May 2nd, 2015

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26 Responses to “instructor”

  1. One time, there was an instructor who ruled like a dictator, he made his students run ’till they passed out and coughed up blood.

    Some day, a kid stood up to him, with a bat.

    The kid’s in jail now.

    By Guillermo Díaz URL on 05.02.2015

  2. I’ve already written twice about an instructor who was a dictator, made his students run and run ’till they dropped off, and coughed blood.

    One day, a kid stood up.

    Now, he’s dead.

    By Guillodz on 05.02.2015

  3. Nip shouldered the bow and jogged out to the kill laying in the meadow. It had been a clean shot and there would be plenty to eat in the village tonight. Nip was hoping this hunt would make his instructor proud.

    Nip had been under his watchful eye for seven cycles of the moon and soon he would receive his final lesson. The instructor had spoken of his challenge. Nip was to become a black saber and to prove himself he would be left alone in the wilderness to find an idol placed where he must defend to achieve it. He would be given a time frame to complete his task. He would return triumphant or he would not return at all.

    Nip was not afraid for himself, but for the instructor. If he failed, the instructor failed and would be sacrificed to the Gods. He couldn’t let that happen.

    By Cim on 05.02.2015

  4. She glanced over in the direction of the instructor, her eyes trailing as he walked too and from in the front of the class. The man pointed at the screen, his eyes crinkling on the sides as he watched the classroom full of people. He looked kind, and happy, the way a teacher was supposed to be; not grouchy, or evil, or bored. That was what you were supposed to see when you looked at the head of a classroom.

    By Scarlet on 05.02.2015

  5. teach the world and build it. Slowly change every man that comes before your eyes and mold the creature to the truest person inside. Build slowly, time takes care of the rest. Day by day you do your best and some days it fails the test. never falter on this quest to change human mess into serene conquest.

    By James Podolski on 05.02.2015

  6. “Again.”

    Lyrique winced as the dreaded word hit her ears. Her muscles felt like they were burning. Burning! She lay on the ground with what seemed like the weight of a thousand tonnes on her every limb, holding her there.

    By Kaydreamer on 05.02.2015

  7. The archery class instructor was six feet tall, muscular, frowning, and twirling a stray arrow between her gloved fingers. It was as if an Amazon had arrived to teach us how to shoot at bulls-eyes. Every part of her skin was tanned to a golden tone like leather in the sun. And when she finally smiled, there was still a glow of authority behind those white teeth.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.02.2015

  8. My instructor is señora write she is amazing because she teaches my Spanish class I am her favorite student so she does what I want

    By Luana on 05.02.2015

  9. she taught me how to lean back and recline,
    oh that fine line, that extra course of wine,

    her class brought about into my sass,
    how dare she interject with her crude–

    there we were, In her room,
    two sane coats, hung up between lunch shifts, like a festoon!

    By Milad URL on 05.02.2015

  10. He was supposed to be her instructor, but he was just taking the easy way out and giving her his knowledge. In the end, that only made things worse and she had a hard time going through everything he had given her.
    Yet here she was, doing the same thing..

    By Nicole M. on 05.02.2015

  11. Teacher. Standing, waiting, pacing. A tall man with crossed arms and a look of authority. What a champion. Ego as large as the room. We sit, his peasants, his words running through our ears like water, leaving no resistance but mild erosion.

    By Michaela URL on 05.02.2015

  12. A person who gives instructions about something. He/she knows more about the stuff they are dealing with and so they instruct those who doesn’t know so that the others can learn. Often, they are experienced people in their field.

    By Hanusa.S on 05.02.2015

  13. Mr. Nicholson was a serious man, everyone could see his no-nonsense attitude towards absolutely everything in his life. His schedule was orderly, as well as his planning classes and his life…. everything except his most priced student: Jaden, who was a complete mess.

    By Marimar on 05.02.2015

  14. He stands, the man, before us. He paces, spine stretched like steel, arms crossed tight. He throws words at us that tumble through our ears and rattle through our brains before bursting into nothingness.

    By Archanza on 05.02.2015

  15. he leans over the student’s desk and tries not to let his frustration get the better of him. they’re so small and filled with a sense of superiority. they know *nothing* he seethes. he wants to drown them in the things they don’t know; in the grief they haven’t experienced; in the losses they haven’t faced

    By WrittenOut on 05.02.2015

  16. Zawsze chciałem mieć trenera. Od sztuk walki, boksu, życia. To deficyt braku ojca. Myśle że to od tego, ponieważ trenerem mój ojciec dla mnie nie był. A każde dziecko chce trenera. Stąd

    By p w on 05.02.2015

  17. Instructor , directioner , whatever
    One thing I know is she/he is the one who will help someone to understand something .

    By Erika Nicole Sumague on 05.03.2015

  18. The instructor stood at the head of the room, he was teaching drivers education and I was taking it for the second time at the age of 26. I ran into a small church at night, and now there’s fines and lawsuits and shit. But by far the worse part is that I have to retake driver’s education.

    By Kathleen on 05.03.2015

  19. The instructor isn’t in the institute, he is interviewing innovative idiots internationally.

    By Steve O URL on 05.03.2015

  20. A heart like blown glass and a gaze that shattered every last vestige of his hope was the only thing he could remember about that night. She taught him things he didn’t know he didn’t know. He felt like a cad, looking back, because all he could see were those big brown eyes and the innocence she was trying to hide. Innocence he used and discarded and said, “stay hidden, I have no use for that.”

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 05.03.2015

  21. the instructor was graceful and fluid with his teaching
    and somehow his words were reaching
    the far away parts of my brain
    with every minute passing there was a plethora of knowledge to gain
    and i cant tell if it was good or bad
    but i will say theirs a lot to be had
    from the simple instructors class

    By Paris on 05.03.2015

  22. I think the student as the instructor is one of the most powerful ideas in education. I think kids offer so much in the way of teaching and they become learners by teaching as well. The instructor should be rethought. Who, when, how – all of it rethought. Jus

    By makisha URL on 05.03.2015

  23. I sat with my hand raised high, begging to be noticed, my eyes darting between the various people who gave up on their questions and set their hands back down on their desk, tired of extending energy to learn information they thought they would never lose. The teacher and I never made eye contact, but were aware of each other all the same.

    By Bridget on 05.03.2015

  24. we think we are for each other’s
    to help them see what they themselves can’t know

    maybe we are not

    maybe we are just as flawed and no one is
    the wiser

    By Lauren URL on 05.03.2015

  25. adulthood
    is when you get too old to like the people telling you what to do
    is when “instructor”
    changes from your pretty second grade teacher with the soft voice
    to a boss who probably couldn’t pass that second grade class
    adulthood is terrifying

    By StarlitSunrise on 05.03.2015

  26. Instructor is someone who instructs you to do something. That would be important if you have a relatively dumb personality with weird mental instincts. however, its is not very tough to contemplate for yourself what needs to be done once the importance of it is determined. Keep working hard and maybe you’ll instruct someone someday.

    By Vaibhav URL on 05.03.2015