April 24th, 2014

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67 Responses to “heartfelt”

  1. Ovethinking. Rational. Logic…Things that stop you from feeling
    And that´s good there´s nothing worse than feeling emotions
    Pain. Loneliness. Depression. It´s all heartfelt

    By ImpossibleGirl on 04.24.2014

  2. He sneered, lip curled upward in an unmistakable look of disgust. So much for being heartfelt. She only stared down at her shoes in response.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.24.2014

  3. I pause the moment I see this topic. I draw a blank, and I question where has all of my emotion gone. I have grown, and through the scars of life I have dwindled away, and the blue blood. The extra 60 seconds is not at all as comforting as the first. I ponder on the status of my heart. It is stronger.

    By Jericho Garcia on 04.24.2014

  4. The messages on Facebook seemed sweet at first. It had been almost 20 years since we’d seen each other, and he seemed truly happy to have found me again, writing about the good times we’d had during our friendship abroad. But then he kept messaging me, kept posting photos, kept listing me in his Timeliine, and what had seemed heartfelt at first began to seem incredibly creepy and something that might even become scary.

    By Kimberly on 04.25.2014

  5. Sophia gave her heartfelt goodbye as she exited the train. in her short time aboard she had grown fond of the bartender and some fellow passengers that shared their stories with her. but, Sophia knew she could not get attached as her impending mission imparted her with the notion that her sense of self was starting to be lost.

    By Alex on 04.25.2014

  6. Heartfelt. She felt all her emotion from the very bottom of her heart, as though her emotion began in her heart and was pumped around her body by her blood reaching every part of her, fuelling her will to go on.

    By Katie on 04.25.2014

  7. I want to send heartfelt condolences to all those parents who lost their children or relatives in the Malaysian airline disaster that occurred over a month ago. Gone but not forgotten, may they rest in peace.

    By victor URL on 04.25.2014

  8. It never really occurred how much those little gestures meant to me until they were lost to me. I won’t ever forget his little hands waving goodbye to me as I left for work, or how he smiled when I came back home.

    By Amelia on 04.25.2014

  9. From her mouth come only lies. Mere words.

    Heartfelt? Ha!

    The lies continue pouring out, forming a lake at her feet.
    You can see her lips move, but you can only hear the rushing of water as it joins the lake.

    You become painfully aware of the scissors in your right hand.

    By Anonymouse on 04.25.2014

  10. Heartfelt. Not sure even what that means but it sounds serious. It sounds like love. Love. It looks like red and yellow, happy and sad. Does heartfelt mean you have a heavy heart? Maybe a heartfelt conversation with someone. I think a heartfelt conversation with someone is where you actually feel the love rather than have to explain it. That’s why the word is heart-felt.

    By Monny on 04.25.2014

  11. I’ve done this one before with heartfelt. Let us move on to something else please. Perhaps dumb felt or wierd-felt or felt you makers and such? Why not slice of teed brain? That’s really it. Yes. Slice of teed brain. I would like to honer the queen by dancing in your face right now robin red breast with a funny witch hat on. if you’re reading this you are probably right that this is a kind of writing for the brain.

    By Jim Ranger on 04.25.2014

  12. Didn’t we do heartfelt yesterday? or do I have to wait longer. Anyway, I’m here now and I’m not feeling anything close to the heart. I’ll come back later and try this again.

    By liltig URL on 04.25.2014

  13. as the awardee ambled his way to the podium, the audience rose in appreciation, clapping, and in a few instances, hooting and whistling. they truly appreciated his work, his legacy and the snappy tuxedo he had found at the resale shop.

    By Lee on 04.25.2014

  14. from the depths of my heart, overwhelmed with feeling, thrilled with emotion genuine sincere, no kidding

    By liz on 04.25.2014

  15. Words out of the mouth
    Aren’t rooted in the heart
    Often enough
    Words are flighty,
    skimming surfaces and
    grazing cheeks with
    soft-winged razors,
    deep and quick.
    Raise your spade,
    your trowel, your hands
    And dig to what is

    By mholland on 04.25.2014

  16. Anger
    if only there was one definition
    if only
    if only it dimmed and died
    if only I didn’t dwell and replay
    until day arrived
    I wanted so hard to change
    It haunts my tone
    my walk a taunt
    face so gaunt
    “Is something wrong?”
    Something’s not right.
    Everywhere I go
    I try to stop breaking things
    but everything breaks
    around me
    so let me teach you
    the definition of hate until
    you hate yourself.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 04.25.2014

  17. Stillness & heartfelt.

    I am about to become a much darker person.
    Maybe that’s where my truest
    skill lies.

    I am condemned already
    of all my other achievable dreams
    can’t be found.

    beautiful darkness.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 04.25.2014

  18. i dont know any thing about this word
    may be somebody is feeling something by heart.

    By Rupesh on 04.25.2014

  19. I don’t know anyone who has ever let out a more heartfelt cry than what I heard that day. It was September 11, 2001. Now this wasn’t New York, never! Just a small town in the middle of nowhere. But somehow, a young man had gotten out of it. Gone to the big city to make big bucks. Now, all that was left of him, was a bunch of possessions, and one heartbroken girl.

    By Carla URL on 04.25.2014

  20. She was not sure that the apology was heartfelt. Was her friend just trying to manipulate her more or did she really mean what she was saying. It had been so long since she could trust someone. She didn’t want to be a fool and be misled again.

    By Crystal on 04.25.2014

  21. Warm acknowledgement

    By Tammy on 04.25.2014

  22. I accept your heartfelt apology for I know you are sincere. No one else would remind me repeatedly that I was at fault for your mistake.

    By Krystyna Fedosejevs on 04.25.2014

  23. Can I have a new word please? Oh, I see. I can move back and forward.

    By Pool Bar Jim on 04.25.2014

  24. They found his diary under his bed. It was full of heartfelt stuff. He was an illustrator by day and a plumber by night. He had hopes of being Philip Glass.

    By Pool Bar Jim on 04.25.2014

  25. Her eyes are liquid mirrors. I can see the way they show me her soul, her life, her lies. I wan’t to believe that this is the last time that she will give me a fake, made-up non heartfelt apology. But it won’t be, I can feel it.

    By Ella-Belle on 04.25.2014

  26. Her heartfelt apology was a lie and I knew it. She never cared about anyone, and never could. She was empty inside and no matter what she did, she would always be like that. So when she poured her heat out and cried to me to forgive her, I couldn’t, and I knew I would never be able to. She was a liar and there was nothing anyone could do to change it.

    By Bristol on 04.25.2014

  27. The day we left each other in the rain, while you stood on the platform and I walked slowly into the mundane mist, I felt you staring; I felt you staring at me in a furtive gaze, an indirect and heartfelt stare. The niceties of the day could no longer hold back the chrome curtain that hovered miles above, while the tears of vapor fell in a consistent pattern that correlated to your own steady succession of falling tears.

    By Ian Caplar on 04.25.2014