August 14th, 2014

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42 Responses to “groceries”

  1. I have to go get groceries. I wonder how many times I’ve gone to get them. I wonder how many times I’ve gotten what I wanted. My favorite thing in the world was going grocery shopping with my mom every second Friday after school. It was my happiest whether or not I got something. I wish I still had that attitude.

    By Lo on 08.14.2014

  2. I think there was a time in which going grocery shopping was actually fun. Amelia thought as she walked through the deli aisle. Assorted meats at all side of her. She wondered why they hadn’t made an evil villain with meat powers. Of a villain made of raw, processed meat.

    By Clare on 08.14.2014

  3. i went to the store to buy some groceries. the place was packed i tell you! and you wouldnt believe how many rude people were there! gosh, i will definetly remember that expeirience.

    By Kelsi VanOrder on 08.14.2014

  4. The car was filled to overflowing Certainly, buying a week’s food for a family of ten, one guest in addition, was not an easy task. As she pulled away from the store, still in shock of the cost, she sighed to herself, at least they have good food.

    By Catharina Bates on 08.14.2014

  5. The list was longer, certainly, than her patience. Every week, the same thing: hot dogs, chopped meat, broccoli, milk, eggs, butter. Wouldn’t a night out be wonderful?

    By Cat B on 08.14.2014

  6. the bag of fruits were heavy a vexing,
    dairies were light because we ate little to none,
    despite the popping shoulder that it took to hault the pounds of bannans,
    we sought fried bannans in the end, fueling us to continue the camel-baggage carrying.
    for when there is nutrition, there is tenacity.
    Mcdonalds fries can roam the air to seduce the nostrils, but they cannot cultivate vitality within the cervex, nor run the blood to the veins with recurring belches in heartyness.

    By Milad URL on 08.14.2014

  7. She had asked him a million damn times to please put away the groceries. She was so fucking tired of not only being the fucking breadwinner in the house, but having to also make the fucking bread so they all had something to eat at night, and then of course cleaning up after them while they watched television. she would be the first out of the house the next morning, and the last one to return, only to find the groceries on the counter waiting for her to put them away.

    By B on 08.14.2014

  8. its an age where you get curbed by monotony, when things yoy need in life get a name and you need to spend a required amt of money and time to to satisfy ure requierements!.. damn! it has even got a name

    By ashwathy URL on 08.14.2014

  9. I unpacked the groceries only to find a silver pocket watch lodged between the loaf of bread and the jar of marinara sauce. I looked at it curiously. How in the world had it ended up in the paper bag? Had someone accidentally dropped it while passing my cart? No – it had to have been purposeful. A gentleman had jostled me slightly on my way out of the store. Whatever his intention was of leaving me this watch – if it had been him, of course – was beyond me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.14.2014

  10. groceries are made
    to be
    to be made
    again and again
    a circle
    can not
    alas, we can’t
    live on love

    By katiekieran URL on 08.14.2014

  11. Groceries!!! Ironic! I’m OUT of groceries! I have to get some tomorrow and then next week I will go on a grocery shopping SPREE. I have been counting bread slices and stretching meals for so long that it will feel AMAZEBALLS to go grocery shopping and just buy whatever I want to fill my freezer with. To not say no to kids’ requests bc saying yes would have meant no food in their bellies for the rest of the week. It will be so wonderful!

    By R on 08.14.2014

  12. Okay, this wasn’t supposed to be hard, was it? Just pick a meal and go. But she found herself staring at the options available, second-guessing every one of them.

    This is ridiculous! she told herself. A microwave-meal-date was supposed to REMOVE stress, not add it. How was she going to be able to function as a girlfriend if she couldn’t even pick a readymade meal without turning into a wreck of self-doubt?

    By AriadneArca on 08.14.2014

  13. bought new groceries today because the milk went bad and i needed eggs — but more than eggs i need a resolution or maybe i need a conflict. but either way i have neither and the suspense is killing me slowly and softly like the butter i’m buying right now.

    By Mana URL on 08.14.2014

  14. I have nmot much to write about here I am too hungry to think of somethng. Groceries. I could buy groceries or clean the house for hours or re-arrange the flowers, or run naked down the shady street screamiing all the way. All I’m good for is groceries. Fucking groceries.

    By Booth on 08.14.2014

  15. I apologise for not putting the quotation marks… “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” – Marianne Faithful

    By Booth on 08.14.2014

  16. So i work in a grocery store. It’s… well, i get the money for it so that’s a good thing. I like my co-workers, too. Most of em, that is. since the stupid ones are getting fired for working there too long. The customers are a different story but what can you do. it’s customer service. Time’s up.

    By haku on 08.14.2014

  17. I stepped through the aisles glancing down at my shopping list. It was encoded, of course, but I didn’t need to be entirely fluent in my own writings to remember what I had written. Bread, milk, eggs, carrots, shampoo, something to cover up the scent of death.

