dark. Being alone is when you are with yourself and centered. Loneliness is walking down the street by yourself at night and all of a sudden you are afraid of being assaulted. Loneliness is not easy and any person that welcomes it does not do so willingly. As I previouslys rated, loneliness and being alone a re two very different things.

    By Haley on 04.30.2014

  31. So totally misspelled some stuff because I am writing on an iPad!!!!!

    By Haley on 04.30.2014

  32. Well that’s easy isn’t it? That’s how I’ve been feeling day in and out and waiting for a ring that never comes and maybe the sound of a voice that I’m not too sure cares anymore.

    By Chris on 04.30.2014

  33. She could not handle the lonliness anymore. She was going insane being cooped up in this room.

    By Jerri on 04.30.2014

  34. Loneliness.

    He wasn’t sure how long he had been alone; he’d given up counting after several years. He wasn’t sure why he was left alone, only that he had stepped onto a frozen lake when he landed and that the moon had told him his name.

    By Enya on 04.30.2014

  35. Sometimes I am lonely because all of my high school friends have moved away from the chicago area. There are neighbors that are friendly, but they are not really good friends. I feel bad for my kids sometimes, I know they are lonely for friends to come over.

    By Bethany Morton on 04.30.2014

  36. “Her hands are wide open to welcome the sunshine that creeping on her between the leaves’ shadows of the mangroves. She is alone, but I am the one who is in the loneliness. When she feels the warmth of the sun, I am dazzled by the light that touches her. I want to see closer, to admire its beauty. However as the amount of that desire increases, I feel there are eyes that watching me. Mockery by my friends that echoes again and the cynical sentence from my father which already engraved on my mind distract me from it. She still shining at the end of my eyes, her smile is so charming as she can be happy only with the warmth of the sun. During this few seconds, my thoughts may be just same with her, admiring God’s creation,” as you think in my imagination.

    By Eligia V. A. on 04.30.2014

  37. sometimes you just feel lonely. Its a deeper feeling than most people admit to understanding, but everyone knows. Everyone has felt it before. And everyone hates it. That feeling of having no one to talk to about all of your pain? That’s the pain of loneliness.

    By tera on 04.30.2014

  38. It is what we do when we are with ourselves but want to be with others. Skies filling with clouds. Weird friends falling inward. Blackness.

    By Kevin Mann on 04.30.2014

  39. Sorrow in an empty room
    Stillness inside four walls
    Outside of which the world carries on

    By Eric on 04.30.2014