April 22nd, 2014

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68 Responses to “leverage”

  1. The knife flashed in the dull candle light. The blade sharp and already wet with blood. In the darkness and the fear, gaze locked first with panic stricken eyes, then cold harsh ones; she wondered briefly if every decision was quite so hard.

    By The Black Flamingo on 04.22.2014

  2. When it comes to leverage, it’s not simply a TV show on TNT, but the probably one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of politics to keep in mind. Everything accomplished in any legislative body is connected to the leverage that each politician has, and what they’re

    By Joe Veyera on 04.22.2014

  3. Something that allows one to get over on someone else. This can get one places and has the ability to help people accomplish what they want. This gives one credibility and a way to get what they want. This is something

    By Kierra on 04.22.2014

  4. its like a lever but older, people walking down the street talkin about leverage, having a good time but hoping that they dont have to get pulled back from the edge the cliff that they dont know that they stand on

    By simon forx on 04.22.2014

  5. Leverage is a word often used when talking about movement. It’s about gaining an advantage. This can be done physically, such as on a football field when two linemen crash into each other. It can be done in the business world when a person is trying to get ahead in their work.

    By Terrence Hill on 04.22.2014

  6. She didn’t have any leverage in the case at all. Her husband had every witness working against her, which didn’t surprise her, given that he was the most popular lawyer in the city. She knew he had used his less-than-legitimate connections to gather a team of witnesses that were to make sure she’d never see Danny and Sarah again. .

    By Cooper Inveen on 04.22.2014

  7. “Leverage,” he said with one finger stuck in the air. “Leverage is the key to negotiation and is thus the key to life are you all paying attention?”
    He rapped the desk with a yard stick and the students sat up.

    By Joshua Bessex on 04.22.2014

  8. I’ve really been getting into the show “House of Cards” lately. It’s extremely engaging how Frank Underwood’s every action has a purpose of leverage so he can achieve his political goals. Although ruthless, you can’t say that he isn’t effective in doing so.

    By Alexander Tran on 04.22.2014

  9. Leverage is a word that is really important in all social situations, especially in professional workplaces like politics. In Scrubs, Ted, a lawyer, doesn’t know what it means which is funny because he’s a lawyer and that’s extremely important. To have leverage over someone or something is a huge advantage, and is a power dynamic across the world.

    By Walker Orenstein on 04.22.2014

  10. what kind of information or evidence do you have?

    By Anna on 04.22.2014

  11. economic word for the value of the asset. Often used in housing terms. In science, it has something to do with force. A while back, an editor told me that social media can be a great “leverage” for journalism.

    By KJ Hiramoto on 04.22.2014

  12. Revenge. What one uses to get what they want. Game of Thrones. Quid-pro-quo. Ransom. I will use this.

    By Casey Malone on 04.22.2014

  13. He shoved her into the car with great brutality. Her eyes were wet with tears and her nose was running.

    “I don’t know what type of leverage you think you will have now that you got me”.

    “Oh I know EXACTLY what I am doing pretty little thing.”

    By Jenn URL on 04.22.2014

  14. I didn’t always know how to walk. I didn’t always know how to jump or run or even speak. Yet, once I’d learned I never forgot. I’ve fallen more times than I can remember, and I’ve gotten back up just as many times.

    By Bekah on 04.22.2014

  15. He dangled it in front of her face, provocatively. “What will you do, then? Without your precious records?” He drawled out the last word, thin tongue slicking over sharp teeth. She drew in a breath, refused to glare, “Kill you.”

    By Mooseyfate123 on 04.22.2014

  16. Being the chief of the operation gave me considerable leverage over the day-to-day routines of the workers, though some of them were either too dense or too unwilling to imagine that I was in charge. One particular worker who directed the assembly lines liked to call me “miss” and ask if I would bring a pot of coffee for him and his staff in their breakroom. I responded by literally smacking him upside the head, then revealing my badge from the left breast of my red jacket. He hadn’t bothered me since.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.22.2014

  17. I have nothing to offer in this situation. Let’s let Jerry in the mail room to deal with it.

    By jar on 04.22.2014

  18. Everything had been going smoothly thus far. He was so close to hiding the evidence, burying the body that he’d slain not but an hour prior. It was an accident really. He never expected to kill him, just rough him up enough so he’d stay away from Laura.

    Dig, sweat, tremble, repeat—that is, until his shovel hit something solid. He pushed and grunted, but it wouldn’t respond to any leverage. What was happening? He started to panic. Things were already beginning to crumble.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.22.2014

  19. Knowing time was running out, Issa grabbed a long board on the ground nearby and wedged it under the wagon wheel for leverage. Crouching in the dark, the torches flickered against the walls and she waited. Footsteps echoed off the stone walls and cobble as the soldiers approached.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 04.22.2014

  20. It was simple, all she needed was a bit of information. It wasn’t anything complicated, nothing dangerous. The dangerous part? Getting the info. Charlie wasn’t one to usually do this. Named Charlotte at birth and timid by nature, she was a bland looking, simple person. Until her brother got arrested.

    By Rachel on 04.22.2014

  21. Every effort her grandfather made to disparage her father was a calculated move to gain leverage. For her, family dynamics were always caustic and tenuous.

    By alex savas m. on 04.22.2014

  22. The door was shut, no key hole, no handle
    Applied with the correct weight, open it may
    What weight, what weight shall lift the lock
    Bear away every restrain,
    Finally giving us freedom.

    By Jose on 04.22.2014

  23. It seems that when ever you don’t need something, you have it in abundance. Then when you find you really need it, it’s like it’s suddenly become invisible.