    I smoothed down my paisley blue dress and kept walking, trying to look as non-suspicious as possible. I succeeded – nobody even looked at me.

    By a terrible poet on 08.14.2014

  18. Ah, this I am familiar with. The finding my way between shoppers and carts, almost running into people, saying, “Excuse me.” all the time. My mind usually feels numb by the end of the trip, and me legs and back ache. It’s such a relief to sit down in the car. But someone has to put the groceries away!

    By victoria on 08.14.2014

  19. List of
    Things That Are Important
    (and perishable)
    a.k.a. my grocery list

    – Chocolate
    – Cheese
    – Milk
    – Ice Cream

    can’t find your love in the supermarket
    maybe i don’t want it
    much harder to maintain
    i can’t eat those problems

    By YEsomebody on 08.14.2014

  20. Mikki was quickly approaching the age that other companions were allowed out and into the world. Little privileges weighted the most lately. She’d been bedridden again, and as far as she could tell, it was getting worse. None of the docs really wanted to tell her, but she could tell in the way they shifted around her and couldn’t meet her eyes. They’d taken blood the day before, but whatever test they were running hadn’t come back yet. By now it didn’t really matter to her whether or not it was her DNA that caused her illness, or what exactly she had. Sure a name would be nice just so she could have something exact to blame her problems on- but it wasn’t the point.
    Mikki watched the nurse carry in a 6 pack of soda and head to the small breakroom around the corner. She thought bitterly that she might never get the chance to go grocery shopping.

    By korpuskat on 08.14.2014

  21. in a grocery, we can find so many groceries. Sometime, my mother asks me to go there when a grocery at home empty. and i go there happily. think about groceries make me remembered

    By Lailla67 on 08.14.2014

  22. I hate going to get groceries. I always buy extra things I don’t need and spend a lot of money. I do like riding in the cart. Sometime I pretend I am a racecar driver

    By Erin on 08.14.2014

  23. The last time I had to buy groceries for myself was never. I’ve never had to live off my own earnings, and frankly I’m scared I won’t be able to once I do live on my own. I’ve learned from my family on how best to save but what can you do.

    By e on 08.14.2014

  24. Grits ain’t groceries? What the hell are they? I love going to the grocery store to pick up some groceries. I go to Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. Going to the grocery story is something I do on a very regular basis. I need groceries all the time. That’s what we do – we buy groceries and then eat them and then we have to buy some more.

    By michaelbuzz on 08.14.2014

  25. This was a battle to the death. She could see it in sight. The best thing about having two brothers is that it prepared you for battle. A battle that she intended to win.
    “You’ll never get the last bite of cheerios.” He cackled maliciously.
    She narrowed her clover green eyes.
    “We’ll see, bitch.”

    By Alexandra Bell on 08.14.2014

  26. Die Handschuhe aus Samt. Das Necligé mit Diamanten besetzt. Die Haut mit Gold gepudert. Sie war einzigartig. Sie war herrlich. Sie war meine Mutter.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.14.2014

  27. Rhett unloaded the groceries into the car. Link was on his mind, as always. was he safe? alive? doing well? his wife?

    Rhett didn’t know these things. All he knew was that he was in love with Link, and it wasn’t the kind of love that just went away.

    A tear slid down his cheek.

    If only they lived in a world where they could be accepted, if only he didn’t say no.

    I love you, Lincoln Neal.

    By ahhh... tis i.. on 08.14.2014

  28. Her cart full of groceries forgotten, Katya slipped from the semi-crowded aisles and out onto the streets, her eyes scanning each and every face she passed. None seemed threatening but Katya was no fool; hers wasn’t exactly what you would call a ‘threatening’ facade either.
    Not unless she wanted it to be, anyway.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.14.2014

  29. groceries are my favorite shopping trip
    i love for
    so any reason to spend time looking for food putting random things in my shopping cart
    creativity using what comes from the earth, colorful and flavorful

    By dj on 08.14.2014

  30. The eggs got broken on the way home. I suggested we stop and rest, because mother was looking ill, but she waved me off and refused my help with the groceries

    By Ariel on 08.14.2014

  31. Today I went to market to get some groceries. As I walked towards the fruit shop, I saw a bright flash of red.
    It vanished as soon as it appeared.
    I don’t know why, but it was very comforting.
    The red was calming. Intriguing. It called out to me.

    By Sheethal on 08.15.2014

  32. I went to the shop to get some groceries when I bumped into my friend who I hated so much. I saw that she was buying some apples and I just got one and hit her in the head really badly. I hate her. I hate her!! I couldn’t control myself. She stole my man. And as a gay guy, I never had a chance, but I beat her up anyway.

