November 9th, 2015

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68 Responses to “grief”

  1. sad, and mad, and a bunch of other feelings. something that is hard to get over. something that is not welcoming. something that no one likes. it is not good.

    By Helen on 11.10.2015

  2. Georgia

    By Georgia URL on 11.10.2015

  3. All the lights on her apartment were off, the sky, pale grey and there’s a slight drizzling outside that gave her a somber mood so she stayed in for the day and picked up a Murakami on the shelf and continued to read where she left off. The desk lamp, which is her only source of light and warmth started to flicker and she wondered if she would grieve for yet another death in her life again.

    By nom de luc URL on 11.10.2015

  4. A blade to the wrist. A noose around the neck. A tumble off a ledge. A gun at the temple. An empty bottle of pills.

    For what better way to deal with your grief, if not to cause others grief yourself?

    By M on 11.10.2015

  5. Henry pushed and he pushed.

    “Are you ok in there?”

    “Shut up and let me finish”

    His mind was like a violin in a china shop. He pushed and pushed.

    “Do you want me to call the doctor? Or the plumber?”

    “I want you to find something else to do besides stand there and bother me”

    Henry closed his eyes, said a prayer, and pushed.

    By Will on 11.10.2015

  6. When you are sad like you are sad and you cry because your two hours late for your for work or loose your favorite credit card. It is hard to sometimes hard to stop your grief if its something really important.

    By Ava on 11.10.2015

  7. a feeling or emotion; usually sad or depressing;
    example: “she showed grief when her dog passed away.”

    By Brock Woodruff on 11.10.2015

  8. “Good grief!” she said after the little girl walked in all covered in mud all over her new dress,”What happed?!” she said steaming with anger. ” I dropped my craft from school in the mud, I went to go grab it but I tripped on my shoelaces” she said in a disapointed voice. “Well” she sighed ” lets go get you cleaned up.”

    By Devon on 11.10.2015

  9. The pain was unbearable. I couldn’t handle what I had done. The blood stained my hands, and based off the pained expression on the dead man’s face, I would never be able to move on in life. I cradled the knife in my hands and though about what I did. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Grieving over the loss of someone I didnt actually care about. I placed the cool blade of the knife across my throat and counted to ten. It would be the last time I did.

    By Cassie Apkarian on 11.10.2015

  10. Someone I know always says ”good grief” Its her catch phrase but it gets really really annoying. So I’ll be telling a story or something ”So, today I walked to the store……” ”Oh good grief, did you get kidnapped?” ”Um no, because I’m here right now, aren’t I?” Or ”Earlier this week I……” ”Oh good grief, I got mud on my new shoes.” Like stop with the ”good griefs already you’re killing me here! Like oh yeah I got kidnapped but I’m still here. Like what the heck is wrong with you. And everytime I try and tell a story she cuts me off with ”good grief” what is so important about that saying? It sounds like you’re hinting about beef and gravy. Well speaking of beef and gravy I better go eat it’s lunchtime!

    By Faith on 11.10.2015

  11. i love lamp

    By Brick on 11.10.2015

  12. Such a grief at

    on your death


    you were never
    really alive
    with me
    to begin

    By dinamspice URL on 11.10.2015

  13. You tell me that our friends are finding love, and I wonder if this spun sugar cage is enough for you anymore. If this caricature of budding flowers is enough to trick you into spring, to hide winter’s gaunt fingers scoring her frost across your arms.

    Maybe it will take a couple of hours, days, weeks, but by the end of it you will leave me and my frostbitten hands to dance amongst birdsong and sunshine.

    And I will be alone, this cold heart of mine melting onto the ground below.

    By Anna Meursault on 11.10.2015

  14. Sadness and lost. Grief can be for many things, your dog, cat, or your job. It is very sad.

    By AwesomePerson on 11.10.2015

  15. Grief is a response to loss particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed.

    By james on 11.10.2015

  16. Pain, a surge of emotions, hurt, feeling numb. not knowing what to do with yourself because of the grief you’re feeling.

    By alivia on 11.10.2015

  17. My robot was filled with grief and he died because I didn’t give him his daily dose of batteries. Fare-well to it, and it’s absurdness.

    By Asohpagus URL on 11.10.2015

  18. My eyes are welling up now. G’day.
    — RIP Cheat Plastic China Robot 2015-2015

    By Asohpagus URL on 11.10.2015

  19. Grief has pale white skin and wide vacant eyes. She wears a black veil and whispers into the night. She crawls under your skin and invades your heart. But fear not as grief, grief too shall pass.

    By Sonia on 11.10.2015

  20. Good Grief, Charlie Brown. What’s good about it, I’d like to know? Grief is pain. No one understands it better than Chuck who gets nothing but grief from the neighborhood children. He grieves for the social life he might have had if his head were less round.

    By Samantha URL on 11.10.2015

  21. grief is so subjective. it can be good or bad. pretty or ugly. healthy or unhealthy. It can be done alone or together. Good grief!

    By Mandi Leigh on 11.10.2015

  22. Grief had etched great trenches of misery on either side of her mouth, parallels of wretchedness across her brow.

    By mrsmig on 11.10.2015

  23. Emptiness, that’s all I feel. Is that even a feeling? Because, if it’s not, then I think I don´t feel a thing.

    By Rebeca on 11.10.2015

  24. Wel sounds strange, given the fact I do not know what do word means. It’s sounds like a brief but gross.

    By Tarantula URL on 11.10.2015

  25. Really?1 My first one on the day I lost my mom one month ago? Ironic. I miss her tons. I think about her all the time. I feel lost, unfocused and deep down sad.

    But life goes on.

    much like this timer at the bottom of the page….

    I miss and love you mom.

    By Steve Jakubcin on 11.10.2015

  26. Grief means breaking other peoples creations and destroying them. Griefes are very mean people. :(

    By Nick on 11.10.2015

  27. She took her last breath as he held on to her.
    Greif was the feeling of her still warm flesh sticking his jacket to his arm
    Greif was the bloody smile lain still of which he used to kiss
    Greif was love in that moment
    Her eyes still wondering in the lusty clouds
    Her eyes staring up into heaven, leaving this world behind in a awestruck glance
    Hurdling metal ending her last dreamy attemp at a life
    A life well worn.

    By Rhiannon on 11.10.2015

  28. grief is loss is overwhelming; is all-things brought by loss-of-things; is black, is dark, is grey. grief is emptiness spilling over; is all-encompassing nothingness;

    By Callum McLean on 11.10.2015