    I cursed silently to myself as I grasped onto the thin bar with my sweaty hands.

    I could definitely use more leverage now.

    By bryn on 04.22.2014

  24. The leverage wasnt really good.
    not quite what i expected.
    maybe something better, maybe something different
    i was expecting to be surprised
    but i was let down,
    by everyone
    just like with the leverage.

    By Maya on 04.22.2014

  25. level a age

    By danaelizabeth11 URL on 04.22.2014

  26. really want to play

    By danaelizabeth11 URL on 04.22.2014

  27. Jared grinned at the sight, his mind racing. “All the possibilities…” His grin widened, but just as he lifted his camera to capture the best leverage a greedy teen could ever ask for, the door flew open and his mom rushed in, livid over the mud he’d so carelessly tracked,
    “all over the brand new carpet!” she screeched. “Which you are going to clean, NOW.” The flames in her eyes left him no choice but to do as she said.

    By Fay on 04.22.2014

  28. The soft click of the gun next to his ear reverberated into the stillness of the room.
    “I’m going to count to three… 1…”
    His body burned like the sun had embraced him tight .
    But he was dead before he heard the man’s voice again.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 04.22.2014

  29. It’s difficult to wake up to the weight of the world on your shoulders. You try to get a bit of shut-eye, but you end up revisiting the dreams where everything was okay. Everyone wants to be okay.

    Today, I sense less desperation, and more vigor. I sleep better now, but some old habits still have yet to die down.

    It’s harder to get through a storm when you’re the dark cloud.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go on 04.22.2014

  30. close your eyes. Deep breath. Leverage is all it takes. Bite the pin, lob the grenade. War is such a bloody thing.
    Explosions.1 2 3
    war is such a messy deed.

    By Emily on 04.22.2014

  31. Barry thought he had enough leverage with the poker gang to get his wife elected to the homeowners’ board. Twice a month, Caroline served them drinks and appetizers — those little pigs in a blanket were a favorite of Jocko’s — and stayed out of the way, never complaining like some of the other wives. Even Bonnett, who was no fan of putting women in charge of anything, admitted that Caroline was “one heckuva gal.”

    By Mexichick on 04.22.2014

  32. Leverage like pushing a fat girl over the edge of a mountain. It could change the outcome of any situation drastically if one or more parties participating acquires leverage over another. Like in the mafia, it can make life a bitch.

    By MercyMe on 04.22.2014

  33. leverage
    it’s not a staircase I have to climb
    it’s an elevator he pulls up by hand at the steady pace I demand
    it’s necessary to be to be high to be mighty
    ignite me
    fight for me
    it’s your birthright
    how utterly gratifying
    wrap your you arms tight around me
    you are my leverage
    why should I try when you can do it for me?
    I unglue your power
    alter and falsify the lines
    blurry is my favorite colour
    I’m a charmer a trickster
    I’m wicked but you adore the loss of control
    because I glorify it
    oh my darling swimming in forgetful circles
    ’round and ’round the glass bowl
    I hold your rigmarole soul between my
    finger and my thumb
    you dumb gullible thing
    sing for me
    as I eradicate the last of your contumacy
    my freedom is effortless leverage
    with a tamed goldfish who listens at the meager threat of disparagement
    what a eager little goldfish that lifts me high!
    leverage is my friend
    the elevator my slave
    the goldfish serves my self-image
    in return I reserve his concern for only me
    this is the age of bondage

    By Rebekah Wooten on 04.22.2014

  34. He thought he had it at least. That there would be something to work off of. He walked in, bending his head beneath the drain pipe and sat down at the iron table next to Benjamin. He had leverage. This wouldn’t be slow.

    By DMM URL on 04.22.2014

  35. I know there is some way for me to suceed
    to get the upper side
    the better end of the stick
    but it’s a matter of me finding the spot
    the spot where I can raise myself up
    and from there I will have the advantage
    it’s all about the advantage, now
    i need leverage to keep me up

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 04.22.2014

  36. I see you hidden in the water. I see you hidden away in the grass. I wonder what it is that makes you what stands out to me and I wonder as all power does how I could use you.

    By M. Babington on 04.22.2014

  37. He had the upper hand. She was backed against the wall and his knife was pressed hard against her throat.Would he kill her, would she let him, would she care? What did she have to live for anymore? Who would miss her? He asked again “do you have the money” again she gave no reply but only stared daringly into his greedy eyes. with that he slashed her throat sending blood in all directions, a soft yell more like a squeak escaped from her lips before she fell to the ground, not yet dead but quilkly getting there. He smiled a cruel devilish smile then turned and walked out of the room.

    By Rosemary on 04.22.2014

  38. Support.
    His back ached. Sweat dripped past the length of his chin and through the strands of his damp hair. Once or twice, he fancied he saw someone approaching with an unnaturally white towel, but he blinked and it turned out to be ash, thrown up from someone shoveling more paper into the furnace.
    How long had he been down here? Certainly not years. He glanced uncertainly down to his ankles. The pants seemed to fit, still.

    By owl eyed on 04.22.2014

  39. Look we’ve gotta get this thing under control.
    Why do you ask me, haven’t we already established I wasn’t a part of this.
    Doesn’t matter, once an eskimo buddy always an eskimo buddy.
    This is something completely different, we’re not even in the Arctic.
    That’s where the treasure is, and once we get to the treasure, we’ll have all we need to persuade those low life bikers to take their races to the beach.

    By Josh on 04.22.2014

  40. We have leverage. lever rage. Rage. Can’t think right now what to write about this word.

    By Crystal on 04.22.2014