    By Aaron on 08.15.2014

  33. Yesterday, I went to the groceries to get some things that my mom asked me to buy the day before yesterday, which are vegetables (carrots, lettuces, etc), fruits, etc. I thought

    By Audria on 08.15.2014

  34. She was the one who always had to do the grocery shopping, and drop the kids off to school, and pick up dinner, and anything else that required leaving the house. Whenever she came back, he would always just be sitting there as if she’d never left. But if she were to try and drag him along, he would resist as if it would harm him to leave the walls of the house.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.15.2014

  35. i love to go buy groceries with my mother.. she is an awesome bargainer.. we have lots of fun doing it. i often end up buying more than that is required that is why she is often hesitant to take me with her but its such a nice experience i just cant stop going.. groceries are a major part of our monthly expense.. we spend almost 50% of our monthly income on grocery.. well its just not the item but the transport cost included but that just how it is.. groceries can include a variety of things ranging from the daily green vegetables of use to the cosmetic shopping we girls are so fond of.. but essentially the groceries include the important daily use materials for the home and our personal hygiene etc.. my brother is very lazy and looks up for any sort of excuse he can come up with to avoid going for grocery shopping.. really its quite sad because he misses an amazing chance of being part of this amazing experience. oh my God ! while i was typing this essay about groceries i just realized its become more about my family and what i enjoy rather than just grocery but guess that just how life rolls on around our daily routine and all the things it involves.. my life is a major part of my life and so is grocery shopping :p hence i couldnt help but relate them to this extensive level !! :D

    By Syeda on 08.15.2014

  36. Items you buy from store that are used in preparing a food. Or it can just a food

    By Pankaj Vispute on 08.15.2014

  37. She walked hesitantly through the cereal aisle of the Lucky Mart, preparing herself for the odd looks she would receive if she failed her corespondent. They had yet to meet, and instead were leaving letters around the town for the other to find as their means of communication. It was rather exhilarating, like the first time you learn to ride a bike and feel so free that you take off down the road and never stop. With that courageous thought, she smoothed down her pleated burgundy sensation of cloth, and anxiously fixated her senses to be a watchful guard as she proceeded to the Lucky Charms. No one, to her knowledge, could be found in the aisle except her. With a blissful smile, she reached for the box on a shelf inches too high for her liking, and seized the fourth box in the third row. As soon as her hand had landed upon the devious box, her foot slipped, causing her to crash to the ground as if she were the London Bridge, the remaining attackers that resided on the shelf followed her to the floor, seeming to wipe her form existence as hundreds of boxes covered her. In an instant, her head perked up from the remains flaming, she had to retreat, before anyone came to her. But no, she could not leave without the box. Frantically, she began searching for the cursed item that had caused it all, ignoring the rushing stream of unwanted humans, and pleas’s to call the EMS.
    “Mam, are you alright? Have you lost something?” A gentleman asked with an outstanding bitter sweetness that she read to mean: “Do not sue me.”

    “I’m fine, I just seem to have lost my dignity, that is all.” She responded, ignoring his offer to pull her up from the rubble. Instead, she continued to scramble on the ground in search of the fourth box which was said to have a white envelope attached to the back.

    “Okay, you can’t keep damaging the boxes, and creating a scene. I’ve offered to help, and you don’t want it. I’m going to call the cops if you don’t leave now.” The man threatened, but as soon as he had said it, there it was, the letter. Now, she was no athlete, but in that instance, she truly had become an Olympic champion, snatching the letter, she propelled off the floor, and began to run, making sure she had hit the old grump with her purse before she fled the scene. It wasn’t until she was outside the store and inside her car that she allowed herself to breathe, and focus on her prize. The envelope, was not of an ordinary sense. It was an off shade of white, with cryptic green lettering on the front and a rose waxed seal on the back the infamous Hogwarts symbol. Letting out a laugh at how he remembered her Harry potter obsession, she opened it to find her Hogwarts acceptance letter, and a note from her corespondent:
    “Allie, I knew you would make an adorable fool of yourself trying to find the letter. That is how I know you are truly ready for Hogwarts and our magical adventure. Meet me a 7pm at Annabelle’s Coffee Shop? Enough of the letters, I need to see you. Love always, Matt.”

    “My God Matt.” She cried, turning up to smile at the trees. She turned on her car, and drove off, replaying the whole scene in her head as one of the best moments in her life.

    By Jade on 08.15.2014

  38. We carried all the groceries in while we hauled out all the trash.
    And if this doesn’t make us motionless I do no know what can.

    I love this line in Spitting Venom. By the way, if done properly, all groceries you buy will indeed end up as shit. Very human, no?

    By davydoright on 08.15.2014

  39. Alright, this is stupid. I did this already. Can I get another word than groceries? There’s only so much waxing poetic you can do about produce and slightly off cold cuts that you buy regardless.

    By Miko on 08.15.2014

  40. The groceries were simple enough, I guess. Just some grains and shit– they’re in college, they don’t need much. Even dragons, it seems, stoop to ramen if they don’t know how to cook.

    Checkout line is too damn long, though. Wish those dragons were here to clear some room.

    By Rumelis on 08.15.2014